“How does that make me feel?

“How does that make me feel?


When you need to choose, choose, use this sentence

Not to say, but to listen, to listen to your heart, where to say

Now more Lightworkers are beginning to feel the lessons, because of the opening of heart chakras and the awakening of large-scale collective consciousness

More importantly, more and more people begin to take responsibility for themselves. Everything comes from themselves

More began to do consciously, to practice, train, improve and master, no longer do it unconsciously


Put your choices, tangles and choices at the center of your feelings and listen to what’s going on

If you are full of dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction, then take action to alleviate the dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction

It’s just, it’s just training, in order to make you do less, play more, and be peaceful without time and focus

What, step by step out of the interest and happiness, and gradually no longer need interest and external happiness to live

Just feel peace without time, or joy, or turn unhappiness into joy

Instead of being chased by fear, fear, responsibility and obligation, it is driven by feelings and constant change

Don’t let your change and growth be the same

There must be a leap

From one comfort zone to another

And then to a higher comfort zone

Don’t stop

Live in feelings and timeless transformation

Weigh and observe your everything with feeling and no time

Restore your Creator and changer identity


If you want to be a truly conscious creator, you have to ask yourself before you decide whether or not to participate: “how does this make me feel?” A lot of people make decisions based on whether it’s true or interesting, which will only lead them to a difficult road to get rid of, because it’s so exciting to go on this road.

We often see people use the word “light fighters” in new times and spiritual communities, and these people usually mean that they fight against the dark on earth. In other words, they believe that they are the light fighters sent to defeat the dark players, and they take the task very seriously. That’s not the purpose of all people on earth. We prefer the term “Lightbringer” to “lightfighter” because you’re actually there to spread the light. You are there to be the light, and one of the ways to achieve that is to release the fear of the dark.

If you want to go beyond the dark, you have to let go of the judgment of the dark and the dark players. We assume that you, as a light warrior, will use all your skills to defeat the dark. Then at the end of the battle, you will be in the binary system, which means that there will be more darkness coming to replace the enemies you defeat, you will not grow, because you will not learn to love everything. Everything you see in the outside world, everything you hear from others, is in your heart.

You ultimately want to love all aspects of creation, because you want to love all aspects of yourself. Only in this way can the real you, the side of your source energy, come to the surface and become the dominant side of you. Therefore, we suggest that you pay attention to the light, to the positive side of your world and your heart, because you will not go too far by constantly looking for the problems that need to be solved in your heart.

You will not hinder your growth by judging your negative side as bad. Once you accept it, you can choose. Then you will realize that it is always in your heart. What you have to do is consciously choose what you want to enlarge, and what will bring you more feelings and achievements. Only in this way can you serve the whole mankind. That’s how we look at it, that is, we only allow ourselves to exist in the light, in the truth of our true identity as source energy and unconditional love.

We are the arcturans Council. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.

Why are there warriors of light among you

We let in the highest available energy and let it nourish our consciousness and sustain our lives. We have said before, and now we say it again: we are no different from you. The main difference between Arcturus Council of the ninth dimension and ordinary earth people is that we can consciously choose which energies enter and pass through ourselves, while you are more of an unconscious choice, a choice that does not consider your own feelings. You can choose what you care about. In your information age, there are too many things to pay attention to, so you must choose wisely.

Why the Light Warriors Are Really Among You ∞The 9D Arcturian Council


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