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protection cover

Tomorrow Reading Club 2023-05-25 04:06

Sananda – Protective Cover

I am still here, even though my mission on this planet is over, my heart and consciousness are always here, within every one of you who loves me and holds me in your heart
Children, don’t be afraid of anything.

Trust, belief, and conviction are powerful feelings, and each of you has learned and absorbed so much protection. Then, many of you will ask, ‘But why are we still under attack?’ You always do. What do shadows require? More shadows. How to do it? Turn off the lights

But don’t understand as you know. The shadow mentioned here is the existence of lower vibrations. So you always do, but what happens? What if your vibration is high, emitting joy, gratitude, and confidence? They will do their best, but they cannot reach you. Now, if you reduce the vibration, for whatever reason, the protective cover weakens and something splashes onto you

No, you are not completely under attack. They cannot make you dim or change your consciousness, because even in the moment of imbalanced vibration reduction, your consciousness is evolving and expanding. They cannot stop this. They cannot take away your consciousness, everything you already know today

So what kind of attack was that? It comes from the people around you, the world around you, and the people you come into contact with, because they are not all conscious and expanding. So this situation will only stop on the day when the shadow completely disappears from Earth.

So children, how to defend? By always maintaining high vibrations. Someone said something you don’t like, and someone said something that makes you angry. What should you do? Immediately close your eyes, enter your heart, and say ‘I emit light for you’. But this needs to be said with love and sincerity, and the vibrations emitted by the other person will be immediately dissipated, and your protective cover will be immediately restored

It takes some time for the brain to learn new things. So the more you repeat this posture, the brain will understand that every time you are refuted, it must do so, and this will become automatic. I promise, there will be a time when you won’t get angry again. You will listen to others saying the funniest and ridiculous things, and you will not feel anything because you will be greatly strengthened and protected, and nothing can make you shake again.

But this is a long-term task that needs to be repeatedly repeated so that your brain can understand that it doesn’t need to react. Children, everything is about the heart, about love. If there is a vibration of love, harmony, peace, friendship, and any positive feelings, there will be balance and the protective cover will be strengthened

Don’t let anything shake you, because there will always be people trying to change your plan, your expectations, your attitude, and the people around you will do things you’re not happy with. So every time such a thing happens, look at what doesn’t happen as you wish and say, “No problem, it will happen correctly tomorrow.” You don’t need to repeat every word of mine, what’s important is feeling, it’s the power you seek

Tomorrow I will do it. Tomorrow it will work. “That tomorrow has no time. It’s not tomorrow in 24 hours. This is a tomorrow that can be said to be 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours or more. So you don’t mind showing shadows. Is it wrong? It’s okay, it will work tomorrow. I will do it tomorrow. Always tell the affirmative. Always use the word ‘tomorrow’ because for the universe, there is no time. So this tomorrow is an uncertain time for the universe, but it knows that you believe you will do it soon

Now, if you want to say ‘I will do it soon. Later, I will do it. It will work in a while.’ You shorten the time a bit. Learn how to handle the opposite. Learn how to handle setbacks. This is a huge lesson at this moment. You need to learn how to handle people who cause you imbalance, but it needs to be addressed immediately

Go and return it, but it’s not in a dispute. With a powerful energy return, I guarantee that you will feel more protected and begin to change your way of reaction. One day, there won’t be anything else that can shake you. Your protective cover will be gorgeous and powerful. Nothing or no one can penetrate it

Date: May 24th, 2023
From: Anjos


Andromeda – It’s already started

Greetings, along with everything that happened, many people lost hope. They looked at the sky and requested different aspects of the source to help them. We heard it. As a sixth dimensional being, you can hear cries from the entire universe. We are doing our best to respond to these calls. Of course, this will not violate the principle of non-interference. We are working at the source, and when it guides us to intervene, we will go
This is what is happening. The source informed us to intervene for the sake of Earth and humanity. Therefore, it has already begun! You have been heard. Earth will return to a higher dimension, and she will reconnect with her higher self. Everyone is given the opportunity to accept love from the source. Those who choose to love will rise together with Mother Earth

The pipeline asked us what would happen once we crossed that vibration threshold and entered a higher spectrum. As you enter higher vibrations, your physical body will undergo some changes. DNA will be upgraded to carry new frequencies. This will allow you to enter the crystal from the carbon base. The third eye will fully open, and you can see the spectrum of other dimensions. Intuition will also greatly enhance. Everyone has the ability to empathize and will understand the feelings of another person. These upgrades are the first sign of leapfrogging

Many people will also develop telepathy and clairvoyance. Dreams will become more vivid and realistic. They will be used to help change your life. Angels and guides will continue to connect with you, but will speak directly to you. Anyway, they will still use your dreams to keep you learning. You will never stop evolving until you return home

After crossing, your senses will change. Some will enhance, such as visual, tactile, and auditory senses. Those who choose to cross will no longer get sick and can have a long lifespan

Everything in nature will change, the animal kingdom will change, you will see new species, and the rest will disappear. Some elements that existed in ancient times will resurface, and many higher dimensional elements can manifest. Even plants and trees will evolve in this transformation

Your spiritual development will also drive the development of technology and science. Many things are changing for you. The entire universe is celebrating your change. Your ascension as a planet and species has begun! We come to witness you cross that threshold

Date: May 24th, 2023
From: Chelsea


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