Tomorrow Reading Club 2023-05-14 04:07


El Mora Miracle

Jahn: When is a miracle possible and when will it be given?

E: When an individual largely loses their karma, they can achieve a huge leap in consciousness through a miracle. This also applies to a group of people or a collective of humans. All things on Earth currently occur on this level

Humans are preparing for miracles as they begin to leave the plane of karma. Years of transformation work are achieving results, and perseverance and dedication are bearing abundant fruits. This is the way miracles are given to you. It’s unimaginable to enter your life and stay behind

Never assume that linear development will continue. This game cannot continue like this! The operator of this game knows this better than anyone else. So you are experiencing a rush and chaos, as shadows do not accept losing the game. What causes a lot of unease at this moment is because of this matter

So our suggestion is: continue on the path of love!

Take care of your homework! Persist in your healing work and prepare for the arrival of miracles!

Take off the cloak of karma, reject everything that is dim, and reveal oneself as the messenger of the source

Let the Earth and humanity unfold, ensuring that they do not hinder their own expansion and do not stagnate their consciousness. Then you have completed everything, and you are ready for the miracle that will manifest in some way

The human collective has achieved many things. As of today, enough people have awakened to flip the game and bring the necessary miracles

Earth and humanity heal together. The grace of the source continuously flows into your heart, once it begins, it will continue until it is completed, and the union between humanity and the source will be completed

Don’t change anything, follow the path of loyalty, continue the path of love. Life will give you miracles that you have never requested or needed to ask for

Date: May 13, 2023
From: Jahn


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