Gosia: the audience asked, what is the approximate sequence and time interval between the destruction of tyamat, the construction of Giza’s main pyramid, the placement of moon ships, the arrival of tyamat’s water to the earth and the movement of the earth’s axis?

Gosia: the audience asked, what is the approximate sequence and time interval between the destruction of tyamat, the construction of Giza’s main pyramid, the placement of moon ships, the arrival of tyamat’s water to the earth and the movement of the earth’s axis?

Athena: after knowing that time is not a constant, from the perspective of observation, our interpretation sequence:

1) The construction of the Sphinx.
2) The pyramids of Giza and most of the pyramids elsewhere, as well as many cities, have now disappeared or become ruins.
3) Atlantis was also built during this period.
4) The tyamat war led to the destruction of the earth and the destruction of the surface and ecosystem of Mars.
5) Due to the mass loss of Tiamat, the whole planetary dynamics of the solar system is completely unstable.
6) Disasters on earth, due to the sudden changes in the energy dynamics of the planets in the solar system, have had a devastating impact on life and civilization.

7) Tyamat’s water body was wandering, and most of it did not freeze until it came into contact with the magnetic field and gravity of the earth and Venus, and fell on the earth and Venus, causing a flood, which eventually destroyed the earth’s civilization and Venus.

😎 Due to the increase of the earth’s mass, the displacement of the earth’s axis and the reversal of the two magnetic poles, the existing imbalance of the whole solar system caused by the destruction of tyamat was exacerbated, and then catastrophic events occurred all over the world, resulting in the extinction of thousands of animals and plants (about 12000 years ago).

9) Put the spherical biosphere spacecraft (Moon) damaged in the federal campaign into earth orbit to stabilize the earth and achieve acceptable balance.

10) Place an electromagnetic Ethernet fence, the Van Allen belt, as part of an effort to stabilize earth by reducing its internal frequency and limiting its ability to connect to the source.

It is also considered a reserve for returning races so that they cannot leave earth. Personally, I don’t agree with that. The “evil” or “retrogressive” race on earth affected by the moon itself is a by-product of the cycle of thought or vicious cycle. Therefore, in other words, people, mainly human beings on earth, manifest the low-frequency things of the moon through the artificially imposed low-frequency of the moon, thus creating the retrogressive race.

So I think the Ethernet fence around the earth is a by-product of the moon, not the main purpose of placing the moon.

Garcia: the audience asked, did the earth have 360 days before the destruction of Tiamat?

Athena: it takes much longer for the earth to rotate around the sun once, but due to the problems of time sliding and time perception, it is difficult to accurately calculate how long it will take, because before the tyamat event, the earth was in a higher vibration, which is basically called 5D.

It’s hard to talk about time 12500 years ago, because time is a perception, not an independent thing.

Pleiades II alien message 327: Nebula prehistoric event sequence, etc. Athena
Original author a Liang UFO mystery 2022-05-14 18:00

Robert: followers ask, from a metaphysical point of view, why do nebulae form? Why are they so beautiful? On earth, I know too much materialistic explanation, I don’t like it. I remember when she looked at the nebula around sindriel, swaru 9 had a very strong experience.

Athena: This is quite a big topic. I’ve already said it. In other words, from the simplest point of view, the nebula is a cloud composed of different substances, depending on each substance, because they are different. From gas to sand and loose gravel, they are attracted by the dynamic balance and gravity flow of a specific location.

For example, in the Pleiades cluster, nebulae are formed because the gravitational attraction of their stars jointly produces a point of attraction, which exists not only in the stars themselves, but also in the space points between them, the gravitational balance point between them. These points in space also attract particles, including gases.

That is, for example, if you have two objects, one orbiting the other, then the balance between them:

O————I ————O

With I as the equilibrium point, it is close to the object with larger mass.

That point, supplied by gravitational flow, will form a gravitational well. In the case of the Pleiades, the “well” is weak, but it will attract particles.

Why is it so beautiful? This is a matter of opinion and the taste of the observer. What emits light is the reflection of nebula particles from surrounding stars. The color will depend on the chemical composition of the nebula, mainly the gas in it. This is explained by spectroscopy.
Some nebulae also produce their own light through the internal chemical processes of their own gases to varying degrees. It depends on everyone.

Another factor on earth is that the vast majority of nebula photos are fake and produced by groups of artists who are paid to color images from telescopes such as Hubble or create images from scratch to perpetuate the human control agenda. An example of this is the nebula “hand of God”, which has been so exaggerated that it looks like a hand, but it doesn’t exist. This is the art of NASA.

Gosia: fans ask, is the precession cycle of the vernal equinox real? Is it considered 26000 years on earth? If so, is it caused by the relationship between the sun and Sirius? How many cycles can be tracked? “

Athena: This is a modern concept based on modern geoscience and archaeological discoveries of several ancient civilizations.

Time is a problem here, because the farther you go, the more difficult it is to calculate. Time is not immutable. Time is a feeling. It is not separated from the people living in it, but in fact they are that time.

Therefore, 26000 years is just a kind of perception and calculation based on the current collective time perception. It does not reflect how “ancient” people perceive time. Therefore, the time frame in anything that happened “a long time ago” will gradually become more and more difficult to calculate. The only way is to use events as markers, reading and astronomical calculations.

The precession of the vernal equinox, like all other related stellar or cosmic events, does not depend on any relationship between two or more specific objects. It depends on the complex energy dance between all stellar objects, which affect each other to varying degrees, which depends on countless factors, all of which are related to energy, gravity and energy flow in the common field, namely ether.

In this case, Sirius plays an important or dominant role, but other star systems also play an important or dominant role. These effects can not be directly observed by all understanding of Geoscience, because it contains a complex etheric gravity energy flow dynamics, which geoscience does not even recognize, let alone understand.

For all these reasons, these cycles are untraceable and belong only to the most appropriate calculations in ancient and modern science. Understanding all this from a lower perspective can be regarded as fully effective in any case. From the perspective of “science”, it is not tenable.

May 9, 2022

Kosia cosmos


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