You, your consciousness, your biology, your essence will begin to change. Why? Because the source is in your DNA and in every cell. This is where your awakening begins. You are told that the source is in the sky. In fact, the creative source of the universe is within you

You, your consciousness, your biology, your essence will begin to change. Why? Because the source is in your DNA and in every cell. This is where your awakening begins. You are told that the source is in the sky. In fact, the creative source of the universe is within you

Kryon – three attributes
to greet

I know who is listening and reading, and even why you are here. Many of those listening are experiencing a awakening. This information is one of the four articles this month. We will discuss the properties of awakening, which may be a little strange.

Wake up

We define waking up as you begin to realize that there may be a greater truth or that you have opened a larger mental box than you were told.

However, most people do not expect some strange changes from these things. We’ll talk soon

The premise is that human beings, for example, are in a box of consciousness. If consciousness can be assessed as high or low, human consciousness is low. In a box without change, it never seems to be higher. History has proved this, and mankind has never learned the lessons of the past

Knowledge and solutions gained from the past will usually improve the future – a sign of lower consciousness – and generations of people will continue to have the same dysfunctional ways and ideas, as if they would create something different. The maladjusted things are still unchanged and repeated. This is the box

Now, this is a box you created together. The old consciousness has been with you for a long time, and it seems that it has not become better. Just a few years ago, it was the same as it was 20 years ago

One of your current attributes is that the box starts to crack and be improved, which is the meaning of transformation

Here is a rule we have given before:
You can choose your destiny.
The spiritual level will not intervene. In other words, the source will not give you a miracle, you must stand up and find

So let me compare this box of consciousness to a dark room. Humans always live in this room. It’s dark, so you can’t see each other clearly. Therefore, there are many misunderstandings and lack of trust.

In fact, the room is so dark that human beings are circling in the same place. This means that you create barriers to prevent others from being visible to you. There is a lot of fear about what is around you, because the room is too dark. These are metaphors, but this is what you created.

Suddenly, in this metaphor, a door begins to open. The door may have been there, but it was never realized. This door is obvious because there is light behind it. You can say that the crack in the door has attracted everyone’s attention.

What does it mean that a door is there? Many people will say, “This door is not good. This is what we are told. It is what we think. Therefore, stay away from it!” This tells us that the source likes the old procedure of judging people. This error message is the saddest of all things told about you. The source loves you immeasurably and will never judge you

So many people will never look or judge those who look are fools. They will continue to be in a dysfunctional box, afraid of anything they do not understand

But some people will say, “Look, it’s so bright!” Then others will say, “This is a trick.”

But some people will say, “I want to see for myself, I want to confirm myself, rather than blindly believing what I am told is there.” So, some people will walk towards the door, metaphorically, to get a glimpse of the biggest light in history. Then they will begin to realize that this is what they have been waiting for. This is what you have been waiting for.

Perhaps this is why you are here or why you listen and read these words
This door is a crack in the veil. It is the beginning of transformation, the beginning to look to higher and better things in consciousness. There is an unknown, but it feels good. It is not terrible. It looks beautiful. The closer you get to it, the brighter it becomes. There are many metaphors here. We can continue.

As you absorb (light), you shine slightly. It knows your name and welcomes you. When you walk in the room, you light up others. For the first time in history, someone looks at another person from a different angle. This is a metaphor. We call this awareness of the greater truth

So there are many fears. No one has ever told you that such a source exists there. They only tell you that there is a critical source, and you should be afraid rather than that the source is a part of your body and mind, waiting to take your hand and enter (light).

Some of the awakening properties we will describe in this transmission are unusual. Other properties that we will describe in other transmissions are also unusual. But let’s discuss why they’re here

If you start to realize the greater truth, you may think, “I will see my guidance better. I will experience the source in a more meaningful way. I will see spiritual things coming to me, and my consciousness will increase. I will start to master, which will let me see spiritual things.” Honey, this is a good illusion – suddenly an angel will appear for you – but it doesn’t work that way

The way it works is you, your consciousness, your biology, your essence, will start to change. Why? Because the source is in your DNA and in every cell. This is where your awakening begins. You are told that the source is in the sky. In fact, the creative source of the universe is within you

You will change, and in that change you will begin to develop a higher consciousness, and you will begin to see its results. You’ll also start using it intuitively, even if you don’t realize it. Let me explain: if you find something new and it works for you, you can use it. If you find a new road without any traffic jams or potholes, go to that road. So higher consciousness is a more peaceful and wise state of existence, which will bring some strange life changes

Eventually, you will begin to realize what is happening and you will feel comfortable with it. Indeed, you are the beacon of the earth, and you will begin to attract beautiful things and live longer. As we said before, others will come to you and ask you, “How do you do it? How do you create this peace?” You can tell them what you know about this door and change
The first attribute of awakening: Some of you will have a strange feeling. You are changing because you begin to understand what once drove you crazy. The lower consciousness lacks patience and understanding. All of a sudden, you don’t have any problems with what once made you angry

That is, people who have certain habits, or do some things, or you are always disgusted with the situation – you look at them for the first time in your life and say, “Oh, I understand. I don’t like it, but I understand why it exists.” It’s like the light through the crack of the door shows everything, so you can see what it is and why it is there. The result is: understanding
In fact, this attribute shows how you can deal with bigger things and be more peaceful with the imbalance that may be happening in the world. Now, this is the first time to hear! In the past, when you saw something that made you angry, you became angry. This usually develops anxiety and fear, but now, suddenly, you look at it from a different perspective. Others may not like your calm “Why don’t you get angry?” They may ask. Tell them you turned anger into a solution and a smile

This will start to happen to many people. We call it “calmly and understandably agreeing with what is incomprehensible.”

Even if you are not committed to your anger problems, they are being cleaned up. How do you explain it? The uncomfortable and anxious situation suddenly starts to encounter higher understanding, and you look at things from a better perspective

All of these should show what is happening to you, because these are the attributes of mastery. Mastery is calmly agreeing (with wisdom and understanding), no matter what is happening

The second attribute: you feel disconnected from some friends you have made for a long time. Now, it has nothing to do with what is happening on Earth. I’m talking about feeling disconnected from my former friends

Now, friends are the people you like to play with. But suddenly you look at the activity you are doing together and say, “I don’t want to do it again.” You may start to analyze it and think, “Why? Why should I disconnect this lifelong friend and others?” Then you start to see things you never cared about. “Now I see that this person is really negative. These friends have a lot of complaints about others and everything.” Your mind continues to analyze “So what? I’ve never cared before.” But now you care. This is the point. You now realize that “I began to listen from different angles, their complaints began to slap my face somehow, and I felt uncomfortable around them, which is new. I always think it doesn’t matter, but now I don’t think so.” You feel a real disconnect

Mastery is wrapped in light and will not allow the negative entry of maladjusted consciousness. Mastery Words that reflect a person’s lack of wisdom and love, such as refusing to participate in activities that disparage others or telling

The third attribute: For a few of you, this attribute may be the strangest. Are you ready? You are beginning to feel that your family is not your family. Your blood relatives, brothers and sisters, parents are not your real spiritual family. You begin to see the purpose of the soul and realize the greater truth

For most people, family is blood relatives. Suddenly, you start to leave them, as if you refused the relationship! It is not because of what they said or did that they left them, but because you regard them as having nothing to do with you

Now, it seems hard to understand and strange. Some of you are experiencing it, feeling guilty, and do not understand that a master will begin to treat his family so differently. You are going from seeing a chemical relationship to seeing a spiritual relationship and looking for the real family waiting to meet you there

This is a strange thing that happened to some of those who began to experience change. There is more. There are psychological and physical problems – it’s really strange. By the fourth transmission, we will tell you why this happened

Blessed are those who face the door without fear. Because they will find in their cell structure how magnificent they are and why they are here. In the process, they will feel deeply loved

Date: December 11, 2022
From: Lee Carroll


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