Five dimensional soul ascension steps 7-9^_^

Five dimensional soul ascension steps 7-9^_^

Author: Diana Cooper / Tim (UK)

Step 7   Elemental elf Kingdom

The elemental elf kingdom is a very important part of the earth divine plan, and it has a close relationship with the angel kingdom. The elemental elf is the angel’s brother. These celestial beings are called elemental elves because they do not have all four elements. For example, a fairy contains only one element:

● fairies and sylphs are wind element elves.
● goblins, Pixies and elves are earth element elves.
● fire dragons and salamanders are fire elemental elves.
● water goddesses and mermaids are water element elves.
● imps and fauns are elves that combine several elements.

Before the cosmic moment in 2012, the element Elves were between the third dimension and the fifth dimension, because since then, the frequency of the earth has been rising rapidly, and the three-dimensional elves who have served countless generations on the earth have moved to the fourth dimension. Recently, those who came to the earth to help, such as kyhil, who cleaned up water pollution, and Isaac, who helped clean up the blocking energy on this land, have not yet had the opportunity to open their hearts to accept the four-dimensional model, but the time will come soon.

The spirits of the fifth dimension – some fairies, ugly goblins and Dragons – have been enlightened on earth. They will have the opportunity to ascend to the seventh dimension and join the ranks of angels.

The elemental elves ascended quickly because they built the infrastructure for the earth by taking care of trees and plants and raising the vibration of the country and the land itself.

The earth elemental elves retain the structure of sacred geometry within the land. With the approaching of the golden century, the Earth Dragon is also waking up. They are reviving the wisdom contained in the crystals buried deep in the earth during Lemurian times. These crystals are activating the light coding of the sacred geometry, which will be projected onto melcabari of earth. The Earth Dragon is now lighting melcaba on earth.

The amazing, wise and broad-minded five-dimensional ugly goblins have stabilized the Dragon line energy and formed a grid all over the world. Dragon line is a flowing energy line, which replaces the old earth vein system, but there is no new seventh dimensional frequency of crystal grid.

Trees are the holders of knowledge and wisdom of a place. For the coming of the new century, the ugly goblins are transmitting the knowledge and wisdom contained in the trees of the world, together with other energy, to the whole grid to pre program the new era. They have also begun to direct light from other galaxies (currently stored in vast forests) down into this grid. When the infrastructure of this new century is completed, this is only a small part of the light that will flow through the Dragon line.

When the elves of the earth element – elves, goblins and ugly goblins – increase their frequency, they are also starting the coding in the land and increasing the vibration of plants growing in it. The frequency of our food has increased.

In this turbulent period of creative activities, the elemental elves, under the guidance of the elemental masters and their commanders, are increasing the frequency of the whole nature kingdom:
● the element master of the wind is DOM, supervised by the unicorn.
● the master of fire elements is sol, under the care of Archangel Gabriel.
● the elemental master of the earth is Taiya, under the care of the goddess Gaia.
● the master of water elements is napton, under the care of Poseidon.
● the Archangel Gabriel is in charge of the whole process. He coordinates with pan, the master of the ninth dimension, and purlimiek, the angel of nature.
● Archangel Metatron is the commander in chief.
Because the frequency of nature is accelerating, it increases the frequency of human beings at the cellular level in the form of harmonic transfer. In addition, the sun shines on the cells in our bodies, and this, coupled with the changing frequency of nature, naturally changes our DNA structure from double strands to twelve strands that people had in the golden age of Atlantis. In this case, the amazing talents, talents and strength we had in that era are slowly returning to us.

More and more unicorns are now pouring into the earth from the heart of origin. The seven dimensional unicorns were the first to come here and pour their light and love on us. Now the ninth dimensional beings bless us with their presence. They came in through the gate of Archangel Christian, the etheric body above Tibet.


When the earth dragons stand still above the earth, their light – which contains the code of original love and wisdom – is guided to the earth in a tube. The fairy fixed it firmly, and then the ugly goblin took it down into the inner space of the earth and spread it all over the crystal grid.


Water Dragons (actually water snakes) retain new vibrational structures in various waters on earth. The extremely strong light from the galaxy shines on the waters of the earth at the “cosmic moment” (when the cosmic moment comes, the whole universe will fall into silence. At this time, the gate of heaven opens and pours incredible high-frequency light on us – based on another book “crossing 2012” by Diana Cooper), which improves the consciousness of Christ in the water, And added pure gold light. This is the beginning of the earth’s transformation process, because water will flow around and penetrate into all things.

The great Neptune master sang a five dimensional tone, maintaining a resonance with Christ consciousness for water. Then the water goddess (the elemental spirit of water) can maintain the harmonic of consciousness frequency in the ocean, and then add and diffuse it through the tidal energy flow under the influence of the moon cycle.

At each full moon, the incredible frequency will be projected into the oceans, rivers and lakes, reflecting the pure angel love and code of hailios. With full moons again and again, the vibration of water rises higher. This also includes water in human cells.


Fire is the most powerful transformation power with alchemical effect in the world. On earth, it is used to transform the frequency of three dimensions into a higher form. This is happening all over the world. It is the fastest way to remove thick energy points.

The salamander and fire dragon (fire element spirit) are cleaning up quickly under the command of fire element master sol to ensure that the consciousness of Christ is spread everywhere as much as possible.
In addition, fire dragons are being sent to places with strong energy. The human task is to create bridges with ideas to let fire dragons enter these areas. When they convert the lower frequency, we can call the angels of Unicorn and Archangel Christian to shine on the cleaned places with the light of hope and inspiration.
Meditation to purify part of the earth in cooperation with the elemental elves

  1. Find a place where you can relax and not be disturbed. You can also go out to nature.
  2. Sit quietly and breathe naturally. I hope to connect with the element spirit and improve the frequency of the world together.
  3. Visualize and follow your feet, go deep into the ground and let yourself be rooted in the earth.
  4. Ask Archangel Michael to put on his dark blue protective cloak for you.
  5. Pray for fire element master sol to bring you fire dragon and fire lizard. Send them where higher frequency light is needed. Watch them burn the low energy.
  6. Call the wind element master Dom and ask him to bring you the wind elves – sylphs, fairies and wind Dragons – fan the transformed flame.
  7. Ask the master of water element Neptune to bring the water goddess and rain to purify the place until it is clean and shiny. See the glittering rain wash into the earth.
  8. Ask the earth element master Taiya to send earth dragons to spread new vibrations through the land of this place.
  9. Please the angels of Unicorn and Archangel Christian shine on this area forever with the light, hope, inspiration and pure love of Christ.
  10. Thank all the elemental masters and elemental elves for what they have done.
  11. Open your eyes and know that you have accelerated the ascension of the earth with the help of the elemental spirit.

Step 8   Interstellar Council
The interstellar Council is a group of twelve powerful members who make decisions about the evolution of the earth. They made the decision of great experiment and took the responsibility of supervision and management. One example is the Atlantis experiment. The purpose of this experiment is to observe whether human beings can maintain their connection with the source while still maintaining their body and experiencing various emotions.
Because the frequency has increased significantly in recent years, many individuals and groups can connect through Archangel butyalil and the interstellar Council and ask them to help in many ways, whether it is related to the earth or important plans related to human health, well-being or progress. We can also provide services to help the world or the universe. The current members of Parliament are
Master mark

The great Marko represents the highest Galactic Alliance in the solar system. He keeps all the scientific and technological information of the United universe, which exists in a huge, very high-frequency quartz crystal skull. Master mark downloaded the applicable ideas into the minds of those who are ready to bring the five-dimensional technology back to earth, and the information has been stored in the chakras of the ethereal world and the soul star of those willing to do this service. One example is the digital camera, which can capture the frequency of six dimensional angels in the form of light ball / energy ball.
The scientific community has just begun to explore the existence of parallel universes. Once it believes that science and spirituality can work together, scientists can accept higher-order information. With the help of Seraphina, the six winged angel, master Marco is carefully supervising this matter.
Commander Ashtar

Commander Ashtar is the commander of the seven dimensional Starfleet. His spacecraft patrols around the earth to protect and assist us. Because of their high frequency, we can’t see them.
Ashtar is now working with Archangel Metatron to assist in this process of ascension. When millions of souls reach their state of ascension, he will welcome them there. He takes care of an important two-way cross dimensional portal in Machu Picchu, Peru, from which his mother ship enters the earth. His mission in the interstellar Council is to maintain the balance of power in the universe and keep them in balance and harmony with each other.
Lord heraling

Lord Hilarion is the master of the fifth light – Orange technology and scientific light. He has a close cooperative relationship with master mark and commander Ashtar. These three people work together to ensure that appropriate information is downloaded to the minds of those who want to use it. Several of them include new communication technology, energy ball pictures, crystal technology and clean energy.

If you want to use spiritual technology to help mankind, you should know that the Lord Hera spirit or an angel in the Archangel Raphael Angel group who works with him has put it into your consciousness. You can ask him to help you show it and monitor his progress.
Saint Germain

St. Germain has just been promoted to the Lord of civilization (a high-level position in the spiritual class). He and Archangel Gabriel and sakir are the ascending guardians of the purple flame of cosmic diamonds. This flame has the ability to convert lower frequency energy into higher frequency.
Saint Germain’s mission in this interstellar Council is to educate mankind! He protected the sacred five dimensional blueprint for the communities and golden cities in the coming golden century. He is rebuilding the way of life enjoyed by people in the Atlantean era, but at a higher level.

In his new nine dimensional mission, the messenger of universal love, Jesus is actually spreading the vibrational light of Christ to the whole earth (33 is a number corresponding to the frequency of Christ consciousness). His chakra is connected to the heart of the universe, and he also takes care of the start of the heart chakra all over the world. His mission in the interstellar Council is to plant the seeds of pure love wherever there is a chance. His partner is the archangel christier who is awakening mankind to higher love.

a buddism godness guanyin

Guanyin is the goddess of mercy we know. She has been reincarnated in China for 2000 years and has had a great impact on the world. She is also the master of karma in the sixth light – the light of great love and dedication to service, and her partner is Archangel Uriel.
Her mission in the interstellar Council is to spread the divine feminine / feminine wisdom around, empower women, and let men have more contact with their feminine parts. She also helped bring balance to the ascending earth. After completing these tasks on earth, her tasks in the interstellar Council will change, and she will focus on the ascension of other planets.
Upper main library Tumi

Lord Kuthumi is now the world’s mentor in charge of the education system of all memory circles. He also supervises the “inner earth University” for the leaders of the planet, and also cultivates higher quality leadership for us on earth. He also works with Archangel yoffel, the archangel in charge of wisdom, to help us look at our children differently so that we can accept an education system sufficient to nurture special beings who are specially entrusted to us at this time.


El Morya was the master of the first light, the light of divine will and creation. His mission in the interstellar Council is to strengthen our divine will so that we can actively create a new golden century. Together with Archangel Michael, he guarded the five dimensional blueprint for those men who would be born into the future society. So that they can show male energy balanced with their inner divine female energy.
Aimoya and the archangel faith contact all women to help them balance their positive and negative energy. For the power distribution of the five dimensions, he maintains a comprehensive vision in order to achieve the due balance between men and women. At present, he is helping to dismantle the ego structure that has existed since the collapse of Atlantis.
Ceropas Bay

Ceropas Bay is the master of the fourth light, the light of harmony and balance, and his partner is Archangel Gabriel. He was the great priest incarnation of Atlantis, and also represented the Star Council to guard the white ascension flame of Atlantis, which symbolizes the purity and perfection obtained after reaching an agreement with Christ consciousness. Together with Lord Maitreya, he also takes care of different groups of white brothers throughout the universe.

There are different pyramids throughout the planet, which contain resonances with different ascending flames. When we reach a certain vibration frequency, ceropas Bay will bring them together into a brilliant ascension flame to form the crystalline matrix of Gaia who has ascended. In other words, it will start a new energy body of our planet. When humans reach the higher levels of the fifth dimension, ceropas Bay will intervene to help people maintain the frequency at this high level.

Paul of Venice

Paul the Venetian in Venice is the master of the third light – the light of creativity and artistic expression. Together with the archangel Shamir, he brought love into what people showed. His energy flows among writers, artists and creative creators, bringing the light of ascension through everyone’s work. These works produced in pure love, as long as they still exist in material form, will spread the energy of ascension and will never lose their echo.
Paul of Venice’s work in the Star Council is an important way to help us understand creativity. In our new world, creativity is the cornerstone of manifestation.

Mary Magdalene

Lady Nada has served in the interstellar Conference for centuries and is very focused on things on earth. She is now spreading the great love of the universe, so Mary Magdalene was promoted to replace her and assisted by Lady Portia, the goddess of justice.
Mary Magdalene is working with Archangel Uriel to bring spirituality into religion, because religious ideas need to be transformed into a five dimensional frequency. Her work in the interstellar Council is to preserve the picture of unity and love.
Lord maitria

The Lord Maitreya / Maitreya is the master of the brothers of the great pure light. Maitria’s energy is the blueprint for peace on earth. His work in the interstellar Council is to preserve the vision of peace. He works with unicorn and Archangel Christian to realize it on earth.

Meditation connecting the interstellar Council

If you want to visit the Star Council, you can ask the archangel butyaril to take you to their temple in the inner world. If you have energy that you particularly like in the Star Council, you can also connect with them individually.

Before making a connection, say the names of the masters in the Star Council during the day. Learn to know them and feel their individual resonance.

  1. Find a place where you can relax without interference. Light candles if possible.
  2. Sit quietly, breathe naturally, and look forward to visiting the interstellar Council.
  3. Imagine that the root extends from your feet, goes deep into the earth, and lets yourself be rooted in the earth.
  4. Ask Archangel Michael to put on his dark blue protective cloak for you.
  5. Invite the archangel butyaril to come to you and surround you with his pure white halo. Inhale his high-frequency energy.
  6. Archangel butyaril takes you to the Star Council. In an instant, you find yourself in a dazzling net light, surrounded by twelve brilliant beings of light. Notice that their light is opening up for you to accept higher frequencies.
  7. One of the masters stood up. You recognize him.
  8. He put one hand on your top wheel and the other on your heart. Your chakras combine to become a pillar of light.
  9. Each of your twelve chakras has a part of a master who appears in Parliament. You will carry this energy in your ascension mission.
  10. Now you have permission to visit the interstellar Council at any time you want to help earth. You are their representative on earth, and you can also use this power to help the universe.
  11. Open your eyes, take a deep breath and spread this beautiful light.
    In fact, before this meditation, you may have been the representative of the interstellar Council on earth. You may be aware of this, or you may be doing heroic service in your sleep without realizing it.

Step 9     Request that the interstellar will also assist the earth
Because we have free will, the interstellar Council can’t do anything directly to our consciousness, but they can change the energy around us, which is much like changing the soil around plants to make them flourish. You can ask this Council to change energy and help all people on earth at this time.

Here are a few examples of what you can ask for. The more people pay attention to these requests and add their energy, the faster the whole earth moves forward.

Unconditional love
Unconditional love, which means the 33 vibration of Christ consciousness, will follow the higher crystalline matrix (the new high-frequency structure of the planet is finally fully established and recognized. If we can accelerate this process, the whole world will be very happy and emit pure love and acceptance faster. We can visit the interstellar Council and ask them to help us become the conductor of Christ consciousness and spread it into the crystal matrix. Everyone who does this will be happy This is a new model of spiritual love. Spiritual love means pure and unconditional love.
world peace
When the divine Yin is fully balanced on earth, world peace can be achieved. We can ask the interstellar Council to strengthen the divine Yin energy all over the world. This means that if we want to introduce this energy, the effectiveness of the full moon will be stronger than before. Therefore, we also call on the Archangel St. Delphin to strengthen the power of tourmaline and Hematite crystals on earth to help us It is important that everyone is rooted in the earth.

There are other ways to promote peace:

We can ask the interstellar Council to give a lot of light to fill the earth with cosmic diamond purple flame, and then lead part of the dome above Atlantis – now placed in seven cosmic pyramids around the world to enhance and expand it.

We can ask Guanyin, Ms. Nada, Mary Magdalene and Ms. Portia to put a diamond in the energy field of every woman on earth, so that they can connect in the firm sister Friendship Center of mutual support and mutual strength. This will enable women to shoulder their due responsibilities and bring the best balance between divine positive and negative energy on earth. I We can ask them to send more fire dragons to burn the lower energy on earth, and let humans quickly send them to the local area when they need fire dragons.

Children and education
The crystal pyramids that originally formed the dome above the golden Atlantis have now been placed all over the universe. Under strategic considerations, in order to maintain a high frequency, some of them are placed above the sacred sites of the earth, such as Sedona in the United States, Shasta, ululru in Australia and Tibet.

Many people realize that now we should treat children as independent individuals and educate them in this way, so that their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs can be met and nourished. At this time, we should also expect to raise generations of happy, awakened and peace loving children, and develop their potential in the best way.

So we can ask them to provide a crystal pyramid containing knowledge and wisdom to do this work. We can ask to put it above the earth so that its light can shine on everyone like increasing waves from there. In this process, we can ask the archangel St. Stephen to send an energy rooted in the earth to mankind, so that we can Enable the new method.

In 2012, a powerful portal designed for animals was opened in Yellowstone Park. We would like to thank the interstellar Council for this. At the same time, we also ask them to place more portals for animals on each continent, each emitting an animal angel, the archangel pelyai Yellow energy, let it improve human awareness of treating animals, and help animals improve their confidence and self-worth.

New spiritual technology
In order to increase the power of the earth in a five-dimensional way, we can ask that the seeds of new spiritual technology be placed in the minds of individuals who are ready to do this work. Seeds need the best soil and nutrients to grow, so we can ask that energy that can allow them to reproduce and flourish be placed around each seed idea.

There are many other appropriate requests that you can make to the interstellar Council, and we have discussed the above with the members of the Council. If there are enough people to make those requests to them, whether those or others, they will agree in the best interest.

Imagine making a request to the interstellar Council

  1. Find a place where you can relax without being disturbed. Light a candle if possible.
  2. Sit quietly, breathe naturally, and look forward to visiting the interstellar Council to ask for the promotion of the ascension of the earth.
  3. Visualize the roots extending down from your feet, deep into the earth, and let yourself be rooted in the earth.
  4. Ask Archangel Michael to put on his dark blue protective cloak for you.
  5. Realize that Archangel butyaril stands in front of you in the form of pure white light, or looks at his energy light ball. Step into his energy. Inhale it. Your potential to connect with the stars is lit up.
  6. Surrounded by the pure white light of Archangel butyaril, you rise through different dimensions. Finally, you see the ethereal castle in the energy center of the interstellar Council appear in front of you.
  7. You can invite twelve luminous masters in your heart or orally. Feel them coming to you and you greet them. They form a high-frequency circle, and you are now a part of it.
  8. Make your request to Parliament in mind or orally, and then keep quiet and let them consider your request.
  9. One of them is going to talk to you now. Usually Jesus is the representative of voice. He has unparalleled wisdom, unconditional love and kindness. He knows human beings very well and always takes the earth as the highest priority. He will let you know whether your request for the earth has been answered by the divine community. In other words, if it is in the energy flow of the source, it will be Should be promised.
  10. A light ball appears in the center of the circle surrounded by twelve people. Here you can see that a praying energy is gathering for your request.
  11. Jesus takes you through a square window. You look down at the earth and see the impact of your request after it has been fully realized.
  12. Twelve people bow to you and thank you for helping the earth with your light. You feel the light from each of them enter your heart.
  13. Thank them.
  14. Enter the pure white light of Archangel butyaril again and return to the place where you started.


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