Stage 1 is over, and Stage 2 is where it really starts to become interesting~ Gabriel

March 30, 2023

Dear Ones, all living things on Earth, including you, are moving towards evolution. There is an inherent intelligence within you that guides you, if you take the time to calm your mind and listen to it.

You are in unprecedented energy, which means you are experiencing them for the first time.

You won’t let yourself come here unprepared to experience these things.

You have everything you need to succeed. You have an inner wise person who is already ready for the period you are currently in.

You have an entire team of assistants who will assist and guide you whenever you need help. It’s time to believe that you have the ability to make changes, just like animals can instinctively adapt to new situations.

You don’t need to hone it or develop it or let it be given to you – it’s a part of you. You just need to accept it and let it lead the way.

As you drive transformation along with your desire for evolution, transformation also serves you by allowing you to hone more skills.

I don’t know what will open you up to new possibilities and control the present moment. The strong energy teaches you to prioritize self care and take care of your own needs.

“I don’t know. Together with strong energy, it creates a perfect situation that makes it easier for you to accept submission and flow. With faith and trust, this is the operating system with higher energy.”

Do you understand You are doing a good job by being yourself. You were born ready for this. You won’t make any mistakes, we promise.

In fact, the transition is well underway, and nothing can stop it. So relax and continue to do what feels right and aligned with you. Stage 1 is over, and Stage 2 is where it really starts to become interesting~ Gabriel

From: ShelleyYoung


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