The human body has always had a well-designed body upgrading and ascension cycle driven by DNA intelligent transition, whether it is awakened or not, whether it is in the earth ascension cycle or not^_^

The human body has always had a well-designed body upgrading and ascension cycle driven by DNA intelligent transition, whether it is awakened or not, whether it is in the earth ascension cycle or not^_^

You know, all symptoms are the feedback and response brought by ascension. There is no need to intervene. Just change the same

The basis of the above contents, such as the cosmic energy wave perfusion of the left brain portal, first needs the balance between the left and right brain. Therefore, what you can understand is to observe, make changes, repeat and adjust from the situation that your heart and body symptoms do not interfere with any more. The focus is on two words, put down, and two words, accept, and then the flow begins

The chakras of the body begin to flow, and the previous lesions will naturally decompose, scour and output. The flowing body is the basis of ascension. Whether it is a transition from several dimensions to several dimensions, it needs to flow

The first priority of flow is the flow of fear without accumulation, so our teaching opens up the spiritual message, how to expand consciousness, don’t drill into the horns, and don’t let the state of mind, fear, worry, worry and anger condense. This part is very clear about the relationship between the five Zang organs and the five emotions
Five Zang-organs In Traditional Chinese Medicine

So do you understand that the five emotions produce lesions, and the ascension DNA coding will start regularly. For example, there will be an ascension awakening in children, adolescence, middle age and old age. At this time, DNA will guide the cosmic energy to upgrade the body. If a person’s body mobility is not good, it will naturally aggravate and accelerate the lesions, and the imposed interference will become more and more intense, Even this process is repeated from generation to generation, only for one purpose, open, put down and accept


We have developed a system that works with nature and mother earth to deliver the energy you require. We use flowers, trees, grass leaves, water and even rocks for the energy transmission of this system.

When you enjoy these energetic natural landscapes in nature, you will receive the energy you need and desire. When you sit with your back against a tree or a big stone, or when you immerse yourself in a piece of water, energy will be transmitted to you. We know it’s good for you, but we don’t just want to coax you back to nature. We also know that you must open up, relax and have enough vibration to accept the energy we provide, because mother nature has this influence on you.

Even those who do not understand this, those passers-by with their heads down, or those who are still buried in their mobile phones, will not ignore the appeal of mother nature’s energy. She wraps you with love, wraps you with joy, wraps you with excitement, and establishes contact with mankind. That’s why everyone will benefit a lot as long as they touch the trees beside the sidewalks of big cities. Even that helps. Even so, you can get the energy you want.

So if you can’t go to the forest, beach, grassland, or pond, find a green space, stand barefoot on it, or sit directly on that green space. Give yourself the opportunity to accept what you ask, and we have given you the energy. Feel all the positive effects of mother nature, because the energy we transmit to you is only a small part of what she transmits, and we are not the only beings who use this method.


Pleiadian alien message 277: the function of Annika’s pineal gland

Original author a Liang UFO mystery 2 days ago
August 30, 2021

Translator: Annika didn’t return. This should be a historical article.

Robert: there’s a problem. What role does the pineal gland play? In a sense, it is the brain that obtains the information of “Ether” and transmits it to the physical world. What exactly does the pineal gland do? Just something “spiritual”? But isn’t that the same?

Annika: This is a signal modulator that works with other parts of the brain. What the new era will not tell you is that the etheric signal of the “soul” does not pass through the pineal gland, but all living cells of the whole brain and the whole body.

The pineal gland can be said to be the interface between this signal and the brain.

It is like a translator, translating signals to conscious people, translating the interstellar journey experience in the ether into the memory of the material world. In other words, it enables the individual to remember things at another level of existence, such as dreams, or hallucinations at the astral level, remote vision and other levels.

Then, signals from the nonphysical world pass through or enter every living cell of the body, especially the nervous system, central nervous system and brain, and then the pineal gland, which helps people’s conscious part remember their experiences all the time.

That’s why people think the pineal gland is an eye that can see things that are not obvious on the plane.

But this is not to see, but to translate it into something that the subject can understand.

The pineal gland has rods in its cell structure. Like the eyes, these rods are not “seen” or response to light stimulation, but are translated into the nervous system using the same translation structure, from the gland to the cortex, the brain and other places.

Therefore, the rod uses the same structure and electrochemical principle as the rod of the eye retina to give people an impression or nerve stimulation similar to the eye, so that the subject can experience something he “sees”, but not an image from the eye.

The neural structure of the pineal gland is closely related to the psychovisual region at the back of the brain, just like the optic nerve.

The pineal gland converts it into a stimulus, which can interpret the psychovisual region of the brain as an image.

But it doesn’t get a mental signal directly. This is done by the brain and the body itself. In other words, the whole brain, body and pineal gland are completed together.

It can be understood that the body (nervous system, central nervous system and brain, including the pineal gland) is an antenna that receives the etheric signal of the “soul”. The signal is transmitted to the pineal gland for translation, and then the visual and other signals are transmitted to the brain to obtain images. It is different from the concept of the new era that only the pineal gland is the antenna of etheric information.

This point has also been mentioned in other pages.

For example:

Pleiadian alien message 223: tegtan brain and nervous system

Compared with the human brain, our pineal gland is 400% larger and fused with the corpus callosum. But as we have said, the whole body, not just the brain, is an antenna. In the unified brain, the pineal gland is more developed and larger. It is not the only entrance to the soul. Each cell has its own connection or connection version with the etheric or spiritual side. The pineal gland is not the only point in the body responsible for super sensory perception and connection with the unified field, but the most obvious active component in the system.

Pleiades II alien message 127: knowledge of stars 2

Considering that everything is energy related and interdependent, just like human consciousness itself, the consciousness of each cell constitutes its whole, and each cell will be connected with the etheric field and other cells of other bodies, whether human or non-human, the planet is exactly the same.

Contrary to what is said, the pineal gland is not the only point in the body responsible for super sensory perception and connection with the unified field, but the whole body, giving or receiving the connection.

The pineal gland is only the most obvious active component in the whole system. Therefore, the decalcification of pineal gland is quite simple. The fact is that it is necessary to improve the connection of the whole body. As a unified whole, in this process, the pineal gland will obviously benefit in a way far better than local decalcification.

Considering that the body is an illusion of hard matter held by the soul, so the soul cannot enter itself. It is it. It translates its perception elsewhere in its infinite spectrum to a limited part of my cognition.

Pleiades II alien message 39: entering the soul animal and soul sleep dream
Swaru: I think all this is their own spiritual projection. It’s like subdividing the whole into density, like 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, etc., when it’s all one. So these terms describe a unity, one thing, several aspects, if you like, but they are all one source. It is changing its focus.


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