Those who are devoted to spiritual cultivation but interested in wealth

Those who are devoted to spiritual cultivation but interested in wealth

Release is the key to help you enter a new field, focus on the good, ignore the shame and shame, most of them will not pass the karmic test, because you still hold on, more importantly, it will make you tight and not relax, and open will bloom.

Even so, anyone’s words are just your reference, and can’t replace your own will and strong unbalanced life experience. Speak out as much as you can when you want to.

Chakras will also be separated. When you are too high and too low, heaven and earth will not be connected. Only when everything is smooth, can you balance. There is no need to hesitate. You need to focus. Only when you focus on making money can you release the shackles of making money.

Focus on spiritual cultivation, but want wealth. As a result, spiritual cultivation will become a tool to make money. Even if you don’t want to, it will be very contradictory. So, dear, let go of what you don’t put in the first place. For example, spiritual cultivation, because you are already in power, and what you want to experience is wealth, then focus on making money. I don’t want to put in energy until I’m tired of making money, but you may not be full Enough is enough to let go. That’s why the goddesses of the focus group focus on making money. They don’t judge, and they are full of passion to invest wealth energy. Similarly, don’t let the aura of spiritual cultivation block what you really want.

When you are really satisfied, you will feel happy when you come back, otherwise you will always pursue and contradict, because what you want is not satisfied. Keep high vibration in making money and let more people join in. It doesn’t matter whether you develop by spiritual cultivation or pyramid selling. This is to focus on wealth.

Do you understand, my dear, and so is sex? I’m satisfied with my sexual experience with my relatives, lovers, friends, colleagues, sex workers, and I’m happy with nature. Don’t judge the vibration from you. Any language will Judge that gets stuck. What saying is just flowing, which is full of passion and is committed to returning to the essence of the source, Focus on what you are really interested in, and that is the key to your higher vibration


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