Large number of downloads^_^

Large number of downloads

Tomorrow Reading Club 2023-05-24 03:31

Group – Large number of downloads

Here we are. You and people like you are currently living in several realities. You and others are opening up more fully to your multidimensional aspects and connections. So there is an excess of energy and data to process and integrate

When you interact with others in 3D, there is a backup being downloaded (energy level); You and others feel overwhelming, may feel trapped, anxious, and overwhelmed by many things that need to be addressed

It’s important to rest, meditate, and become quiet. There are several reasons for this. The first is that it will give your circuit the opportunity to absorb everything you receive; Rest and quiet time will also give us and other higher beings the opportunity to work with you in a gentle and undisturbed way

Let’s put it this way, the Earth is experiencing an unprecedented flood of energy and data. The level of energy flowing through your field has never been so high. This energy is bathing the consciousness of the entire Earth and all living beings

There is an acceleration, and this energy is a gift from all things. This energy is to assist humanity and Earth in taking the next step of evolution, a quantum leap, and a fuller entry into multidimensional consciousness

As a sensitive person, you and others may feel shaken and realize that your physical body is changing. You may experience strange symptoms, dizziness, floating sensation, disorientation, insomnia, and fatigue. Everyone has various physiological reactions. This transformation, this surge of energy, can be welcomed or resisted. Those who resist are experiencing chaos, depression, and pain

Let’s use your computer as an example. Imagine working in front of a computer; You opened many programs at the same time, and suddenly the computer crashed. All processes have been aborted, you are trapped. You cannot access any solutions, you cannot move forward, you cannot continue. In the end, in desperation and frustration, you turned off your computer

There is a file you are working on that is missing because the computer is overloaded. This is a simple explanation of what is happening to you. In three-dimensional life, you are busy interacting with others. You are receiving massive amounts of information from other fields and dimensions, integrating new consciousness and memory, and your circuit is overloaded

It is important to spend a lot of quiet time now to receive and integrate everything that is happening. It’s important to be alone. This will allow for greater integration and balance in your operating system

Thinking about it this way, the more you interact with others, the more quiet time you need to integrate. Your atmosphere does not glorify solitude or silence. Everyone always fills their space with excitement; You can’t let go of the visual, mental, and emotional stimuli anymore

We suggest that you observe yourself and pay attention to how you use these distractions, rather than allowing yourself to introspect within. It is quiet reflection and solitude that will allow your system to handle all the changes and energy you are experiencing. In the stillness of your active mind, we and other beings can connect more fully with you

Pause during the day and calm your mind. Integrate all incoming information. As you begin to see and feel more information to process; You and others will need to give yourself high-quality time to integrate and absorb everything you receive

Humans are realizing their multidimensional selves, and they are realizing that all external stimuli are a distraction. Go away from those distractions; These distractions fill your time and activate your busy brain. Entering a quiet space and practicing conscious deep breathing will support calming your mind. In a quiet space, you will begin to truly hear guidance from the spiritual level

Everyone is feeling things accelerating, which is true. Your concept of time is changing. Everyone is expanding because they are picking up more. Everyone is managing many dimensions. Everyone reacts differently to the entry of these energies. You can see and feel what others are experiencing. This is very dramatic. This is a cosmic performance
Remember, when you feel overwhelmed or discouraged, realize that you need silence, introspection, and solitude. This can be a few minutes, a few hours, or a whole day. The return will be enormous; Your system will run smoother. You will experience peace of mind amidst chaos. You will be more open to guidance

This is an important aspect, course, and awareness for everyone. By entering within, you can enter the universe more fully. We welcome the opportunity to meet you frequently in your solitary space. In this silence, in joy, in peace, dear

Date: May 22, 2023

From: Peggy


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