[Activating DNA] Lotus Child, Sun Child, Magdalene Child^_^

[Activating DNA] Lotus Child, Sun Child, Magdalene Child^_^

A Li Xin I New Earth 2022-09-17 05:11 Posted on South Korea

I want to reveal a secret about Children of the Lotus. These are the upcoming new children. I also want to reveal another secret: Children of the Magdalene will be born soon.
Close your eyes, can you feel the energy and the truth in what I just said? The Magdalene children are coming, and the Lotus children are coming. These children will begin to be born in China, as well as in Japan and Israel.

They are not many, but they will be very special children. They know their role from childhood. These children will have a higher vibration, with the vibration of the three goddesses, so pay attention to looking for Magdalene children. Many people cannot understand this, and the Children of the Sun will be born soon.

Remember, what you are doing is paving the way for all these new children. Before the birth of Brother Jesus, his grandmother and his support system worked for hundreds of years to prepare for the birth of the Master. Without such a support system, Jesus could not complete his mission. Similarly, you are also creating support systems for these new children – Sun Child, Lotus Child and Magdalene Child, so that they can be born on Earth.
The reason why we send this message to you is that we feel that what you are doing has a very important purpose, so we want to thank you. This is our energy exchange, and the information provided to you.

Q: Have we been able to contact some of these children?
A (Archangel Metatron): To make contact, you must first prepare yourself. Otherwise, you can’t recognize them. The way to prepare is: you must call them through the power of intention, using thought form and love in your heart.
When children show up, you usually don’t know who they are unless you stay open. Unless your intentions are pure and for the highest good, they will not reveal themselves. They need to protect themselves, because the dark will try to remove them; They carry high frequency vibration energy, so many of these children are being protected.

Q: So we actually have four different kinds of new children: Lotus child, Sun child, Golden child and Magdalene child. Is that so?
A: Yes, but each one carries a different specific vibration for a specific purpose.

Q: Can you elaborate on their purpose?
A: We will say that one of them is for earth healing; One is to heal all the inner children of the earth and the world; One is to promote mutual understanding between adults and children; One is to open up imagination, create childlike imagination, and encourage openness. The world will find more through them.

Q: How should we use lotus root?
A: If you can find a complete and growing lotus plant, ask it if it agrees and is willing to share its roots, because it is equal to sharing its life.
Archangel Metatron: Please agree, and you can ask the lotus to share its wisdom and love with you, and communicate with the lotus with your heart. Remember, you are a part of everything: everything is a part of you, and you all support each other

In ancient times, lotus roots were dipped in olive oil for several days. Lotus root can be used as seasoning, just like pickled vegetables. Lotus root can also be dipped in rose or sandalwood oil and put in different parts of the body as a healing ointment to extract energy. This is a bit like a Band Aid. When you remove the Band Aid, the dirt and dust on the wound will follow.

Q: But is it on the energy level?

A: Yes, it is on the energy level.

Q: What oil should we use?
A: Olive oil. The Essenes have many secrets, because they are masters of alchemy, and they transformed their bodies.

We invite you to cooperate with these children, who are all stars. Magdalene children, sun children and lotus children are all stars. They are all highly evolved masters who can perform miracles. In another 50 or 60 years, people will not pay much attention to miracles, because miracles will become natural events, and people will use their intuition and live across time.

For example, what happens when you ask for God’s support and you set your intention to co create with the Creator? You will follow the synchronicity, then the accidental discovery will come, which is the spiritual communication and guide your direction.

This will become the normal state of the future – people set their intention to create together with the spirit, and then live in synchronicity. You will know what to do and when to do it.
Thank you for providing real time and energy to participate in this program. We wish you well and we will always be here to serve mankind.


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