ASTAR: quantum bank

ASTAR: quantum bank

I’m Ashtar, sending a message to people on earth. Yes, this sentence is correct: Starlink will become a link to the new quantum system.
It’s already running. Now we have to produce goods and link you to Starlink. Those who do not buy new technology can continue to use the old Fiat system, which will also operate. The more people are persuaded to go quantum, the better for people on earth, which will show which timeline you are on.

Yes, it’s about the timeline. There are now two main timelines: a quantum timeline run by the laws of the universe and an artificial timeline that you are also governed by the laws of the universe, but you have been taught to reverse your polarity on it.

You all want to know what happened to the new system. That’s what happened to it. Replacing DS is mainly economic, which is the way to defeat them at the beginning, because they created a system to enslave people on earth. Your liberation can be found in quantum operation.
Look at the key players in this system. This is a military based system, although it may not seem to be. Yes, the alliance is the secret government of your earth. It is still a military government, because there is still evil to deal with in your world.

By adding quantum encryption and gold supported quantum systems, those who have project funds will be able to obtain funds, those who need subsidies will be able to obtain subsidies, and the debt will be reversed. However, you must join the system and create a login account for yourself.

Everything will be encrypted, so your bank information and your money will eventually be secure. This does not necessarily require you to move your bank account, but it must be a bank in the QFS system. Not all banks are now. Some banks are being recorded, such as Deutsche Bank, for money laundering.
The new world first lets you know through conversation, and then you will be instructed how to connect to the new system. Open your eyes.

Your media is also changing to respect freedom of speech. Twitter will be the way many of you used to communicate.
It was not easy to get the news out, and Starlink was attacked, but we easily repaired the damage and arrested the criminals.

When the TV station starts to quantize, you will hear more news from Sharon, Evo and me. You will have to buy quantum TV. This part of our technology has not been produced for you.

Me: production, or waiting to sell in the warehouse?

Ashtar: production is in progress, but it won’t take long now, Sharon.

Me: great! How exciting.

Ashtar: at this point, you still have options that you want to be part of. Many people will not upgrade their TVs, mobile phones and computers, which will enable them to continue to use the old tax system, pay debts and drown in fees. If their bank changes to the QFS system, they will have to abide by or change the bank.

Me: do people who want to stay in the old system have a choice? Why would they? But hey, someone won’t believe something because they’re new.

Ashtar: Yes. New banks will emerge. You will start to see the names of online banks, such as “Q bank” and “quantum savings bank”.

Me: my God! I just googled, there is a Q bank! Even in Canada. Copyright advanced practical education association. So far, it seems to be related to the Bank of Queensland and then to medical practice.

Ashtar: just waiting. You need quantum computers to find them. They’re not on Google, Sharon.

Me: really. Very censored. That’s interesting. OK, anything else, ASTA?

Ashtar: not censorship, Sharon. It’s about the field. Quantum systems and artificial systems operate in different fields.

There will be more, Sharon, but that’s enough now.

I’m Ashtar. I’m at your service.



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