Pamela Kribbe channels Earth

Dear people, I am the voice of the Earth.

Feel me in this space, in the sounds you hear, in the atmosphere around you. You are part of the Earth, part of me. But you are oblivious to this fact, because many of you live in your head and have lost contact with the most living part in yourself: your strength, your passion, your feelings. For most people, there is a veil over these elemental forces even though they are what connects you with me, the Earth, and with life.

These elemental forces reside in your abdomen. It is where the raw emotions reside: wild waves in a turbulent sea. At the same time, there is in your abdomen the possibility of a deep silence in which you feel connected with all life on Earth and are a part of it. Know that in the center of your abdomen, two extremes are located: the peaks and valleys of your emotional life and, at the same time, the anchor, the foundation of your existence: the connectedness with all life that is experienced in silence and openness.

I ask you to descend with me into your body, into your abdomen. First feel your feet firmly on the ground. Connect with me through the floor; feel my energy.  Everything on and in me is alive: the soil, the rocks, the grass, the plants, the trees, the animals. Everything is alive and has consciousness to one degree or another.

All your body is part of this living whole. You have a home here as a human being, yet you often feel without roots, and not at all at home. You wonder what you are doing here, what your role and task is. But see the life around you that does not have that concern. It just is; it lives and enjoys and feels fulfillment.

Now, go with your attention to your abdomen and breathe with ease into the center of your abdomen. Connect with the natural, spontaneous power there that does not question why you are alive or why you have the right to exist. Become a part of my nature by letting go of all your cares and fretting, and come home to me. I am your mother; I can care for you if you align with my rhythms.

And what are these rhythms? Descend even farther into your abdomen. Imagine that your consciousness nestles completely in your pelvic cavity and takes a rest from all thought. Your consciousness feels snug in the hollow of your pelvis. There, it discovers that you are connected to me through your lowest chakra, which roots you into the Earth, and you let go of feeling separate by feeling supported by me.

Imagine that a snake is curled up in your abdomen.  A snake is an animal that might evoke resistance in some, but it is a natural beast of the Earth. It has a lot of power and is a symbol of much energy that is loving and powerful and can eliminate many taboos or prohibitions. But I am not going to speak about the meaning of the serpent as a symbol. I simply ask you to imagine that a snake is coiled inside your abdomen.

Have respect for the power of this animal. Feel the muscle strength throughout this snake’s body. Feel what it is like to be a snake that, in nature, moves across the ground beneath a forest canopy, and how your whole body is then connected to the soil, the dust, the rocks. A snake lives very close to the Earth. A snake is intelligent and takes the strength of the Earth completely into its body, while it also soaks up the sunlight and integrates the cosmic energies from above.

Now imagine that this powerful snake, full of Earth energy and full of Sun wisdom, slowly uncoils in your abdomen and gradually rises up your spinal column through the levels of your stomach and your chest. Feel at ease with its power; make the snake as large or as small as feels comfortable to you. If you feel tense doing this, give the snake a more modest size. This snake reflects a primal force within you.

If you allow this force to ascend through your spinal column very quietly, without forcing it, see what happens inside you. If you sense a blockage on a certain level of your body: your stomach, your chest, your throat, then ask this snake: “What is it that you want me be aware of? What would you like to tell me today? Is there something in me that I hold down which I don’t want to see?” Trust this snake; it is a channel for your primal energy.

Imagine that the head of the snake, when it is fully ascended, is now located in your head. Feel the liberating action of that happening. The snake expels excess thoughts, unnecessary analyses and worry. The snake is sure of itself and has no need to prove itself. The snake has a natural strength and for that reason it is a symbol for healing: the caduceus of the physicians.

Finally, I would like to say something in general. Humanity on Earth is in a process of change and you feel called – are called – to contribute in some way to this change; to facilitate the birth of a new consciousness. Because it can be a painful process, and because many people live in their heads and have lost connection to their grounding, this process of change can cause them to lose their balance.

But this process of change is unstoppable. Those who are joined to their foundation and possess the basic trust that they are welcome on Earth can fulfill an important and leading role in this birthing process. Have the confidence that although you have come here for yourself, you are also here to be a midwife who assists others in their new birth. This role makes you happy, deep down, and joyful. Do not hold it back any longer!

I need you. You can bridge the gap between me, nature, and humans. That bridge is needed and is a restoration of balance. This is not a role or task that should feel as a heavy burden on your shoulders; it can be light and easy. If you believe in yourself and do what you love to do, you will automatically find the way and you will contribute to the bigger picture. Trust your nature, your instincts, and call up the snake in you when you wish for more clarity.

Thank you so much for your attention.

© Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

Dream Record: About Transformation

Dream Record: About Transformation

Ruohe Purple Star 2023-05-14 05:56

I had a magical dream, one day on the street, during the day. There were quite a few people on the street, and then I saw a shining saucer shaped spaceship in the sky. At first, there weren’t many spaceships, but gradually they became more and more.

These spacecraft were initially distributed in a dotted pattern, then arranged in a linear pattern, hovering in the air, and were very spectacular. Of course, many people around them did not know what had happened. So I told the people around me that it was a UFO and I also had a slight sense that a transformation was about to occur.

Not long after, the transformation really happened – we were like being sucked into a barrier, and after a brief loss of consciousness, we arrived at the world after the transformation. I am still in my hometown where I was born, but the sky has become brighter and the colors are more diverse.

I told the people around me that I don’t have to work anymore. They said how can you live? I said I can just eat the mulberries on the tree, haha. Because I saw the mulberry tree that had once disappeared covered in mulberries.

At that moment, I felt that in this world, we no longer need to worry about survival, but can naturally obtain the resources we need.

Then we came to the highway, and these people in the same industry, including my family and friends. After walking for a while, I saw a black charging bike on the roadside. It was an electric scooter with handles, unlocked, and public.

We took down the scooter and saw a device next to it that could charge wirelessly, similar to a board. Just put the scooter up and you can charge it.

Moving forward, we discovered a magical foot cover that can be worn on the feet and then quickly move forward. It looks like a sock, but it is worn on the outside.

After we put it on, we can move forward quickly, but at first we don’t adapt and are prone to falling.

Afterwards, we went to a clinic with a lounge and many vacant beds.

Amazingly, one of my dad’s former classmates, who was originally the director of the detention center, became a doctor here, treating my dad.

The dream ends here.

Last night, this dream woke up around 4am, and I quickly jotted down this magical dream. The transformation here is just a way of transformation. The spaceship appeared on a large scale, and then we accompanied the transformed body into a new consciousness or reality.

But in my dream, after the transformation, I still need to consume food, and there are new ways to travel. These are all various possibilities that can provide us with some reference for the actual scenario of transformation and the life after transformation.


Dream Record: A Colorful World

Ruohe Purple Star 2023-05-14 05:56

I had a magical dream, lying in a room with a boy who later turned into a little girl. Afterwards, I came to a hallway, and suddenly all the lights went out, or it turned from day to night, feeling like someone was saying a big earthquake was coming.

At that time, people were a bit panicked, and then I felt like I was floating up and starting to fall. I thought I was dead, but I still felt my presence.

This kind of fall seemed to be happening in the void, surrounded by pitch black. After falling for a period of time, I felt like I was spinning like Melcaba, and felt a huge amount of energy before falling again. After a while, I woke up and regained my body.

I know it’s a different world. I first arrived at a place where there was a sloping road. I saw some people carrying things. They had a very special type of transportation, which was a bit like a trailer. Then people could fix themselves on it and slide down, but when they slide, they usually squat down. At that time, I felt like I might be tired, but everyone used this posture.

The sky there is particularly blue, and there are various variations of blue. I saw a very beautiful place where many plants are planted. The plants are like sweet potato vines, creeping and growing, with many leaves, but those leaves are colorful and particularly bright. It seems that one wall is colorful, and there are also golden trees in other places, which are particularly beautiful.

Afterwards, I entered a room and was greeted by an elderly person who, in reality, was a neighbor of my hometown but passed away last year. However, in this world, he is very healthy. He is guarding this house, and there are also many such plants planted in it, like sweet potato vines and colorful.

Afterwards, I took out two pens from the room. They were green pens, like jade, with beautiful colors. When I came out, I found that the door couldn’t be closed. The door was white, and the room was also white. I used one of the pens as a bolt and closed the door.

After coming out, the sun in the sky gradually turned into the size of a star. I thought the sky was suddenly getting dark again, and I was ready to fall and spin like before. However, I found that even if the sun was gone, the sky here would still be bright, but not as bright as during the day. It became much more serene, somewhat like being illuminated by a very bright moonlight.

Then I started running, and I could quickly run down a mountain because I was on top of it. I saw a beautiful lake at the foot of the mountain, and I wanted to go down and take a look.

Without the use of any tools, I ran between the cliffs, knowing there would be no danger, and I did not fall. Afterwards, I tried to fly up, but I could only fly down, but it was also quite fun.

Dream analysis:

This dream provides a possible transformation process, but this process is more intense than what I had in my previous dreams. And in their dreams, they also tell us that those who have already left this world are actually living well in another world, with no more pain or suffering.

Moreover, death is not truly terrifying. Even without this physical body, we still exist as eternal souls and can have new bodies to begin new experiences.

In the new world, there is no alternation between day and night, and the sky is always bright, even if the sun becomes a star. This also means that there is no polar experience of duality, and people’s life will become much easier.

Briefing: About the process

Briefing: About the process

Ruohe Purple Star 2023-05-14 05:56

Given the current level of human awakening, the timing of large-scale physical contact remains to be determined. It’s not that we don’t want humanity to awaken faster, and Earth can ascend faster. It’s just a systematic project that requires cooperation from multiple aspects.

The openness of human consciousness directly affects the situation after transformation. Of course, we also hope that more people can catch this Ascension Train and not have to go to another three-dimensional world to continue experiencing.

We know that you have been waiting, hoping that high-dimensional can drive the process and make the transformation happen faster. But everything also needs to be considered in the long run. Your time on the three-dimensional Earth will not be too long, and I hope you can take care of your physical body as much as possible.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, we will help you increase your frequency and transform your energy. These are often carried out in sleep, as there is no limit to your subjective will at this time, which can better assist you in transformation.

We know that it is not easy for you to stay in the three-dimensional material space, which has never been easy, but we also hope that you can persevere. We are all watching you and always supporting you.

Everything you want will come true, whether it’s physical contact or ascension to the Five Dimensional New Earth, just like children will grow into adults, trees will bloom and bear fruit. This is also a natural process, no one can reverse it, no one can stop it from happening.

However, there are different processes or versions of how and how this process occurs. We have also presented potential transformation scenarios multiple times in the dream of this pipeline, and she has all described them to you.

So, I also hope that you can be prepared and try to see the essence of the three-dimensional world as clearly as possible, and let go of your obsession with materials, even emotions.

We are a collective that assists in Earth’s ascension. We are very close to Earth and closely monitor the consciousness levels of Gaia and humanity. We are pleased to bring you our message. Now we are leaving, goodbye!



Tomorrow Reading Club 2023-05-14 04:07

El Mora Miracle

Jahn: When is a miracle possible and when will it be given?

E: When an individual largely loses their karma, they can achieve a huge leap in consciousness through a miracle. This also applies to a group of people or a collective of humans. All things on Earth currently occur on this level

Humans are preparing for miracles as they begin to leave the plane of karma. Years of transformation work are achieving results, and perseverance and dedication are bearing abundant fruits. This is the way miracles are given to you. It’s unimaginable to enter your life and stay behind

Never assume that linear development will continue. This game cannot continue like this! The operator of this game knows this better than anyone else. So you are experiencing a rush and chaos, as shadows do not accept losing the game. What causes a lot of unease at this moment is because of this matter

So our suggestion is: continue on the path of love!

Take care of your homework! Persist in your healing work and prepare for the arrival of miracles!

Take off the cloak of karma, reject everything that is dim, and reveal oneself as the messenger of the source

Let the Earth and humanity unfold, ensuring that they do not hinder their own expansion and do not stagnate their consciousness. Then you have completed everything, and you are ready for the miracle that will manifest in some way

The human collective has achieved many things. As of today, enough people have awakened to flip the game and bring the necessary miracles

Earth and humanity heal together. The grace of the source continuously flows into your heart, once it begins, it will continue until it is completed, and the union between humanity and the source will be completed

Don’t change anything, follow the path of loyalty, continue the path of love. Life will give you miracles that you have never requested or needed to ask for

Date: May 13, 2023
From: Jahn



地球修复后的网格意味着人类将被拯救∞9D Arcturian委员会,由Daniel Scranton主持












Earth’s Repaired Grids Mean Humanity Will Be Saved ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Earth’s Repaired Grids Mean Humanity Will Be Saved ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very pleased with the progress that we see you all making as you continue to ask for what is needed for the collective and then become the conduits for those energies and that information that you know will further the expansion of consciousness within your human collective. There is always going to be a debate about what exactly is needed to turn the tides for humanity so that you can become the beings of light and love that your were always meant to be. There are debates in the higher realms, just as there are debates there on planet Earth.

But you as an individual don’t have to agree with what anyone else thinks is needed for real changes to occur there on your world. You only need to be in alignment with you, because you are the one who is living the life that you are living, and you are the one who is observing what you are observing and feeling what you are feeling, and therefore you get to ask for what you think is best for all of humanity. You also then get to align yourself vibrationally with what you have asked for, and that is a truly wondrous and beautiful experience for all of you.

You are not just there to be of service to the collective; you are also there to have your own experiences. In the past, you may have looked at your life and wondered why you ever would have chosen to go to Earth and take on so much. Now is the time when all of your hard work pays off, because you get to receive it first before spreading it around. You get to be the conduits of all of that beautiful healing energy that humanity needs now more than ever.

You get to work with the grids that have been repaired and restored so much over the past several decades. You are there to save humanity from itself, but you are also there to enjoy the ride. When you attempt to enact change the old fashioned way, you see where that gets you. People close themselves off to you, or they laugh at you for believing in things that are so different from the norm. But no one is going to reject the light and love that you project when you access it for all of humanity and spread it around like a human sprinkler system.

And yes, when you do it that way, those same people who once thought you were a little bit crazy will find themselves gravitating to you and wanting to know what your secret is. There is no real secret and nothing that needs to be hidden from anyone else at this point, as you find alignment with yourself, your words, your actions, and your thoughts, you align with Source, and you align with the energies that are coming in to heal the consciousness of your collective, and this is happening whether you participate in it consciously or not, but those of you who are receiving this message are doing it consciously, and therefore, you do get to enjoy the ride.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Tune in, feel for it, and then get out of your own way, because you are there to change yourselves and with the ripple effect, change the entire world, galaxy, and universe^_^

We’re Transmitting Wisdom Codes via this Message ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

we're transmitting wisdom codes via this message - the 9d arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton

We’re Transmitting Wisdom Codes via this Message ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are far less influential on all of you than what is contained within you. We are just one voice at one time from one dimension. What is inside of you is multidimensional and spans thousands of lifetimes. What is inside of you has so much more influence because of all of the experiences you have chalked up during this cycle of incarnations you are currently in. If we have one overall, far-reaching goal for our contact with all of you, it is to get you to tap in to the infinite and the eternal that is inside of you. 

We know that you are far more powerful than you could ever realize with your physical minds, and so we not only attempt to convince you of the importance of going within, but we also give you activations through the energies that we transmit through the channel here. Right now, we are transmitting codes to you that will go right past your minds and their ability to understand those codes, but the inner wisdom that you have will be unlocked because of your willingness to sit in the energy of this transmission right now.

It is so important for you all to realize that you are your own best teachers and guides, and we and others like us are merely here to remind you of that ultimate truth. And then it is our job to get out of your way, because we want to see what is inside of you as well. We want to see it playing out in your lives and in the evolution of consciousness there on Earth. We are not interested in having puppets on strings. We are interested in empowering all of you because we understand the greatness of the human potential and the wisdom that lies within each and every one of you.

We are as excited for humanity as those of you who are aware of your power and who are optimistic about humanity’s use of that power moving forward. Everything is shifting and evolving, and that includes the way that you access and utilize power there on Earth. You don’t have to worry about how anyone else is using power in the traditional way, because if you do you only distract yourselves from the power that lies within you, and that is something that no one can touch. You just have to be willing to ignore those who are trying to tighten their grip on external power so that you can go within and access the power and the wisdom of how to use it that lies within your heart center.

Tune in, feel for it, and then get out of your own way, because you are there to change yourselves and with the ripple effect, change the entire world, galaxy, and universe.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”