What is the Gene

What is the Gene

Ruohe Purple Star 2023-01-12 04:29

Gene is the database of life, the source code of life, and the mathematical basis of life creation. You can think of every kind of life as a piece of software, and genes are the source code behind the software. The source code changes, the way the software runs, the user interface, the operation mode, and the experience will change.

And life, this magical existence, is to create different lives by changing the codons in genes on the basis of genes. Parental organisms have more common gene codons than non-parent organisms, that is, the greater the change of gene codons, the greater the difference between them and other organisms.

Imagine the elephant and paramecium, which seem to be very different, but they are both life, but because of different genetic codons, they seem to be so different in size, appearance, or lifestyle.
However, it is only necessary to modify a codon that controls the size of the living body. So there is no essential difference in size, but only in shape. Of course, this is not controlled by the scientists in your world.

In the universe, there is a special life science team. They will be responsible for the coding of forms and create different life forms by changing the gene codon.
Like a rose, the person who created it must be a person who loves beauty very much. The beautiful color and delicate spiral, I have to say, I also like roses very much, and I also appreciate the messengers who created them.

Creating different life forms and seeding them on different planets are the things that many cosmologists are always interested in. It is also very interesting and romantic to watch the seeded life start their journey.

It’s like the excitement when you look at the lettuce you planted every day, and the unhappiness when they are eaten by birds.

Because it is your own cultivation, you have invested a lot of energy and expectation, and your love. Your love is your attention, watering and fertilizing it, protecting it from being hurt, and giving you praise.

You just want it to grow into its own shape, and don’t ask it to grow in the way you want. This is true love, pure love for life. When life is created, love is indispensable. Without love, life cannot exist.

When the form is created, it is just like drawing a picture or building a model. But this is not real life, because it still needs a force. You can call it the Force, vitality, spark of love, sacred spark, and so on.
Only with the blessing of this force can life really start its journey and begin to multiply and grow on different planets.

Thank you for reading and deeply bless!


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