If the lightworker returns to the old way, it will encounter greater challenges^_^

If the lightworker returns to the old way, it will encounter greater challenges^_^

Greater Body-heart-spirit imbalance

Spirit is your higher self, direction guidance and source of wisdom

The heart is your energy source, connecting with the infinite energy source through feeling

Body is the dwelling place of mind and spirit, atomic dwelling place, source dwelling place, creating the resonant body of manifestation

It has nothing to do with whether you are working or not. You are returning to the road of no return, far away from the dynamic balance of body and mind, far away from the energy center of the wheel of karma, your plan of heaven and soul

You’re against the all of balance

Even if the work is having result or no result, smooth or no, you are still maintaining high vibration

Work is not smooth and interrupted, is to remind you, it’s time to rest and heal, it’s time to return to self love, otherwise love will no longer exist, no self love where to love, no love where to be

Love is the dynamic balance of body and heart, which can be possessed even when facing the greatest difficulties and difficulties

As long as you have rest, breathing, feeling and relaxation, it makes no difference whether you work for the owner, for yourself or for spiritual transmission

Wisdom, courage and soul are the help for Dorothy to go home. It’s also your home. Back to the core of tianhun plan, the place with the highest speed is your home, accompanied by scarecrow, tin man and lion

Spirituality, high vibration field, zero field, your hometown, heart hometown

The body carries you, the mind supplies you, and the spirit guides you

When you are far away, it will not be as simple as disease and pestilence. You are braking and trying your best to leave the land flowing with milk and honey. You will not return to the land where light and darkness fight, where light and darkness are in one, where darkness is far away, coming in and going out, and where light vibrates

So, your whole body cells start to revolt and revolt, because they are far away from the nucleus, the energy supply area

In the past two years, the burden and economy of a large number of Lightworkers have been alleviated and given opportunities. This is not to make you work harder and work harder, but to let you have more rest and healing, until you let go and stop, learn to increase revenue and reduce expenditure, be self reliant, inspire more wisdom and courage in life, do a good job in burden reduction and relaxation addition, and find a new balance in your new life

There is no doubt that there is only one task for the awakened one to keep approaching the core of the plan, to experience the fear repetition in the karma, to flow through the swirling core of the tornado, the quiet place, the high vibration area, no matter what the ego says to you, what people around you do to you, what you do to others, what you say

It’s repeated until the fear is less and less, not more, and it’s not to live on anxiety, fear, hatred, love, hate, love and hatred

This is also the origin of the little blacks, the journey of light workers away from the high vibration core of the spirit of heaven

Let go of the people around you, pick up your higher self, and cultivate more high vibration interests and habits

In particular, let more wisdom, courage and soul accompany you, not only your relatives and friends, but also the guidance of gaoi spirit

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All right


I’m the only one who can take care of my physical and mental body.


Consciousness manipulates vision, and mobile phones display consciousness, not what the hand points


A long tinnitus


My left arm doesn’t hurt any more. My right thigh muscle starts to hurt


In the process of upgrading the visual field of children’s eyes, they are sleepy and unable to earn money, and their eyes are occasionally blurred

The pain in the thigh disappeared

Explanation: “when this happens, this is the process of ascension, and your physical body begins to be more full of light, you will begin to experience greater ease in your own physical body.

We know that this will be a happy release and release for most of you who are experiencing or have experienced this experience recently. This is the journey of a brave person. In this process, people need to trust their heart and soul to lead them through the past to the side of wholeness and integrity, where, as a fully integrated holy human, all the higher aspects of their spirit work together in their material reality.

This process is dynamic, but we can call it “the process of death”. All the old forms of death, the death of the standardized way of thinking, feeling and doing things, the process of cleaning up and purifying all these from every cell in the physical body, can make another person feel that he / she seems to have reached the end. Everything you once believed to be truth will be put to the test.

When this transition period is over, you will be full of confidence, joy and happiness again, and know that everything is good, everything is perfect!

Then you will inhale every breath you take from the divine consciousness in the new earth reality.

Every thought you have is God’s thought, every action you do is God’s action. You have become God’s love, God’s light, God’s wisdom, God’s purity and joy, God’s grace and blessing.

As a holy emissary, the good qualities of God will accompany you every day of your life. As you anchor your divine gifts, you will bring great help and healing to earth and its inhabitants. “


The collective workers of light are also experiencing the repeated internal resistance and cry to the same theme

Explanation: “if you’re constantly encountering a theme

It’s not because you haven’t healed it yet, but as an opportunity to experience how much healing has happened. It’s a common misconception that themes keep happening because you don’t heal. In fact, your soul orchestrates many opportunities for you to judge and experience your mastery of specific themes

A recurring theme does not indicate success or failure. It just shows that you want to explore a certain area of your life more deeply. How you deal with that subject, when it happens, will change as you evolve until there is no energy to study. At that point, you can smile at how effectively your soul keeps the theme wandering to give you plenty of opportunities to succeed

Do you understand Theme return is to serve you, not to punish. This will help you relax because you will never miss the experience you intend to experience. In fact, you will be given a lot of opportunities to see how much you have grown. It’s done for you and by you with love, based on what you want to experience and master. Most of all, we want you to know that if you choose a theme, it means that you also have the full potential to shake hands with it.

For enlightened people, there is a process of going inside to grow, discover, heal, and then go outside to test what is now possible out of your inner work. Change always starts inside, and then the results can be seen in a tangible way. It’s normal. It’s part of the bigger ups and downs. It’s part of the flow. Archangel Gabriel“

Eye pain, need a long time not to see near things


The gums are bleeding these two days

May 25, 2021 (tomorrow’s blood moon eclipse)

Animal fat is uncomfortable in feeling

May 26, 2021 (full moon eclipse)

Amplify sexual desire

It rained for four days in a row. Today is the fifth day

Earthquake frequency, crustal movement and volcanic eruption


Buddha: I am the only one who can take good care of my physical and mental body.

My experience with mother earth has taught me that I am the only one who can take care of my physical and mental body. Both need to be in balance. This is when you need to be in the middle of yourself to help you transition to 5D quickly and safely

It’s a long and bumpy journey of freedom, and you’re almost there. Nothing can be gained without paying. Your sacrifice and hard work will be rewarded. You will be amazing and happy in the near future. There will be no more darkness. You will only be led by your light. Please never forget that you are light and love

Hello, honey

I’m Buddha and I’m very happy to be here today. It’s been a while since the last conversation. I want to share my wisdom with everyone

I want to make it clear that I am here to help Yang Sheng. Your body is in a phase of transformation, transforming into a higher dimensional body. What does this mean in your daily life? Your body will experience Yang Sheng’s symptoms, such as extreme fatigue, physical pain and so on

Please don’t worry, it’s nothing new, it’s been happening for some time. I suggest you relax, meditate and take a nap, because your body needs a lot of rest in this sacred process

I make you aware of this so that you can have a balance in your daily life that has been lost for some time. In the past year, human life has been under various restrictions, seriously affecting everyone’s spirit and body. It’s important to bring balance back to your being. Daily meditation, good food and rest are very important in your journey to a new era

Before my enlightenment, I sat under my favorite bodhi tree for a long time. Please understand, dear, that requires self-discipline and dedication. Your daily life puts a lot of pressure on you, out of the system you’re in, created by the dark. You spend most of your time in jobs that most people don’t like. Meditation will help you remove the lower vibrations into the higher energies that are required during these periods of transition

Treat your body as a shrine with love and respect. You need to learn to be safe and happy no matter what happens. After all human suffering and suffering, your well-being should come first

Every good or bad experience works to make your soul wiser. I’m Buddha, and I appreciate being able to talk to you. thank you

In peace and light

Ten gifts


Every good or bad experience works

Original going home



Everything will be taken care of

Original going home

https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/aChX0x_ 9GDs2gD0_45cykw

Dear son of man

Today I want to give you a deeper understanding of what it means to live in “the will of God.”. It is an unchangeable fact that all of us, at all levels of creation, are based on the will of God

Nothing exists or happens without this divine intention, so we are all connected forever. Today I give this wonderful truth to deepen your understanding of it

Now let’s go back to the beginning of everything – to the reality of God’s existence, which can never be separated

In the beginning there was God, and we were all him. All embracing love is part of reality

This reality exists before everything, and it is indeed eternal. There is no start or time. It is eternity

Let me simplify by saying that in the beginning only God exists in the highest expression. We are all that expression, in him. But God began to create the experiential level. So he created the plane of being

His light is very subtle, but it expresses his nature completely. When this happens, a series of activities take place in the eternal unity

Finally, the separation from unity and the beginning of division, the sacred consciousness obtains the dense material reality. Therefore, the earth has become an indispensable field for us to experience God. Experience ourselves as gods in dense solid matter

Very special “rules” are created for earth, and great “experiments” begin: what happens when the gods leave oneness?

How do these experiences shape the universe? As a result, we have been born countless times on earth, getting closer and closer to the challenges set for us

God’s will, that is, our will, is realized. Gradually, people begin to realize their great service of love on earth

You are all gods

Long ago, you decided to step into the dense earth plane and earth like planets

You all want to experience your divinity at this level of creation, so you come to experience, learn and grow

Everything is the will of God

This will is not a cold-blooded order you should obey, it is your real freedom! Because your will is the same as the will of God. There is no difference

It’s only your ignorance of what your will is actually. The more you submit to God’s will and his light, the stronger your integration with him, the faster you will return to your original knowledge of oneness with God

When you choose God, your ego always pretends to be willing. But in fact, every step towards him will strengthen your strength and will. Because each step will bring you closer to your origin and starting point. God’s eternal and generous will. So you just give up your ego, never your will

So don’t be cheated, don’t give your ego the power

Without God, you are nothing. Through God, you are everything

This is also self-evident, because you can only become everything through your divine consciousness. Without it, you are nothing

And your ego will suggest what it likes. You are nothing, you can feel it in your body

Your uneasiness is a sign of it. If you are in God, you are in yourself. There is a God in you

Your ego knows that, your ego covers it up so it can survive. There is great wisdom in understanding this reality

If you understand, you will release the chain that prevents you from giving up what your ego tells you to believe. Your ego has no holistic perspective to bend this will

But your all encompassing divine consciousness is powerful and omniscient. In eternal existence, all things are subject to this power

You come from this power, even: this power is you!

God’s will and your will are one, once you find that you are in harmony with your original nature

You don’t need to be afraid of the pace of leading the ego to dissipate, because your reward is immeasurable

Just care about the kingdom of God and everything else will be given to you

The kingdom of God is in your heart. Make sure your heart is strong and free from delusions

The more you can do it, the more beautiful and satisfied you will be. Your actions will carry the signal of your heart

Indeed, once you reach this point, God’s fullness will pour on you, you will never be hungry again, you will never be hungry again

If you step on the road to your father, it is the road to your heart. This fullness will take good care of yourself, which is for sure

This is one of the most basic commandments of the Creator – you are taken care of

You are given everything to flourish. No one should suffer from want if he submits to his father’s will

Through this surrender, you will be transformed, and slowly the veil will rise, and you will reach the source

Pursue the inner kingdom of God and you will find contentment in abundance in your life

The more you worry about worldly problems, cling to them or become nervous, the weaker your love energy will be. These jams will cause you pain and every lack

If you put your existence in your father’s hands and trust him, you will be relaxed

Don’t worry about tomorrow. Anchor in the present and work from the heart. The kingdom of God is within you

Believe and submit to the power and understanding of your heart. So you can make the light work

Your energy can flow freely again and you will experience the constant presence of God

The feeling of being powerless, at the mercy of God, out of control is a sign of your submission

Once you let go completely, the curtain opens, and the harmony of your being spreads before you

All the fear dissipates and powerlessness becomes power. Now you know why

Your ego feels threatened, your self experiences grace. Your narrow sense of consciousness is a terrible place, and your awakening self experience is freedom

It’s upside down. Up is down, down becomes up. The solutions to all your problems, individually and globally, are in the consciousness of regaining yourself

God is not out of you, he is in you

Ask for the grace of this understanding

Love is always in your heart, and in this oneness you become once again a fully conscious creature with divine order

Always remember that God’s plans are unknown to you, but they are familiar

If you are close to this understanding, you will understand that you are God and in oneness with your father / mother

There is a silent agreement between you and God: he fights for your love, and you resist, but he will fight until you can no longer resist his pursuit, until you yield to his charm

You surrender, and you will find yourself. What is true dedication and how do you achieve it? True submission means “death.”. Surrender, completely let go of the ego. It’s like a rapeseed falling into the soil and bearing abundant fruits. This is rebirth to being

The awakening of the heart, the death of the illusion will bring about this transformation. Surrender means unconditional trust. Your father in heaven will take care of you

This understanding will make you omnipresent and free from ego attachment

Dedication means putting everything down. Your thoughts, opinions, fears, worries and doubts

Your false programming is brought about by your many lifetimes. To be complete, as you are, you have to let all that is out of date die

Everything will be taken care of, and if you surrender, this last death carries the seeds of birth and rebirth. Bear rich fruits, for the benefit of mankind

This process happens step by step. Until you suddenly realize you’re someone else

Until you realize that the seed you sowed a long time ago has grown into a towering tree

Your dedication leads to the transformation of your problems. Until in the end everything is redeemed, until you complete the transformation

You’re awake

You are one with all life, and God’s will is your freedom. Through this freedom, you love and shine your light. Your divinity becomes visible and you have arrived

Dear son of man, son of light, you are all from the divine origin, and we are all connected forever. Beyond time and space, beyond your imagination

God, father is calling you back to his arms. You have done the service you love so well

Contemplation, freedom from great deception and the reality around us. Call us, brothers and sisters walking in front of you, when you need us to come into clarity, we will come

We don’t need to sleep! When you call, you are sure to be accompanied. So you can be what you are. That’s what it was from the beginning

Say hello to me, my love will accompany you everywhere, because your heart is my home

Jesus Sananda


May 2, 2021: we’re talking about the month, not the year, but now we’re talking about the week, not the month. The New Madrid will begin to decompress from the Gulf of Mexico and then head up the Mississippi River. Then there’s the first wave, another wave, up the Mississippi River, and then up the fault. Bridges will be torn down, cities will be destroyed. By the end of the year, hide.

May 16, 2021: as we said on May 2, weeks, not months, means less than two months. What’s going to happen after the I-40 fracture in Arkansas, caused by a drop in altitude? Hard rock shakes Indiana and Illinois, because pulling westward in Illinois will release Indiana land, which will shake compassion. At the same time, a second wave will start in the Gulf of Mexico, this time tearing up some bridges. It’s going to be an iterative pattern.

Q: Thank you Nancy and the Zetas. The New Madrid adjustment is just around the corner. I’m ready. I have a question for the Zetas. What happened to New York City after the tsunami hit the east coast? Thank you.

A: it’s expected to be a tsunami 50 feet high from top to bottom. During Hurricane sandy, they didn’t perform well in a 12 foot storm surge. The subway was flooded and the power was cut off.



May 26, today “super blood month” is coming again!


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