Meditation experience on July 4, 2021: Higher Self Teaching — self embarrassment and self achievement

From sky to earth

Higher Self said:

“Practitioners want to be free and free, but the process of practice is not always easy and pleasant. Many times you feel like you are in a dilemma.

“Yes, no one embarrasses you. You are the one who embarrasses yourself. You often have to embarrass yourself mentally and physically. It’s like trying to get by with yourself.

“For example, when it comes to thinking, you almost never let go of any idea. You often question yourself, ask yourself, or even question yourself:” why do I have that idea? Is it from the ego? Is it out of fear? Is it from a sense of division? ” Or: “have I ever forgiven that person? I have done a lot of homework, but why do I feel unhappy when someone mentions that person? Am I upset? Yes, although it’s milder than before, there is still an uncomfortable feeling in my heart. It was a small fluctuation, not easy to detect, but I caught it. It is like a light cloud, gently drifting from the heart in the past. But the cloud is real, so I can’t pretend it doesn’t exist. This shows that I haven’t completely forgiven that person, and I have to continue to do my homework. “

“Yes, that’s how you embarrass yourself. On the surface, it seems that you are not as comfortable and happy as some people who do not practice. But I want to tell you that their freedom and happiness are fake, very short-lived and vulnerable. Those people are always lazily hiding in the spiritual comfort zone, trying their best to escape from their inner troubles and pains, pretending that they do not exist, or blaming them on the outside world and others, just for a moment of peace and happiness. They will never embarrass themselves mentally or ideologically, but one day, the problems they have accumulated for a long time will bring them great trouble and embarrass them greatly.

“And you? Every time you take the initiative to embarrass yourself, you provide yourself with an opportunity to get rid of some kind of trouble completely, and make yourself a step closer to the complete liberation. This is why every time you question yourself and do your inner homework, the feeling of happiness and peace in your heart will be strengthened, consolidated and expanded.

“Practicing in the three-dimensional world is really like walking a tightrope in the air. You have to constantly adjust your posture to maintain balance. If you relax a little, you will fall into the abyss and lose all your previous achievements. Every time you embarrass yourself, you are correcting yourself so that you can move steadily on the steel rope. Those who don’t practice needn’t work hard, because they are staying in the abyss, and they are sinking deeper and deeper.

“It’s also good to embarrass yourself physically. You see, over the years, no one has ever forced you to meditate. You are forcing yourself. At the beginning, you can’t even hold on for a long time. Later, you can hold on for a long time without leg pain. At this time, no one forced you to practice double plate, you are still forcing yourself. Now after more than 40 minutes of double set, you still have leg pain, but you are still forcing yourself to extend the time gradually.

“On the surface, it seems that you are too much against yourself. Some people may ask, “Why are you suffering?” Most people would never put their bodies in such a dilemma. They also have comfort zones in their bodies. They will try their best to satisfy their body’s desires and make their bodies comfortable for a while. But what they don’t know is that many imbalances and disorders in their bodies will accumulate into huge problems if they are not corrected in time, and they will fall into a situation of serious weakness and pain in the future.

“Every time you meditate, it seems that you are making your body suffer. In fact, you are actively correcting the blockage and imbalance in your body and purifying the negative energy accumulated in your cells. There are some problems you have accumulated over the years. If you don’t take the initiative to clean them up, you will suffer more in the future.

“You should also find that although your legs hurt during meditation, after each meditation, your body will actually feel comfortable, light and energetic, and this feeling is more obvious day by day. So a little bitter for the time being can bring perfect health in the future.

“Don’t doubt, don’t waver, continue to embarrass yourself. This will enable you to achieve yourself and finally get freedom and liberation! “

Thank you for your teaching!

I don’t think the higher self’s “self embarrassment” is in conflict with Zen master Yixiao’s “the way to laugh”. If we take the initiative to embarrass ourselves, we can easily find the true, sacred and eternal joy.

Sit in double circles practice video


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