Treatment concept (recording)

Treatment concept (recording)

Why should Original stop me, Kryon, 2023-02-28 03:17
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Kryon conducted through Carol Lee, and channeled on the spot on November 23, 2022

sound recording:

Why stop me

Dear everyone, I’m Kryon of Magnetic Service. Say hello to you.

So far, the programs and courses have focused on the content that many people don’t understand and the understanding of “field”. I would say: this is one of your missing cognition, a paradigm that many people don’t believe in. It exists and always exists. It has its own name. But many people who watch the program now call it “therapeutic intuition”. That’s it, you know.
Many times, the therapist walks up to the patient and gains intuition. In the Lemurian era, this was called “sending the codes”. These symbols were just the intuitive thoughts of patients. In the Lemurian era, people had no words, and they used symbols. You might say: “Symbols are like Congee.” In the ancient conceptual language, one symbol represents many things. Just like that. This is what Lemurians use. So don’t confuse them with the code you think. It is the set of people’s thinking, or personal thinking. They are right in front of you.

Have you ever walked into a room where someone was arguing fiercely? Can you feel the symbol? That is the intuitive symbol that is passed to you in the room. Many of you know this, and you feel it.
Now the reverse is true. Have you ever felt the symbol of love, surrounding some people or certain situations? When you attend a meeting, many people pray for others, and some compassionate things happen, so you celebrate it. It is heavy. You know. It goes directly into your heart and you feel it immediately. It is similar to the star mother walking among the children, with overlapping circles painted on the ground. The Star Mother showed them this law: All of you are connected! There are so many ideas that you can understand and understand more now. This is also the reason why I asked to transmit these contents. Then you have reason and understanding, and expect and use. Now I’ll give you one of them.

The following are unexpected things, which are related to human linearity. Because this is your reality. You go from A to B, and then from B to A. It exists in A and B at the same time. I would say that this idea does not exist in your reality, ideas, opinions and beliefs. But in fact, I will tell you that when you think of B, you are already there, one step earlier than your body.

Dear, there are some things in your society that I will say: clarify in the treatment department. Some people have experienced miraculous and tremendous recovery. Some are recorded. These treatments are often targeted at the persistent disease that is spreading in your current society – cancer. But when you receive treatment and have relief. The doctor will tell you, “You’d better go back to see the doctor regularly.” Because you know it will recur, right? What kind of treatment is this? What kind of treatment is temporary treatment or half treatment?

I want to tell you something. Your society affects your subconscious. You can have a complete cure, but your society tells you that is not the case. Then your subconscious absorbs it and tells yourself that it is not completely good. Therefore, you should be careful, it may recur. You can do any examination. I’m not telling you not to do it. But I ask you: What are your expected results?

Treatment can be thorough. The disease knows it can’t enter you again, can’t! Because you told it to leave, or you got rid of it. This is the paradigm shift: get to a place where you know that the disease will not come back. Do you understand? This is transformation. It is to rewrite and reshape the subconscious. This is rewriting linearity, rewriting medicine as you know it. A complete cure has nothing to do with miracles. You deserve a complete cure.
Are you listening? Some people sit here and listen, hoping to get treatment. But if I tell you that it is in the field, declare it and go there. This is for you, dear, this is for everyone.

That’s the way it is. You can feel it before it happens, even if you can’t be sure of the result. The following is the reason: because the consequences of the event were realized and celebrated in some way. This is not a prophecy. It is only the possible result of tuning to its highest level. Please imagine that something wonderful has happened, and you want it to happen. “Let it happen, God!” You want wonderful things to happen. The possibility is so great that it has already happened and celebrated. You find it in the field and actually expand its results. This is like realizing a potential reality circle.

I just gave you multidimensional thinking. Is it difficult to understand? Ideas and paradigms, go beyond linearity. Start to expect wonderful things when others say “impossible”. Then you say, “It may happen.” When others refuse to believe, you know you are on the right path. Because they are linear, and you have stepped into the multi-dimensional paradigm a little bit.

You may want to listen to this channeling again. There are many concepts and sentences that you didn’t expect. Here is the bottom line: everyone is related to transformation. This is a wonderful transformation of ideas and paradigms. So you are here to watch this special program.

I’m Kryon, and I love you all. be it so.



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