What is enlightenment

What is enlightenment
Ruohe Purple Star 2023-02-02 07:25


What is enlightenment?

Children, enlightenment can actually be separated. In fact, enlightenment is my heart. My heart is my heart. So it is to open my heart. In fact, it is to be happy. Therefore, enlightenment is happiness. When you are happy, it is the time of enlightenment.

Children are always happy, so they are enlightened. When they grow up, many people are unhappy because they close their hearts. Without the childlike innocence, carefree, and the ease of living in the present.

So, when you want to know what is the state of enlightenment, go to see children, especially those who have not started school. They are always playing happily, playing happily, and energetic.

I hope you don’t take enlightenment too complicated. Everyone can be enlightened because everyone can be happy. When you are always happy, will you care if you have enlightenment?

So, you often say that happiness is the most important! In fact, I also want to tell you that happiness is the most important, and your happiness is the most important.

Hee hee, I seem to understand. I often feel that I am unhappy. Maybe I always think about the bad things I have experienced, and then I will fall into it.

Yes, it’s not just you. Many people in your world are like this. They will be sad because of all kinds of things, and then immersed in grief, they will not feel happy, nor will they really laugh.

Just like the little girl in Deep Sea, there is a sad little girl in your heart. But this sad little girl can also be happy when she finds that someone really loves her and cares about her, when she sees the beautiful scenery.

You also need to protect the injured little girl in your heart, take her to the sun, give her care and love, and let her feel that she is no longer lonely and neglected.

Thank you for reading and deeply bless!


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