Do you want to end the lack? Buy what you need and can afford.

Do you want to end the lack? Buy what you need and can afford.

Saint-Germann – a rule of the game^_^ Remember: everything must be balanced.

I am grateful to be here again. I want to add the topic of “the sun exists” about abundance. Many people need help to understand their lack. Many people regard it as punishment, think it is the fault of others, and feel that they should not suffer it. What the sun says is correct. But I want to emphasize one point: balance. Many times you get a good share from the universe. That is what will help you move forward ideally. Then what happened?

You feel very happy when you get it. You often forget to be grateful and think that the universe will always provide you. “Oh, everything will improve from now on, because I will always receive it!” This is different from the way things work; It needs balance, common sense and responsibility. How do many people do it? They received a little bit, but spent more than they should. They thought they would receive the same amount of things in the future. Because of the lack of self-control, responsibility and planning, they cannot feel abundant, which means that the universe will not give them what they expect. Please don’t blame the rudeness of the universe. It doesn’t feel that way. Let’s say there is a rich faucet

Who is in charge of this faucet? Your higher self. It is needed to show you the right way and let you use what you receive correctly. So if you get something but spend too much, it will turn off the faucet. It is in charge of everything, so you can learn your lessons. So what do most people do? Imbalance, excitement, high cost, immediacy, fashion, buy now and pay later. Many times, some of you have decided not to pay, and begin to complain after being short. What kind of feeling do you exude?

Everything in the universe is an exchange. The energy of “coin” is created, so this exchange will have a balanced value. It was not conceived on earth. Exchange exists in the whole universe. When there is exchange, abundance is attracted. Because energy is transferred from one end to the other, it flows and walks without stopping at one end. On earth, this exchange circulation is well established. So when someone sells you something, you need to pay, so that the energy will continue to flow and come to you two in abundance.

If someone sells you something and you don’t pay, you will create karma for yourself and indirectly for others. That thing is no longer in his hands. He can’t sell it to another person, but he doesn’t get the value of that thing because you don’t pay. So indirectly, your attitude destroys yourself and others. Look at the weight you put on your shoulders and on the road. Many people may say, “Oh, I didn’t pay because I can’t afford it.” So if you can’t afford it, you won’t buy at the right time. Your attitude is irresponsible. No, don’t explain to me that you lost this or that. It will help if you understand that you can only give up what you have

You can’t postpone what you don’t know will happen. Let’s say that if you don’t have any energy, don’t do something you will regret later. This is what most people do. Then it will snowball and become even bigger. Many people think, “If I can’t pay, I don’t care!” You are emitting more sense of lack, and your life will enter it more. What is exchange? What others give you, what you give back. You exchange the same value; Others give you a certain amount, and you give the same amount back. I am not here to talk about whether it is right or wrong; It works like this on earth. It will help if you accept these rules

So there is always a need for a back and forth movement. Those who only ask and receive, but never give complain that life has not changed. Why? Because they are not grateful to the person who gives them something, they do not provide anything to make up for that energy. So the incoming energy is stagnant. This attitude is increasingly attracting lack. Because he doesn’t know how to be grateful and doesn’t give anything.

Remember: everything must be balanced.

The key to the universe is balance. So everything that goes forward must return, which applies to everything
Learn to have balance when you have something to exchange. If not, don’t exchange. Please don’t talk about exchanging later; Only those with surplus can fulfill such commitments. Those who have no surplus should not make this commitment because the future is uncertain.

Do you distribute today to ensure that your future is abundant? Don’t do it if you don’t know. Learn to do it only when you have a surplus. Then you will show the universe that you are balanced and know your responsibilities

If you know that you are unable to pay, it is no good for you to go out and buy. Then what happens? You usually need to pay it back or use the rest of your life to pay it back. Is it worth it? I will say no, because it makes the situation worse. So why complain about lack? Look at your lifestyle.

Look at the way you face your promise. With the responsibility or “Oh, I don’t care, I’ll see later!” this will attract more lack. The exchange of energy needs to ensure that you have something to provide. It is not relying on another person, not saying to another person, “I can’t do it, now you need to wait.” Then another person needs to share the problem with you, because you have left your own problem in the hands of others

Many of you also think that “another person is not in urgent need; he is rich, and I have nothing.” Do you know that this will attract more lack? No matter how much another person has, you need to exchange what you get, and you need to return it to that person, whether he is rich or not. If he is rich, he knows how to attract abundance. On the contrary, because you are judging him, you think he has a lot, and you don’t need to return it to him.

To be sure, that person will not lose the part you did not pay, but you are the one who is injured in this. Because apart from failing to fulfill your responsibilities, you are attracting more lack through the stingy idea of “you don’t need to pay because he has a lot”

Do you understand how you attract lack? Through self-control, planning and excessive spending, you activate the higher self to give you the course. When can you learn to have something on hand to exchange? It is a good idea to pay after buying today, so most people are in debt. You can’t always do what you get and keep the payment until later.

This is also a well-formulated procedure placed in this matrix. But it depends on each of you to keep your feet on the ground. It is always possible. Impossible, hard to come

So have something on hand. Then there will be no debt and lack of ownership. “But it makes it harder for me to have things.” I agree, but you will have a balanced life. It is you who immediately want everything that causes the imbalance. If you don’t plan, you think the future can be assured. No, the future is uncertain. It is distributed by you: lack or abundance. If you send out abundance, you can fulfill your promise without debt. If you bring lack, you will have more and more burdens. So analyze which is good for you. It’s better to have things now, or to plan and understand that tomorrow will be smooth, and you won’t encounter problems or problems?

When you really want something, if you take it as a goal and act with responsibility, self-control, determination and the help of the universe. In this way, your higher self will turn on the tap, and you will get what you want miraculously. The external attraction is very huge, which will make you interested in things that you are not interested in. For example, “I need to keep up with the fashion and have what everyone has.” This is the matrix calling you to buy what you don’t need or need.

Do you want to end the lack? Buy what you need and can afford.

Plan what you want, and the universe will help you. If the imbalance continues now, the faucet will turn off. The shortage will come, there is no other way. Because if the higher self doesn’t turn off the faucet, you will never learn self-control, and you will spend more and more. Don’t complain about your higher self and be grateful. Because it allows you to think and analyze how far you have gone and take action. So, meditate on your lifestyle. Balanced or unbridled spending?

Who are you serving: yourself or those who can benefit from it

Date: January 14, 2023
From: Anjos e Luz Terapias
Translator: Nick Chan


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