Bashar: “Follow your passion” formula^_^

Bashar: “Follow your passion” formula

Original Bashar Bashar 2022-10-04 02:18 Posted on Fujian

In your highest excitement, do your best to act, not persistent, not expecting a specific result.

You people on earth often forget that you are not persistent and do not expect.

When you do this, you start this “exciting universal tool”.
It will support all your needs, no matter how they come.
It will become the driving engine of your life.

It will become the code of action in your life, letting you know what you should do and when to do it.

It will lead you to the path of least resistance and make your life easy and effortless.
It will make your life colorful, full of joy, passion and excitement.

It will also mirror the negative beliefs you cling to. These belief systems may not be in harmony with your excitement (your true self). They usually hide under the subconscious, but now they emerge. Then you can deal with it, release it, and integrate its energy into your “great excitement”.

Once you use your “excitement universal tool” in this way, you will act on your highest excitement, and the only thing you need to do in any situation or event after that is to be sure: “This is what you say!”

No matter what happens, if you can treat the event positively, you will be able to gain positive and beneficial effects from it. No matter what the cause of the event is, no matter what other people’s attitudes and opinions towards the same event are… If you think this is a good thing, you can benefit from it, even if other people face the same situation, negatively think it is a bad thing, and reap bad results. Because, as we have mentioned many times, everything has dual functions.

The “Universal Tool of Excitement” contains 11 points: do what you are most excited to guide all the time, devote yourself to, and go all out until the end of the passion, do not stick to a specific result, and do not expect how things will develop. These are the six points we mentioned. The last two points are how you face the results of your actions, positive or negative. This is the whole formula.

It has always been like this. It was, is and will be.

This is the complete “formula” to make your life easy and effortless. If we act according to this formula, the effect will be immediate.

He will naturally separate you from the collective consensus. Because the Creator, through your frequency, can always accurately know who you are and what you are, always give you the best for you, and always let things related to you flow to you.

Please remember: all things and people related to your life are always coming to you. If you do not receive them, it is not because they did not come, but because you refused them. Be rejected by the negative belief system and negative self identification that do not match the real you.

Therefore, to manifest the things that match your true self vibration frequency, you should not try to let them happen, but allow them to happen. By letting go of irrelevant things, you should open up to receive everything related to you. Because everything related to you is always with truth, joy and passion. This is the definition of relevance, and it is also the definition of you.

You are created from ecstasy, which is the energy of creation itself. Only those related to you can be naturally attracted to you, while those irrelevant will be automatically captured by the “Tathagata God Palm”. But if they follow you, it is because you hold on to them and let them go. They do not belong to you.

It is difficult for the collective consensus to understand this seemingly contradictory view, that is, when you are truly yourself, you can give the collective consensus the greatest help.

Because you showed them their potential and how much they can achieve! You give them a choice that they may not have considered, so you help a civilization, a society, a race, an evolution of life experience, so you help an evolution of consciousness.

Therefore, as long as you keep the vibration frequency in harmony with your true self, you don’t need to worry about whether you, as an independent individual, have made contributions to the whole. Only when you become a complete self can you help others. Because you can’t help others without helping yourself first!

Each of you, without exception, is strong enough to manifest anything related to you without harming others or yourself.

How powerful you are!

Simply follow your passion

Hello, Bashar!
I didn’t expect to have a chance to talk to you!

In the words of our planet: Shivai!

Whenever someone experiences something unexpected, we will congratulate him and celebrate.

So, Shivai!

Because this shows that you follow the guidance of synchronicity, follow the flow of life (synchronicity), and move forward automatically.

This sounds exciting!
I want to know, do you have any questions to ask me?

Do you try your best to act on your highest excitement and have no attachment to a specific result?


Why not?

I don’t know what my excitement is?

In fact, it is easy to understand “how to act at your highest excitement”.

Try to simplify things.
I ask you, you follow your excitement and come here to talk with us, right?


Then you can’t say that you don’t know “how to act at your highest excitement”, because you just proved that this is not true.

When I say “do the thing that excites you most”, I don’t mean the greatest thing you can do in your life, your career in your life, or the great cause that came to the world with the horn of heaven.

When I say “the most excited”, I do not mean such a thing, although it can also be such a thing.

But generally speaking, if you find that you are in the middle state, you are at a crossroad, and you have no clue, you will return to the initial state. At every moment in your life, there are a series of options for you to choose.

You can read a book, take a walk on the beach, have lunch with a friend, go to a movie, etc

Choose one that is a little more attractive or exciting than the others, even if only a little more.

Do that first.

Do your best until you can’t go any further.

When you feel that your motivation and passion for doing this thing have been used up, you can look at other options, choose the next thing, even if it is only a little more exciting, do it to your best ability, and have no attachment to the results, and then continue to do so repeatedly.

Your excitement will build on itself and increase with each passing day. Then, more and more opportunities will come to you.

You just need to show that you are willing to do anything that excites you more than other options, which is the meaning of “doing the thing that excites you most”.

But you can start from simple things and accumulate your potential energy (power) from simple things


Do you think it is easier?

A little bit!

A little?

Does this mean you are a little more excited?

A little bit!

A little?

This is really a good start!

Do not lag behind words, and communicate from heart to heart


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