Message from the Pleiadians: A new beginning is in you

Message from the Pleiadians: A new beginning is in you

We, the Pleiadians, and other interstellar races interacting with you collectively are acutely aware of the planetary cycles you are experiencing.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the astrological year and the vernal equinox, along with the new moon in Aries, which is a typical sign of forward momentum. However, a few days later, Pluto dipped his toes into the charged water of Aquarius!

All elements of your society stand on the brink of great change. Whether you personally will experience these changes in your schedule or version depends on your vibration.

There are countless versions of Earth that you may move to, again, depending on your vibration.

In this new season, we remind you to consciously cultivate your own state of existence. You are constantly fluctuating among the countless parallel Earths that exist; Every small change you make in your perception and emotional state changes your timeline.

As the energy accelerates, we would like to inform you that the transformation is about to become a reality. External displays on the media may make your intellectual mind interesting, but most of them are just distractions, and if you believe it, you may turn to Earth versions that contain collective events that you don’t like.

“We are not asking you to be ignorant of what is happening in society, but rather not to let the outside world control your inner world, but to change your external world experience by prioritizing your inner state.”.

By doing so, you sow the seeds of change and the inspiration to lead by example, which is very powerful and can persuade your loved ones to move to a higher timeline due to the impact of your inspiration on them.

We are open minded and ready to contact those who can meet us halfway through the vibration ladder.

-Rei Rei


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