Forgiveness is freeing^_^

Forgiveness is freeing;

it’s liberating, and it allows you to start anew in your life.

When you are starting fresh without all of that trauma and all of those wounds, imagine what you can become.

Imagine how much love you can access and how much of that love you can spread around. And know that when you do, you are accessing your true power.

You are then putting yourself in a position where you can create such a beautiful life for yourself and all others who are a part of your life.

This is what we desire for all of you, and this is why we give you this reminder of the power of forgiveness and the truth of who you are as eternal and infinite beings who existed before this incarnation and who will continue to exist forever and ever more.

Only very powerful beings would ever agree to be as vulnerable as you are and to allow yourselves to be victims of abuse of any kind. It is time to claim your power, and the path to claiming it is letting go and forgiving all who have hurt you up until this point in your life.

Once you do, just imagine what you can be and what you can create.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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