Dialogue with the higher self: Why meet specific people

Dialogue with the higher self: Why meet specific people

Ruohe Purple Star 2023-01-26 05:01

I asked the higher self:
Why do we meet specific people?

The higher self answers:
Meeting specific people and going to everyone in your life is to help you complete your experience. Therefore, everyone has different perspectives.

Maybe you think a person is cruel to you and hurt you. But he has a good relationship with others. At this time, you should realize that this person’s appearance is to arouse your love and compassion for yourself.

When you understand the subject and go beyond it, you will find that the supporting role has also completed his task and can leave your life experience.

Therefore, don’t hate anyone who has hurt you, because your resentment will only lower your vibration and make you fall into the vortex of low-level emotional energy, unable to escape.

More importantly, forgive and let go. Forgiveness does not mean denying that you have really been hurt, but means that you put down the victim’s consciousness and know that you have always had a choice. Even if you have been hurt in the past, you can choose not to be hurt in the next experience.

Think about it. Those who have been entangled with you for the longest time and pulled the most from each other in life may be your best friends at the soul level.

But because you want to experience the feeling of transcendence, you want to learn unconditional self-love, so you need some actors to cooperate with you and carry out your experience in the world.

When you return to the soul reality, you will know the relationship between these specific people and your soul essence and your real life existence.

It is not easy to let go of a deep relationship, especially the complex emotions and emotions. But because it is not easy, you brave souls will come to challenge. Everything in matter is not a low-level course, but a high-level course.

In the process of forgetting, remember who you are, and return to the spiritual reality of true beauty and light after the separation of pain and darkness. You have experienced the most difficult environment, but you have also received the most valuable experience and unparalleled experience.

So, no matter who you meet, be grateful and bless. Be grateful for the specific role they play and for being able to face all the tests bravely without giving up and retreating. You have reached the final stage of the earth game, and you will win.

But the final lesson is about loving yourself, healing and integrating your soul fragments, which will run through your entire earth journey in this life. Come on, sons of light, I love you deeply!

Thank you for reading and deeply bless!


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