Archangel Michelangelo – Greetings to 144000 people, twin flames and all bright creatures^_^

Archangel Michelangelo – Greetings to 144000 people, twin flames and all bright creatures^_^

My love, I am archangel Michelangelo. I want to enter this cool morning, on today when you celebrate Easter Day.

The resurrection of our dear teacher. Dear, we did a great job together, just like we have been doing today. Now that you are on this side and I am on the other side,

I have a good intention to be with you on that side. I want to continue to warn you that now, you are taking what I want to tell you very seriously.

This morning, I have already demonstrated the danger of negative extraterrestrial energy to the Shepherdess. We realize that the energy they still don’t want to give up has been reshaped.

They have reshaped themselves to be able to enter the energy field and persist in the physical energy of the Light Beings and brothers, fulfilling their mission to interfere with Father Adonai’s plans.

Billions of people want to protect themselves, in the energy of their brothers performing service missions, from the invasion of 144000 stellar seeds, and strongly attack the Twin Flames because they know and understand the power of the Twin Flames currently incarnated, that is to say.

There, they mainly seek to fulfill the multiple functions of their evil plan, relieve harmony, intervene, delay, and prevent the completion of the Flame mission. Dear, my dear, stay vigilant and don’t give way. I tell all of you.

This information applies to all twin flames, star seeds, 144000, and all incarnated beings of light. But mainly twin flames like you who perform critical tasks. They don’t think it’s futile, they feel and observe them on the plane above. The more times we close the portal website, the more times we clean it up, and they will come back.

They will reinvent themselves to enter, taking advantage of the moment when your internal energy weakens. You will enter the earth hole like insects, dig, enter, and install, without being vigilant, building nests and growing there, suppressing the function of that soul and that existence.

It is not in vain for them to enter with the twin flames, as they know that the twin flames are the pillars of the process of enhancing energy. Dear, I demand that you, with all your love, maintain complete harmony and not weaken your inner energy field. May the flames of these twins remain together, united, and not even separated for any reason, argument, or disharmony, because we know they are still in their bodies.

Let you always unite, unite together, because when they separate, the intensity of their personal field will decrease. When they are together, these magnetic fields will strengthen and look like whirlwinds and energy whirlwinds.

That’s why the combination of two flames generates millions of positive energy for the universe. Please keep all twin flames united and do not separate for any reason. At that time, the dark forces used them because they were also being monitored from their spacecraft.

They have your light on the monitor on the ship. They monitor all beings of light, all flames. All twin flames, they all know their location coordinates, where everyone is. So my dear, don’t put the banquet on a silver platter. Don’t put them in, don’t let them, those big snakes that try to inject venom into creatures, snakes, become easy. That’s why we always tell them in all the information that peace and harmony are crucial at this time. Peace, calmness, and rooted in your heart, especially my dear ones, as well as all therapists working with energy, regularly strengthen yourself in your work and not allow your inner energy to be depleted or weakened in therapeutic services.

Don’t let more than 15 and a half hours pass, don’t pick yourself up again. In this situation, they use and enter in order to obtain more protection from everyone outside, and they infiltrate there internally.

We have received a high degree of protection, not only for those of you who carry out critical tasks, but also for all brothers of light, all stellar seeds, and all 144 people. Among 144000 people, my mission as Miguel Angel is to take care of all stellar seeds, all beings of light, all masters, and all bodies, so that they do not enter harmful energy. However, if you occupy a place there, our actions cannot be achieved.

Dear, I hope you understand this message. Cheer up and do your best to bask in the sun. The time spent basking in the sun is the energy of Mother Earth.

Even if you can’t see sunlight, imagine it. Close your eyes, connect with the great sun father and mother, feel the energy covering them, because even in cold weather or when the sun doesn’t shine in the sky, this light, this energy continues to flow through the air, coming from the energy circulating on Earth. Dear, you must be careful, we also take care of you.

At the end of the message, beloved Miguel conveyed another sentence to us and asked us to add this part to the previous message, dedicated to the therapist Therapists and light workers also work for matrices or engage in spiritual work, so that they do not exhaust their energy. At this moment, there is a need for a lot of rest, a lot of calmness, and advice for those stellar seeds that still maintain dependency, those beings of light, in companies and institutions seeking to break free from these sources of income.

Sometimes we understand and understand that they need to survive, but remember, they are not here to create wealth through matrices. My mother, father, and the Ruby Gold team will be responsible for providing the necessary resources to all Lightworkers who perform service tasks and all warriors who provide them with the necessary resources.

Those stressful and tiring jobs, they go home exhausted because they travel long distances for work. Because their work demands a lot from them, and because the boss or the same motivation is inherently demanding.

We demand, we demand, that now is not the time to work for matrices, it is time to get rid of that extinct matrix, but it still retains them. Their living standards cannot even compare to the efforts they have made.

We demand all of you to maintain peace and tranquility, rest, meditate, do your internal work, find careers that do not require dependence or demands, find large and medium-sized companies that require you, and go beyond your physical, mental, and emotional efforts. Dear, I want to convey this message because we feel that there are still Lightworkers who are very immersed in 3D work. It’s time to let go, let go, let go. Find safe places, suburban areas, crowded places.

A place with high vibrations and energy. I tell you, dear, we are not playing, we are at a critical and difficult moment. Dear, I don’t have time now, understand? I want to get rich, but I need to make huge sacrifices. As this dear teacher said, “You cannot see how the lilies in the fields dress up, so my father will also dress up with you.” Let go, immerse oneself in a peaceful and peaceful life, and complete his mission in peace, tranquility, and harmony. We are in the last and most difficult moment.

They are not worth so much sacrifice and effort. Just disrupt them, use the power of darkness, parasitize them, enter, and stop them from advancing.

They do not allow time for meditation because fatigue, cuts, and stress make them exhausted. They do not even allow their partners to kiss, embrace, and kiss their children, nor do they allow them to share moments of fun or meditation. Dear, analyze and review, because we have already set out.

Do not exhaust, do not disperse, seek peace and tranquility. Finding the most precious thing is peace, love, peace, and a peaceful life. Erase the opinions of the 3D matrix from your mind., Give yourself the love of your father, a happy life, a peaceful life, a meditative life.

Do special jobs that will not bring pressure to your life. Feeling happy for big cities, companies, and companies, living in peace and harmony.

I am archangel Michael, and I love all my dear supreme children, father and mother. Investment Peace received and released by Emanuel y Pastora on April 8, 2023… If this message resonates with you and you want to share it, please do so in its entirety, do not change the text, do not accept any part of it, and respect the source.

Ishta Asta Adonai


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