As you open your heart chakra

As you open your heart chakra, you will purify and heal all past traumas through the power of forgiveness. You will heal and ascend your ancestral lineage, you will release the 3D protocol from all your lifetimes, you will wake up and know the manipulation and darkness of earth for thousands of years.

Through the power of compassion and understanding, and from a higher perspective, you will release your judgment and attachment to the results of your life, and you will succumb to the changing and great unfolding present.

Through the opening and activation of the heart chakra forces, you will stand in your power and speak your truth. You will be supreme and know that you are the creator of your experience.

In 5d-12d, all your DNA strands are fully activated and you live in your divine blueprint. The lessons you learn exist at a higher level of knowledge, art, dance and music so that you can express your unique talents to the world.

In 5d-12d, you are free to experience life.

Believe in the divine unfolding of your path and the divine journey you choose. Focus only on the results you want.

Thank all the teachers and remember that everyone in your life is serving the growth and evolution of your soul.
Be patient with yourself and stand inside and tell the truth.

The people you are with are destined to travel with you. Believe in the person or someone who leaves your life to serve your highest self and all your highest interests.


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