😊 The family of consciousness – incarnation / soul / oversoul / avatar / immortal / energy

😊 The family of consciousness – incarnation / soul / oversoul / avatar / immortal / energy

Through the six main multidimensional ontologies, the family of consciousness, human beings are connected with each other, with all other life forms, the universe, the source and the God of all things.

Six main multidimensional ontologies:
1) Avatar identity (Tauren) (UH-1 ontology)
2) Soul identity (Dora) (super conscious structure of uh-2)
3) Oversoul identity (teura) (uh-3 ontology)
4) Avatar identity (Dolar) (uh-4 ontology)
5) Rishi body, solar
6) Yunasai Ontology
(Germanic entity, geomancy)

From the incarnation ontology of UH-1, human beings gradually evolved and integrated all six main multi-dimensional ontologies into the consciousness structure of “I am”.

The first step in the conscious awakening of multidimensional noumenon is the personal focus to bring the soul noumenon (the super conscious structure of uh-2) into the consciousness of biology. This process is called soul integration.

Incarnate matrix (Tauren)
The avatar matrix (avatar ontology or UH-1 ontology) exists in the frequency band composed of dimensions 1, 2 and 3 and those dimensions.

The incarnation matrix of UH-1 represents the individual independent mental matrix, or the individual logo.

The avatar matrix includes:
1) D1: the subconscious mind
2) D2: the emotional or instinctual mind
3) D3: the reasoning mind
Soul matrix (Dora)

The extended energy noumenon form (soul) is the basis for the construction of all matter and noumenon.

The soul matrix, soul noumenon or uh-2 noumenon is placed in dimensions 4, 5 and 6 and the frequency band composed of those dimensions.

The soul matrix of Hu-2 includes:
1) The astral mind – D4 etheric astral body, spiritual, astral consciousness
2) The archetypal mind – D5 prototype consciousness
3) The angelic (or spiritual) mind – D6 starry consciousness

Collectively referred to as the super conscious mind. A label representing the mental matrix of race, or collective consciousness.

Soul ontology is a part of multidimensional ontology, relative to ALPHI hova body of uh-2. Soul noumenon exists in the density of semi etheric carbon silicon based material.

The soul ontology represents a 6-dimensional experience extended cognitive state, has full activation of DNA 1-6 clusters, can receive the overall memory records of the race, and can enter the hallah melkaba vehicle.

The oversoul builds a set of 12 souls to form the soul matrix.
The soul matrix projects part of itself into UH-1, establishes manifestation, and forms 12 groups of physical incarnation matrix.

Usually, a soul (soul matrix) of uh-2 becomes 12 incarnations at the same time in a harmonic universe (Uh). Every two form a pair in the same time period. A harmonic universe has 6 time periods. In each pair of incarnations, one is male and the other is female; This relationship is called “Twin Flames”, but it is not the so-called romantic lover.

It is almost impossible for you to meet your twin flame, because the twin flame will appear in the earth and parallel earth at different time points in the same time cycle. The soul matrix projects part of itself into UH-1, establishes manifestation, and forms 12 groups of physical incarnation matrix.

Oversoul matrix (teura)
The oversoul matrix (oversoul ontology, monad ontology, uh-3 ontology) is the ontology placed in dimensions 7, 8 and 9, with the frequency band composed of those dimensions.

The super spirit matrix of hu-3 contains
1) The keteric mind – D7 stellar consciousness
2) The monadic mind – D8 (the meta galactic core) monadic consciousness (super galactic core)
3) The keriatric mind – D9 causal consciousness, kundalini of the universe (explained in detail later)

It is uniformly called causal mind. Represents the mental matrix of the planet. Or planet labels.

Oversoul, uh-3 ontology, 12 soul ontologies are established in uh-2, and each soul ontology establishes 12 avatar ontologies in 6 cycles of UH-1. Therefore, each oversoul family is a family with 144 incarnations, each of which materializes in six UH-1 time cycles.

Each of the 144 avatars carries a partial 12 cluster DNA template within the transmission genetic code. When 144 avatars evolved with the planet in six time cycles, 12 clusters of DNA templates were recombined.

Avatar matrix (Dolar)
The avatar matrix (or Mahara) is placed in dimensions 10, 11 and 12 and the frequency band composed of those dimensions.

Avatar matrix of hu-4, including
1) The Christian mind – D10 Christian consciousness
2) The buddhiac mind – D11 Buddha consciousness
3) The nirvana mind – D12 Nirvana consciousness

The unity is called metaconscious mind, which represents the mental matrix of galactic galaxy. Or solar label. This level of consciousness is the level of stellar consciousness.

The avatar body is a part of the multidimensional body, which exists in a liquid light body state relative to the Mahara hova body of the harmonic universe 4.

Avatar ontology represents a 12 dimensional experience extended cognitive state. With the full activation of silicon-based DNA 1-12 clusters, it is the highest ontology that can be materialized into human physical form. Avatar is a meta terrestrial consciousness that contains all lower dimensional ontologies. When one integrates all the perceptions of time, space and things, one can enter the 12 dimensional multi-dimensional vector spectrum.

The Mahara hova body connects the oversoul (betcha hova body, dimensions 7-9, etheric beings) of hu-3 with the Rishi (Raja hova body, dimensions 13-15, ante matter beings) of hu-5.

Avatar is often used to describe human or invisible consciousness with 7-12 dimensional consciousness awakening, but only 10-12 dimensional consciousness is the real avatar.

Rishi parent (breneau)
Breneau’s collective consciousness is called “Rishi”, “solar Rishi”, or “meta terrestrials”.

950 billion years ago, eieyani was seeded in our 15 dimensional time matrix with life wave through the main sound field of khundaray and the racial collective consciousness of the three main founders.

As a state of eternal awareness, the breneau teaching group exists in the three main light fields of our time matrix density – 5 and dimensions 13, 14 and 15 in the ante matter mode of spherical thermoplastic radiation.

They represent our “family of cosmic consciousness”, and all things are connected to yanas and source through Kee RA Sha main light field and khundaray main sound field.
The three founder ethnic breneau teaching groups represent the sowing of collective consciousness into the time matrix by the three yanas from the energy matrix.

  1. Emerald breneau teaching group, which exists in the blue eckatic Kee RA Sha light field, represents the collective consciousness of emerald grandeyanas teaching group.
  2. The gold breneau teaching group, which exists in the light gold polar Kee RA Sha light field, represents the collective consciousness of the gold wachayanas teaching group.
  3. Amethyst breneau teaching group exists in the purple triadic Kee RA Sha light field and represents the collective consciousness of Amethyst ramyanas teaching group.

The permanent collective consciousness of the founders of the three breneau teaching groups was sown by yanas and manifested in the material field of time and space.

Note 1 eieyani:
In ancient times, grail line (oraphim turaneusiam, indigo, angel, human and other races) originated.

Note 2 khundaray:
The eternal collective consciousness projected by the source God (yunasai) forms three main sound fields – khundaray (or yanas) in the energy matrix. Through these sound fields, life consciousness is seeded into our 15 dimensional time matrix.

Three main sound fields corresponding to the energy matrix:

  1. Eckatic sound field: – grandeyanas (pronunciation: gron ‘- Da yon US)

The first main sound field.
Also known as emerald order yanas or blue flame yanas.

  1. Polar sound field: wachayanas (pronunciation: wa ” – Sha yon US)
    The second main sound field.
    Also known as gold order yanas or golden flame yanas.
  2. Triadic sound field: ramyanas (pronunciation: RAM ‘- yon US)
    The third main sound field.
    Also known as amethist order yanas or violet flame yanas.

Note 3 Kee RA Sha:
Within the time matrix, density 5: the main light field (life force current) of dimensions 13, 14 and 15.

When the three Kundalini currents in the lower dimension are formed, the fourth Kundalini current Kee RA Sha is activated.

KEE RA Sha is also called Kundalini energy – pillar of light – silver cord
tone colour dimension
Kee Blue green D-13
Ra Pale yellow D-14
ShA Foreign powder D-15


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