Ask Metatron: You mean love, such as marriage, is not the combination we finally pursue?

Ask Metatron: You mean love, such as marriage, is not the combination we finally pursue?

Metatron: please remember that in the kingdom of light at the highest latitude, everyone is divine, and each being is part of the divine whole. So in terms of the thinking mode of the binary world, the answer to your question is yes. In this case, yes! Great ones, in the highest reality, you are a unity of multiple consciousness.

The relationship in the binary world of linear thinking is a way to achieve the goal of soul evolution. We are saying that the relationship of love is a sacred and happy tool to achieve self-control, but in the journey of each soul, there will be a greater goal of finally growing to the unity of self sovereignty and the whole. The supreme divine self is a self-sufficient self that really does not need to rely on others. The conceptual dependence of the binary world may prevent soul evolution.

In fact, the essence is that you and your partner’s soul are one in the light of Christ. Another part of your soul is separated in binary expression. Each of you has a male and female heart chakra component in the dual world, and the other half will be reintegrated into the complete divine self before ascending to a higher field. This is actually a necessary integration that has happened to many of you as you enter 2013.

Many people think that soul mate and twin flame are the same. Although discourse expression is slightly different, its real meaning is completely different. Twin flame is the other half of the same soul, split in duality, which is very rare in the material world. In our terms, “soul mate” is another soul. You grow together in the binary contract of the material world and move towards a common goal as a way to develop and explore love.

The paradox of linear relationship is that the concept of “soul mate” (not twin flame) is the relationship between two independent sovereign beings, which has greater happiness, greater balance, greater connection with divinity and greater opportunities for progress than the relationship based on interdependence. Did you see that?
In the transition period of this new era, since 2013, many of you are actually merging with your twin flame at the etheric level and shaping your Divine fullness into a physical presentation so that you can enter the crystalline energy field of the new earth as a whole in a unified way.

In most cases, soul reconnection is accomplished in a lonely or independent independent independent relationship. So we said, please embrace the supreme period of solitude you have chosen, which is a sign that your soul is willing to activate the light body and enter the new earth life.

We would like to add that many women have chosen particularly effective roles to help balance the earth during this period of life. Isn’t it true that the earth has been in an imbalance in excessive patriarchal energy for thousands of years?

This is why the vast majority of people attracted to the “new age of Aquarius” are women. You see, the people anchoring the energy of the holy goddess are mainly women. In your current paradigm, women have been restricted and labeled as “vulnerable gender”. Nothing is farther from the truth of life than this!

Some women who find themselves currently single habitually think they must have a partner. Let’s say it again, embrace your loneliness. You chose it, and we respect you for the path you chose. The ideal state of the planet is not women or men, but a perfect balance between the two, but it is still in an unbalanced patriarchal dominance. We salute you in virgin sex biology! Your power is indeed creating an evolutionary process that nourishes balance. Really, the super soul is bisexual, independent and self-sufficient. This does not mean that love is not the frequency basis of the soul. In fact, it reflects the highest frequency vibration of holy love. It is the resonance of the ascended old soul to the universe and reflects back to the crystalline light grid of earth and gives collective harmony.

There was a time when you each played the role of soul mate and shared joy in your own way.

The evolved soul will become fully self-sufficient when it reaches holographic omnipotence, so that it will send magnificent unconditional love to all. This should and must be done. This is your way of ascension. You see, the final graduation of the soul is not completed in pairs. It is done in the divine self in universal harmony with “all things”. Do you understand?

This is the divine resonance of self activation to the quantum crystal field. Separation must take place before the unity of collective consciousness. It must take place in the form of alchemy to allow mankind to finally integrate into the “unity of all things”. This is your trip. This is the road that all human beings are destined to take.
In a word, our view is that if you find yourself in solitude, you should realize its significance and goal. If you are in a relationship, cultivate it into greater love that you do not depend on. You will really find that love is expanding and the relationship becomes more harmonious and brilliant without dependence;   Just as you find that unbalanced dependencies are one-way, the ultimate harvest is failure.
In returning to the autonomy of the soul, humans will see themselves in the framework of “whole” and no longer belong to their partner’s property or someone’s “better half”. Each will enter into relationships in a powerful cosmic energy flow with their complete divinity and complete self in a way that usually does not occur on today’s earth.

There may also be some pre agreed soul agreements that allow free choice and change, even if the change is to end the partnership. In returning to the sovereignty of the soul, one shared their best uncompromising dream. Everyone will recognize each other’s divinity and retain their own integrity. They will make their own commitments and choices for life on the new earth. They will have the opportunity to adjust and have the ability to review the terms of the soul agreement.

This will allow one to hold more cognitive space for oneself. These measures are designed to prevent energy block and reduce abnormal marriage, divorce complications and litigation. Some of these relationships last a lifetime, others don’t. But the soul with self sovereignty will choose the way to better support both sides and choose the agreement beneficial to both sides. When one party becomes independent and happy, the deficient party may impose its faith, morality and will on the other party.
Many people today really don’t know or understand their soul plan and divine self. Unfortunately, the ego is generally regulated by the public to the field of using only the ego and limited personality. Indeed, at present, a large number of high-frequency light waves from the Central Sun are pouring into the earth to awaken the soul, more than ever before.

In the new paradigm, brown religion must guide the development of individuation, and people must really realize that the essence of life is the sacred soul.

No one in your world can really answer these questions. No one is willing to recognize the high latitude civilization heritage of the universe outside the earth, nor your cross dimensional ability. This must and will be recognized and understood in the new life on earth.

None of your mainstream religions can accurately and completely express the real history of human beings on earth. Therefore, there is no real Brown religion in today’s earth world. Most transactions are made on pre-set standard templates. Everyone claims to know the way to God and can lead people to the path of pilgrimage, but no one really does. Each kind of brown religion has its own doctrine; Each leader has his own hierarchy, and some people like or are good at using fear and control to encourage people’s paranoia and fanaticism.

Human beings are now more eager to find God than at any time on earth, so this search itself has the potential to bring light. Few brown teachers are real teachers. Maybe he is a scholar of the theoretical school, but he is not a real spiritual mentor. Others are charlatans, even metaphysically learning and selling the so-called “new era” lifestyle or products.

When people are uneasy about wholeness, their connection with the real spiritual power will be disconnected. At present, all human beings are easy to fall into and break away from wholeness. The real path to ascension is the ability of each soul to ascend to his / her higher self. Please look inside and find your divinity in your heart. Not by blindly following gurus, preachers, channelers or spiritual leaders, but by exploring deep inside.

The resonance you personally feel is real and powerful! Dear ones, don’t give your strength to others. Each of you can and must lead your soul on duty. Learn, observe, listen, insight, judge, review, and accept only what resonates with your heart. Dear ones, the path to the divine begins through the sovereignty of the divine self. In ascension, the path to the higher self is guided and positioned by the soul to embed the great desire of each of your souls. Please find and light up the divine light in each of you. Study, find, work! If you choose to be sleepy or lazy, there is little possibility of ascension. Effort is a necessary condition for transcending the dual world. The law of cosmic evolution has always been the same.

You are here to explore the unknown! Let’s go! Become a light warrior in the binary world! Because the real battle is the inner battle of consciousness and the ultimate realization of self-control and balance. This road is not easy. But there is such subtle energy in self-control that it fuels everything you need to move forward… There is another challenge at every level you ascend.

Consciousness is an eternal flow and expansion; It will not rest forever. Therefore, we tell you that your higher self finds great humor in the epitaph of Sabbath, because the joy of life is a perpetual motion state!

Find your way!

Discover the divine self!

Love yourself, love others, love everyone’s inner divinity!

Discover the true cross latitude ability of your soul!

This is the nobility of loneliness!

Although this road is sometimes quite difficult and lonely, I know it is only the challenge of the dual world. In the higher latitude world, you are complete and lack nothing.

Dear ones, in the higher latitudes, you are in the divine essence of the perfect whole, in the bliss of complete abundance.

We are always with you!

We send you an endless stream of unconditional love!

Please treat yourself and others with love and respect.

We respect you!

I am the archangel Metatron of the kingdom of light, sharing these truths with you.

Beloved, love you forever!

From: James
Translator: Qianjiang in January


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