Everything is just right for you. It will always serve you, and it will always lead you to the next step of the journey.


Everything is just right for you. It will always serve you, and it will always lead you to the next step of the journey.

Take every step with joy, cherish the opportunity it gives you, and you will start a happy life from then on.
Service is a natural by-product of spiritual evolution. Once you have evolved to a certain extent, you can’t help others. It will become the driving force in your life.

You really want spiritual evolution, whether you realize it or not, when you sign up for incarnation on earth or start a series of experiences of life on earth, you are pursuing this feeling from less spiritual evolution to more and more spiritual evolution.

Of course, this is not the only purpose of soul incarnation somewhere. In fact, even if you decide to incarnate somewhere and want to serve, you still need spiritual growth to become a servant.

There must be aliens interfering with your development.

For those of us who want to help mankind, intervention is a tricky thing. Because we want to help without intervention and not deprive you of the opportunity to grow.

Even when Joshua was on earth, he had to evolve his consciousness. When he grew spiritually to a certain extent, he could become a better teacher. The same is true of the Buddha and others you have heard and read.
Think of your current situation as a gift, because it is your spiritual state that gives you the opportunity to grow and make you the real you.

The significance of our beings helping you is that we can enjoy a sense of achievement, and you can also get happiness from what we give you. You can experience a sense of resonance and put into practice what you absorb from us and other beings. This is an interesting journey in itself.

If your goal is to get there as soon as possible, then you should do so. But your change, transformation, ascension and return to the source are endless. You have no reason to skip all the good experiences in order to reach the place you are destined to go.

You can’t not go home, because home is everything. We will continue to use the bread crumbs we left to lead you home, and we will continue to encourage you to take this road, but we will never worry about you or any terrible problems along the way.

Daniel Scranton
March 13, 2022

https://danielscranton.com/e-t-s-have-interfered-with-you-but-we-wont-∞the -9d-arcturian-council/


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