Creational energy – you have become a teacher

Creational energy – you have become a teacher

Perhaps you are worried that you have not adapted to your new existence quickly or correctly. It is counterintuitive to think that you must do something or continue to change

The fact is that you have completed the transformation. One element of this transformation is peace. Be able to start and end your day without having to or should

Many of you believe that you must meditate, write a diary or do this and that, because others say that as long as you follow the appropriate steps for them, they can help you

You no longer need teachers, exercises or correct ideas and actions. You have arrived
From today on, you decide what is interesting or right for you

Some of you are worried that you have no instructions to know what to do. Or it is easier and faster to follow the instructions of the person who claims to have the answer

No one except you have the right answer or method for you. You have changed from a student to a teacher

This does not mean that you know all the answers you need – certainly not the answers that others need. Instead, you are a newly graduated teacher.
When you decide what behavior seems interesting, you are quietly pausing

Perhaps our words seem strange, since we use a few words to show that you are a teacher. So who are your students? Those who follow you — and you. You are your own student

When you develop into your own teacher, your words, actions and reactions will become the classroom of the following people

You are no longer 3D, including the characters you have picked up for a long time. Many 3D teachers find that they need to learn a lot like their students to prepare for a specific course, which surprised them. So you are like this now, just in different formats

The 3D format of “teachers teach students in class” is no longer necessary. Your method will be your behavior. The boundary between students and teachers disappears
Of course, the student/teacher format will last for a period of time. But people who have surpassed 4D will not find these interactions interesting. Instead, learning will be a life course

Teaching will be more observation, and integrate these observations into your existence without attaching the formula “If you say or do this, you will succeed”

What suits others no longer suits you. Not because they are harmful to you, but because you are no longer part of 3D collective thinking. You are a unique individual with unique needs and behaviors

Many people who base their teaching on their own behavior will find that few people are interested in them. Their followers will expect a wide range of interest parameters — without should and must

There is no longer a diet, meditation, behavior, belief or interaction that applies to all people. The only proper instruction for you is what interests you

The mentor who once provided you with a sense of correctness or security is no longer so dazzling. Because you are a new existence, in a new world
In the past, everyone was a green line in the life blanket. So those who successfully grasp the green line have specific value for all those who want their green line to shine

Now the blanket of life has become a blanket with thousands of colors, and no one or activity is an expert in the new earth

Although it is true that those gold, green or blue lines may find each other and share the experience, each line may also decide to change the color or create a new color. Everything on the earth is changing and will continue to be so

Your new world is about exploring new colors, behaviors and places. There are no more additions. Therefore, there are no effective mentors for the collective. 3D teaching will only happen when the final result is finalized

Let yourself flow into this or that interest. “New” is your direction. The “expected format” no longer applies to you or any existence beyond 3D. That’s it

Date: January 16, 2023
From: Brenda Hoffman


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