Metaphysical career^_^

Metaphysical career

Predicting the great transformation of life

from fear to love

The second chapter(including readers’ questions and answers at the end of the article)

In this chapter, what I share is that life is completely love. Even work?? Yes, even that, love can exist anywhere. No matter where you want love to be, you can create it. Maybe it takes a little effort and different views on things, but it can be done. I suggest you do it by living a trinity of truth, trust and enthusiasm. Remove fear and fill in with love, yes, even in the workplace. “What about those who dig ditches for a living? How can I resonate with such work with love?” you might ask. This may sound like a silly question, but do you dig this ditch just to finish it, or do you want to dig the best ditch as much as you can? Please believe me, my friend, there are many people who are willing to do their best, no matter what kind of work it is.

I don’t like to call a career “just a daily job”. I like to call it “metaphysical career”. Even if you don’t have your own career, I would like you to read this article carefully. You don’t need to be a boss or manager to make your career more metaphysical. Even if you are an employee, you can change your attitude towards work.

Imagine your career as a real individual, just like a person. Instead of walking to the office every day, imagine meeting someone. When you came into the office in the morning, if it was a person, what would you do first? You say “good morning”, don’t you? If that is the person you really like, you will not only say good morning, but also wish him a smooth day, and even give him a loving hug. You don’t have to shout, just tell the cause quietly and sincerely say you love it. Do you remember how I mentioned how to communicate with babies through thinking in the “parenting” chapter? Thinking, career is a living, conscious individual who can hear your thoughts. Everything is conscious.

Let’s suppose that in your living individual called “career”, an employee is unhappy with you. Suppose the employee is really sabotaging. For example, after you walked out of the room, he said to the person sitting next to you, “did you see that the bonus is poor?” another person, who was happy to get his bonus, would say, “Oh, yes, I think it’s really rare, isn’t it?” then the unhappy employee said to another person: I heard you worked overtime for several hours last week, Did you get this part of your salary? It can’t be true? You volunteered?

God, I don’t know if you’re stupid or what? This person, who was willing to work overtime, might say, “I think there’s something wrong.”

You can see a picture of someone making problems everywhere. You can treat this person as cancer, just like something that has been eroding and nibbling at you. If you don’t deal with it, it will kill you. Then you, and you don’t even know it exists. It has been eating, eating and nibbling at you, and you still think everything is good. When you pass the little “cancer”, he sits back in his seat and smiles at you. You didn’t notice it. In your mind, everything goes well, but your profits fall heavily.

When you finally understand what happened, you found the small cancer. What would you do? First, you can pretend it doesn’t exist until it kills you. Or you can cut it off. How do you cut cancer in your career? You said, “you’re fired! Then my problem will be solved.” is that right? Is that true? Cancer, like other diseases in the body, affects all surrounding cells. The cells around it may not be like cancer, but they are all affected. That’s why when doctors cut off a cancer, it may have affected other areas that doctors don’t know.

Let’s go back to the cancer in your career. Your employee left and you said, “I’ll cut off the cancer. Everything will be fine.” what about the person he talked to about bonuses and the person he talked to about overtime without pay? They’re not cured, my friend. You now have cancer cells scattered in your company, and the size of the company and the spread rate of cancer determine how long you will stay in this industry.

So you might say, “that sounds very frustrating. What can I do?” well, this is another way, called radiation therapy. If you want, you can also change this radiation to “white light”. White light is the energy of love. Imagine white light emanating from your heart with love to the employee in question. You can transform this cancer and burn it into the light, where it will no longer cause harm.

Guess where the cancer came from? Would you guess what you did? You’re just trying to get the company moving, aren’t you? Where did this cancer come from?

Suppose you don’t touch the employee’s head enough. Maybe when he does a good job, it’s just to meet your expectations for him, and then keep busy with your business. The cancer began to grow. So how do you eliminate it? ” You call him into your office and tell him the truth. Remember that in any relationship, including career relationships, you should strive for truth, trust and enthusiasm.

The first step is to be true, so you might say: “You see, of course I can fire you, but I don’t want to do so, because I believe that the good creator sent everyone to earth for experience. Your experience is to become a part of our company. That will be the reason why you will be here today, my friend. How can we change so that you can make full use of your time here? You know it has something to do with me It doesn’t matter how much money I give you, because I have given you all I can give, and I can only avoid financial difficulties. I don’t think it’s about taking more money. I think it’s something you want to look inside yourself. “

In this way, you really start to talk to him. When you do this, you will find out what the real problem is. Use white light or love to heal him. This is not to comply with him, it is to treat him sincerely and expect a sincere response. It is about being true, setting an honest example, and then expecting an honest response. Through truth, trust comes Yes.
You might say, “Cheryl, I can’t do this because I’m the boss. I have to raise my volume from time to time. I have to shout at someone, or they won’t pay attention to me!” Well, then, just leave there, because it’s cancer. Oh! You can’t do that, because you own this place! Besides, you won’t continue to own this place for a long time, so you’d better leave now, because you run your own company with fear. If you don’t learn to change your view of how the company operates, you’ll be difficult step by step.

Now, if you have a very successful career, you probably know about metaphysics. If you know, I congratulate you. But what if you want to take it further? Think of your company as a person and divide it into different body parts. Suppose that a company of ordinary size has about 30 to 40 people. Who will exist What about the essence and the spiritual etheric thread? “These will be the directors or owners. The mind is the person who takes care of the daily operation and really faces all the employees of the company every day. Who is the heart of your career? If you let bad things happen in the heart of your career, my friend, you can guess what will happen to your company. Now let me know If you have accountants, guess which part of the body they belong to. The function of accounting is like a kidney, isn’t it? Because everything has to be filtered by them and keep positive results. If you have several assistants, they are your right and left hands. All you have to do is find out what each part does and find a company that can make you happy Run more smoothly.

When you have a right hand to try to do the work of your own kidney, it won’t be useful, no matter what kind of body you have. Suppose you are the boss, that spiritual Ethernet thread. However, because there is a cancer in your brain, you’d better hurry to find that cancer. In other words, regard each department of your company as a person with their own unique work 。
What if you only have a two person company? You can still divide the business into various body parts. You are the brain, and one of them can be the right hand and the other is the left hand. Does one arm have to know what the other is doing? Of course!
If the body is going downhill, find out why. You can know when you’re overworked according to your body, right? You know when you’re squeezing yourself too much, eating the wrong food or going in the wrong direction. When things go bad, you know you’re going in the wrong direction. You’ll fall or hurt your toes and so on, right? It’s also used in the company Same, my friend. If your company doesn’t work at its best, it will get sick and show you. When it gets sick, you have to heal it quickly.
How many people have a slight pain on their forehead when they get sick? You may think that if you don’t care about it, it will disappear. But it turns into a severe migraine and a back pain when it disappears. That’s because you’ve been trying to hold your head. And this back pain turns into a problem of difficulty in moving, and soon the whole system has to shut down. That’s what happens in The state of your company, my friend, if you ignore those mild headaches. You shouldn’t wait for cancer cells to form.
To sum up, a metaphysical career is a living, breathing and conscious individual. Please treat it as a friend. You may want to tell it that you love it every morning and wish it well. You may think of this body as a person, divide it into many parts of the body and identify the specific parts of each employee. This may make it easier for you to To judge whether all parts are working at their best. If each part of the body works smoothly, the metaphysical cause is healthy. If not, there will be disease.

Spiritual orientation of development institutions

Next, let’s focus on developing the spiritual aspect of your business. What will happen if you can’t maintain a positive attitude towards yourself? If you don’t love to embrace your business, if you don’t take care of it with “white light” every day, if you don’t stop to take good care of it, it will certainly not be in the best state. For example, if you When you come here in the morning, you will be encouraged to meditate.

Suppose you have 30 to 40 people working for you. If in the morning, these people say, “thank you, creator, for giving me this place to work, and I hope I can do my best today. Make me worth all the things that flow to me.” If they do this every day, guess how long your company will keep rising instead of falling.

You might say, “Cheryl, I can’t force people to do this.” of course you can’t, you can’t force people to do anything. However, if you have fear, love can’t radiate. In your metaphysical career, you will want it to have love. Let go of your fear and trust that whatever happens is for the highest good.
How open are you to your company?

Are you real? Do you keep everything as a big secret? Do your employees still think everything is good when your career is declining? However, you may say, “secrets are the privilege of the boss.” Well, that’s the past. Now, it’s about the transformation. It’s about acting in a different way from the past, because if you don’t do so, you’ll just stop in your current position. If your current position is what you want, you probably don’t have to read this article. You read this article because you want to move forward and evolve.

So this is the way you view your career. This is the way to build a healthy and strong metaphysical career, let love come in and make the company grow.
Honor business partners with love
If you don’t like one of the employees, learn how to love him or her first. Support him or her to do the best job possible. Then, if you feel necessary, let him or her leave. Then it will be fine. If you are an employee and you want to leave your company, first make yourself super professional enough to do your job perfectly.

When you know you’re at your best, that’s when you leave. Don’t leave until you’ve done everything possible.

Just like life, if you work for a company and you want to leave in the worst way because you can’t stand it, I can guarantee that if you look back on the past, you will find that you have a job like this before. You know? If you see the future, you will have a job like this again! You just haven’t learned from that experience. What do you think You can look in the mirror and say, “have I learned everything in the structure of this company as much as possible?”

When the answer is “yes! I know it all!” with the same reason and no doubt, then this is the time to tell your boss you’re going away.

Suppose you are an employee, and your boss says to you, “well, today is payday, and all the money is in my hand. If 100% represents doing everything, what percentage do you think you work for me this week?” well, everyone will start to laugh when they hear this. Your response is: “you’re super right, I do 100% and give me my money.” If you lie, you will be killed by thunder. If you have to be honest, you may say, “Si, I have 15 minutes more rest every time this week, so I probably didn’t do 100%. Even if I only did 98%. Oh, by the way, I was an hour late one day and went to have coffee after I came in, I was about half of that day.”
Then say I only did 90 percent. Besides, you caught me playing at work. Well, it’s reduced to 75 percent. So your boss said, “here’s your salary. You told me you deserve 75 percent.”
Do you tell the truth, only you and the creator know. Will this change your attitude towards your company? Of course. If you expect yourself to deserve 100%, how much do you have to put in? 100%, don’t you? If you have people who work for you, you think they will understand that you expect them to have full performance, because you pay them 100% Are you?
After doing so, your employees will soon have a choice. They either leave or do their work 100%. I hope you think about this situation. Try to let your employees think about it. I know it sounds funny, but listen to it anyway. If you have a company of 30 people and everyone of the 30 plays a good role If you have a company with 30 people and 70% of the people play 100% of their potential, what are your chances of success? Do you see how quickly that probability drops? If you have a company with 30 people and they only give about 45%, 50 or 55% What about potential? Do you understand why your company doesn’t go far?

You might say: that’s great news. Now I know why I’m declining. But it’s not the point, my friend. It’s about recognizing the reason why I don’t decline. Just like your own life, if you know from this point of view that you can’t fail, you will always move in different directions, but never fail. There’s no need for a career to decline, only when your career doesn’t reach the goal When you expect, you give it up. When we observe the employees of the business, why not look at the business itself? What is the percentage of the individual’s work efficiency? Does she always look beautiful? Don’t wait for the cleaners to clean up your garbage. If the garbage has been piled outside, don’t say: “Oh, it’s the job of the cleaner, not mine. I don’t take out the garbage. I’m the vice president! Do you want to be the vice president on the street? Because that’s where you’re going! Don’t wait for the cleaner. Or, suppose the phone on your desk next door rings? It’s not my phone. You say, I won’t answer the damn phone. So it rings and rings and rings. If The caller wants to make a big deal for your company? This deal could have allowed everyone to have enough food and clothing for three meals, but you don’t answer because it’s not your phone! Although it sounds trivial, it’s true. When you start playing such a trick, your whole company will play it together. The truth is, you think a good president will Clean up the garbage? Of course, because he wants his company to grow.

Career is an individual. Please treat it with your love and respect for your partner. Once you lose the vision of taking care of the people who work with you, you have lost consistency. When you lose consistency, my friend, you reduce your energy or frequency, so you have to find a way back to consistency.

Please bless your career as you honor yourself, it will become better and better. If you honor this career in the way of honoring yourself, if you love this career in the degree of loving yourself, you can’t fail. It’s impossible. Victory is the only result. This is the creator’s style of behavior.

Show your employees that you can grow together as a whole, and you will become healthier together as if you have the same body. Show them all these things, my friend. Then you will find your individual, your beauty. Your body will operate at a better and better speed.

The will of love

First of all, what does “public will” mean? The so-called public will is when more than two people unite in the same idea. For example, the government produces some very bad and troublesome equipment. Among them, the high frequency active Aurora research project is referred to as HAARP. Now I don’t want to cause fear, but some people will be afraid when they read about h a r P.

HAARP is located in Alaska and Puerto Rico. this device emits an energy beam into the ionosphere, so that molecules in the sky gather together to form a layer that can reflect energy back to the earth. HAARP people tell you that they are looking for oil, but this project has many uses they don’t want to tell you. If you are interested in such projects, you can find them The of the data, it can be said, is that the details are not pleasing to the eye.

I’m sorry to mention such things. All the purpose of this whole chapter is to replace fear with love. I hope that in learning about these devices, you can replace them with love, and you can surpass terror and destruction with love. During France’s nuclear bomb test in the South Pacific, more than 100 people gathered in the “inner healing center” with love and chanted “hum” Om stopped the nuclear weapon test. “Wait a minute,” you might say, “that should be another reason for it to stop the test.” who cares? It stopped, didn’t it? Those involved know they were helping. That’s the point.

Now, the aspiration of love is that a group of people unite in love, which can change many things in the world. In the spring of 1996, 112 people gathered in the “inner healing center” In addition, there are large groups in Massachusetts, Washington, Florida, Texas, Nevada, Canada, Australia, Japan and Europe. They also join in singing “hum” with love. Through such efforts, we know that HAARP project has some entanglement, which makes it unusable for some time The chanting will continue until such items can be proved not to cause any harm.

In fact, thoughts create reality. The thoughts of each of you will remain in the consciousness of the mother of the earth. Moreover, most people have far more negative and fearful thoughts than positive and loving thoughts. Believe me, negative thoughts will not only affect the people who think, but also jointly affect the world. If the vast majority of people can express love, truth and trust And passionate strong thoughts, sent to the consciousness of mother earth? Mother earth and the universe will be grateful.

At this special moment, the earth is raising its frequency to ascend in this transformation. Love has become more and more powerful. As long as a beautiful thought of love can offset ten negative and fearful thoughts. In the era of Atlantis a long time ago, when the world fell from the fifth dimension to the third dimension, it was just the opposite. There should be ten in love and reality In the process of earth’s ascension, love is more powerful than fear, so please grasp this advantage. An enthusiastic group that disseminates love and real ideas can lead to many changes.

Q & A

Q: I work in the neonatal intensive care unit for premature infants born a few months earlier. What can we do for them in the incubator to enhance their life existence?

Cheryl: Yes, of course. Once a pregnant woman came directly to the psychic (Fred Sterling) from the doctor’s office In front of her, the doctor told her that the fetus was a little abnormal. The psychic put his cheek on her stomach and told her that the being was deciding whether to stay. You must fully accept such a decision and try to encourage her and tell her that this is a good place to stay. But if she chooses to go back to God early (i.e. death) , that’s no problem. He said to the fetus, “if you want to go back to God early, it’s no problem. But if you want to stay, I’ll wait for you here when you are born. You have to communicate with the fetus. You must let the fetus know that she has a choice.”

I know some people will disagree. But when the little egg combines with the little expert and decides to start cell division, it forms cell consciousness and constitutes life. Therefore, communication should start at such a small stage. If it is a newborn stage, when the situation begins to go wrong, you should first make your mother know as clearly as possible that most communication It’s all transmitted to the baby through her thoughts. And please listen carefully. The baby can clearly understand you, so communicate in this way immediately.
Start telling the baby: “Hey, the earth level may not be as bad as you think. I don’t know if you have made the final decision. If you still doubt whether the time and place to come to the earth is appropriate, I can only hope you know that I am willing to help. If you decide to go home, although it is very sad for us in the world, we still wish you a safe journey. Please Set out in my light. Whatever your decision is, know that I will support all your essence. I will not judge whether you have only an hour or a day here or at any time in your life. Make sure the baby knows that you are not going to judge him wrong or right. And if he wants to go home (die), please don’t stand in his way. “

Q: I am a teacher, and my schoolchildren have a lot of anger. I send them the energy of love and use my thoughts to talk to them in a silent way. However, they bear so much pain and anger at themselves that the energy bounces directly from them. What else can I do to dissipate the anger?

Cheryl: first of all, don’t give them up like others. Then you have another thing to do,

Choose a child who is especially difficult to get along with you and send the white light of love to the child in the next two to three days.

And talk to the child in the way you would want people to talk to you at his or her age. If you still doubt how to talk to a child, ask yourself. When I was that old, how would I like people to talk to me? ” No matter what appears, no matter what it is, follow it, because it is a higher-level guidance that will help you.

Make your higher self adjust its frequency to be with you every day. You should also bring your own angel power. I know some friends will say, “what? Angel? What are you talking about?” I’m saying that angels are part of the solution. You might try to say this: I want angels to stay with me all day at school, because I will call the guidance of angels. “So when one of these children comes to you and sees that his armor can’t be broken, call the angel and say: “I really need guidance now, I need some space.” well, whatever comes out, say it. This is “automatic speech”. This sometimes seems really strange, because usually you just let it speak fluently, as if there was a third party. You step back and say, “Oh, that’s great!” Yes, it happens, especially when you let the angel level work with you, because they just want to help.

Q: what should I do if I don’t have a really strong love for one of my children?

Cheryl: if you have more than two or three children, almost every such family will experience that a child just can’t resonate with one of their parents. This doesn’t mean they don’t like each other, but they can’t resonate with each other. You must understand that such children come here with completely different situation settings. In comparison, it involves the relationship with their father or mother Since children came here to devote themselves to a different combination of experiences. At that time, the only way to come to the earth level was to choose a specific combination of parents. With the passage of time, the gap between parents and children began to widen, sometimes even so large that you don’t seem to know each other. Most parents who happen to this situation will begin to think Whether you are wrong. Please be sure to understand that there is no rule that the two must resonate just because the child is born to you.
Even so, I will provide an antidote. The antidote is to learn to love each other, not because it is necessary or stipulated. Go into the child’s heart and find something that can ring their heart. Next, judge right and wrong, but to help purify and improve the parts of life that enable you to help him evolve in childhood.

And I want to say to the child, find out what makes your parents smile and help them smile from time to time. You will be surprised at the results. Find out what they fear and see if you can get rid of that fear, not to repay or deserve it, but just because you will find a real victory in sharing your journey without entanglement.

When you find the flickering light and love inside each other, the intimate relationship can be established on a new stage. This may be the beginning of a wonderful journey.

Q: my boy has no father. As a mother, what can I do to balance the male / female energy given to him?

Zirel: first of all, please let me say that you are really doing very well. Your inner male / female energy has been well balanced. I don’t think your little boy will suffer any pain. If I want to add anything, it will be to add a “spiritual father” or a spiritually oriented male image.

You see. This child needs to understand the spirituality of male energy, which is difficult for female energy to teach. Therefore, please make sure that your son is close to spiritually oriented men. In this way, he will learn what he wants to learn from them and find a balance.

Q: I have a nine year old son who often lies. I really don’t know when to lie to him. Did we lie to him? What do we do now?

Cheryl: it’s not right or wrong, because you also try your best according to what you know. However, you can start to reverse what has happened. Sit down with him and say: “You see, I’ve made some things very bad. One of them is that during my life with you, I’ve learned how to tell harmless lies. Then let you and I stop lying to each other. There will be no consequences, okay? There will be no consequences! Tell me the truth whenever I ask you. But you should also be prepared to hear the truth I tell you.

You always have to open up somewhere. I know children sometimes play tricks, especially when their parents don’t live together. Sometimes they play with their parents and get the attention they need from the party who doesn’t pay attention to them. So if he stops lying to you, he will immediately return to lying when he returns to the other party. That’s what he wants the other party to know about you There are still many ways to do homework.

This may not be easy, but you have to make it clear together as a family unit. You have to say, “you see, we can’t go on like this. The three of us have to think of ways to get through this situation. We have to get along for a lifetime, so we have to start somewhere. Let reality be our beginning!”

Q: my family has a four-year-old son. What is the best way to deal with his emotions, such as anger and sadness?

Zerill: I suggest you vent your emotions as much as possible in a controlled environment, where only you and your son can. When emotions begin to come, allow them to express themselves in safety. Do you know how many people this psychic medium has to face every day are those whose parents did not let them express their emotions in childhood, especially those in childhood Was it a man who was taught “boys don’t cry”?

If your boy has emotions, let them out, kick them out, shout them out. Let them all go. Finally, he will find out that this is not what he thinks. He will learn that he has to start putting words into his emotions. You may not like those words, but it doesn’t matter. Listen to them. Don’t strangle them! Encourage them and lead them to the future The most emotional point. Make sure your son is really talking to you. No matter what kind of emotion, encourage him to describe it in words. Listen to all these words with your heart. He will feel your love and respect, and as a result, he will learn to trust this communication process.

Q: I’m a parent of a single parent family. There’s a question about my nine year old son. He’s so strict with himself that he’s more strict than I really want him to be. I’m wondering whether this will happen because of something he decides to do, or if I have to help him relax.

Zirrell: in this particular case, the harshness towards himself is a subject of his previous life. In this life, it is difficult for him to live according to the standards set in his previous life, and he can’t meet them at all. First of all, please often tell him that he is very excellent and doesn’t need to work hard to become better. Tell him that his own existence is absolutely perfect.
First, the nine year old child is much smarter than people who “don’t talk about you”. Please praise him.

His intelligence is about fifteen years old. You can talk to him at a slightly different level than before.

Third, help him understand that everyone has his own way of progress. He really wants to make progress at a very fast speed. Please tell him not to worry. Anyway, he will get results. Life is not about how to be born and where to die, but the journey between these two points. Therefore, let the nine year old know his whole life, now , it’s a journey. Then, he needs to accept that his life is so absolutely unbelievable perfect! He doesn’t need to beat himself. Please every day, my friend, look into his eyes and tell him that you love him because he is himself.

I know most parents will say, “I love you.” you may say it when you pass by. It doesn’t matter, but you have to sit down with him every day, even if you are only nine years old. Do this before he goes to sleep every night. Look into his eyes and tell him, “you are exactly the son I want. I want to thank you because you are yourself.” Then let him sleep for eight hours in such an idea.

Q: I have questions about punishment. Can you say anything about it?

Cheryl: that’s a good question. I’ve heard an audience friend who is a teacher say, “explain the consequences.” this may be stronger than I want to see. The word “consequences” implies some bad things. Please remember, life is to gain experience, and experience is not always easy. Sometimes you have to work hard all your life to get it.

My advice is to sit down with your child and have a conversation. Clearly tell him or her, “our conversation can be a one-way conversation or a two-way conversation. If you respond, it will be a two-way conversation. If you don’t respond, you have to listen to me all the time, so you’d better respond.” if you don’t get a response,

You become a speaker. Do you know what will happen to the speaker? ‘people are going to bed, so you have to make the two-way dialogue work. Listen, teachers. Please use questions to run the two-way dialogue with your students from time to time. Say what you want to say and end with a question. Ask them to respond. When they say “Oh!”, say: “Wait a minute, what I want to hear more is that there should be at least five or six strings, not just oh.” they will say, “what? What does that mean?” they will say, “good, that’s good. Let’s continue.” once you bring them into the dialogue, you can provide them with guidance on examining choices, learning responsibilities and recognizing themselves.

Q: I don’t like punishment, and I understand what you said about communication. I’m a teacher, and I have difficulty getting along with my students aged 9 to 11. I hope they can understand that once they do something wrong, they must know that they can’t escape. What I mind is that some children are already in contact with gangs. I’ve tried to talk to them with my mind But I still don’t know if doing so will help them understand the consequences of their actions.

Cheryl: I’m glad you talk to them through your thoughts, but sometimes you just have to say the whole idea aloud. Tell them: “Listen, I don’t want you to think you can escape. What I want to tell you now is from my heart: I don’t want to punish you, because this is not the purpose at all. However, if you continue to do what you are doing, you must know that you can’t escape. You must pay a price, no matter what it will be. Listen to this sentence now.”

Q: why do many children try drugs?
Cheryl: please don’t think I’m venting your anger, but if your children are using drugs, it means that the communication somewhere in the past has broken. When the communication breaks, they turn to what they pretend to think is the second best thing, which is not the reality.

Drugs represent unreal things. Basically, they don’t want to face their reality. They can’t deal with it, so they have to change that reality, so they use drugs to achieve their goals.

I’m going to talk about the topic of communication. Please always communicate in the real world. Remember, this is not about instilling fear into them to make them obey you, but about honest and open communication. If you are always in the real world, trust will sprout in your contact. This is that a passionate relationship with children is based not only on respect, but also on Love, passionate love.

Q: can you put forward your opinion on the difference between bosses who are seen through to prove their own power and those who step by step?
Cheryl: Thank you. It’s a beautiful question. If you’re a boss who has to show power, if you have to flatter yourself and remind employees who you are, I’d say you already have a big problem. In fact, in a metaphysical career, you never have to look like a boss. So if you have to flatter yourself a little, please Understand that you are going to violate all your creations. Instead of thinking about what you can do for the company, you are protecting your position in the company. Therefore, there will be serious problems in your hands.

If you manage your company in the way you want to be treated, you will have a successful company. The fact is, you don’t want your manager to be a coward, because the manager is to make decisions, so you want the manager to be decisive and dare to make decisions. In other words, you don’t want your manager to yell and lie to yourself Or he doesn’t keep his own promises. Therefore, he manages in the way he wants to be treated: decisive, fair and respectful.

Now people don’t work just for salary. You see, more and more people do their work well in order to be recognized. Such recognition gives them the motivation to say, “I’ve mastered this homework. Now let’s move to another set of new courses.” What does this mean? It means that they have improved their work performance. My good friend, wouldn’t it be very exciting if you have 20 employees who fully realize their potential today?

Q: from the perspective of career, how to determine the fair profit?

Cheryl: what a great question! When most employees are happy to do what they are doing, when you can pay all the bills and have some spare money, you know it is a good profit. I would say it is a fair profit. If your career is accumulating a lot of money, I think you will have a lot of trouble in five or six years. The company has The main responsibility of the manager is to provide a place where people can work to get a fair income. If you can save some money in the bank after doing so, I will say that you have made a fair profit.

Q: can you give some views on the investment portfolio and gathering enough money to start a business, especially on the current situation in the financial market?

Cheryl: I’d love to. The first thing to realize is that every thought creates reality. If it’s not now, it will be in the future. Your thought is powerful. If you don’t have enough money and you think about want, guess what will happen? You’ll always be short of money. But if you think about wealth and believe that this will happen, it will happen. The second concept The idea is that you should not use your money unless there is a return cycle. Therefore, when you use your money, observe the cycle to find out how much you will lose in the cycle. Please choose the cycle properly.

Now, my friend, listen very carefully: diversify as quickly, rationally and safely as possible. Although diversification will thin your investment, when these cycles come back, one of them may be the big harvest you are looking for. You will find that these cycles overlap and go in and out, so that you can finally have a good income network.

Do you know how birds build a nest with all the materials intertwined? It’s like a business, winding and circling all the components together. When your capital is determined like this, it won’t be affected or collapsed by a twig falling out from the side. They are all intertwined. This intertwined cycle will ensure that they are safe They are not together because they are the same family and have consciousness.

When you are building a career, remember to cultivate family like friendship among employees. When you walk with your family, you know you are safe. No matter who has lost the ball, someone will always come to help pick it up. I hope the above is close to your answer, my friend.

Q: when we enter a career or a close relationship, we all carry our own personal baggage. Many times, when an individual has a fear or problem to solve, tension, street conflict or argument becomes very obvious. How do we start to mention such things in a safe way that people can understand, so that the core of the event can be identified and solved Can you show the feeling of support?

Zirrell: everyone in the company will bring their own “baggage”, as you said. Learn to recognize when an individual carries too much baggage and how to help him unload it. Too much baggage is usually full of garbage. All you have to do is clear the garbage from the baggage, so you don’t have to carry it anymore.
In every company, every individual, someone should walk around the company and talk to the kidney, heart, liver, lung and brain. The person should ask, “how do we lose some of the baggage you carry?” Talking to your employees is work and life. If everyone takes time to listen to each other, they can solve the problem of burden by themselves. Many people can recover themselves, so when you have a company where everyone can talk to each other, your burden will be much less.

Q: if someone wants to give you a lot of money, but it is an ill gotten gain, will it also affect your career? Knowing that it is an ill gotten gain (assuming it is stolen), you will also receive some karma with it. If you have to ask yourself, “I doubt if there is any problem in this?” So it’s probably! For example, if your business is human, and someone says, “swallow this cup of poison.” will you do it? I don’t think so. I don’t care if there are diamonds at the bottom of the cup. If you drink them, you will die. If you die, will the diamonds still be useful? You may think, “can’t we whitewash and pretend it?” You can, but it will come out eventually.

Q: is it really useful to think about, for example, nuclear testing, HAARP projects, or get angry with them? Shouldn’t we just focus on improving ourselves rather than worrying about things we can’t control? Or
Cheryl: Hey, you see. I don’t want you to hold protest signs outside, but I want you to know that there is such a project.

You are made up of cells. Every cell in your body has its own ideology. If you wake up enough cells and create the frequency of white light or good thoughts, you can change the current situation of those opposed to good in the universe. Now, who will judge whether it is good or bad? Only you can judge for yourself. If you look into this HAARP class If you don’t like it, then you will naturally make changes by transmitting love or white light from yourself to the earth and atmosphere. Although it’s a little digressive, I want to tell most readers that you all have to start believing that you can make changes without hurting one person and one thing. Ask yourself, “is this in the light of human nature?” If the answer is “yes”, help it grow.

Anger doesn’t change anything, because anger is the dark side of fear. When you are angry, it means that you are afraid somewhere within you, and fear is not the answer.

You make a change in this world by clearing your own fear within and following your personal work that allows love to enter. Focus on changing yourself, and the world around you will change naturally. When you become love, the people around you will change just because you are. This love will overflow around you just because you have changed yourself. You don’t have to go out and do great things for the world to help. Just work hard for yourself, you are changing the world. If you want to get together and do something in love, or if you want to meditate in love, I would like to extend my warmest and deepest gratitude to you.


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