Message from Sirius / earth rebirth on August 8

Message from Sirius / earth rebirth on August 8

Original angel of light: Awakening and ascension 2022-08-09 14:08 posted on Anhui

Dear ones, we are here on this important day. During the period called Lions Gate, our star was closely connected with the earth star. Everyone on earth is affected by the change of human consciousness. It is not only human beings who move from the third dimension to the fifth dimension of love, peace and harmony. Gaia and all her inhabitants, including animals and plants, are also evolving.

This era inevitably brings new ways of existence. The old system collapses and the new system takes its place. As the seeds of light, you are the leaders. Your task is to maintain stability, comfort, inspire and support others while all this unfolds.

Some of the seeds of light are frustrated because their families and friends around them do not believe what they say and choose to continue to sleep in the illusion of separation and duality. However, this will change and they will wake up in different ways. Don’t dwell on your differences, focus on your links.

When you are with other people who have not yet awakened, do not fall into criticism and argument. Expressing your love, kindness and acceptance is what really needs to be done. Even if their minds are still asleep, their souls will feel your love. This is the real way to awaken others. As the seed of light, your vibration is far stronger than language. You just need to simply exist and be yourself. You will meet people who gradually wake up and begin to question the status quo. Follow your heart and you will know when it is a good time to talk to them. You always help others in the right place at the right time, so remember how strong you are.

Gaia is cleaning up the accumulated unbalanced energy in various ways. People are being shaken and realize the power of nature. Many climate and geographical events are aimed at awakening people to reconsider how to live in real harmony with the earth. Many cleaner energy uses will be provided to mankind, which will return to light after being hidden by shadows for many years. At the same time, you will receive many technical and system update support from the galaxy family.

With the rise of planetary vibration, the world will change a lot, which will be the most wonderful change, aiming to create a better future for everyone on earth. True freedom and abundance will return to you, and everyone will live a happy and peaceful life, do what they like, and provide love services for others.

As you come together to achieve this goal, this work will be more about healing and caring for the earth and others around you. As you advance to this new earth, there is a lot of healing work to be done in your own consciousness and Gaia’s consciousness.

It is important now to connect with your own souls to clear the last shadows. Go into your heart, often meditate and contact your guide, often go into nature, and make yourself grounded. When Gaia goes through these changes, please take care of the animals and plants, and everything will be fine.

We appreciate your commitment to Gaia and stick to it. Don’t lose hope now, because you will be rewarded soon. The future is glorious, and the future is yours.
As always, we are here to help and guide you, but the future is in your hands.

Judith Kusel: Earth regeneration

The ultimate future of this planet, the dissipation of the old earth and the birth of the new earth, already exists here and now. No one can change that.

Yesterday I saw this process clearly in deep meditation. Not only that, I also clearly see that the new earth is much larger than it is now, and it has been formed around the old earth.

The strong solar light waves that make everyone feel dizzy continue to pour into the earth, and they bring the highest degree of rebirth in a way that we humans cannot understand. Our current technology cannot explain this process, but we do know it in our hearts.

The whole universe is in a state of rebirth and renewal, as is the earth and our solar system. In fact, Gaia is returning to its original orbit before losing balance, where it was originally created and is now reconnecting to the Seventh Central Sun through Sirius.

Ready to embrace a new earth.

At this time, each soul is fully responsible for its own free will: evolution and ascension, or choosing to stay on the old earth, then through other evolutionary processes, and finally evolve in the way they choose. No soul is lost, and there is no need to criticize anything. It is only the choice of the soul, which evolutionary path they choose to take – or the level of creation they choose to ascend or descend to.

In the whole of creation, nothing is inappropriate, or in the wrong place, or anything else. Everything is perfect, complete and noble.

What we often think of as imperfect is actually perfect in the state it needs to present. However, this form can be transformed into something completely different at any time, because everything is full of vitality and energy, and the universe is always in an infinite expansion.

Not only that, your soul exists in multiple timelines and spaces at the same time – because the physical presence on this planet is only a small part of your existence. It is just an experience of your soul in the extended quantum space. However, no matter what form you choose, every existence or experience of your soul will have a chain reaction to the whole.

Now, I invite you to empty your mind. Return to your inner peace. Let the center of your heart open and let your soul memory bank and your omnivision eye trigger.

In fact, there is only one, the existence of one and the creation of one. Every part and particle of everything is one. Everything is one.

We are one. We need to be responsible for our own soul and everything we create together. At this time, on earth, we need to focus on our mission to serve the planetary ascension process with love and light. What others do or don’t do will not actually affect us unless we allow it.

Everything is a universal journey of one, and also a process of expressing and expanding love. Because love is omnipotent, omnipresent, and indeed omniscient.

Our soul is immortal, and the material experience is just a trip on the earth, a blink of an eye in eternity and infinity.
We give you all our love and light, thank you for all you have done, and bless you.


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