Preparing for Transformation

Preparing for Transformation

Ruohe Purple Star 2023-04-20 10:06

We need to unite everyone, you are a team. I hope you are prepared for the transformation and also for leaving this three-dimensional experience field. We are the Galactic Fleet Command, and the scene that once appeared in this pipeline dream is a reminder to you.

When a transformation occurs, we will appear and everything will happen quickly. You know, many people have already woken up, including your family and friends.

They will gradually change their attitude towards life, even their way of life, if their soul plans to undergo this major transformation.

You are all the same as this pipeline, the people who walk in front and guide the way. So I also hope you don’t be afraid of our arrival, it’s best to be prepared to welcome us. We cannot tell you that we will appear today, tomorrow, or a specific day.

Because everything changes with the change of energy. And the specific time is not important either. The important thing is whether you are ready, integrated well enough, healed well enough, and able to truly adapt to new frequencies and new lives.

Remind you once again to focus on everything you like and want. Your attention is energy, a precious and scarce resource that is far more precious than so-called gold, silver, and jewelry.

This is because your attention is creative, and what you focus on is what you provide energy to. What you focus on, you will focus on what frequency and attract the same frequency.

We are pleased to come as a collective to convey these messages to you. We deeply love you and are also with you very close.

Now we’re leaving, goodbye!


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