12 layers of DNA pronunciation

12 layers of DNA pronunciation

When we ask for help and rescue, we can first check whether there is a rescue call in the dimension of DNA (Holographic Universe) ☎️:)

Group 1: ground plane, involving organisms

Level 1: biological double helix structure, tree of life (90% internal dimension, dimension is the result of mathematical equation operation.)

The second level: life course, the sacred blueprint of the law( It talks to the first level, (1 + 2 = 3, 3 is the catalyst), it talks to the eighth level( 8 + 2 = 10, the numerology of 10 is the new Kairui)

Level 3: ascension and activation, anchored in the pineal tissue, set, planned and controlled in advance. In the DNA of each individual cell, there is a planned intelligence.

Group 2: the group of human Divinity

Level 4 and level 5: my angels, together form the expression, which is your inner dimension akashic record, or the record of your identity in the universe and the places you have been to. You and my angel have a color, an inner dimensional color, and a beautiful name of our singing and lighting energy

The sixth level: I am what I am, the higher level

Group 3: Lemuria group

Level 7: Show holy

Level 8: light rider, master’s record, and has the energy of “wisdom and responsibility”. This layer is the main akashic record of your life on earth. It makes more sense than any other layer.

Layer 9: Healing layer, expanding flame

Group 4: God Group, action group

Level 10: calling for holiness

Level 11: compassion, the wisdom of holy women

Level 12: the level of God, the most sacred and true “the place of God”“ Don’t expect these layers to do anything, just as your home won’t do anything. It gives you peace, shelter, and a sense of home. Let the layer of God be the home of all

DNA has 12 inner dimensional layers. Even the first layer is inner dimensional. I can prove that. The first layer is the biosphere, and you’ve named it the human genome. Your science knows that it has three billion parts. They also know that a small part of this is the readable coding of a protein that produces genes. You may only have less than 5% of the parts that make what we call the “tree of life.”. This is what you can see under a microscope. But it’s more than that.

Even in the first level, 90% of the tree of life is internal. And the rest of the first layer is about chemistry – hard logic chemistry. Level 1, tree of life, we told you before.

Level 2. What is your life lesson? Your life lessons. It’s still in the tree, because we’re telling you now that the first three layers, we’ll call them “ground planes,” involve organisms.

Is life course related to organism? Oh, yes. Because it affects your mood, doesn’t it? It affects chemical reactions. It flows in your blood; It talks to tier one, you know. If you look at layers 1 and 2, let’s start doing some arithmetic: 1 + 2 = 3, 3 is a catalyst in numerology. Your life course, then, will be combined with the first level of the tree of life. What is your life lesson? How does it affect you? Is it related to joy or disease? Well, it’s possible, you know. That’s what happens when your life lessons are unbalanced, all of which are relevant. It’s very profound.

Now, your life lessons are part of what you call the deep connection of akashic records. We’ll call it the holy blueprint. Life course — holy blueprint. It comes with you, purposeful and unique in your life. This is the second floor. It’s always talking to another layer, always talking to another layer. It talks to level 8. Well, the eighth layer we will talk about is the actual akashic record of human beings. The second layer is related to the Akashic Record. It’s not the Akashic Record, level 2, it’s just related to it.

Life course, holy blueprint. That was your life. What does it mean to you now? It’s complicated, you know. A lot of people walk through life and they just say, “I’m so unlucky. Everything I tried failed. ” They don’t understand their life lessons at all. They never look or care. Just living in the victim’s state“ What was I before? ” on dit. What they never understand is that if they know how to activate and promote some of their own levels of operation, they can change their lives.

When you understand what the number 8 is combined with, you’ll see a “ground plane,” which is layer 2 talking to layer 8 of an inner dimensional Lemurian layer. Then both of them, the numbers 8 and 2, create a 10, and the numerology of 10 means a new beginning. That’s what happens when two and eight are together. That’s the second floor.

When we call the third layer “Ascension”, it is misunderstood. It’s biological. Even in the first group of ground planes, when all layers have been biologically oriented, we have the word of ascension, and I will tell you something about who you are. It’s biological because it’s anchored in the tissue of the pineal gland. Ascension and pineal gland? Oh, yes“ Cleon, do you mean that there are biological parts and fragments in this body designed to do things like ascension? ” Oh, yes. What if I tell you that you are a whole biological system designed to ascend? Then humans walk blindly and say, “what was I before?” Oh, so many people on this planet, what’s more, don’t know the internal engine. They just want it to work. They really don’t know it at all. They don’t want to know, they don’t want to think about it, it may be, it just may be, they have control in their blood, you know. no Completely ignored. They know nothing. Is it possible to have a planned intelligence in the DNA of each individual cell? It’s waiting for a consciousness to ask, “tell me what I want to know.” The first, second and third layers are the ground plane.

Level 4 and level 5, we told you they had to be together. This is very important. You can start to see a pattern here. Layers 4 and 5 are what we call “Your angel’s name.”. Who are you really? It has to be there. Oh, dear human, you have an inner dimension akashic record with you, do you know? Oh, it’s almost to the limit of profundity. Oh, let me tell you, family, the life you call human is so short, so fleeting, you will come back like me. In two directions, the future and the past, they come back in a cycle. We are inner dimensional. You have always been like this, and you will be like this in the future. Your angel has a color, an inner dimensional color, and the energy that we sing and light with a beautiful name. Your angel needs two layers. It fills the fourth and fifth layers respectively. Use the fourth and fifth layers to talk about it and describe it. It’s so important that even the divine level doesn’t need two!

That’s who you are. The Akashic Record of the inner dimension is, I’ll tell you what it is. You may not understand that some of you don’t even like it, but I still want to expose it. How many planets have you been to? How many times have you done this? Oh, not here, in other universes. The answer is: sow. Because that’s what you do. Do you want to know what you’re good at? I’m watching.

Layers 4 and 5 come together to be your angel course, the name of an eternal inner dimensional akashic record entity. How does it feel to be eternal? You would say, “I’m so tired!” Do you understand that when we face you, we have to say again and again: “you are very tired, you are very tired, we hear your grunting and breathing in your quietest moment, and we hear you when you think no one hears you!” -“ Oh, if I have to go through it again, I’ll never come back. “[ [laughter] you are back! Because that’s what you do. Some of you even went to the fortune teller and said, “I love this part. I call it self congratulation!

Level 6, prayer and communication. See how it works with other layers. Take another look at it and the number three. Ascension and prayer communication. That’s six and three. Get a nine. 9 means completion in numerology. Now you start to get pictures of one group talking to another. The second group, the fourth, fifth and sixth layers are human divinity groups. When one of the groups talks to the other, magic happens, there’s a new beginning, there’s a completion, it’s very complicated, you know. It’s beautiful, and it’s only half the DNA, it’s beautiful. When we look at you, we marvel that there is not only perfection in DNA, but divinity. For us, however, duality once again prevents you from seeing any of these things. I tell you, go start opening the door and find out. Do it tonight. Just try to open that door, find out what the life lesson is, find out the ascension level and let it talk to the prayer and communication level, start a never-ending completion and cycle of energy. This will make you start to feel like a master.

Layers 7 and 8, my favorite, the Lemurian layer. Layers 7, 8 and 9 are the limurian formation. But there’s another reason why layers 7 and 8 are different from the others, and I don’t know where to start. The seventh level is “showing divinity”. This simple name is limuria’s high technology. They don’t have microscopes, they don’t have telescopes, they don’t have what you think are high-tech computers. They just don’t need them. Because they have a density perspective connection and you don’t. Some people say they have extra senses, No. They have an extra density added to them. Let them know that, to a certain extent, they are in a quantum state with everything else. It means they have knowledge of everything. They know the solar system, they have intuitive micro and macro inside, because they have an active seventh layer that you have lost. What you lose is activation, but layer 7 still exists. This is what the Lemurians like to discover. You can start to become more dimensional, even with other layers and numbers. There they are.

The name of Lemuria on the 7th floor, HOA yawee Maru. We talked about master Yayi before. He’s here. We’ve confirmed many times that he’s a good dancing doctor [laughter]. The doctor in front of you has a very limurian internal dimension tool. He makes intuitive use of your high technology and all your facilities. But take a look at the name, the name of level 7, the name of the Lemurian language HOA yawee Maru, the name of Yayi in the middle. Why, you may ask. I will give you the meaning of level 8 and the name of limuria before explaining more.

Level 8 is wisdom and responsibility, which is a pair of level 7. Show divinity and wisdom and responsibility, and you’ll see that they have to come together. This is a cycle in which there is no one and there is no two. Masters, don’t abuse your power. They can’t be separated because the two layers are a combination. The Lemurian name of the 8th floor, akee yawee fractus. Layer 8 is the Akashic Record of human beings. This is the main record. Akee yawee fractus, and yawee in the middle. Yawee means master. That’s why the man sitting here, we have identified as Yai of Lemuria, has lived many, many years longer than others, his name has been sung, hymned and praised for his long life, and he is called a master. So his name is a common Lemurian word.

Now let me take you to the rest of the story. Seven and eight, oh, my friend, slow down. You don’t always have layers 7 and 8. Layers 7 and 8 were delivered to you, even before the Lemurians. Profound? Not provable? The truth is that at the right time, through intelligent design, your so-called Pleiadian brothers and sisters come to this place, insert your DNA and evolution, and give you these 7th and 8th layers. Directly from the Pleiadians. It’s an interesting thing in spirit. When you go to see the faces of the Lemurians, there’s a little commotion in your perception.

My partner has difficulty describing this. Let me tell you the truth. Do any of those names sound familiar? HOA yawee Maru, what language might sound like that? It sounds a little Hawaiian, doesn’t it? We have to be prepared for this. The Lemurians are people of color. They are all Polynesians. You might say, “yes, we see a picture of a supernatural Lemurian high priest, but he has no Polynesian characteristics, just golden hair and blue eyes.” Oh, yes. I didn’t say why before. Because it requires real insight to determine the difference between the Pleiadians and the Lemurians, who are blonde and blue eyed. I will say again that one day, after the metamorphosis, if you win the earth and are ready, these Pleiadians will come, they will descend, get out of their craft and look like you! Except they’re blonde and blue eyed [Cleon smiles]. And all science fiction writers will be disappointed [laughter]. That’s level 7 and level 8. Oh, and even more.

Layer 8 is all the Akashic records you’ve ever had on this planet. It is an internal dimensional record, so it also contains other things. However, when I say this, your 3D says, “the Akashic Record is the record of every life I have on this planet.” Oh, yes, but it’s only half the story of what you’re going to do. It is an internal dimension. Remember, there is no time, no past, no present, no future. What do you do with it? Who are you going to be? It was hard. Because in your thinking process, you say, “it hasn’t happened yet. It’s not sure yet. I haven’t made those free choice decisions yet. ” You’re right. But every potential has been calculated and there it is. Masters, oh, we will take you on the journey. In your level 8 akashic record, from the Pleiadian level 8, let me take you on the journey. I can see a peaceful earth, I can see the transformation, I can see the road after 2012. And I saw the beauty, there’s a great possibility, it started here. All of you have these layers.

The 7th, 8th and 9th layers are the Lemurian assemblage. The ninth layer, how should I say it, it almost exists alone. It’s part of the Lemurian portfolio, but it’s almost isolated. In numerology, 9 is completely self fulfilling. We have given its name and purpose. It’s the healing layer. We call it “the expanding flame.”. It’s the layer of what you call the Saint Germain entity. Saint Germain layer, spark of flame, expanding flame. This layer is so important, I’ll tell you.

Oh, it’s beautiful, level 9. This layer, how can I explain this? Slow down, my partner. Internally, this layer touches every string of the cosmic lattice. It’s like the antenna of your DNA, always connected to the cosmic grid, always connected. It listens to the tune, it’s waiting for something, always connected. This antenna is waiting for a broadcast from you. It fits the tune you want to hear. You’ve heard of electromagnetic field balancing. Oh, let me tell you the truth. It’s deeply and systematically planning and sorting out the tunes of the orchestra talking to level 7. Those tentacles will reach out, touch, coordinate, and come together to deliver messages of balance and healing. The Ninth level communicates with all other levels, even the divine level. My partner can’t really describe the process to you.

Yayi, sitting in the audience, has the device brought to him by intuitive knowledge as a Lemurian, which will help to create the inner dimensional energy from other earth scientists. When this energy is presented to DNA, it will produce what we call “self diagnostic behavior”. DNA looks at organisms, one layer communicates with another, and begins to diagnose itself. Its own chief layer, the protein layer, began to transform itself, for health, for healing, for recovery. I want to tell you, all those are activities on the 7th floor. The antenna is receiving communication. There are many ways to talk to layer 9. Through high-tech laser energy, through human consciousness. There are many ways to communicate with it. It can be general or specific, but all communication has to go through layer 9, healing layer.

The seventh layer is one that we keep talking about. It’s so important that it’s hard to get rid of it. We’ll put layers 7, 8 and 9 together, if you like, as the treatment layer. Because they are Pleiadian influences, but layer 9 exists independently and is an antenna connected to the cosmic grid. The seventh tier is partners. Oh, even that’s not accurate.

My partner has grown up to be able to explain well the information I show him in an internal dimension. Well, let’s just come back and say that it’s the ninth floor.

Level 10 we’ve told you. With layers 10, 11 and 12, we start a new combination. The 10th floor was mentioned last year. My partners call it the source of the sacred curriculum. Then he said, the 10th, 11th and 12th floors are gathered together and can’t be separated. We haven’t told you the 11th and 12th floors.

What is the source of the sacred curriculum? It’s hard to explain until I tell you the rest. These last three layers are called the layers of God.

There is not much to say on the 10th floor. Take a look at 10. It’s a new beginning in numerology. So you already know that it has something special. But if you think about it, 11 must be more. Oh, what is 11? What is 11? Chochmah Micha Halelu。 I’ll tell you what it means. This will begin to paint a picture that we have never talked about before. But you’ve heard a little [laughter] from my Latin friends. Let me tell you what it is, three words, holy woman. Now, don’t misunderstand it. It has nothing to do with Goddess energy. Men don’t have to be afraid. It’s not about men or women, it’s not about your body, it’s not about all your thoughts. I’ll tell you what it’s about. It’s about the mother. Mother. Everything must have a balance. Everyone who founded the church knows that. Some people even create things to create mothers. There has to be a balance, and it doesn’t have to be male or female, I’ll tell you, it has to be the mother. You have to have a mother, raise. Oh, think about mother for a moment. Mother’s love. There are children here, oh dear, do you just love that little person? Won’t you do anything for that little man? When she looks into your eyes with her biology, what a strong family connection it is. That’s the mother. That’s where God is. Mother hasn’t been here for a long time, has she? That’s the mother. Even the church was aware of her. Take a look at one of the largest churches on earth, and we’ll talk more about it later, because it’ll remind you of something you’ve never heard of here.

Catholic priests have decided that celibacy is the Catholic way, and that’s right, because it’s a respect for God who has no relationship. But you say, “where’s the balance?” I’ll tell you. In their religion, there is the Virgin Mary. They adore her. It’s not just the victor of Christ, it’s not just the Pope, it’s not just Christ, it’s the Virgin Mary. Mother God. Pope John II loves the Virgin Mary, and even one of his communion blessings is – I’ll tell you, I’ll reveal that – that his wish can’t be realized in this era, and he knows that, so it’s sad. He’ll be happy to see a vicar. But one of his men, who is now the Pope, said, “you can’t do this because it interrupts the whole history we teach.” Pope John II, more than you think, is a Lemurian. Do you know what his wish is? Peace on earth. Peace on earth. That’s the 11th floor. Take a look at 11, this is the age of 11! Cleon’s number is 11! The clock you see! The wisdom of the holy woman. Touch that mother’s energy. Women, you need her. Men, you need her, too. She adjusts your temper and softens your heart. It’s part of the great transformation to be aware that the leadership of the nations on earth will become more moderate. She will happen with Lightworkers like you.

El Shadai, it’s level 12. I have only one word for it, the level of God. There is a layer of God. Simple. The first level is the biological level, the 12th level, the God level.

Now listen, layer 1, 2 and 3, ground plane; The fourth, fifth and sixth layers are human divinity; 7,8,9, Lemurian; Level 10, 11, 12, the level of God. Here’s a code. Everybody wants a code [Cleon chuckles]. So, I’ll give you one.

I want to do something that we rarely do. I want to talk about Christ.

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Kryon: the status quo (recording)

Kryon channeled through Karol Lee in Reykjavik, Iceland, March 13, 2020

sound recording: https://www.kryon.com/cartprodimages/2020%20downloads/download_ iceland-1-20.html

Why stop me

Dear everyone, this is Kryon from magnetic services. Hello. For those who have just listened, there are many, we are sitting in front of a group of people, they are ready to travel, ready to see a magical place. It’s one of the few places on earth that has very different energy throughout the island. We’ll talk about that. This is Iceland.

At the same time, the earth seems to be shutting down. Today I’m going to talk about viruses. I’ll tell you something to think about, and I’ll tell you something about history. I’ll tell you something, maybe you didn’t think about it.

But I’ll tell you about the journey to Iceland and all of you here. Just as other lands have their own unique energy embedded in the earth. For Gaia, the energy here is different. The residents here will tell you that this island not only has energy, it also has personality. When you go to the big island of Hawaii, you talk about Peilei. You’re going to talk about energy with personality and a little bit of mystery. Others will say, not only that. Those who were born there and grew up there will say, there are more.

It’s the same here. It’s just a little bit stronger here. You can give it a name if you want. They can speak another language if you want. Sometimes, there are stories to tell you: mountains, glaciers. The earth you walk on may talk to you as a “person” rather than just energy. That’s the difference.

This is an island. So it’s not connected to the rest of the earth. It’s different from the personality of other places. Sensitive people will know. Insensitive people will doubt, because you feel different comfort. Even if it sounds fantastic, we have a beautiful message about why they exist and welcome all visitors.

Now I want to talk about the status quo. Many people wonder why the earth is like this now. People didn’t think about it. If you follow my words, you will remember: 2012 is a cycle. The end of one, the beginning of the other. This is not Kryon’s message, but most of the indigenous people on earth. They have a consensus: the winter solstice in 2012 is the beginning of a new cycle of the earth. That’s why I’m delivering the message, guiding you through change.

When we talked about change, we said: please pay attention to accidents. Did you see it? We say: things don’t stay the same. in truth. Let’s say it again: what’s happening on earth now scares so many people. But first, someone would say, “wait a minute, Kryon, don’t you talk about the evolving consciousness? Awakening consciousness makes the earth better. But the status quo doesn’t match at all. It doesn’t look better at the moment. “

As we have said before, dear ones, in this transition period, there will be some revealing energies that you have never seen before. You’ll see what’s always there. But now for the first time you’ll really see them, their ugliness, their darkness. Most of them are low consciousness, always exist, but now need to be removed or exposed. Some people understand that some problems in society will be exposed in an unprecedented way. As a movie shows, some awakened people will say, “I knew the darkness was here, but it happened to me.” Others will say, “me too.” Another person would say, “me too.” But you realize for the first time: don’t be afraid of what might happen, because so many people see the same thing.

What’s happening today is totally human. Man made the current event. It’s not Gaia’s fault. What you see is revelation. Now, I’m going to give you a little history that doesn’t seem relevant. After that, some people will shake their heads, turn their eyes and say, “I don’t think so, Kryon.” I would say, “wait a minute.”.

I told you earlier that there will be revelations on this planet to begin self cleansing with higher conscious humans. They wake up with new inventions and new ideas, and will create a better life for mankind. I said, a long time ago, the way you generated electricity on earth should have been geothermal. Where you are now, all the electricity is geothermal. Someone said, “it’s very simple. It’s a volcanic country, so it uses geothermal to generate electricity. ” I said, “yes. But globally, people have to dig deep to get geothermal, to get steam. ” However, nuclear power is the most expensive and dangerous steam engine in the world.

When a child burns his hand for the first time, he won’t reach for it again. Some reactions are added to the synapses so that the child is no longer exposed to hot things. You think, this will also apply to human civilization intuition, once burned, it will not be burned again. However, this did not happen. The war has always been unbalanced and can not solve the problem. But the war is always with you. As we said, 2012 starts an awakening. Ordinary people and ordinary leaders are beginning to understand that war is useless. And evolutionary consciousness no longer allows war. We talked about the “hot” events that are happening. A metaphor, 1986, the Chernobyl event.

I want to talk about this history briefly, honey. Because it’s replaying itself in a different way today, just as you’re sitting. When the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded, people were shocked. Because nuclear power plants should not explode. After the investigation found that this is indeed its own defects. But this kind of flaw appears again and again in this nuclear power plant’s other reactors, although does not have an explosion. But these defects have existed for a long time.

Chernobyl has no containment. That’s because the government and leaders at that time wanted cheap nuclear power plants, although they always denied it. After the explosion, people there denied it. This kind of government has been deeply rooted for half a century. You don’t say what you see, you say what others want you to say. So what happened next was shocking, denial, denial, denial. Almost 200000 people were sent out to clean up the ruins. But it hasn’t been cleaned up, and it can’t be cleaned up in 4000 years. The most dangerous steam engine in the world. There has to be a loss of life for the government to acknowledge that obvious fact and correct the previous defective nuclear power plant. But still, they don’t have containment.

These are the things we want to talk about, and we said they are changing. We tell you that elegant magnetism will show itself, just as it should have shown itself thousands of years ago. You can have a very strong magnetic force, a push-pull force, to push the wheel, so that the wheel frame moves up and down, permanent power generation, without any resources, even the earth’s heat. It can be sealed and hoisted, used year after year, and the only loss is the metal itself. That’s the new magnetoelectric engine. People will ask, “when will it appear?” As we said recently, it’s going on now.

The Chernobyl incident happened recently in Japan in 2011. People realized that no matter how safe the plant was built, Gaia could make a difference – an earthquake, a tsunami. This time, the reactor is abnormal again. The most dangerous thing humans can do. Magnetism is going to replace it, it’s going to happen soon, and it’s going on now. That’s what I’m talking about evolution.

I want to quote someone from a former president or a former prime minister, or whatever you want to call him, who controls the Soviet Union, the country that owns Chernobyl. Gorbachev said: “chernobel was the catalyst for the disintegration of the Soviet Union.” Because when people see deception, when they see lies and panic, when collectively it can no longer justify itself, it is seen by millions of people.

I want to tell you something about the virus. Now, it’s causing so much trouble, so much panic, so much worry. Some viruses exist in nature, bacteria exist in nature, with nature. There will be trees, animals, not humans. Human beings have their own set of viruses and bacteria to deal with as human beings on earth. But occasionally, occasionally, animals and humans cross. Sometimes, even the intersection of plants and humans. But this will only happen because of human activities and will never happen naturally. Your current virus is not caused by nature.

In the 18th century, there was “Black Death” and plague. Back to the source, it’s because of the fleas on the mice. Mice, on the other hand, live with humans. You don’t even have the concept of hand washing and bacteria to live in an unclean human area. You know what’s going to happen. It’s not a plague, it’s a flu. But they all have the same characteristics: caused by human behavior. What I’m going to say next is controversial. I would say a phrase many times: “viruses are not politics.” Viruses act according to their own characteristics. If you want to see other people’s stories, please pay close attention to where the virus comes from and where it goes.

You heard that the virus comes from nature. no, it isn’t. The virus comes from bats. Cnwh’s most advanced biological laboratory studies it. It’s there. They admitted that it was there. It is a part of the branch of SARS research. That’s where the virus came from, honey. But you were told it wasn’t like that. Miraculously and somehow in the air, not from the lab. What happened next was so similar to Chernobyl. This is a “hot” event you should know about. For those infected in the area, five to six people live in one room. Do not use the same sanitary treatment as you do. So they were immediately infected. They start to die because they don’t have protection, not like so many people in your society have. And the government said, “people don’t die.” We don’t pay attention to human reaction. It didn’t last long. A lot of people were lost in that area, tragic and sad, just like the United States did on September 11. The government denies it, and they are afraid to admit it. They said the virus didn’t come from here. People keep dying.

Finally, they have no way to stop the well-known things from being reported by the news and others. So the message came out. Even today, scientists will tell you, the government will tell you, the virus does not come from the laboratory. Suppose your city has a huge chimney. One day when you wake up and smell the smell of fireworks everywhere, you are told: Well, it may smell of smoke, but of course it doesn’t come from the chimney. This is exactly what the government said.

The virus came from the laboratory. Unexpectedly, for some of the same reasons as the government in charge of Chernobyl. This will be seen and known. History will prove it. So what’s happening now, all the blame, has to do with human behavior, carelessness, deception and fear. Honey, the situation will be contained and solved. And the “hot” event on this planet will be remembered by all. More than that.

Please track the virus. There’s a secret here that I’m not going to uncover. Because the secret will be revealed by whistlers, by people who know it in the next few years or earlier, and that will be revealed. At that time, my dear, there may be two governments going down, or drastic changes. Because their people will finally see – repression, fear, lack of Information Disclosure – that people will start to change the planet because of this virus. Here’s a big secret: viruses are not politics. Viruses don’t lie. If you trace the time of infection, at the earliest time, you will find that in addition to CN, there is another distant country, which immediately infected hundreds of people, even the top class. Check it out. Is there a connection? Is it possible to connect the dots into a line?

Viruses are not politics. Things here are even bigger than you think, brewing in them. When it was revealed, the secret was known. There is a good chance that a responsible government will no longer exist. This is the tip of the iceberg of the earth’s transformation, which has nothing to do with health. It’s all a change of consciousness on the planet. You can make it through, honey. It’s going to be under control, honey. You will remember and never want it to happen again. When you find out what’s really happening, it’s time for things to change.

You are sitting in a beautiful place, and I am speaking to all of you. The next few days are a time to relax. It’s time to enjoy the beautiful and natural mountains, rivers, icebergs, volcanoes and waterfalls. They’re all names, not human names. If you can hear them, they will talk to you. They will say: This is a beautiful earth, dear human. Welcome to the beautiful future.

It’s wiser to leave differently from when you came. It’s good for you to understand that the planet is starting to work. Two steps forward, one step back. You’re in the “back step” now. Things will get better.

be it so.


https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/QUEjB_ mpSY2isuTgDpxYUA



stay Another remote country mentioned in the post, which was earlier than China, should be Lombardy, Italy, where ancient European families lived.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia virus in Italy was isolated from the February 29, 2020 Massimo, Dr. Simo Gary, director of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Milan’s sac hospital, in Italy, said. The team of researchers led by him has isolated the strains of the new crown pneumonia virus in Italy. “Wikipedia” China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia China has been China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia. The results showed that the new crown pneumonia virus may have been transmitted from the end of October 2019 to the middle of November. He also said that the virus of infected patients in Italy seems to be unrelated to China. It is not yet clear that the Chinese tourists experience [317] in the past. Later, Gali said that the study found that the new coronavirus may have initially spread to Italy through Germany, rather than many experts initially thought that it was directly from China. He said that the German patient was infected with the virus after contacting people from Shanghai between January 19 and 22, and he believed that the outbreak began in Italy between January 25 and 26 [318]. Giuseppe remuzzi, former president of international society of Nephrology and director of Mario Negri Institute for pharmaceutical research in Italy, said in an interview with NPR on March 21, He now heard news from general practitioners that “they remember seeing this strange pneumonia, which is very serious, especially among the elderly, in December and November 2019”, “which means that before we knew about the outbreak in China, the virus had spread at least in the northern part of Lombardy”, “It’s impossible for you to fight with something you don’t know exists” [319] [320]. “


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