Predicting the great transformation of life^_^ You never lack the ability to manifest. You need to be in the present (no time / zero / focus / play), which is the source of manifestation power

Predicting the great transformation of life^_^ You never lack the ability to manifest. You need to be in the present (no time / zero / focus / play), which is the source of manifestation power

If you can only learn one thing from this book, it is that the power of manifestation needs to be present.

Manifesting ability is not what you want to learn. You are born to give full play to it. The only question is when you will begin to close the curtain imposed on yourself and allow your light body to experience unlimited possibilities freely.

Content introduction

By Fred ̇ Pastor Stirling’s channeling, a loving guide spirit zirel who came here from the seventh level of light, dedicated his own light to the earth level to help human healing, evolution and experience the “great transformation of consciousness”. The coming great transformation will change the way everyone on earth lives. It will be a great time for joy and celebration. The mother of the earth will rebalance herself and prepare for the collective evolution of mankind into the fourth dimension. Zerill’s insight can enlighten people and rekindle love and hope.

Reading this book, you will enter a stimulating journey of growth and consciousness expansion.

Master goring Cheryl passed through Fred ̇ Pastor Stirling gives a message to encourage people to strive for truth, trust and enthusiasm in any relationship. This book has a gift for everyone. It discusses topics such as intimacy, career and investment in raising children. It also covers important topics such as the evolution of the soul and the awakening of Christ consciousness. It provides information about the transformation and ascension of human consciousness. Meditation is emphasized again.

Master Cheryl provides answers to your internal doubts about growth and transformation through question and answer in each chapter. It is an important message for meditation practitioners. For ordinary people, it can also answer the doubts in life and help people move from fear to love and light.

Master Cheryl, the guardian of the journey of life and the king of angels, has brought many messages about the lost ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis, and led us to understand the influence of aliens on the earth. Our mother earth is undergoing a planetary level transformation and is gradually fully shrouded in photonic band energy. She is about to experience the great transformation of three days of darkness. Zirel calls this life changing experience “a journey from fear to love”. The great transformation from the third dimension to the fourth dimension is already in progress. Increase your frequency and consciously participate in it!

About the author

Fred ̇ Fred Sterling

He is a senior psychic, shepherd and messenger. He is a shaman with Native American roots who goes back and forth between the third dimensional world of mankind and the infinite realm of spirit. He used books, articles or recorded cases to convey the loving light and wisdom of master’s guidance to lingziril. As the founder and senior pastor of the non-traditional spiritual church “Honolulu Church of light”, he illuminates the local assembly with his love and light, and illuminates the international community of light workers through the Internet.

The books he wrote with master Cheryl are:

Kirael: the ten principles of conscious creation

Guide to the unseen self

Books such as Kirael: the genesis matrix often share their wisdom and Kirael’s information in radio, Internet and TV programs. The weekly webcast “with Fred” ̇ “The great transformation of the soul together” has invited many top spiritual people and healers from all over the world to awaken us to the great transformation of consciousness with love. Pastor Stirling is a gifted and dedicated healer who helps seekers around the world explore themselves and enter the healing path of love.
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About master Cheryl’s guiding spirit
Zirel is a loving guiding spirit who comes here from the seventh level of light and dedicates his light to this earth level to help mankind heal, evolve and experience what he calls the “great transformation of consciousness”. Master Cheryl guides the spirit through Fred ̇ He is called king of angels and guardian of the journey of life.

Not long ago, great energy has spread throughout the earth and brought information to the human world from sources that people are not ready to touch. In the 1970s, Jane ̇ Jane Roberts introduced the preeminent existence of a non entity called Seth. Today, there are many great and loving energies to help mother earth and her residents through channeling:
Kryon by Lee ̇ Lee Carroll sends a message.

The group was founded by Steve ̇ Steve rother sends a message.
Abraham by Esther ̇ Esther Hicks sends a message.

Gaia by Pepel ̇ Pepper Lewis sends a message.

Archangel Michael by rongna ̇ Ronna Herman sends a message.

In the late 1980s, an exciting new energy was known to another generation of Lightworkers, who called himself Cheryl and Fred ̇ Reverend Stirling is honored to serve as his psychic medium. We call this body male “he” only because he communicates through pastor Stirling. However, zirel clearly states that his energy module is not male or female, but a light energy module from different dimensions.

Cheryl is here on an unprecedented mission. He appeared at this moment in history to realize an ancient prophecy handed down from generation to generation about an evolutionary cycle that began about 200000 years ago. It is no coincidence that so many great energies are here at the same time, because this is a time of extraordinary change and growth.

Council master Kirael, as he used to call it, is here to lead the mother earth and her residents into a new generation with comprehensive changes in evolution, and this is what he calls the “great transformation of consciousness”. This period in history has been predicted by the ancient Mayans, Native Americans, Egyptians and the biblical calendar. It has also been called “the end of the world”, “zero point”, “timeless” and other terrible names by Nostradamus and many modern psychic media. They all vividly depict images of doomsday showdown or ascension, rapture, or revelation.

However, Cheryl has always maintained that the great transformation is not dark and tragic. It is a great moment of joy and celebration. The mother of the earth rebalances herself and prepares for the collective evolutionary movement into the new dimension.

Master Cheryl’s most important mission to guide the spirit is the healing of the human world. He has set world peace, harmony and human enlightenment as his main goals. He has provided practical and powerful tools for this transformation through books, audio recordings, radio, television, Internet broadcasting, and websites rich in text and voice data.

Chapter 1 welcome to the great transformation

Cheryl: the great shift. Many people think about what it is, when it will happen, and who will participate, but they will find that there is only one participant. The participant is you who is reading these words!! Each of you, one day you will understand that there is only one participant.

Therefore, I want to tell everyone who is reading this part of the book that the great transformation refers to the promotion from a certain level of consciousness to the next level. This refers to the awakening of some parts of your mind and cellular consciousness that have been sleeping for no reason. Before that, there was a period of huge aggregation, when you let a few people make decisions for you.

But it will no longer be so, my friend, this is a great transformation of human consciousness. Human beings will rise in love and the peace of truth without any violence. My friend, that’s when the earth level changes to a new level of consciousness. I would say this: most people who are reading this chapter will agree. I am in the so-called third dimension. This dimension is based on duality and is based on Yin and Yang. Everything has opposites.

But you’re going somewhere, my friend. I used to say it was slow but steady, but that’s not the case anymore. You are going to a situation where you find that truth is something you did not expect to be. You are moving towards a situation where you distinguish between enthusiasm and raw excitement. You are moving to a position where you are in charge of everything you see. You will know how to communicate at a level you thought impossible.

Many of you have begun to see for yourselves the truth in my words. But most importantly, my friend, the great transformation means that you can be in love, pure love, and don’t think about yourself. This may be a little strange.

Finally, about your great transformation, we are with you. You will hear us in different forms, different names and different ways, but we are with you, and the creator sends us the best light we have ever had. How excited we are when we see the whole civilization. In the past, the beautiful and great creator tried to reset the mother earth and purify her in the light again. You must all be lifted off the earth plane. But this time your Creator has great confidence in his own light, that is, you and me, so he wants you to stay on this planet.

There is no fear in the rest of this chapter. You will stay here to ascend mother earth, and that process will be the best experience she has. What a great way to go. God bless you!

Cheryl: This is a very exciting time! This is the beginning of a wonderful journey into the awakening of the essence of one’s own truth. It’s time to let go of fear and embrace freedom.
However, what is freedom? It is very simple to recognize that you came to earth with a mission, which is to experience all things that the third dimension can provide. When the third dimension comes to an end, it will be said that a great transformation will permeate every aspect of your earth.

The change of the earth is coming, and all the views you hold now will need to be adjusted. The transformation of consciousness has begun. The transformation is so great that it will be considered the greatest event in human history. Please cheer up, my friend, and follow us on the journey to expand the possibility of self evolution, return to the whole, and achieve our highest potential.

I hope everyone knows that it doesn’t matter whether you have just embarked on your own journey or have achieved a high degree of spiritual evolution. This book contains the truth to everyone. Usually, there is a big difference between what you hear and your inner feelings. When you read these words, what you “hear” doesn’t matter. What matters is your feelings. Many of the words you will read here may have many meanings, and this data may challenge your existing belief system.

Some people think it’s the end of the world. However, I can assure you that mother earth will be here for a long time, but it may not be like what you know today. This transformation brings the most wonderful awakening of consciousness that has never been experienced. It has come to you when you read this book. So perhaps it can be said that the world you know today is coming to an end in order to replace it with a world you can never imagine.

The new world will provide completely new experiences, such as communication without sound, travel without body, and love without fear. The truth in the words of “brothers and sisters” will become reality. Powerful governments, world leaders, chaos and war will be things of the past. Therefore, if you think these are necessary, you still live in fear. But this book will take you beyond everything today. It is to become a source of information and show you how to resonate with this new energy. It is a guide to make your journey the most powerful experience you have experienced in your life.

You have lived on your evolutionary journey for several lifetimes. No previous life is wasted because you choose to experience every possible thing. When we move into the evolutionary possibility of the fourth dimension, this journey called the third dimension comes to a complete end. If the feeling of being out of control and being swallowed up for the rapid pace on the earth level is your past choice, I would like to invite you to allow yourself to add more strength, make new decisions, put down fear, embrace beauty, and love everything provided by this new journey. This book will let you know how to do it and open the door for you to add strength.

You have been on the journey of self discovery for thousands of years, and this journey has taken you through the whole of the third dimension. Now this journey takes you into a new experience and a new era, which is why it is called the “new era”.

Since the beginning of mankind, people have been afraid that they may not find a way back to the creator. Fear is used to prevent you from taking shortcuts on this journey. It has worked for thousands of years, but fear can no longer be used to reduce the acceleration of the journey. Simply put, you can’t use the excuse of “I don’t know”, because when that knowledge wakes up, my friend, you will begin to enjoy the journey 100%.

Remember that evolution is based on the journey, so my whole book emphasizes the need to fully enjoy the journey. The results of all linear thinking patterns have been formed in advance, and wait until the specified time to manifest from the fourth dimension to the third dimension.
Please be fully aware that every action taken by human consciousness is actually a choice. Every choice you make creates a path to a new journey. Choose carefully, because if you have an idea, it is only a matter of time before it will manifest into your reality.

I have come here to share with you many new and sometimes difficult concepts, which may pull your belief system from time to time. However, you can rest assured that I always speak according to the truth. I may not always say what you want to hear, but I can assure you that what I say is what you need to hear. In these teachings of love and healing, great determination led me to the path of Christ’s energy.

I’m absolutely sure I’m not here to be your teacher or to transfer your thoughts to any belief system. My intention is to provide many different potentials, such as how to prepare and even enjoy the part you participate in, in addition to letting you know how to go through this transformation. As you weigh these possibilities, keep the following words in mind:

Keep and enjoy what you like, and put aside what you don’t like, because they all have their own steps to present themselves.

Changes in cognition of historical facts
About every two thousand years, there will be a transformation at the earth level. Seven or eight thousand years ago, the creator revealed plans to allow a more complete journey so that all of you can expand and return to the creator. By reincarnating to the earth level, it can be said that you have lost the luxury of living in the so-called higher experience. I say “so-called” because it is an honor to live in the self, through which we can experience this journey called the third dimension. We should clearly know that there is only one real separation line between the earthly individual (human) and the nature of the creator, which is the curtain of awareness, and the history of human existence is the evolutionary process of increasing its own frequency, so that you can cross this curtain with gratitude and beauty.
About 6000 years ago, the period known as the “Egyptian Pharaoh” lasted about 2000 years until Moses began to integrate his followers. There was great confusion during this period until the acceptance of the ten commandments. For the next two thousand years, the unfolding of things accumulated in new free thinking until Jesus brought a new reality into the earth, as history shows. Again, great chaos seems to have penetrated the evolutionary plan. Note that each period lasts about two thousand years. What happened in Jesus’ time is not the same as what we encounter now?

The new era actually began two thousand years ago when Christian consciousness penetrated into evolution. One of the reasons why people don’t like the word “new era” today is that this change is actually set in the past. However, because many people are not aware of this in consciousness, they will expect a greater transformation than what really happens. This creates feelings of dissatisfaction. To this day, the same evolving souls still don’t like the word “new era”. However, I can assure you, my friend, that you will not be disappointed this time.

In fact, the time you know is an illusion that is gradually losing its power, and the result is that time is being compressed. Now, you are the creator’s energy, which is sent in formatted thought form only to evolve back to love again. In this evolutionary process, you are only given thousands of years to truly complete your journey through all possible experiences in the three dimensions. After that, you are expected to return to the creator in complete perfection. This is why you must complete your experience in the third dimension and prepare for enlightenment in the fourth dimension. This is why it is so important to use the remaining time to complete the experience of the third dimension without wasting the beautiful essence of any fourth dimension.

As most people know, all the essence of life must move to its final completion through the so-called “evolution”, and this is the will of the creator. In this often chaotic process, the earth, like other living beings, must fulfill her own destiny. The earth is in the third dimensional space-time and is rapidly coming to an end. Therefore, anything vibrating at this level must be raised to a new height in order to play a role in the new essence. This is the journey from the third dimension to the fourth dimension.

Photon energy makes a big difference
There is a so-called “photon energy” phenomenon that will come into contact with the earth shortly after the turn of the century. However, it is difficult to determine the date.

Mother earth will make the final decision with people’s enlightenment. You see, the sum of her speed and awareness is a variable to calculate the actual time. The more you awaken, the more passionate you will be to complete your experience as quickly as possible. When I say time is not on your side, please believe me. Wake up, my friend, wake up!

Depending on your level of evolution in this transformation at the moment, you may think that those changes that will come are superfluous. Mother earth will make some adjustments. For example, your scientific community has noticed that the planet’s magnetic poles have begun to shift and that its rotation speed is changing.

Also, her land mass is shifting, causing a lot of compression. The earth’s plates are moving together and gradually stacking each other. Some can detect and some can’t trigger more than 100 earthquakes in a day. You only need common sense to know that the combination of land blocks is changing.

Human beings mistakenly treat the resources of the mother earth, resulting in the decomposition of the ozone layer, making the earth’s atmospheric pressure increasing. In addition, the influence of photon energy also began to squeeze the earth’s surface. Photon energy vibrates at a different frequency than you are used to, and also contributes to the startling feeling of time acceleration.

There is no doubt that the mother earth is being compressed and transformed, and all other things (including time) must also be compressed and transformed. Even your human body is changing, which is why you feel pressure on the surface of your body. The pressures currently used by mother earth and her efforts to adjust to these pressures are the reasons for this compression.

Let’s mention the Hawaiian Islands. Those islands are actually the peaks of the ancient Lemurian continent. You may not have heard of it, because today’s history began after the period of Atlantis. However, my friend, there is a lot of history that will soon be found because the secret chamber of the Great Pyramid is open to the world. In the turmoil caused by earth change, the Hawaiian Islands will have substantial land blocks, and the current structure in the rest of the world may be reduced. My intention is not to cause panic, but to support everyone in finding their own level of preparation for this transformation.
For the part of chaos, my intention is to enlighten you rather than scare you, because chaos is actually part of this transformation. You will not have to wait for chaos, because you have begun to experience small-scale chaos. For example, television makes you know many terrible events, and this is only the beginning of the upcoming events. Reading this book will help you avoid becoming part of the chaos. With knowledge and a true understanding of the process, you will not only be able to go through the change, but also find clarity that will help you along the way.

The creator has a divine plan that includes all those who can understand unity. Many people will choose the old way and try to push hard in the new era to produce their own way. It’s useless. The more you understand that through the cooperation of love and healing, your own clarity will be able to focus on helping each other more quickly. Through this process, more people will evolve into a new era.

Now let’s look at it from the perspective of mother earth. In your long-term mission of exploration, you have disintegrated her with such unimaginable actions, such as cutting down her beautiful forest, pouring toxic waste into her originally clear water, and discharging terrible and toxic gases into her originally fresh blue sky. Will you still believe that such atrocities can continue without God’s intervention?

There is no doubt that these things will pass eventually. Please be clear that all the things I have said so far and more will pass. The creator’s intention is not to end your civilization, but to give you an opportunity to be beautiful, peaceful and heartfelt grateful. Please read on with enthusiasm. What will be shown to you should strengthen your journey, as those who are reading this book will be given the responsibility to assist the evolution of the beautiful mother earth.

Some prophets hold high the sign of “the end of the world”, but things will not happen in that form.

The great transformation, my friend, is not the end of the world. We should be very clear about this. However, the world you know is coming to an end. This change is not about to happen. My friend, it doesn’t need to come in at all now. It’s already here. This change is already by your side when we talk. It should be clear that this transformation is not coming! This transformation is already here! You are already in great transformation.

Galactic brotherhood

You may have heard of the “Galactic Brotherhood”, which usually refers to aliens, cosmic beings and many other names. Please don’t regard them as threats. In fact, they are the most peaceful and threat free, because they have chosen to help mankind through this transformation.

The Hubble Space Telescope has shown that the Milky way you live in has 100 billion solar like planetary systems. And your galaxy is only one of the 200 billion galaxies in the universe. Think about it! There are 200 billion galaxies, and each galaxy has 100 billion suns. Wake up! Do you still think you are the only ethnic group? If you believe that you are the only one, it will be full of arrogance. Does it make sense that the creator’s power is only enough to create a life system on a planet among the 200 billion galaxies? If I could find a way to laugh in words, I would do so!

For those who cannot adapt to this concept, I tell you, I am not from the earth level. I’m not even from your galaxy. In fact, I come from the seventh dimension and you are in the third dimension. The next dimension, the fourth dimension, is the dimension of thought. The next fifth dimension is a field without Duality (yin and Yang), a dimension of pure love. Then there are the sixth dimension, the seventh dimension and so on, which we will describe in subsequent books.

In this book, I refer to many civilizations in the Galactic brotherhood, such as Sirians, Pleiadians and Andromedans. Each has its own impact on your Earth plane, and each impact is added to the results of your reality before your transformation. Some of you will think that the Galactic brotherhood is separated from earth consciousness. Let me make it very clear: they are not coming. They are already here! Because of their excellent technology, they can exist in your atmosphere undetected (I will talk more about this part in Chapter 6).

Dark three days: don’t panic!

One of the processes of this transformation is from the edge of photon energy, that is, the photonic band, into it. Such a shift has been called “three days of darkness”. During this period, the earth plane will experience darkness you have never experienced. For example, in these three dark days, you will not be able to see your hands held inches away from your eyes. Such darkness is hard to describe because it has never happened before. My friend, if you need to stay in your heart at the moment, you will feel more confident and even look forward to this special moment.

When darkness occurs and the temperature begins to drop, you may care about family members who are less aware of the current situation. Just know that every soul acts in the form of an individual and has chosen their own way home. If your loved one’s own awareness falls far behind, then I can only say, “do your best”. Although these souls seem not to care about what is happening on earth, they are only a little close to understanding it. Just let them listen to your version. The point is not to completely change the way they believe, but to plant the seeds of knowledge and trust that the creator will lead them far enough to see the need for awakening.

There are three options for this transformation

You may have three ways to experience great transformation.
First of all, you may choose to “return home”! Some believe that this is death – you will return to your roots and no longer have further contact with the earth plane.

Second, it may be directed to the so-called “holographic world”. This will be mentioned in future books.

As for the third, you can choose evolution, which represents the will and ability to move from the third dimension to the fourth dimension, or a process called ascension.

I can assure you that if you have read here, most of you have chosen to ascend. Welcome to this transformation!

Importance of experience

Through beauty, great love and the ability to focus, the creator brought the earth level into existence, and human beings began to exist from this so-called “School of creative evolution”. In fact, as you know today, this existence is only the thought of life, because thought is the wonderful journey that allows experience. The creator’s focused energy is brought in to support human experience, so we need to know clearly that mistakes never happen. In fact, evolution is in an automatic divine order.

Please avoid the tendency to use great transformation as an excuse to close various experiences. For example, when a new era may come to us soon at the turn of the century, why sign a long-term agreement? A situation like this, my friend, would be a huge mistake, because doing so would end what you are learning on your own journey. I must stress that those who take shortcuts will have to deal with the consequences of this transformation.

You can’t take a shortcut to this, my friend. If you want a 30-year loan, sign it. You should always allow your soul to evolve what it needs to learn the possibility. Perhaps experiencing long-term debt is part of your plan to experience, and using this transformation as an excuse to exclude it will only slow down your specific journey.

Another example might be to buy a new car. You may ask, “why should I buy a car? If there is no gasoline after this transformation, why should I waste money?” if this topic is not in the plan you want to experience, it will not appear on its own.

Before we go on, let’s mention one last example. You may ask yourself: if what Cheryl said is true, why do I have to pay these fees every month? After all, when this transformation is completed. The existing currency exchange system is no longer needed. Why do I have to keep paying?

This is very simple. What do you think you should not do your duty in the creator’s plan? No, my friend. The so-called common sense will say that what you don’t need to bring in the new journey is a pile of unfinished karmic topics, so please make sure they are over here.

Simply put, you have only a few years left to traverse and heal your own low-frequency experience. Please don’t waste this opportunity, my friend. Study hard and prepare to enter the fourth dimensional journey with the lightest weight and as little load as possible.

Living your life in the “living in the present” way can ensure full experience of everything.

Remember that in your current journey, you have planned a set of experiences at a specific time before entering the earth plane. You knew at that time that you would experience this transformation, but this situation has only a slight impact on the overall plan. Therefore, you can determine your success only by completing the whole current experience.

For a very simple example, let’s assume that you have changed to a fourth spouse in this life. Maybe you had a harmonious marriage with an individual in the previous life, and there was only that partner in that life. When you were planning to return to earth, you decided to experience multiple spouses, so you had three, four or five marriages. Others may say, “Oh! Your life has been ruined because you have four or five marriages.” this will not ruin your life. For your own purposes, you need to experience four or five different marriages in the same life.

So you see, everything is evolution. I know some of you will react to these statements, especially friends in the scientific community. They like to put a and B together, remove it with seven, and then multiply it by two. Things don’t have to work so simply. The fact is that you have been to the earth several times, and you will stay again several times, each time with a plan.

In the past, you were able to repeat your subject in luxury. However, time compression at the earth level is accelerating your experience. This means that you will experience several topics in your life at the same time. In the past, your higher self had no reason to accelerate, because all evolving souls have many generations to explore their own experience. This is certainly not possible now, because the third dimension is rapidly coming to an end.

When each soul constructs its own journey on earth, it can give itself enough space to accommodate long-term, continuous and repeated experiences, and even choose to change to new experiences first, because it knows that these specific goals can be completed in future generations. For example, this book was written not long ago. All those currently involved in this project have had the opportunity to complete their tasks in other generations. Many of them began to carry out the plan, and it became impossible at a particular point. It was interrupted for some reason, but now all these individuals come back together to complete the plan. Of course, their mission is to extend a series of books from this book, because their mission is to help mankind prepare for this transformation as much as possible.

Put down resistance

Many people will begin to recognize the compression of experience and want to say as before, “I can’t reach it.”
I will share with you why this is no longer useful.

As you evolve on this new journey, you must release your old experience as much as possible. When everyone around us moves forward at such an amazing pace, no one wants to spend precious time dealing with old plans, as if they were left in school and their friends have graduated. They are still your friends, but nothing is really the same as before.

Some people will complain that the situation is getting worse day by day. I tell you, the first thing is to change the way you think. Don’t join the public opinion mental module all over the earth.

Everyone has to start focusing on what can be done, not what seems impossible.

You not only have assistance, but this assistance is very close to your level of consciousness, and all you have to do is ask questions in prayer, ask, and listen in meditation. Most of you are aware of how quickly ideas can form. Just look at everything that is happening in your life and experience it as much as you can at this moment.
Calibration of high frequency reality by meditation

No one can escape great transformation, because it is in the creator’s evolutionary plan. In fact, it’s already here! Photon energy (see Chapter 4) will come with it, and we are experiencing the effect of this energy. After the turn of the century, the whole earth plane will resonate with this energy sooner or later. People left on earth must prepare their body systems for ascension from now on.
Are there any suggestions to help this process not only without fear, but also more excitement? It starts with mastering basic Kung Fu, such as meditation, meditation and meditation. I can assure you that this is not a typing error. Through the simplicity of meditation, you realize the real inner power you have and can calibrate to the higher frequency reality. Without this ability, you will find yourself focusing on the chaos that pervades the earth level.

You have to keep your mind clear, because most people will find themselves invaded by fear. As mentioned earlier, this must be avoided because fear will block the path of evolution. To remind you, we are not talking about the end of the world, although some changes are very large.

You must be ready to see the beauty in this transformation.

Meditation is your foundation from now on, my friend. Meditation is completely practical. It is the meeting place where you meet your guide spirit and the higher self. Prayer is asking questions, and meditation is listening that allows you to open up to the answers, not only to hear, but also to hear clearly.

The way meditation works is often misunderstood. Meditation is the real connection of your own four body system. This connection starts from your body, first to the emotional body, then to the mental body, and finally to the spiritual body. Each energy body plays a unique role in your growth, but in order to fully evolve, you must learn to fully connect all your own four body systems. Through meditation, you can really begin to understand the meaning of life.

Facing today’s children

I’m talking about those small individuals, those who were born on the earth level at the time of our dialogue. They came with a message, or they just came here from their hometown. They come here not only to enjoy and participate in this transformation, but also to bring huge knowledge. Please stop teasing them with “Doo, Doo” and talk to them in a real way. Then they will tell you what they know.

Like your dolphins, whales and other higher beings, they do not use many words to convey their message. All you have to do is ask a child, “what do you want to tell us?” then relax and listen. You will be surprised at what they are going to say. The larger individuals born around 1985 are almost ready, just as adults must be. The problem is that adults don’t move very fast, so we may have to — you can say, “push” you on the other side.

Please don’t worry about these children, my friend. They had a very fast pace when they came in, because they didn’t have 30, 40 or 50 years to immerse themselves in the third dimension. They will be completely direct into this transformation. These children have a message to be heard, and their way of transmitting the message can also be very strong. If you really want to participate. Just ask these children and ask them to tell you where God comes from. And what truth is. The answers you receive will surprise you.

In the activity of “Cheryl night” one night, a teenager asked the following question: “Cheryl, does God have a father and mother? If he does, they should be proud of it, right?” those children who have been asking and exploring have the ability to ask such typical questions. As long as you learn to communicate with young people at a slightly higher level, you will leave them with something you really learned. Congratulations to those who have decided to become school teachers because they have the courage to accompany these children who can ascend.

You are the creator

I now share with you a simple concept. Before time could be measured, the creator God looked at the creation called the earth and thought that an element was missing in everything of beauty. Even with infinite wisdom, the creator cannot fully experience himself. Therefore, the creator began to focus on how to achieve this with all his ideological power. In this concentration, human beings are conceived. In this way, the nature of the creator can experience his own creation only by blinding his own identity. This is the beginning of evolution, my friend.

Because of his creation, human beings are on the journey in his purest form of thought and embark on the eternal road to unity with their own creator again. Each of you is a product of this form of thought.

Like the nature of the creator, you have the ability to manifest. In this process, all can truly create reality only through enthusiastic concentration. Know that every idea sent into the etheric structure is a form of life. Your clarity, intention and enthusiasm determine in which dimension it will manifest, and it will take time to become reality.

If you can only learn one thing from this book, it is that the power of manifestation needs to be present.
Manifesting ability is not what you want to learn. You are born to give full play to it. The only question is when you will begin to close the curtain imposed on yourself and allow your light body to experience unlimited possibilities freely.

To be sure, my friend. When this journey is not completed, some are just able to enjoy new experiences. Start exploring many paths of evolution now, and remember that the ultimate goal is to return to the nature of the Creator with its own truth and light.


Star Race Part 2: Andromeda

Original sdbetty earth new life today

In this article, I would like to share with you the story of Andromeda.

Andromeda is an entire galaxy separated from the Milky way. It’s very close to our galaxy. One day they will. It’s actually a collision! But please rest assured that we will not witness this here for a long time.

Knowing that Andromeda is a complete galaxy, we can understand how diverse this system is. Andromeda has great differences in appearance, skills and frequency. It’s like comparing humans to the Pleiadians and Arcturians in our galaxy.
Where is Andromeda?

Among the downloads I received from Andromeda and their trip to the Milky way, one of the main planets is the largest. The main planet is a planet that keeps in touch with humans on earth.

From this major planet, a system of time and space travel was created. This allows Andromeda to help humans on the way to ascension.
What is happening on earth, there are other planets that have opened their interest and curiosity. We did put on a wonderful performance in the universe!

These planets in the Andromeda Galaxy send ambassadors to the host planet so that they can be trained and, therefore, come to earth.

What do Andromeda people look like?
During my own trip and the trip I took my students to the Andromeda galaxy, we received different information about their appearance.

My new Andromeda friend, now part of my galactic team, is very powerful. She has very clear skin, white eyes, wild orange hair and crown, which contains very advanced technology.

She’s an architect! She taught me quantum architecture and life architecture.

Andromeda is known as the beautiful star family in the universe. I can understand it! Every time I meet Andromeda, it’s fascinating.

Most of my students also think Andromeda is a shining existence, with a beautiful big smile and moving outline.

The major planets in the Andromeda galaxy

This main planet, the only one I have traveled so far, is very shining and vibrant. Human skin is made of sparks or neon lights. We can compare their whole planet with the movie “Avatar”. There are neon lights everywhere, connecting all creatures.

Entering their planet is wild! It’s spectacular! There are dragons, dinosaurs and all kinds of creatures. They have huge mountains, waterfalls, vast oceans and vast land, which are impressive senses. It’s absolutely fascinating. The wilderness and grandeur of this major planet are far beyond what we know on earth.

This planet is completely connected with all its life

Andromeda’s connection to their planet is also shocking. Just like in Avatar movies! There is a network of consciousness between all beings. The humanoid andomedans on that planet are very advanced, but so are animals and plants.

All people have a high degree of consciousness and response to life
Human beings have a continuous and conscious connection with their environment. No hierarchy!
Andromeda is not above any other creature. They constantly connect and co create with other species to achieve a perfect symbiotic relationship.

This is amazing!

We found a dome like structure on their planet.

Andromeda have all these dome like structures on their planet. These structures are at very specific points on the landscape, giving a certain frequency anchor.

Andromeda is the master architect of sacred geometry and life

I’ve received a lot of downloads about how they create sacred geometric symbols and structures to really change people’s frequency in these codes.

Many light codes and crop circles were created by Andromeda. But not exactly! Every astral family has such technology.

My new Andromeda friend loves these techniques! She really likes sacred geometry.

She taught me a lot about how they use these codes, and all the knowledge about the structure of life, such as soul projection and super soul network, super space-time travel, super quantum reality and so on, which are very attractive.

What do Andromeda teach us here?
Andromeda people are here to teach us many different things!

If you feel the call to Andromeda, it’s amazing to start contacting them. Always contact them with love, respect and gratitude for their time and energy.

You can ask them to enter your field, just look at the feeling with them.
Andromeda will open up your creativity, your imagination and your love. Andromeda is so loving, fun and energetic!

We certainly don’t get tired of Andromeda’s frequency.

Some teach architecture, sacred geometry and light frequency, others teach telepathy, connection with the field of nature. Some people will share with you how they came to earth to encode some medicinal plants, so that we can have easier access to them.

Connect to Andromeda

I would like to invite you to connect with Andromeda, simply breathe into your heart and call their frequencies into your field. Observe the shift that occurs when you call the frequency of Andromeda.

They are here to create with you, and if you are ready to open your heart and consciousness, receiving information is advanced, so trigger.

It is triggering because it is not at the level of consciousness that most of us currently have.

When we watch the “Avatar” movie, if this is our reality, it’s great, but we haven’t been there yet. This is not the case here.

How can we bridge the gap between humans and Andromeda?

Andromeda people bring us advanced concepts here and show us that we can live like them and live in harmony with each other, the earth, animals and plants.

They will be there to open our imagination to what is really possible. It enables us to open our imagination to the new reality of existence. We are here to build a bridge between the reality of our current life and the reality we perceive when we connect with Andromeda.

Andromeda gave us the key here and we can use it now so that we can anchor these passwords, even though we don’t really know how to make it happen. They gave us something to do and try. We may not have much hope, but we do have trust!

Andromeda are helping us anchor on earth

Believe and believe that our evolution is taking place. Believe in yourself, believe in them, believe in the earth. Our earth is conscious, just like their planet. Our earth is rich in plants, animals, mountains and oceans. She is very clever. How can you take advantage of this belief? How can you become one with the earth?

Andromeda help us anchor on earth and become conscious creators of the earth in many different ways through healing, alchemy, and the creation of new societies and buildings.

Andromeda is magical. I hope you can make some connection with them!


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