March 8, 2021 meditation experience: Higher Self Teaching — change your perspective

March 8, 2021 meditation experience: Higher Self Teaching — change your perspective

From heaven to earth

Today, one of my fellow practitioners left a message to me, saying: over the years, her parents have done her a lot of harm. She didn’t understand why the soul had arranged her to have such a painful experience.

I replied to her, “from a human perspective, it’s impossible to understand the desire of the soul.”

It seems that she doesn’t want to think about the soul’s desire, but continues to complain about the “abnormality” of the soul plan, saying that she can’t bear such deep pain

When meditating in the evening, the higher self makes me see a tiny planet like sand in the vast universe

Gao said:

“You have to look at it from this perspective.

“Now you are a grand being. That little blue planet is like a little grain of sand and dust in front of you

“And you see it. You notice this “sand grain” in the vast universe and its unique and charming hue.

“You want to know: ‘how would it feel to live up there?”

“But how can you – such a grand, huge being – live on that tiny, dusty little planet?

“You can do it. You can do anything.

“You project a tiny part of your consciousness into a tiny body. So you’re on that blue planet.

“Wow, you find it amazing

“When you face the vast ocean with your little body, the sense of shock strikes you strongly. Then you are swept away by the surging waves, rise and fall in the waves, and finally return to the shore after dying

“When you are struggling in the waves, the real you and the grand you are quietly watching all this. He knows: you’re OK. You’re just playing a little game in that little sand.

“After leaving the coast, you use your little body to go to the desert to experience the boundless mystery and desolation. This makes you intoxicated, but also makes you painful, because you are suffering from sandstorms, suffering from hunger and thirst

“When you are struggling and falling in the long yellow sand, the real you and the grand you are watching all this quietly. He knows: you’re OK. You’re just playing a little game in that little sand.

“After you get out of the desert, you use your body to climb to the top of the mountain and feel the dizziness and excitement brought by the height. At this time, a storm accompanied by lightning and thunder came unexpectedly

“When you are hit by the thunderstorm at the top of the mountain and curse your destiny, the real you and the grand you are watching all this quietly. He knows: you’re OK. You’re just playing a little game in that little sand.

“Everything you experience is the experience he wants and the experience you want, because he is you and you are him.

“You see, if you want to be optimistic about what happened to you, you don’t have to learn how profound the truth is. You just need to change your perspective from time to time, and let the consciousness pull away from the little body and return to the real you and the grand you.

“At that time, you will immediately see how insignificant and insignificant those pains, troubles, misfortunes and blows are, because even the world in which the body lives is just a small grain of sand in the vast universe.”

Thank you for your teaching!


Spiritual exploration: parallel universe and manipulation of time line

From heaven to earth J_ YbA

Information delivery: brothers of light group

Monique Mathieu

Lu Ying translated from his French website “from heaven to earth”

We’ve shown this psychic many intertwined timelines. These time lines are also related to parallel universes.

The universe is vast! Parallel universes exist, and there are copies of your universe (or “twin brothers”). The two universes can penetrate each other.

You can simply imagine that the earth has a twin sister in another Universe (i.e. parallel universe), and you also have your own copy in the same parallel universe.

The time lines of these parallel universes can be intertwined and overlapped, and can constantly jump from one time line to another.

In this period, you have your own Timeline. This timeline will basically take you to your own transformation, to the five dimensions. However, some parallel universes have different goals. They have another evolutionary perspective. They’re very similar to you, but they don’t have to evolve in the same way.

Rather than calling them parallel universes, we prefer to call them mirror universes.

At this time you experience many feelings of imbalance. It’s caused by the change of dimensions and the tremendous energy that earth receives.

Some forces belonging to other universes do not want your little solar system to ascend to five dimensions. They want your solar system to stay away from the fifth dimension.

This solar system is very small. It is a group that is constantly rising in a special vibration. Some forces, for their own power and rule, want to stop the vibration so that they can still control the group.

They’ve tried to manipulate your timeline through parallel universes, because it’s easier for them. However, this did not succeed, so they tried to prevent this evolution and its final results.

They will not be able to achieve their goals, because everything has been foreseen in the divine plan.


Buddha: as long as we get rid of the worry about money, what a great thing it will be.

It’s very important and meaningful for you to think about the truth, especially during this time.

Hello, I’m Buddha. I’m very happy to be here today. Oh, my God, it’s been a while since I left my last message. As usual, I’ve been very busy, and my channel is also very busy.

You need to unfold “your wings fly like a bird”. Just think about it, just get rid of the worry about money, what a great thing it would be. All your dreams and wishes will come true, you will give up boring work, and you will focus on helping humanity continue to grow as a civilization.

I am very happy that these changes are coming to mother earth. In the process of transformation from the old reality to the new reality, from 3D to 5D, a lot of spiritual work needs to be done to achieve this.

Long ago, when I was here as a human being, I knew nothing about the outside world. I was born to be rich, so I know nothing about what’s going on in the real world. Believe me, when I left my father’s home, I soon learned about poverty and death.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that while all control is controlled by negative forces, everything on this planet has evolved to the level of vibration needed to ascend and create a new society. It is an amazing and joyful time for human beings to come to a place in their history where pain, disease and poverty will completely disappear and become ancient memories.

At the same time, before you enter the fifth dimension, you need to participate in the process through simple steps every day. Please, every morning, first of all, thank you for being alive and having a meal on your table. The most important part before you leave home is to meditate every day. Meditation will raise your consciousness, which will guide you through the day.

I hope everyone does well and remains optimistic in this chaotic reality. I’m glad to see your old system go down every day. The control mechanisms that have been here for thousands of years are losing their power, and one day you will wake up in a new world free of poverty and pain.

Remember, it’s very important and meaningful for you to think about the truth, especially during this time. Dark entities do not like to be with those who emit light and love from the soul. In addition, your meditation will help your daily encounters by removing any obstacles and by bringing flow to your life. It helped me, and when I was the Buddha on earth, it opened up my possibilities and talents, and that’s how I became a spiritual leader.

Even today, I still guide and teach as a master of ascension. I’m happy to help anyone who needs my help. Yes, I support the transition of human beings to a higher level of existence. I want all of you to realize how fortunate you are to be able to ascend with your bodies to Nirvana, complete happiness.

Learning how to express forgiveness and love to everyone and everything will help you speed up the process of raising your vibration. I am here to reinforce this truth and to point the way to enlightenment for those who are lost and need to be guided.

Remember, you will bring light to this part of the galaxy. I’m Buddha, and I’m very happy to send this message to all of you today. Please stay strong and healthy. I want to send my blessing and love. thank you.



Every soul is influenced and governed by the creed of the divine level, whether they believe it or not. Here, the inner veil that allows you to acquire greater wisdom also applies. You must break through the limitations of the negative third / fourth dimensional environment in order to obtain the expansion and wonderful reconnection with the universal consciousness. You have been and will always be connected to all of these. The feeling of disconnection is in your mind, and also leads to the “open door” to the river of life in the sacred heart.      

As you refine your resonance, you are becoming multidimensional, which means that you are entering several dimensional frequency patterns at the same time. In order to make room for the refinement frequency of the fourth, fifth and higher dimensions, there must be a process of cleaning and purification. Through the lessons and instructions we have given you over the years, we are trying to give you the knowledge and tools to cross the path of ascension with ease and grace.

In order to be a living tributary of the river of life, you have to be prepared to allow the essence of life, you have to use what you need, and then allow the rest to flow out, ready to be molded into wonderful new creations. In this way, you will be the bearer and server of light. This is the final message of all the teachings we have given you over the past few years. This is the goal of self-control. This is the path to ascension.

Dear ones, you are at a great crossroads. As you go through the process of clearing and purifying many aspects of yourself, you are leaving behind the energy that produces all the pain. Step back and see the past few months as observers – are you beginning to understand the great plan and the meaning of ascension? Awareness and control are important aspects of mastery. If you have worked hard to learn from the lessons we have taught you, you should well take back the many gifts you brought to the earth so many centuries ago on your way.

Each of you lives in a personal realm of holographic light and shadow, which is the only one you create. You, as a co creator, send out seed thoughts, energy and will, which creates a pattern of a particular frequency. The vibrations of these frequencies emanate from you in the form of infinite energy rays, creating powerful wave forms that reflect your conscious thoughts, intentions and actions. Your world and reality will gradually become better as you learn to remain heart centered and soul centered, thereby always radiating unconditional love and balanced, harmonious vibration patterns. For you are slowly learning how to be the authorized masters of CO creation, the true Divine Messengers of our father / Mother God and supreme creator. In this era of uncertainty and great change, please remember, dear champion of light, you have nothing to fear and there is a lot to get. Feel the warmth of our sacred breath, when it touches your cheek, feel the halo of our love around you. We’re nearby. Reach out and touch us. We will respond.

You are loved. I’m Archangel Michael.


Sirius and the Galactic Federation: first contact mission

The rise of mind and consciousness jY-m9fNxgc4VT5PA

By: Sheldon NED

We’ll come back with more information to discuss with you. At present, Earth allies are taking necessary security measures to look forward to the first domino change. The “roadblocks” are now self imposed, as our Earth allies slow down their actions to ensure that all potential adversaries are removed from any position that could cause significant delays in global change. So far, the remnants of the dark have shown no tendency to further impede the good work of our Earth allies. A final agreement has been reached, along with the funding needed to implement many government and fiscal reforms. Everyone is ready to carry out this grand plan. At the same time, we are preparing to perform many of its pre landing missions around Mother Earth’s inner ring. Our Earth allies are fully aware that heaven has given us all the “green lights” to act when the time is right. Therefore, we have recalled our various planetary patrols and are ready to take action!

For her part, mother earth is accelerating the preparation for a series of large-scale global changes. Your planet and her spiritual level tell us that time is running out, so some kind of pre evacuation warning must be issued. Based on this, the waiting interim government understands the need to reschedule their changes, and we are working with them to develop plans that meet the earth class standards. The most urgent issue is to determine how best to prepare each of you to shorten the time span before leaving the planet’s surface becomes necessary. The general intensification of planetary activity has also been noticed by your astronomers, who have seen the climax of irresponsible activity in your solar system.

Dark attempts to challenge the earth’s spiritual hierarchy are typical, but fear is now forcing them to challenge our clear ban: we tell them unequivocally that their actions are limited to the earth and the atmosphere; similarly, the agassians have banned the spacecraft of this negative group from entering the interior of the earth. This puts the negative group in a dilemma with only one solution: surrender and do so as soon as possible! Your lovely planet is turning to light, and it’s time for you to be told what’s ahead. Your dark elite’s sources of information make them clearly aware that their physical survival is now in danger. It is crucial that they surrender and allow our Earth allies to continue to make announcements detailing what will happen and why.

Mother earth is in the final stage before serious earth changes begin. Moreover, heaven requires that you be told that you are not the only person in the galaxy, that your space and spiritual family are here, with love and grace, to bring you back to full consciousness.

This process of divine change has been tampered with by the darkness and its endless hellish plans. Our task has been to deal with these activities and keep your schedule of changes to heaven. Our multi star national command Committee meets every day to work out a plan to ensure that the laws of heaven are implemented. No planet state has the power to stop these sacred actions. We, as human beings, guarantee that heaven’s orders are fulfilled through this first contact mission.

To this end, we have developed a series of guidelines that our diplomatic missions are providing to our Earth allies and your governments around the world. We have made it very clear that now is the time to act. Your long suffering planet also makes it clear that a series of delays have appeared intermittently in the recent past.

We are advised to plan for all possible emergencies and be ready to implement them immediately upon notification.

Our fleet is ready and we have prepared a series of back-up announcements to cover any contingencies we may face. From simply and directly informing you of our existence and the need to start a large-scale landing, to the earth change you are about to see. In the former case, we can also deal with secret technology and determine when we arrive in your country.

Most importantly, mother earth is eager to see more progress than is currently happening.

Our purpose here is to guide the ongoing work to a smooth and rapid success.

Our deep involvement in your affairs has provided us with many new and interesting insights into the operation of darkness in your world. We’ve been told a long time ago how it works, and we’ve witnessed all this over the past two decades.

The extent to which darkness can transform you from a strong and complete being into a fragile and submissive being, and the division is so antithetical that you actually “die” decades later, is quite surprising.

Happily, heaven is re integrating and restoring your former strengths and abilities so that you can make a significant contribution to the unfolding of the divine plan on a material level.

We are looking forward to this wonderful transformation with great joy and intend to welcome you back in a big way. Your hard won wisdom has the ability to accelerate the development of certain consciousness orientations that are now brewing throughout the galaxy.

This galaxy is undergoing a huge transition to light. Everywhere, the former dark planet States and vast empires are becoming less authoritarian and more inclined to individual sovereignty and individual rights. There, everyone has a high motivation to develop a light body and transcend the limitations of three-dimensional physics. This desire attracts many people to focus on what you are going through, so it is in everyone’s best interest to suggest and guide you back to full consciousness. Besides, you are also a member of our space family. Man is endowed with the gift of light body, and heaven protects it from destruction. The next chapter of our common history is based on your return to the light, so you can see that your sacred transformation is most important to us.

First contact with the pressure cooker boiling! The agenda set between our Earth allies and us must now be completed. First, we need to put the waiting caretaker government in power and provide prosperity funds to start a financial system supported by gold. Then, we will co sponsor the unveiling of a series of extraordinary new technologies and add our new technologies to our ranks. Third, we need to work together to solve the problem of mother earth and quickly correct her current situation. You need to adopt a whole new set of ideas to respect her role in your evolution. She’s alive. You’re her guest. You need to be an independent and fully responsible guardian of her diverse ecosystem.

Today, we discuss the various developments that have taken place in your world and explain how these relate to the first contact mission. Mother earth is subtly pursuing a path designed to force the hand of darkness and to demonstrate how important it is for our Earth allies to quickly complete their complex agenda. Dear friends, know that in your heart, countless supplies and endless prosperity of heaven are indeed yours! be it so!

Sirius and the Galactic Federation! In joy!


What was the time of Atlantis?

The era of Atlantis is a glorious one, as well as a sad one.

In our times, truth and love are the leading direction in the early stage, but in the later stage, people’s consciousness and soul are gradually closed and embarked on the road of not being blessed.

In our time, we have explored many new attempts and methods. Some of our high priests have foreseen that our time is coming to an end.

At that time, we were very, very sad. It was like seeing our country doomed to death. You know the ending, but it’s hard to change.

We store and seal some of our information in advance. We know that material things can’t be left, only information can be kept.

We have reached an agreement with Mermaid, dolphin and some elves. After negotiation, they are willing to help us store some information.

Yes, it can only be partial, because some of the information stored is meaningless.

In addition to information, some of our DNA codes and our gene settings are put in a secret cave. If we need to use them in the future, we can unseal them. If we don’t need them, they will be sealed forever.

Love should be the direction we have been adhering to. At that time, besides our country, there were other intelligent life on the earth, and the early stage also came from other galaxies in the universe.

We live together on the blue earth. At that time, the earth was very harmonious. There was no dispute, no suspicion, no war, and everyone was very friendly.

But with the overall change of the earth’s energy, gradually away from the galactic center, we can receive the high-frequency light from the universe, and with the invasion of some foreign races, our people’s hearts have changed.

They pay more attention to their own changes and become more lazy than before.

Unwilling to work hard and share with others, the energy of our country has changed.

As for us, we are very happy that you are very interested in our story and history.

But please don’t put your eyes on our high-tech civilization for a short time.

The wheel of history keeps moving forward, and the rise and fall of our civilization is of great reference value to your existing civilization.

In the face of history, we are the former of you. In you, I see the shadow of yesterday.

But I don’t want you to do the same.

We do not use the power of technological crystal to contribute value to mother earth, which also violates the pure energy of crystal, which is not allowed by mother earth.

In fact, the destruction of our civilization is very simple. There are only four words: self-interest and selfish desire.

Later, we used the powerful power of crystal to develop weapons and transport spaceships. We wanted to further enter the inner earth and beyond the solar system.

However, the use of these energies to the nature and the people becomes pitiful, and finally they are swallowed up by the power of the crystal.

Behind all this energy is no longer pure.

The most important thing is the change in the mind and heart of our national governors.

They become arrogant, they become blind, they don’t want to make progress, this is the most fatal.

Many of our high priests saw this very clearly, but some of them obeyed the king’s arrangement and changed some information and instructions, which led to the irreparable situation.

Although we cooperated with the angels and led the sacred fire of the universe to burn on the earth, it did not stop the fate of Atlantis.

This is a proud era, proud to see the beauty of other life.

If human beings are not redeemed by the universe, they will be like us sooner or later.

Many of us have also been reincarnated into human beings, reincarnated on earth over and over again, willing to stay in the heart of the spiritual core.

I hope that one day we can light up this little earth and bring some of the technology, technology and spirituality of our time to mankind.

At that time, we developed well in several aspects, such as the combination and application of crystal spirituality and physical body and soul spirituality, the transmission of aircraft and the use of etheric level, the use of sea energy and the communication with inner earth life.

We are not saddened by the interruption of technology. Now it seems that we should learn from the lessons of our time rather than let human beings repeat our old way.

Although the human body in the past has been severely tampered with, it also shows the plasticity and flexibility of human body.

The energy of our time is now revived on the earth, and some of our spirituality at that time can be used for reference by modern human beings.

Now, it’s time to rekindle the sacred fire on the earth. Although some sacred fires have been rekindled, it’s far from enough. What’s important is the unity of the immortal sacred fire and the higher dimension in the human heart.

In fact, many people’s psychic power in our era also comes from a higher level, and then with the decline of the earth’s energy, their own energy is closely linked with the earth.

With the awakening of many people, their energy is also recovering, and there is still a lot to do.

It is hoped that we can work better with human beings to bring the high-dimensional energy of the universe to the earth in various ways, unblock the channels of the earth, and restore the good cooperative relationship between human beings and other ethnic groups.

Thank you for your access!


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