Dream Record: About Transformation

Dream Record: About Transformation

Ruohe Purple Star 2023-05-14 05:56


I had a magical dream, one day on the street, during the day. There were quite a few people on the street, and then I saw a shining saucer shaped spaceship in the sky. At first, there weren’t many spaceships, but gradually they became more and more.

These spacecraft were initially distributed in a dotted pattern, then arranged in a linear pattern, hovering in the air, and were very spectacular. Of course, many people around them did not know what had happened. So I told the people around me that it was a UFO and I also had a slight sense that a transformation was about to occur.

Not long after, the transformation really happened – we were like being sucked into a barrier, and after a brief loss of consciousness, we arrived at the world after the transformation. I am still in my hometown where I was born, but the sky has become brighter and the colors are more diverse.

I told the people around me that I don’t have to work anymore. They said how can you live? I said I can just eat the mulberries on the tree, haha. Because I saw the mulberry tree that had once disappeared covered in mulberries.

At that moment, I felt that in this world, we no longer need to worry about survival, but can naturally obtain the resources we need.

Then we came to the highway, and these people in the same industry, including my family and friends. After walking for a while, I saw a black charging bike on the roadside. It was an electric scooter with handles, unlocked, and public.

We took down the scooter and saw a device next to it that could charge wirelessly, similar to a board. Just put the scooter up and you can charge it.

Moving forward, we discovered a magical foot cover that can be worn on the feet and then quickly move forward. It looks like a sock, but it is worn on the outside.

After we put it on, we can move forward quickly, but at first we don’t adapt and are prone to falling.

Afterwards, we went to a clinic with a lounge and many vacant beds.

Amazingly, one of my dad’s former classmates, who was originally the director of the detention center, became a doctor here, treating my dad.

The dream ends here.

Last night, this dream woke up around 4am, and I quickly jotted down this magical dream. The transformation here is just a way of transformation. The spaceship appeared on a large scale, and then we accompanied the transformed body into a new consciousness or reality.

But in my dream, after the transformation, I still need to consume food, and there are new ways to travel. These are all various possibilities that can provide us with some reference for the actual scenario of transformation and the life after transformation.


Dream Record: A Colorful World

Ruohe Purple Star 2023-05-14 05:56

I had a magical dream, lying in a room with a boy who later turned into a little girl. Afterwards, I came to a hallway, and suddenly all the lights went out, or it turned from day to night, feeling like someone was saying a big earthquake was coming.

At that time, people were a bit panicked, and then I felt like I was floating up and starting to fall. I thought I was dead, but I still felt my presence.

This kind of fall seemed to be happening in the void, surrounded by pitch black. After falling for a period of time, I felt like I was spinning like Melcaba, and felt a huge amount of energy before falling again. After a while, I woke up and regained my body.

I know it’s a different world. I first arrived at a place where there was a sloping road. I saw some people carrying things. They had a very special type of transportation, which was a bit like a trailer. Then people could fix themselves on it and slide down, but when they slide, they usually squat down. At that time, I felt like I might be tired, but everyone used this posture.

The sky there is particularly blue, and there are various variations of blue. I saw a very beautiful place where many plants are planted. The plants are like sweet potato vines, creeping and growing, with many leaves, but those leaves are colorful and particularly bright. It seems that one wall is colorful, and there are also golden trees in other places, which are particularly beautiful.

Afterwards, I entered a room and was greeted by an elderly person who, in reality, was a neighbor of my hometown but passed away last year. However, in this world, he is very healthy. He is guarding this house, and there are also many such plants planted in it, like sweet potato vines and colorful.

Afterwards, I took out two pens from the room. They were green pens, like jade, with beautiful colors. When I came out, I found that the door couldn’t be closed. The door was white, and the room was also white. I used one of the pens as a bolt and closed the door.

After coming out, the sun in the sky gradually turned into the size of a star. I thought the sky was suddenly getting dark again, and I was ready to fall and spin like before. However, I found that even if the sun was gone, the sky here would still be bright, but not as bright as during the day. It became much more serene, somewhat like being illuminated by a very bright moonlight.

Then I started running, and I could quickly run down a mountain because I was on top of it. I saw a beautiful lake at the foot of the mountain, and I wanted to go down and take a look.

Without the use of any tools, I ran between the cliffs, knowing there would be no danger, and I did not fall. Afterwards, I tried to fly up, but I could only fly down, but it was also quite fun.

Dream analysis:

This dream provides a possible transformation process, but this process is more intense than what I had in my previous dreams. And in their dreams, they also tell us that those who have already left this world are actually living well in another world, with no more pain or suffering.

Moreover, death is not truly terrifying. Even without this physical body, we still exist as eternal souls and can have new bodies to begin new experiences.

In the new world, there is no alternation between day and night, and the sky is always bright, even if the sun becomes a star. This also means that there is no polar experience of duality, and people’s life will become much easier.


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