Arrive in an equal city and live in an auspicious country

Arrive in an equal city and live in an auspicious country

One Minder 2023-03-08 09:25

Q: It is easy for many people to earn money, but it is especially difficult for them to earn money by themselves. Is there any way to do this?

There is a huge difference between having money and having no money. But if you can’t realize their equality, you can’t be free from it. If man’s freedom depended on wealth, the Buddha would not have given up his throne and country and chose to practice.

How to earn more money depends on one’s willingness and ability. This is the lesson of worldly law, not the subject of practice. The subject of practice is to transcend all possible dependence and gain free, happy and peaceful experience.

You can practice without giving up money or having a lot of money, or you can practice without money or with only a little money. For practice, this is not the point. But if the amount of money affects your mood, your stability and happiness, then this is the focus of practice.

Money is the tool of free life. If you rely too much on this tool and forget the person who uses it; Or because of the tools, the people who use the tools are restless. That is the time for you to stop and examine your life.

Isn’t money for happiness? A wise man said, can you skip money and be happy directly? This is really a good question. Can you skip what you think you have to be happy and be happy directly? This is not only a kungfu, but also an extremely important ability.

A person can’t have anything in the world, you just think you have something. You can’t have anything, you just have a story about what you think you have.

The law (the name of the unity of things) is there, you can’t reach it, it can’t reach you, you can’t connect with it. You can only have a story about it, and let you think that it has a relationship with it. And that’s not at all. You only have an illusion that has nothing to do with it.

There is no such thing as having what is doomed in life, only not having what is doomed. You can’t have anything, it’s doomed.

Now, realize that you can’t have anything. Everything around you, and you can’t have anything. Realize that this is the beginning of freedom. You can freely use them without owning them. It is freedom to realize that there is nothing but sadness. It is self that feels sad because of nothing.

Understand the reality of life and be free from it. Let everything, whether it is or not, not be the cause of your unhappiness, but the cause of your happiness. I wish you peace in the present, and don’t let your heart be sad, sad, sad, or afraid because of the existence or absence of something. Through practice, we can reach the city of equality and live in an auspicious country.


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