5/24/2024 Interstellar Alliance Committee (ICC) Lesson 3

5/24/2024 Interstellar Alliance Committee (ICC) Lesson 3

Hello. I am An Th’Na and I am glad to be with you again.

Regarding our meeting, we have some things we want to solve. It is related to the way we communicate.

We have established these communications in stages. Until this lesson, these courses have been what we call the “first stage” of these exchanges.

Phase 1 has been completed. Use our voice to voice and write the message we present to you, all volunteers and all Ascendents.

This form of communication, which you call message passing (some say channeling), and the way we work together as a team, we should say, is to make the ball roll to publicly showcase these exchanges.

We have reached a point where we are satisfied with providing sufficient information that can be placed on your public resources. Over time, more information will be provided.

As Phase 1 proceeds in a conscious manner, we are now changing the way we communicate. In other words, we will begin to use what we call psychological descriptions to convey information. We will communicate it through some of you in an environment where this information will come from us and flow through you when directly inputted into your computer.

Now, our goal is to change from the voice (channeling) and message transmission mode of these meetings to psychology, because this will save everyone time without having to transcribe the above recorded information, so we can spend more time focusing on receiving additional information. This will save a lot of time.

Starting from Section 5, we will shift from the first stage of promoting sound/message information to the second stage of psychoanalysis. Gesanna has extensive experience in this cross dimensional transmission method.

The third stage will include the initial preparations for the establishment of the core volunteer team of the multiverse, who will lead a group of people to carry out the necessary public education work on alien affairs. This stage is the beginning of our work, taking physical forms of actions, environments, and events to form the educational work to be completed, first local, then regional, and then global.

This work resulted in the initialization of stage 4. Phase 4 depends on the successful completion of Phase 3, because Phase 3 is the time point for Terra people to express their wishes and preparations for the occurrence of Phase 4, because Phase 4 is related to Ascension and is related to the beings who contact with all the souls of Ascension and our volunteers.

At this stage, contact will take place through undisguised and public affairs.

If you think that the description of the stage is related to the blueprint we initially talked about with the Earth Federation, it means all this information? Yes; We talked about the blueprint of the body, but if you think the blueprint is not just about the body; Not only that.

It has many levels. There is a personal blueprint. Your body has a biological blueprint. Your life has a blueprint, although that blueprint is very general because you have free will, and after June, except for free will, you will have nothing.

There is a very large blueprint within the general scope of what is happening. If you want to say that we have a blueprint for the Ascension event we are assisting with, then we can call it the ‘blueprint’, yes.

If you choose to create something, can we create a blueprint for it to appear quickly?

Yes, of course. You can create a blueprint for anything you want to bring into your life. The clearer the content contained in the blueprint, the more specific the content related to the blueprint you will receive.

Therefore, we will present our information in the manner described earlier. If you want to call it some kind of blueprint or schematic, that’s great.

However, we recommend that you do not pay attention to negative comments or questions that are intended to be rude or destructive when receiving them.

If you want to know if we will offer certain courses for people in the future, such as weekend courses or other courses?

Currently, there is none. The Earth Federal Council has an open QFS Quantum Future School course in progress, which is exactly what all this may lead to in the future is open. This will depend on those who are relevant to the content we present for their benefit, as well as those who rely on them to resonate or demand knowledge of the content. So we will consider it as an open potential.

Once again, this matter depends on how all these tasks are carried out, as it largely depends on whether all of you let it happen or not, as you choose to experience your life. In other words, if you have completed Phase 3, we will initiate Phase 4.

In Phase 3, when your core team has established teachers to educate the public about the knowledge of the dimensions of everything, extraterrestrial, and external, we can have our committee attend and exchange ideas during public gatherings.

Please understand that this is different from a course taught personally by me or anyone else. This is not part of the Phase 3 plan, as Phase 4 involves many ascending beings physically coming to your planet to assist in your work, rather than taking over the work for you. Do you understand now?

The fourth stage does not only include education, but this topic will be discussed later.

However, we foresee that Phase 3 will rapidly develop into a special situation on this planet, where we can say that the public will “demand” or demand education, not your officialdom, but your people as a collective. This type of education will be based on the themes of disclosure and connection.

We will now talk more about Stage 3, as this is where you are moving forward quickly.

We have previously discussed that there are basically two types of beings that come into contact with people on this planet.

To reiterate, first of all, there will be those beings we call the Lower Trinity aliens. They are those who come into contact with human souls that have not evolved beyond the Trinity. They may have evolved to a higher level of understanding in the lower Trinity, and to a higher level of consciousness in the lower Trinity, but they have not yet evolved beyond the lower Trinity.

Please understand the difference we are talking about here.

Among these special types of beings, some extraterrestrials provide useful educational information for souls who have not ascended but still have more information to gain through their experiences in the lower Trinity. Both parties will benefit from this kind of contact event, as they will eagerly resonate with each other’s information exchange.

Then there is a group of beings who have already ascended, they are the Light, coming from the Upper Triad. These people will come into contact with our volunteers and all souls who ascend beyond the low trinity.

These ascending souls need educational information about the Trinity. Once they remember who they really are and what the life of the Trinity is like, our volunteers can also provide such information. Once again, the Earth Circle Federation is already offering this course. You must remember that sublimated souls have never been there before, so this soul journey is brand new for them.

As for the Interstellar Committee, our contact with Ascended Souls is to help them become familiar with many different entities that they will come into contact with before and after they live in the Upper Trinity. In the upcoming period of contact, you will increasingly understand what life is like in the Trinity. For these ascending souls, if you are willing, it is a bit like a ‘preparatory school’.

Now, our volunteers can also use some ESF preparations to remember their true identity as Ascension Volunteers.

Therefore, our upcoming contact activities with you will serve two groups – the soul of ascension and our volunteers for ascension. For our volunteers, this will be a memory; For ascending souls, this will be an education that helps them understand where they are going. This is the information that they are naturally resonating with and attracted to receive.

Now, those souls who have not ascended; When they come into contact with extraterrestrial beings in the lower Trinity, they also attract each other at the same frequency of vibration. They do so for reasons other than ascension, which are related to the ongoing evolution in the lower Trinity associated with their lives.

Because the ascending soul is moving away from the lower Trinity, the information obtained from contact with extraterrestrial beings in the lower Trinity will be of no use to them, as they are moving away from the lifestyle of the lower Trinity. In other words, what is the use of such information when you have already obtained all the available information from the understanding provided by such information?

Although non Ascended souls will have extraterrestrial contact, the nature of such contact and the nature of the information they receive will be very different from the nature of the contact and information that Ascended souls and our volunteers will have. However, this has already begun in many of our messaging sites.

So, there is a difference in this matter, and I hope everyone can clarify it. It is important to remember that there are differences, so that when contact does occur, you can identify who is in contact with which group of Earthlings on Earth.

We convey this message in the context of your question, as the information that emerges through our communication is related to the education of souls, regarding who they are and where they are going.

On the other hand, if they know what kind of war is happening or is happening between this galaxy and other galaxies over there, or who players are or have been involved in these events, or information about other spatial events, it may not be beneficial for them to explore the potential ongoing Triad. Not at all.

Those historical and current events belong to the souls that remain in the Lower Trinity, as this information is beneficial for their evolution until they are ready to leave the Lower Trinity. You can now participate and participate in ESF, as you will see. Once you learn and understand it, you will no longer question or think about it.

Once again; Please remember and understand that two different types of beings will have two different contact groups, which is related to the two different groups of Earthlings that each group will have contact with.

How many Earth years are left before this planet ascends?

As we mentioned earlier, it is already in the process of transformation. It has already occurred, which is a matter of time for the natural process itself and the speed at which it occurs. It will happen in this life, which is the best time we can actually arrange because there are too many interactions that must be implemented in order to achieve all of this. But we are in the countdown.

You are all part of this interaction, because, once again, as we said before, this process can be strengthened and accelerated by our volunteers on Earth and the soul of ascension, and light energy can be injected into the planet through conscious and deliberate participation.

Just like what we call “collective consciousness”.

Collective action is the best way. It is still very helpful to do so consciously and intentionally, but one may be deceived by the lower Trinity. When you work as a team, it will have a greater impact and result, but it does not require any formal gathering of thoughts or bodies. Information transmission and remote communication can be established for this greater result. The larger result is to maintain the same high energy frequency vibration.

As more and more volunteers remember who they are, and more and more ascending souls understand who they are, you gather in a naturally induced common consciousness of what is happening, which strengthens the anchored energy planet and accelerates the process of planetary ascension.

What we want to point out now is that in your view of the transformation of a planet into the Upper Trinity, you understand that this planet will not actually leave your Milky Way in time and space. It did not move upwards, nor did it move in any direction.

It’s difficult to describe it in your words. It is transcending itself into higher frequencies, vibrating at higher frequencies, but in doing so, it does not truly have nowhere to go in space or time. It is transitioning from one dimension and density to another.

As the planet vibrates at a higher speed, the third dimensional environment that has existed since its concept begins to transform, surpassing its third dimensional environment within the lower Trinity and becoming the fifth dimensional environment within the upper Trinity, relative to the energy present there. However, this planet has no direction in space or time. It moves in the opposite direction, pulling galaxies and planets closer together.

After entering the 5th dimension, the planet remains in a material state, despite being in the 5th density state. This is a turning point.

For those who ascend with Earth, it is as if your ability to interact with Earth and all nature is the same as what you are currently experiencing. You won’t notice the tactile differences between you and Earth, as both are synergistically increasing frequency. But you will realize the accompanying ability of color and sound.

This is part of what is happening during the process of ascension: when an entity is ascending, if they die before Earth completes its ascension, such as our beloved dog, as Earth ascends to a higher frequency state, life is like you. I know it has surpassed the frequency points of past experiences of death.

As Earth moves away from the frequency of death experiences, all natural and ascending souls begin to transform, and once the body dies, you no longer have the same process.

Now, please understand that this will not happen to souls who have not ascended. The reason is related to the physics of light quanta, as we explained in a very simple way before.

Non ascending souls are still connected to the same frequency as those who have been experiencing death. Because they did not ascend, they will continue to experience death through the same process that they have always existed, although we would like to clarify that what you have been told about death is not entirely correct.

You have made and been given incorrect assumptions about it.

Many humans are beginning to realize that beyond the typical death experience, there is more to it than what they are told. Progress in this field is serving their awakening, no matter how slow and gradual it may be.

What we have here is that once a person or organism dies, the soul will transition from the third density state to the second density state, and the scaffolding of the second density state is not too complex. When it does so, the soul passes through what you call the Tunnel of Light; In other words, it sees a more ethereal form and moves towards that beam of light.

The soul enters what you call the zone of death, or the zone of death, where the deceased soul continues to exist, in a way that is related to that level or that existence. There is a place where conscious souls prepare for the afterlife.

In that area, there are mentors meeting to help prepare the soul for the next life. But you must understand that this does not apply to nature, as nature does not reincarnate, no matter how popular this idea may be, because nature does not have a conscious self will to create karma or a conceptual existence that requires it to return to the former.

Nature is constantly evolving forward. It will not stagnate. It will not repeat itself. Nature is inherently on a path of progress, without the opposite feeling that it can, should, or even wants not to. This is the way and reason why the Earth itself is always ascending.

This planet, including all nature, has reached a point in its ascent, transferring it from the lower Trinity to the upper Trinity. You will see.

Now, the process of death that you are already familiar with, even in a limited sense, is what is happening to everyone and all the dead things. But this is no longer as comprehensive as you said.

What is happening to the earth, nature, the soul of ascension, and of course all your volunteers is that you have left that process. Because you ascend with a higher frequency and lower density, you are moving away from the dead zone and entering more of what we call the ‘eternal zone of life’.

Please remember that this does not apply to non ascending souls who have their own will to resist ascension, so that they can continue their evolution within the framework of the lower Trinity. The same choice applies to every life of all of us, until now when we finally choose to ascend. So don’t beat them up for it, you can say that.

Therefore, instead of all of this, the new death experience of nature and the uplifted soul is no longer the same as before. They no longer cross the Tunnel of Light. They are no longer in a dead zone. They have entered what we call the ‘frequency of higher ascension domains’.

They have entered it because the Earth has partially entered that eternal zone of life. It has not yet fully ascended, but it has passed the frequency clutch of the Dead Zone. We hope you can understand this.

This does not mean that the death zone itself no longer exists, as it still exists, but only for non ascending souls. This is an ethereal place, preserved intact by non ascending souls who are not yet ready to transcend the concept of who they are and evolve.

Once there was a veil that separated you, becoming very thin or even non-existent.

But all of this is for Earth, for nature, and for all those who are ascending.

For non ascending souls, the veil remains intact as they believe it is a part of them, what they are like, and what their lives are like. For them, the death zone is still a part of their experience, where they will still cross the tunnel towards light, and so on.

On the other hand, for you, the higher the frequency of planetary ascension, the thinner this veil will become until you reach a point where there is no longer any sense of separation. So, your body has become its ideal blueprint, where it can see and interact with all life that exists in the Upper Trinity.

Even plants and animals, as well as all the nature that has been passed down in the past, will become increasingly easy to interact with you themselves because they will not reincarnate, such as your pets and other dead creatures. All nature remains in the flow of ascension.

The souls that have passed are on the path of ascension, and even if they have passed, these souls are still ascending together with Earth. You will rejoin them in the Upper Trinity.

Now, if you are experiencing non ascending souls that are not on the path of ascension, and you are experiencing their existence, then those who have not yet transitioned to the zone of death through the tunnel. They may be trapped on Terra/Earth and need to be released and continue moving forward on Earth.

But for ascending souls who left before the planet ascended, we can say that they are very busy with school.

So yes, you will encounter those souls who have already embarked on the path of ascension, and they have already died. You will encounter your previous pets, even plants that you may like, all of nature.

These information exchanges we share are intended to help our volunteers remember that the soul of ascension understands the process of ascension you are going through, understand who you really are, and understand who you will meet in the process of ascension. This is to bring clarity.

Since we started providing this information exchange, this is what we have been doing.

Now, if you have any questions you would like to ask us, can you do so?

The fact is that the ascension of the entire universe is occurring, including the ascension of entities, stars, planets, nature, and so on. Each of these ascension events has a different time frame for the process required for each ascension.

If you ask a question related to your own ascension, then when talking about this question with all our volunteers, each of you has two answers, which depend on how you choose to experience your personal life. Neither of these two options remains unchanged.

One of your choices is that after the death of your Terran/Earth incarnation, you will ascend back to your position in the Upper Trinity and your original body. Although this choice of physical death is not what our volunteers will experience, you do have free will in this matter. This kind of ascension after death will definitely occur earlier than you imagine.

As we discussed earlier, your other choice, which we prefer, is to ascend with your planet, but you need to stay in your Earthman/Earthman incarnation long enough for this planet to ascend to the Upper Trinity.

As for the time of Earth’s ascension, it depends on natural factors that you cannot control in terms of time. We have already said that the ascension of your planet is an experiment, as this planet not only ascends at this time, but also along with the souls of its own inhabitants who are preparing to ascend.

The timing of this joint ascension adventure is unknown, therefore it is not possible to provide an accurate time for its completion. Everything is in the time of the mother god. Everything.

That’s why we can only provide a tentative time of up to a few months or a year. We say reservation because it involves so many variables, of course, because it is completed through natural processes, and everyone has a clear consciousness. Apart from its own innate time, nature does not know time. And, as we said, you are a part of the variable.

But we don’t want you to use this number as a clear future date, because we want you to focus on the fact that it has already been completed. Now is the time for nature and its natural processes, so you must work according to its time, not your feelings about it. It’s done now because it’s the only way to accomplish anything ‘now’.

As we said, the existence of our volunteers on the earth is accelerating the ascension of the earth. That’s all we can do. Ascending beings are working hard to assist Earth in ascending as soon as possible, while not doing so until the ascending souls on your planet are ready to ascend themselves.

Do you see the complexity here now?

By consciously perceiving a planet that already exists in the Upper Trinity and seeing that it is in its pure primitive state, where there is no longer artificial matter or destruction in the third dimension, one consciously accelerates ascension itself. As we mentioned earlier, when you do this for Earth, you indirectly help accelerate the pace of soul ascension. That’s all you can do.

Therefore, for all our volunteers, the answer to this question is that you have a choice, and according to the choice to ascend with the earth, most of the time depends on you staying on the earth and seeing it go home now. This time flows to all ascending souls prepared to return home with you and Earth.

So, do you also see the complexity here?

Now, let’s talk about how you imagine your planet home to be now the Upper Trinity.

In the Upper Trinity, your planet is the ‘ideal garden’, and if you are willing, it is what you want it to be. This is a wonderful amusement park. This is a place to enjoy and relax. It is a place to experience things, as you have limited opportunities to experience in the density state of the lower Trinity.

In this regard, what we mean is that once you enter the Upper Trinity, if you are willing, you can swim with whales. You can fly with birds. You can communicate directly with your pet and nature. There is nothing you cannot do there, including everything you cannot experience in the lower Trinity.

Therefore, you will have to do a lot of things.

But all our volunteers were doing this before they came to this planet, because they were Ascended Beings before they carried 3D genes, and you are still Ascended Beings. Once you come back, you will do those things again.

You will resume your activities. As we said, when you came to this planet as a volunteer, you left these activities behind. These activities have not disappeared.

They didn’t stop. They are in a waiting state, waiting for you to continue from the point of interruption, if this is what you want to do after returning home, as we said.

If you notice that some volunteers seem very angry after incarnating in Terra/Earth. Why is this?

So what you observe is not anger, but confusion. They came here, their memories were sealed off. They know or feel that something is not right, which means that something is very different. They couldn’t understand what it was, so it became frustrating.

We won’t call it ‘anger’. It’s a confusion in the mind that leads to emotional depression.

We also observed that when volunteers can use their spiritual gifts, they will usually be punished or shut up, which will also lead to internal chaos.

This kind of experience is very common after all our volunteers enter their Earth/Earth family situation, because their soul memories of those higher abilities are trying to surface.

The people around you, your family, friends, and teachers, don’t understand that much. For them, what you have done in the past and present is terrifying, terrifying, and crazy. They tried to silence you, but you just learned to keep your abilities to yourself until the right moment.

None of our volunteers lost their ability. They may have been suppressed back into their souls, but they still exist.

Instead, we want you to understand that our presentation of these information will help to release the memory of our souls to the volunteers we need to remember, and to impart basic knowledge to the ascending souls who need education.

Part of the work in Phase 4 depends on helping the public understand the upcoming contact events in Phase 3. When our volunteers come into contact with Ascended Beings, you will know who is contacting you, because you will remember knowing them. Once that event occurs, your soul memory will appear faster and faster.

For ascending souls, contact with us will accelerate their ascension process as they will be able to increasingly understand the information they are given. Their consciousness will expand faster.

Therefore, these exchanges and information move forward in a form that prepares all of you for the upcoming events with a specific purpose.

Now, we can confidently say that the contact event will definitely occur before the time we gave you before.

Contact is right at your doorstep, in fact, it’s just a matter of time before it knocks. Literally, even if the leaders on your planet don’t want this situation to happen. They fabricated stories, fabricated facts, and acted as usual. But in fact, they know the truth, and the low trinity scares their comfort zone, wealth, and survival. But it will happen.

You don’t need to be cautious and silent about the coming contact, because the government authorities have limited power over our volunteers, and they are very aware of this strict law. Therefore, you don’t have to constantly pay attention or worry about what they are doing.

For our volunteers and uplifted souls, we hope you understand that the more you pay attention to them and what they are doing, the more worries and fears you will have in your heart. The stronger or greater your fear of them, the faster and more certain you will attract them to your side. Remember, this is a relative universe.

On the other hand, what they do is for their own protection and evolutionary purposes, which we will discuss at another time.

Please remember: “As the process of ascension becomes stronger, you are moving away from all 3D, 4D, and other things.

But here’s a problem: the more attention you give to something else, the more you stick to it. It’s like creating an umbilical cord, or if you’re willing, hooking an elastic rope onto it. On the one hand, when the planet ascends, you’re trying to get away from it, but on the other hand, because you’re focused on what those who haven’t ascended are doing, you’re being pulled back.

Your attention to it anchors you in the environment where you say you want to leave behind.

The message we need to open to the public is to let them put down all these fears and all these political things.

You see, we hope you understand and remember that for those souls who have not ascended, all other things are their reality. At this stage, you cannot change these facts anymore. Your job is to kindly allow them to take it as a course of personal evolution, as it is helping them migrate to the next step of their experience in the new universe. We will talk about this later.

Now when it comes to ascending souls, they are the ones you need to help understand that the environment that non ascending souls are experiencing is not part of the world that you and ascending souls are experiencing.

You need to recognize the difference between these two evolutionary paths. You need to understand that there are two completely different realities that overlap with each other at this time.

Therefore, it is important for you to determine which reality you belong to and simply ignore another reality that is completely unrelated to you.

You see, non ascending souls are already doing that for themselves. They ignore the reality that Ascension is happening. For them, ascension does not exist. For them, your personal ascension and Earth’s ascension have no practical foundation.

But both your volunteers and the soul of Ascension are aware of these two realities. You can really look at things, and they can look at things in different ways. You understand things, and you can understand that your job is to recognize which one you belong to, and focus on the other “just” while allowing.

Non Ascended souls are those who are completely engrossed in politics, economics, social life, your religious system, fabricated stories, fabricated Ascension processes, events happening in the lives of their neighbors, sports, celebrity news, and all other things. They are those who are naturally attracted to these things, because that is the focus of their soul evolution.

It is your job to kindly allow them to be there. They have the right to be there and focus on all these things, because this is the vibration frequency they are tuned to, which is part of the path they need to take in order to gain a better understanding from it.

Therefore, we cannot expect them to leave that path simply because we do not belong to it or because we do not like it.

Your job is to realize that it is happening in another reality, but to realize that it is happening for them. It’s not your job to consider their right or wrong for them.

On the contrary, acknowledge that it is happening and acknowledge for whom it is happening. By doing so, you will not develop fearful emotional attachments on yourself or them.

Your job is to create an opportunity for them to have that experience, no matter how annoying or unpleasant it may seem to them. So, by doing so, you emotionally disconnect yourself from another reality that you have already transcended, and when you disconnect from that reality, it will not have any significant impact on you.

Only the Ascension Reality will affect you, if that is the only Reality you claim, despite the fact that both exist simultaneously.

Shift your attention to the ongoing Ascension reality, to all the wonderful and beautiful things that occur with that experience, and you will have them.

In your ascension reality, there are some wonderful things happening. Moreover, if you need to refocus your attention on the reality of Ascension, you can go to nature or watch those wonderful things on your computer, such as visiting your plant and animal websites and appreciating what is happening there. Unleash creativity.

Also, you have the ability to heal, all brought from the soul level, as a memory, because you have already done those things before. We are not talking about this life.

Before you ascend, you completed them in your lifetime. You didn’t learn them after flying up, because you don’t need such abilities in the Upper Trinity. In the Upper Trinity, there is nothing negative in the soul.

There are no types of mental or physical illnesses. So, when you come to Terra/Earth for this mission, that information is released from your soul, so you remember it. It’s not something you just invented, nor is it something given to you by other creatures. This is something you learned to do in your lifetime before Ascension, and then remember it in this lifetime.

All of us volunteers need to get used to the fact that as the process of ascension enters a higher and higher frequency, you will more and more release these soul memories from your DNA memory.

As we discussed earlier, you will notice changes that occur within the body, such as dietary changes. You will notice that you don’t need so many prescription drugs, such as drinking water, if you take them.

You will find that you don’t need that much or something at all. The same applies to vitamin supplements and other supplements. Your body will have a ‘er’ feeling of eating something or doing something. And it will fluctuate.

Your body will let you know what it needs. Your body is a part of nature, as all nature is ascending, and your body is also attempting to ascend; When your consciousness and nature ascend together, that is, your body, then you are in harmony, and you are in harmony with your soul. That’s when you create an ideal blueprint for your body.

We have said before that, contrary to what you have heard, ‘Ascension is a painless and joyful process when you are in harmony with its flow.’.

For some reason, when you adjust yourself to be out of sync with its flow, pain and discomfort will occur. Harmony does not cause pain or discomfort. Any pain or discomfort you experience is a way for your body to let you know that your thoughts are no longer in harmony with the flow of the Ascension process, which means that you have returned to the non Ascended reality.

Therefore, this means that you need to pay attention to why or how you adjust yourself, and then adjust yourself back to the flow of harmony, comfort, and rejuvenation.

The same applies to pain or discomfort caused by natural planetary activity. These activities are natural to Earth as it adapts to its new fifth dimensional scaffolding.

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort related to the activities of these natural planets, then this is a signal that you also need to relax the flow into your new fifth dimensional scaffolding.

All of this is about living in harmony with the ascending stream.

Therefore, these are the topics we are discussing, which will help you remember your identity as a volunteer for Ascension. They help those who need this kind of preparatory school education to ascend their souls, as they have not done so before, so what they are experiencing may confuse them.

Therefore, as we have said from the beginning, our goal is to clarify the issue.

Remember you, remember your call.

We hope to leave you with some wisdom to help you manifest what you want faster.

On this issue, other spiritual educators tell you to focus on what you want to have accomplished, just as we discussed seeing Earth’s ascension complete. Once you decide that there is no other reality besides what you want, then by choosing that reality instead of all other possible or possible realities, all other opposing possibilities will disappear.

Therefore, there is only one reality left – the one you want. That’s the reality you need to focus on; See it in your mind and feel it in your emotional state.

And, if necessary, engage in a conversation about it in your diary in a way that makes it more authentic to yourself. There are many technologies and methods available for creative visualization, as you may call them. That would be helpful.

But when you use these techniques, the secret to success is to accept that the reality you want is the only reality that exists. Once you do this, you are free from the opposite choice.

By the way, this idea is the entire content of the Upper Trinity.

We are delighted to visit with you.

That’s all for now.

I am An Th’Na, a member of the Interstellar Alliance Committee, and I love you very, very much.



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protection cover^_^

protection cover

Tomorrow Reading Club 2023-05-25 04:06


Sananda – Protective Cover

I am still here, even though my mission on this planet is over, my heart and consciousness are always here, within every one of you who loves me and holds me in your heart
Children, don’t be afraid of anything.

Trust, belief, and conviction are powerful feelings, and each of you has learned and absorbed so much protection. Then, many of you will ask, ‘But why are we still under attack?’ You always do. What do shadows require? More shadows. How to do it? Turn off the lights

But don’t understand as you know. The shadow mentioned here is the existence of lower vibrations. So you always do, but what happens? What if your vibration is high, emitting joy, gratitude, and confidence? They will do their best, but they cannot reach you. Now, if you reduce the vibration, for whatever reason, the protective cover weakens and something splashes onto you

No, you are not completely under attack. They cannot make you dim or change your consciousness, because even in the moment of imbalanced vibration reduction, your consciousness is evolving and expanding. They cannot stop this. They cannot take away your consciousness, everything you already know today

So what kind of attack was that? It comes from the people around you, the world around you, and the people you come into contact with, because they are not all conscious and expanding. So this situation will only stop on the day when the shadow completely disappears from Earth.

So children, how to defend? By always maintaining high vibrations. Someone said something you don’t like, and someone said something that makes you angry. What should you do? Immediately close your eyes, enter your heart, and say ‘I emit light for you’. But this needs to be said with love and sincerity, and the vibrations emitted by the other person will be immediately dissipated, and your protective cover will be immediately restored

It takes some time for the brain to learn new things. So the more you repeat this posture, the brain will understand that every time you are refuted, it must do so, and this will become automatic. I promise, there will be a time when you won’t get angry again. You will listen to others saying the funniest and ridiculous things, and you will not feel anything because you will be greatly strengthened and protected, and nothing can make you shake again.

But this is a long-term task that needs to be repeatedly repeated so that your brain can understand that it doesn’t need to react. Children, everything is about the heart, about love. If there is a vibration of love, harmony, peace, friendship, and any positive feelings, there will be balance and the protective cover will be strengthened

Don’t let anything shake you, because there will always be people trying to change your plan, your expectations, your attitude, and the people around you will do things you’re not happy with. So every time such a thing happens, look at what doesn’t happen as you wish and say, “No problem, it will happen correctly tomorrow.” You don’t need to repeat every word of mine, what’s important is feeling, it’s the power you seek

Tomorrow I will do it. Tomorrow it will work. “That tomorrow has no time. It’s not tomorrow in 24 hours. This is a tomorrow that can be said to be 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours or more. So you don’t mind showing shadows. Is it wrong? It’s okay, it will work tomorrow. I will do it tomorrow. Always tell the affirmative. Always use the word ‘tomorrow’ because for the universe, there is no time. So this tomorrow is an uncertain time for the universe, but it knows that you believe you will do it soon

Now, if you want to say ‘I will do it soon. Later, I will do it. It will work in a while.’ You shorten the time a bit. Learn how to handle the opposite. Learn how to handle setbacks. This is a huge lesson at this moment. You need to learn how to handle people who cause you imbalance, but it needs to be addressed immediately

Go and return it, but it’s not in a dispute. With a powerful energy return, I guarantee that you will feel more protected and begin to change your way of reaction. One day, there won’t be anything else that can shake you. Your protective cover will be gorgeous and powerful. Nothing or no one can penetrate it

Date: May 24th, 2023
From: Anjos


Andromeda – It’s already started

Greetings, along with everything that happened, many people lost hope. They looked at the sky and requested different aspects of the source to help them. We heard it. As a sixth dimensional being, you can hear cries from the entire universe. We are doing our best to respond to these calls. Of course, this will not violate the principle of non-interference. We are working at the source, and when it guides us to intervene, we will go
This is what is happening. The source informed us to intervene for the sake of Earth and humanity. Therefore, it has already begun! You have been heard. Earth will return to a higher dimension, and she will reconnect with her higher self. Everyone is given the opportunity to accept love from the source. Those who choose to love will rise together with Mother Earth

The pipeline asked us what would happen once we crossed that vibration threshold and entered a higher spectrum. As you enter higher vibrations, your physical body will undergo some changes. DNA will be upgraded to carry new frequencies. This will allow you to enter the crystal from the carbon base. The third eye will fully open, and you can see the spectrum of other dimensions. Intuition will also greatly enhance. Everyone has the ability to empathize and will understand the feelings of another person. These upgrades are the first sign of leapfrogging

Many people will also develop telepathy and clairvoyance. Dreams will become more vivid and realistic. They will be used to help change your life. Angels and guides will continue to connect with you, but will speak directly to you. Anyway, they will still use your dreams to keep you learning. You will never stop evolving until you return home

After crossing, your senses will change. Some will enhance, such as visual, tactile, and auditory senses. Those who choose to cross will no longer get sick and can have a long lifespan

Everything in nature will change, the animal kingdom will change, you will see new species, and the rest will disappear. Some elements that existed in ancient times will resurface, and many higher dimensional elements can manifest. Even plants and trees will evolve in this transformation

Your spiritual development will also drive the development of technology and science. Many things are changing for you. The entire universe is celebrating your change. Your ascension as a planet and species has begun! We come to witness you cross that threshold

Date: May 24th, 2023
From: Chelsea

How to connect with the higher self^_^

How to connect with the higher self^_^

How to connect with the Higher Self

Do you have the ideal higher self

Laozi, Buddha, Guanyin, Jesus, the ninth dimensional Arcturian, Archangel, and Ascended Master, the Beings of Light, the Higher Dimensional Beings, are related to you, collectively referred to as the Higher Self

How to connect with the higher self^_^

How to connect with the higher self^_^ (Evolving Version)

How to connect with the Higher Self


Do you have the ideal higher self

Laozi, Buddha, Guanyin, Jesus, the ninth dimensional Arcturian, Archangel, and Ascended Master, the Beings of Light, the Higher Dimensional Beings, are related to you, collectively referred to as the Higher Self

Calling the name of the higher self without interruption every day and not allowing distractions to interfere for a moment is the first step, in order to prevent distractions from gathering, and then have the ability to observe distractions within. As soon as you come out, you can immediately replace the name of the higher self with the name of the higher self without dispelling distractions. Instead, you just let your mind think only of the higher self, and the presence of distractions only indicates that you are not thinking about the higher self. This completes the first step of connecting with the higher self: always thinking, To the extent that one does not forget its presence even in contemplation every day

Next, in order to allow the higher self to settle down safely, it is necessary to act according to the guidance of the higher self. You can make mistakes, but there is one thing that does not leave the higher self at all times. Therefore, the heart chakra, the third eye, and the brain will work together to help you live the life taught by the higher self. This is the second step. Listen to the words of the higher self, and improve your balance in life. Because you may overexert or underexert, you need to take your own path in letting go, Together with the people around you, you are free, and everyone is also free, by letting go and accepting

The third step is to continuously learn the differences and distinctions between the ego and the higher self through the practice and practice of continuously receiving the higher self’s teachings, and continuously provide the ego with the necessary nourishment, feeding, exercise, and care for the inner child and the outer body, constantly cooperating in a soft and smooth manner to complete DNA upgrading and intellectual transition. This is a necessary transformation process for the body required by the higher self, which means that both the ego body and the higher self’s intelligence can stabilize, “You need to live longer, so always allow yourself to be clear, awake, and self centered in intuition and unconditional unity. This is the third step to becoming a higher self, with boundaries that transcend human emotions and continue to be free from religion, belief, survival, sexuality, and free will.”

Next, you will go online as the higher self, eat, drink, sit, and lie down, speak and behave, the higher self is everywhere, the unity of the ego and the higher self, and the source energy residence exists

Physical health: High vibration diet and high vibration growth environment, such as mineral water, fresh vegetables, melons, fruits, and nuts, transitioning from vegetable oil and butter to pasta, eggs, mineral salt, sea salt, and sugar supplemented with bananas or occasional desserts. Theme: gradually eat less, try not to eat dinner, transition to snacks, nuts, and try not to eat more before bedtime until the supplement is completed before dinner. Step by step, and summarize experience more

Then try to eat only one meal and supplement your daily needs with fruit and nuts, but don’t exclude the occasional supplement you want to eat

Environment: Get closer to nature, pay attention to natural healing of the body, pay attention to barefoot and river water immersion, and challenge winter clothing when confident to awaken the self healing ability of the thymus in DNA

Expanding Ideas: Sharing Higher Self Transmission and Trying to Summarize and Share Yourself

“You awakened people have a very important goal to serve on Earth. You are there to illuminate the path, lead by example, guide, and open the door to those who are not open enough. You can do this, and you are doing this. More than ever, you need to become landmarks and messengers of light, and become people who recognize that you are all one on Earth. There is no reason to split, or even not Reason to feel divided. “It is time to show your fellow humans what is possible. You can achieve this by sharing your stories, sharing your talents, leaping in faith, and doing what you have always wanted to do.”


You who are awakened serve a very important goal on Earth.

Even if someone around you doesn’t understand you or understand why you are interested in these things, you can still be yourself, and in any case you will follow your inner guidance. It’s only a matter of time, and now is the time.

You don’t need to hesitate for a moment in the pursuit of ideal reality, but you do need to transcend your beliefs. You need to recognize that consciousness is expanding, people are awakening, and you are part of it. You are here to help, and you always know in your heart how to do it and how to be yourself.

To become a healer, coach, guide, and guide as you know it, you don’t need to wait for permission or invitations from others. When you follow your heart, you follow your inner guidance. You live in your truth, living with your soul’s purpose and source.

Everything you provide is valuable. Every moment you spend on Earth is a service, but you must remain faithful to yourself in order to create the reality around you. In order to build a bridge to the new world, you must live as much as possible in your truth, and live as much as possible without any apologies.

You who are awakened serve a very important goal on Earth. “Where you are, you must illuminate the road, set an example, guide, and open the door to those who are not open enough.”. You can do this, you are doing this, and more than ever, you need to become landmarks and messengers of light, to become people who recognize that you are all one on Earth, and there is no reason to split, or even reason to feel split. It is time to show your fellow humans what is possible. You can achieve this by sharing your stories, sharing your talents, leaping in faith, and doing what you have always wanted to do.

hello everyone! We are the Arcturus Human Council, and we are pleased to contact you.

We are listening to all your requests, and we know that you not only want to see the changes in this world, but also that many of you want to be part of those changes. You are changers. You are people who question everything and look forward to a new world in which everyone lives in peace and harmony. This is definitely the world you aspire to. Some people have experienced this world through their thoughts, bodies, emotions, and energy fields. They are not doing this to escape the real world. They are using their bodies, energy, and soul to build a bridge for the new world they have created.

Original Address:

https://danielscranton.com/you-are-building-a-bridge-to-the-new-earth-∞the -9d-arcturian-council/


The important thing is not your language, but the vibration you emit. As long as you close your eyes and take a deep breath, you can emit such a strong vibration.

When you experience these things, of course, you want to share them with others. You want to spread them out, which is a good thing. This is one of the ways you now serve humanity. Some people want to know how you did it, especially when there aren’t many people listening to you.

As long as you are willing to emit so much light, love, and vibrational energy, you can do so, and we see you do it. Whether you realize it or not, those who awaken are making the impact you want.

When you focus on the light, the good within humanity, you become an activator of grounding. You become the person who activates others, whether you know it or not. So don’t worry about what you should do, or miss your mission, because you’re there. You are anchoring in the energy that we and other entities give you, and you are spreading it.

Now, feel your influence. The best way to have it is to follow your inner guidance. Your intuition will always make you appear at the right time in the right place and in front of the right people, who will not only benefit from what you provide, but will also be grateful for it. “They will express their gratitude to you, and you will feel renewed vitality and commitment to helping humans raise their consciousness levels and help them ascend to the next level of life we call the fifth dimension.”.

We must make many decisions at any time. It can be said that this is also one of the things that keep us busy, even though we have no body. We often have to choose between different light beams, different energy packets, and different pieces of information, and we can always do well. “We are always able to receive more assistance when providing assistance, which makes us happy to take this path.”.

We are on the path of service and ascension, and those who are attracted to us are attracted precisely for this reason. We are very similar to you. For those of us in higher dimensional and non physical form, you are the ground crew of physical form. The things we send to you are full of vitality and passion, and we see how openly and freely we share this information. The light, energy, and love are being opened up and accepted by more and more people every day.

We are the Arcturus Human Council, and we are pleased to communicate with you.

Note: Activators, a term used in molecular biology, are substances that can enhance enzyme activity. Adding an activator to an enzymatic reaction system can lead to an increase in the reaction rate.


The next time you feel the burden of the world on your shoulders, think about how much help you have received.

The next time you worry about the person you love, think about the help that the person you love has received. Some of us may laugh at what we say. We and other beings have been responding to those prayers and cries for help, but you cannot see it. You look around at the reality and wonder where it is.

But listen to us, you need to slow down and relax a bit, so that you can open your heart to accept, so that you can put yourself in a higher vibrational state. Feel the presence of your guide, listen to the intuitive impact you want to enjoy, do things that are simply for the pleasure of feeling, and then see how everything you ask for is effortlessly becoming a part of your experience.

We are the Arcturus Human Council, and we are pleased to communicate with you.

This is a collective effort, and the job of some beings is to comfort you and give you a reason to feel good. Take your soul guide as an example. They do everything they can to get you to watch the sunset or be with the person you love. They are doing everything in their power to keep you from despair and allow you to receive all the high vibrational energy that is responding to those who pray and ask for help.

We also hope that you will feel sympathy from the higher realms, as it is immense. We have all heard your cries for help and prayers, giving us the opportunity to feel compassion and love that we cannot otherwise feel. So we thank humanity and hope you know that the assistance you have requested is on the way. Your prayers to heaven have been answered, and our request for you is to let go of your problems, your fears, and worries, and to remain in high vibration for a long time to accept what is coming and has already been sent.

“We have set high standards for humanity because we value you highly.”. “Everything you face and feel in your life has left a deep impression on us, and even more impressive is that you still remain on such a difficult planet.”. We hope everyone knows that we are not the only ones who hold high respect for you. We have been discussing humans with other high-frequency entities and collectives, and our consensus is that you all deserve respect for enduring such harsh realities.

Large number of downloads^_^

Large number of downloads

Tomorrow Reading Club 2023-05-24 03:31


Group – Large number of downloads

Here we are. You and people like you are currently living in several realities. You and others are opening up more fully to your multidimensional aspects and connections. So there is an excess of energy and data to process and integrate

When you interact with others in 3D, there is a backup being downloaded (energy level); You and others feel overwhelming, may feel trapped, anxious, and overwhelmed by many things that need to be addressed

It’s important to rest, meditate, and become quiet. There are several reasons for this. The first is that it will give your circuit the opportunity to absorb everything you receive; Rest and quiet time will also give us and other higher beings the opportunity to work with you in a gentle and undisturbed way

Let’s put it this way, the Earth is experiencing an unprecedented flood of energy and data. The level of energy flowing through your field has never been so high. This energy is bathing the consciousness of the entire Earth and all living beings

There is an acceleration, and this energy is a gift from all things. This energy is to assist humanity and Earth in taking the next step of evolution, a quantum leap, and a fuller entry into multidimensional consciousness

As a sensitive person, you and others may feel shaken and realize that your physical body is changing. You may experience strange symptoms, dizziness, floating sensation, disorientation, insomnia, and fatigue. Everyone has various physiological reactions. This transformation, this surge of energy, can be welcomed or resisted. Those who resist are experiencing chaos, depression, and pain

Let’s use your computer as an example. Imagine working in front of a computer; You opened many programs at the same time, and suddenly the computer crashed. All processes have been aborted, you are trapped. You cannot access any solutions, you cannot move forward, you cannot continue. In the end, in desperation and frustration, you turned off your computer

There is a file you are working on that is missing because the computer is overloaded. This is a simple explanation of what is happening to you. In three-dimensional life, you are busy interacting with others. You are receiving massive amounts of information from other fields and dimensions, integrating new consciousness and memory, and your circuit is overloaded

It is important to spend a lot of quiet time now to receive and integrate everything that is happening. It’s important to be alone. This will allow for greater integration and balance in your operating system

Thinking about it this way, the more you interact with others, the more quiet time you need to integrate. Your atmosphere does not glorify solitude or silence. Everyone always fills their space with excitement; You can’t let go of the visual, mental, and emotional stimuli anymore

We suggest that you observe yourself and pay attention to how you use these distractions, rather than allowing yourself to introspect within. It is quiet reflection and solitude that will allow your system to handle all the changes and energy you are experiencing. In the stillness of your active mind, we and other beings can connect more fully with you

Pause during the day and calm your mind. Integrate all incoming information. As you begin to see and feel more information to process; You and others will need to give yourself high-quality time to integrate and absorb everything you receive

Humans are realizing their multidimensional selves, and they are realizing that all external stimuli are a distraction. Go away from those distractions; These distractions fill your time and activate your busy brain. Entering a quiet space and practicing conscious deep breathing will support calming your mind. In a quiet space, you will begin to truly hear guidance from the spiritual level

Everyone is feeling things accelerating, which is true. Your concept of time is changing. Everyone is expanding because they are picking up more. Everyone is managing many dimensions. Everyone reacts differently to the entry of these energies. You can see and feel what others are experiencing. This is very dramatic. This is a cosmic performance
Remember, when you feel overwhelmed or discouraged, realize that you need silence, introspection, and solitude. This can be a few minutes, a few hours, or a whole day. The return will be enormous; Your system will run smoother. You will experience peace of mind amidst chaos. You will be more open to guidance

This is an important aspect, course, and awareness for everyone. By entering within, you can enter the universe more fully. We welcome the opportunity to meet you frequently in your solitary space. In this silence, in joy, in peace, dear

Date: May 22, 2023

From: Peggy











我们是大角星理事会Arcturian Council,我们很高兴与你联系。”

You Cannot Escape This Destiny ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

you cannot escape this destiny - the 9d arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton channeler of aliens

You Cannot Escape This Destiny ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

We are always in the present moment with our awareness. We have no reason to be anywhere but the present moment. We have looked within ourselves so much that we can identify each and every aspect of who we are, and we have experienced love and compassion the likes of which you have yet to experience there on Earth. We tell you these things because we want you to know what you are moving towards as individuals and as a collective. 

We are what you essentially evolve into. You are in a sense receiving from your future what will most benefit you in your now. It follows then that, if we are in fact your future, why would you be hoping to achieve anything but being present, getting to know yourselves intimately, and feeling love and compassion? These are the ultimate goals because they are the inevitable consequences of living. You cannot escape the destiny of becoming more like Source, more of your true selves.

So then why would you desire anything but these feelings and these states of being that we are describing here and now? Well, the answer is quite simple. You can only get to where we are now in the ninth dimension by fully living all of the experiences that you can and do in the lower dimensional planes. You have to sample from all of the various experiences that you have in front of you before you can consciously choose love and compassion, choose the present moment, and choose to go within so that you can better know yourselves.

No matter what you do, and no matter what you desire, all paths will lead here to a similar version of who and what we are right now. But we have a secret for you, and it is a big secret, and it is a well-kept secret. You will be even better as ninth-dimensional collectives of beings than we are right now. The ninth dimension will be an even more beautiful and expansive place/experience because of what you are living right now, and also because of what we are living. 

We realize that there is more for us to become, even as we are quite satisfied with who we are right now. See if you can find that feeling of satisfaction within yourselves right now, while also holding the knowing that you are nowhere near where you are going or what you are becoming, and you have so much more to experience, while still carrying around a physical body.

In many ways, your experiences are just beginning; you are just waking up and seeing the tip of the iceberg. And we want you to know that your lives are going to get better and better because you stuck it out, you hung in there, and you found some sort of reason for living there on the fourth-dimensional Earth, all while simultaneously knowing that there was so much more for you that was just out of reach. You must be able to find your inner peace right now there on Earth, in spite of everything, because all of your fellow humans who will not and could not receive this transmission need you. They need you to hold that light and that knowing now more than ever.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

你需要知道这一点并将其应用于一切∞由丹尼尔·斯克兰顿传导的9D Arcturian Council(大角星理事会)











我们是大角星理事会Arcturian Council,我们很高兴与你联系。”


Original 巴夏Bashar 巴夏Bashar 2022-10-11 14:22 Posted on 福建






























































How to Bring About Great Changes ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are looking within ourselves for new experiences that we can only have by going within.

We have as much to entertain and distract ourselves from what’s going on inside of us as you all do.

In fact, you could say that we have more channels to surf and series to binge watch because we can and do look in on the entire galaxy.

We feel that it is more than just entertainment or a way to just pass the time. It is more than just a distraction from what’s going on within us, because we do want to help as many beings and collectives as we can.

We still need to go within ourselves to fully understand and embrace, to fully know all aspects of who we are as Source Energy Beings who are still remembering that we are Source in each and every moment.

But it’s a process; it takes time. And it’s taking time for all of you there on Earth as well. It’s not meant to happen for you overnight.

You would be robbing yourselves of so much and so many experiences if a solar flash just changed everything, or e.t.s landing their ships just bailed you out of all of the messes that you’ve created there for yourselves.

You are meant to look at the messes that you’ve created and then go within and see what needs cleaning up inside of you, but you have to take that time to let go of the twenty-four hour news cycle that now includes social media and so many other websites.

You’ve got to let go long enough to be able to ask yourselves the question,

‘How am I feeling about this? What are my thoughts about this? How did I co-create this?’

And again, if you are not doing that, it’s going to take a lot longer for you to know yourselves as your higher selves, which is the next step in your spiritual evolution.

Now, when we tell you to go within, some of you wonder what exactly that means.

We are telling you to check in with your emotions.

Check in with your chakras.

Check in with your energy that is always vibrating, and see if you can put your finger on it.

Once you do this long enough, you get so good at it that you don’t even have to try.

It becomes second nature to you. You walk into a room and tell the person you are with that something just doesn’t feel right.

And that is what will bring about the great changes that you want to see on your world, physically and spiritually. It will start with that simple non-action-oriented act of going within, checking in, feeling around, and then being honest with yourself as well.

If you cannot admit that there’s something amuck within your, then you are in for a longer journey. Be honest with yourselves so that you can shift that energy, process it, release it, and replace it with what you actually want to feel. And then that will become what you actually experience in your life and in the world.

Do these check-ins regularly, and you will be amazed at how quickly you can transform yourself and everything outside of you.


How to Become Your Higher Self ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are looking for even more avenues through which we can deliver to you what it is that you ask for from us and from the universe.

We are always in search of opportunities to connect with you while you are in your waking state of consciousness.

We want you to know that we are always around as a nonphysical collective consciousness, and we also want you to realize that you are not taking our attention away from anything or anyone else by calling upon us and seeking that connection.

Even though that is the case for an individual in a human physical body, it is not the case for us.

We are not diminished in any way by giving our attention to more than one person or more than one situation at the same time.

In fact, you cause us to expand by asking for our assistance. You help us to become more of who we really are in the process of helping you, and we know that you are all there to be of service to humankind, whether you know it or not.

And those of you who do know it, you are being of service whether you acknowledge it or not.

It is your time to open up and receive more so that you can become more of who you really are by helping others.

It’s how you expand; it’s how you evolve spiritually and as a consciousness.

You are there to go beyond the usual human experience, the usual human lifetime.

You are there to expand into and become your higher selves, and the best way to do that is to look for someone or some group to help.

And it doesn’t have to be a human or a group of humans. You can be helping an animal or a group of animals, a tree or a forest, a patch of land or the entire planet.

There are so many ways for you to experience that expansion that is available to you in every moment, but the easiest way is to make yourself available to those in need.

This is a time where there is a lot of suffering happening there on Earth, and instead of complaining about what the governments are doing or not doing, you can reach out to someone in need and help them, and in so doing you get to become more of your true self.

And even though for you it might mean taking time and attention away from something else, we guarantee you that it will be rewarding, and you will feel a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

And you will be taking one step closer to becoming your higher self, which is who you will be as a fifth-dimensional being.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.




Pamela Kribbe channels Earth

Dear people, I am the voice of the Earth.

Feel me in this space, in the sounds you hear, in the atmosphere around you. You are part of the Earth, part of me. But you are oblivious to this fact, because many of you live in your head and have lost contact with the most living part in yourself: your strength, your passion, your feelings. For most people, there is a veil over these elemental forces even though they are what connects you with me, the Earth, and with life.

These elemental forces reside in your abdomen. It is where the raw emotions reside: wild waves in a turbulent sea. At the same time, there is in your abdomen the possibility of a deep silence in which you feel connected with all life on Earth and are a part of it. Know that in the center of your abdomen, two extremes are located: the peaks and valleys of your emotional life and, at the same time, the anchor, the foundation of your existence: the connectedness with all life that is experienced in silence and openness.

I ask you to descend with me into your body, into your abdomen. First feel your feet firmly on the ground. Connect with me through the floor; feel my energy.  Everything on and in me is alive: the soil, the rocks, the grass, the plants, the trees, the animals. Everything is alive and has consciousness to one degree or another.

All your body is part of this living whole. You have a home here as a human being, yet you often feel without roots, and not at all at home. You wonder what you are doing here, what your role and task is. But see the life around you that does not have that concern. It just is; it lives and enjoys and feels fulfillment.

Now, go with your attention to your abdomen and breathe with ease into the center of your abdomen. Connect with the natural, spontaneous power there that does not question why you are alive or why you have the right to exist. Become a part of my nature by letting go of all your cares and fretting, and come home to me. I am your mother; I can care for you if you align with my rhythms.

And what are these rhythms? Descend even farther into your abdomen. Imagine that your consciousness nestles completely in your pelvic cavity and takes a rest from all thought. Your consciousness feels snug in the hollow of your pelvis. There, it discovers that you are connected to me through your lowest chakra, which roots you into the Earth, and you let go of feeling separate by feeling supported by me.

Imagine that a snake is curled up in your abdomen.  A snake is an animal that might evoke resistance in some, but it is a natural beast of the Earth. It has a lot of power and is a symbol of much energy that is loving and powerful and can eliminate many taboos or prohibitions. But I am not going to speak about the meaning of the serpent as a symbol. I simply ask you to imagine that a snake is coiled inside your abdomen.

Have respect for the power of this animal. Feel the muscle strength throughout this snake’s body. Feel what it is like to be a snake that, in nature, moves across the ground beneath a forest canopy, and how your whole body is then connected to the soil, the dust, the rocks. A snake lives very close to the Earth. A snake is intelligent and takes the strength of the Earth completely into its body, while it also soaks up the sunlight and integrates the cosmic energies from above.

Now imagine that this powerful snake, full of Earth energy and full of Sun wisdom, slowly uncoils in your abdomen and gradually rises up your spinal column through the levels of your stomach and your chest. Feel at ease with its power; make the snake as large or as small as feels comfortable to you. If you feel tense doing this, give the snake a more modest size. This snake reflects a primal force within you.

If you allow this force to ascend through your spinal column very quietly, without forcing it, see what happens inside you. If you sense a blockage on a certain level of your body: your stomach, your chest, your throat, then ask this snake: “What is it that you want me be aware of? What would you like to tell me today? Is there something in me that I hold down which I don’t want to see?” Trust this snake; it is a channel for your primal energy.

Imagine that the head of the snake, when it is fully ascended, is now located in your head. Feel the liberating action of that happening. The snake expels excess thoughts, unnecessary analyses and worry. The snake is sure of itself and has no need to prove itself. The snake has a natural strength and for that reason it is a symbol for healing: the caduceus of the physicians.

Finally, I would like to say something in general. Humanity on Earth is in a process of change and you feel called – are called – to contribute in some way to this change; to facilitate the birth of a new consciousness. Because it can be a painful process, and because many people live in their heads and have lost connection to their grounding, this process of change can cause them to lose their balance.

But this process of change is unstoppable. Those who are joined to their foundation and possess the basic trust that they are welcome on Earth can fulfill an important and leading role in this birthing process. Have the confidence that although you have come here for yourself, you are also here to be a midwife who assists others in their new birth. This role makes you happy, deep down, and joyful. Do not hold it back any longer!

I need you. You can bridge the gap between me, nature, and humans. That bridge is needed and is a restoration of balance. This is not a role or task that should feel as a heavy burden on your shoulders; it can be light and easy. If you believe in yourself and do what you love to do, you will automatically find the way and you will contribute to the bigger picture. Trust your nature, your instincts, and call up the snake in you when you wish for more clarity.

Thank you so much for your attention.

© Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

Dream Record: About Transformation

Dream Record: About Transformation

Ruohe Purple Star 2023-05-14 05:56


I had a magical dream, one day on the street, during the day. There were quite a few people on the street, and then I saw a shining saucer shaped spaceship in the sky. At first, there weren’t many spaceships, but gradually they became more and more.

These spacecraft were initially distributed in a dotted pattern, then arranged in a linear pattern, hovering in the air, and were very spectacular. Of course, many people around them did not know what had happened. So I told the people around me that it was a UFO and I also had a slight sense that a transformation was about to occur.

Not long after, the transformation really happened – we were like being sucked into a barrier, and after a brief loss of consciousness, we arrived at the world after the transformation. I am still in my hometown where I was born, but the sky has become brighter and the colors are more diverse.

I told the people around me that I don’t have to work anymore. They said how can you live? I said I can just eat the mulberries on the tree, haha. Because I saw the mulberry tree that had once disappeared covered in mulberries.

At that moment, I felt that in this world, we no longer need to worry about survival, but can naturally obtain the resources we need.

Then we came to the highway, and these people in the same industry, including my family and friends. After walking for a while, I saw a black charging bike on the roadside. It was an electric scooter with handles, unlocked, and public.

We took down the scooter and saw a device next to it that could charge wirelessly, similar to a board. Just put the scooter up and you can charge it.

Moving forward, we discovered a magical foot cover that can be worn on the feet and then quickly move forward. It looks like a sock, but it is worn on the outside.

After we put it on, we can move forward quickly, but at first we don’t adapt and are prone to falling.

Afterwards, we went to a clinic with a lounge and many vacant beds.

Amazingly, one of my dad’s former classmates, who was originally the director of the detention center, became a doctor here, treating my dad.

The dream ends here.

Last night, this dream woke up around 4am, and I quickly jotted down this magical dream. The transformation here is just a way of transformation. The spaceship appeared on a large scale, and then we accompanied the transformed body into a new consciousness or reality.

But in my dream, after the transformation, I still need to consume food, and there are new ways to travel. These are all various possibilities that can provide us with some reference for the actual scenario of transformation and the life after transformation.


Dream Record: A Colorful World

Ruohe Purple Star 2023-05-14 05:56

I had a magical dream, lying in a room with a boy who later turned into a little girl. Afterwards, I came to a hallway, and suddenly all the lights went out, or it turned from day to night, feeling like someone was saying a big earthquake was coming.

At that time, people were a bit panicked, and then I felt like I was floating up and starting to fall. I thought I was dead, but I still felt my presence.

This kind of fall seemed to be happening in the void, surrounded by pitch black. After falling for a period of time, I felt like I was spinning like Melcaba, and felt a huge amount of energy before falling again. After a while, I woke up and regained my body.

I know it’s a different world. I first arrived at a place where there was a sloping road. I saw some people carrying things. They had a very special type of transportation, which was a bit like a trailer. Then people could fix themselves on it and slide down, but when they slide, they usually squat down. At that time, I felt like I might be tired, but everyone used this posture.

The sky there is particularly blue, and there are various variations of blue. I saw a very beautiful place where many plants are planted. The plants are like sweet potato vines, creeping and growing, with many leaves, but those leaves are colorful and particularly bright. It seems that one wall is colorful, and there are also golden trees in other places, which are particularly beautiful.

Afterwards, I entered a room and was greeted by an elderly person who, in reality, was a neighbor of my hometown but passed away last year. However, in this world, he is very healthy. He is guarding this house, and there are also many such plants planted in it, like sweet potato vines and colorful.

Afterwards, I took out two pens from the room. They were green pens, like jade, with beautiful colors. When I came out, I found that the door couldn’t be closed. The door was white, and the room was also white. I used one of the pens as a bolt and closed the door.

After coming out, the sun in the sky gradually turned into the size of a star. I thought the sky was suddenly getting dark again, and I was ready to fall and spin like before. However, I found that even if the sun was gone, the sky here would still be bright, but not as bright as during the day. It became much more serene, somewhat like being illuminated by a very bright moonlight.

Then I started running, and I could quickly run down a mountain because I was on top of it. I saw a beautiful lake at the foot of the mountain, and I wanted to go down and take a look.

Without the use of any tools, I ran between the cliffs, knowing there would be no danger, and I did not fall. Afterwards, I tried to fly up, but I could only fly down, but it was also quite fun.

Dream analysis:

This dream provides a possible transformation process, but this process is more intense than what I had in my previous dreams. And in their dreams, they also tell us that those who have already left this world are actually living well in another world, with no more pain or suffering.

Moreover, death is not truly terrifying. Even without this physical body, we still exist as eternal souls and can have new bodies to begin new experiences.

In the new world, there is no alternation between day and night, and the sky is always bright, even if the sun becomes a star. This also means that there is no polar experience of duality, and people’s life will become much easier.

Briefing: About the process

Briefing: About the process

Ruohe Purple Star 2023-05-14 05:56


Given the current level of human awakening, the timing of large-scale physical contact remains to be determined. It’s not that we don’t want humanity to awaken faster, and Earth can ascend faster. It’s just a systematic project that requires cooperation from multiple aspects.

The openness of human consciousness directly affects the situation after transformation. Of course, we also hope that more people can catch this Ascension Train and not have to go to another three-dimensional world to continue experiencing.

We know that you have been waiting, hoping that high-dimensional can drive the process and make the transformation happen faster. But everything also needs to be considered in the long run. Your time on the three-dimensional Earth will not be too long, and I hope you can take care of your physical body as much as possible.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, we will help you increase your frequency and transform your energy. These are often carried out in sleep, as there is no limit to your subjective will at this time, which can better assist you in transformation.

We know that it is not easy for you to stay in the three-dimensional material space, which has never been easy, but we also hope that you can persevere. We are all watching you and always supporting you.

Everything you want will come true, whether it’s physical contact or ascension to the Five Dimensional New Earth, just like children will grow into adults, trees will bloom and bear fruit. This is also a natural process, no one can reverse it, no one can stop it from happening.

However, there are different processes or versions of how and how this process occurs. We have also presented potential transformation scenarios multiple times in the dream of this pipeline, and she has all described them to you.

So, I also hope that you can be prepared and try to see the essence of the three-dimensional world as clearly as possible, and let go of your obsession with materials, even emotions.

We are a collective that assists in Earth’s ascension. We are very close to Earth and closely monitor the consciousness levels of Gaia and humanity. We are pleased to bring you our message. Now we are leaving, goodbye!