The Pleiades – You choose your own path

The Pleiades – You choose your own path

We are pleased with many requests for our presence. When I say we are here, I am not just talking about ourselves, but all the brothers and sisters in the sky. We are trying our best to respond to every request. We like to flicker here or there and respond to everyone who calls us. We don’t hide it, but what’s interesting is that those who argue about our existence for their own benefit always look for countless reasons to sophise what you see, resulting in many people still don’t believe in our existence

We can’t tell when we will show up. We are already emerging. But when we appear together, the time will come to cover the whole sky. We will only show where we are; We won’t stay long. We will show, and then return to our dimension, so that many people can expand their consciousness, so that many people can understand that they have been fooled. This is the way to reveal the coming, bit by bit, because our simple presence will lead many people to create various stories

So there will be a lot of fear built up. Understand that bad guys still want to cheat you, which has been going on for many centuries.

Unfortunately, we can only avoid a few things, because many people resonate with their energy. We are doing our best to protect our allies and those who respect us. There are many things that are still left to be programmed, but we know that every step they have to take

But it is best for you to understand the importance of each behavior through many things. Each soul is being led to experience its own lessons, with greater or less intensity. It depends on everyone’s path. So we can’t interfere.

Everyone’s higher self knows their journey. Everyone’s teacher is also leading them to the right place at the right time.

It is not our presence that will cause problems; Problems arise because they are programmed to occur. It’s part of the game. There is nothing we can do about it. We will show up and tell you: We are here! This is enough to cause anger among many people and lead to serious imbalance. In any case, it is impossible to reach the five dimensions. We have always said that (truth) can not be easily absorbed, which is the minimum. So there will be many changes, yes, because you have been fooled, as if the earth is the only place in the universe that is concerned by the source. There’s nothing out there! Too arrogant. The source created such a vast and huge universe, just for one planet and one species

Many people still believe this, but they will soon see that they have been fooled. How? Be loved by many, hated by some, feared by others, and angry by others. Because life is more comfortable, not everyone likes it. But this is no longer appropriate on the planet’s evolutionary path. (truth) will emerge, ugly and strong. Everyone will choose their own path

Everyone will have a choice, because everyone will know everything, what is waiting for them in this road or another road. So continue to invite us to show up, because this is already making many minds start to think. Although they still don’t believe it, they think it’s a satellite or something. But we are already getting some minds to think. So invite us more, and we will slowly show

The great surprise will be our mother ship. On that day, we will start our contact. We already know who to contact and what our visit will be like. Then a new era will begin. At that time, nothing will be blocked, and it is up to everyone to decide which road to take. Five dimensional or three-dimensional, choose your own

Date: December 12, 2022
From: Anjos e Luz Terapias


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