“I did it. It was hard; there was not much reward along the way, but I persisted and I did it.”

“I did it. It was hard; there was not much reward along the way, but I persisted and I did it.”

“Don’t listen to the teachings of the dark forces in your main news media that try to frighten you. You are all growing masters of ascension, and you have done well. Keep your high vibration, don’t listen to the messages of bad luck, and don’t listen to anything that puts you in a state of fear. Go inside and know that you are all part of the divine essence. God knows that you are all the universe The child of Zeus. “

“Your body is changing from carbon to crystal, so you will eventually be able to cure any disease. Don’t be afraid of bacteria and viruses, because they will affect you only if you allow them. Your body is composed of these organisms, and you will succumb to disease only when you lose your balance. In fact, your body can’t” capture ” Anything. When your body feels uneasy, it’s a challenging lesson for the soul.

It may be hard to hear for those who are seriously ill, but honey, once you ask God’s help to heal you, and you learn a different way of thinking and existence, you will be able to cure any disease. Don’t listen to what the current medical world tells you, talk to the cells in your body and ask them what they need. “
“As the soul of the human body, you are your own universe. The cells in your body are constantly changing, and they are indicated by your higher intelligence. Keep your thoughts positive, talk to your body, and ask your cells to renew, renew and regenerate every day, and you will be able to heal yourself in time.”
“Keep your body healthy and strong by eating natural food and clean water. Bless what you eat, drink, put into or on your body. When you enter the higher fifth dimension, you will only know what will affect your body in good or bad ways. No one else can interfere with your body and know what is good for you better than you.

Of course, for some diseases, you may still need the help of the medical community, but if you learn to use natural treatment methods to help you, you can do many such treatments yourself. Keep your mind positive and don’t listen to those who think they know you better than you. As a soul living in the human body, you are the person in charge of your own body, and you know it best Your people. Don’t give your strength to others.

So dear people come to me and I will do my best to help you.
I cannot interfere with your journey of life, but if you ask me to help you on your path to ascension, I can guide you.

Dear ones, I send you so much love and many blessings, but I assure you that everything is fine. No matter what you think, the divinity is in charge of this ascension process and will not disappoint you.

Dearest ones have no fear and learn to be initiates. You will live on earth and you are all here to help manifest and enjoy the new heaven.

I am your dear servant Guanyin.
Lady Guanyin: Divine Love
Original source RA a paradise 777 you are my today

Conduction: thea grace Sirius
Compilation: source ra
Dear ones, many of you know me from our past life. I come to you now and surround you with love. You are all experiencing so many challenges on earth, and I see many of you are feeling no support, no love and loneliness. I feel your pain, and I hope you all know that I am here to support you. Me and you We are very close. I want you to know that you have never, never been alone and never been loved. Unless you ask, I can’t interfere in your life, so call me when you need it, and I will be with you right away to support and guide you through these challenging moments.

As a cosmic soul, you have heard the cry of Gaia’s mother from the third dimension to the fifth dimension and above in her ascension. You have incarnated on earth from the whole galaxy and beyond. Some of you find it difficult to lower your vibration to exist on Gaia’s third dimensional planet. Many souls volunteered, but only the most powerful and experienced My soul is chosen, and my dearest you are one of them.

Every soul on the earth today is a sacred essence, and in reality, there is no division between you. However, the dark souls have been trying to divide and control mankind on the earth for thousands of years. They don’t know better, but dear ones, I must tell you that they are also a sacred part, whether you believe it or not. Only let you all be in a state of fear It’s like the human soul Kingdom has become the animal kingdom. It can be said that these darker souls are at the top of the food chain.

Dear friends, you may know that Gaia’s ascension has begun. These darker souls will have no choice but to leave earth and continue their journey as souls on another learning planet. It’s only a matter of time. Your most challenging lesson is to learn to love and bless them like God. Get rid of your fear, because fear is their control over you As a supreme God, they can’t hurt you unless you let them do so. If you all come together in the body of love, their perceived power will no longer exist.

Fear of earth’s climate change is just an illusion. Gaia is changing her climate, but dear ones, the planet in the fifth dimension will be a planet where all the souls around can live comfortably on her land. No matter where you choose to live, there will be energy, food and water, and there will be no hunger, thirst or lack of any kind.

Many souls choose to leave the planet at this time, which is promulgated, but Gaia’s future is certain, and those of you who are reading these words will choose to stay. In your past, you will never know such a moment. It is difficult for many of you to believe that this is true, but the future on earth will be real for all of you It’s amazing.

The purpose of your soul now is to keep your vibration at the height of love for all and avoid any fear. Many of you are worried about your friends and family. They seem to be sleeping and don’t know what happened. Dear friends, I can help you accept this fear. Even if your friends and family criticize your different views, Bless them and surround them with love and light. If they are what you know, they are not dark souls, but they may just choose to hide their light for a period of time until it is time for them to shine. It is not your job to change their path. They also come here to help, and they will ascend in time. Don’t try to dissuade him We choose the path of learning.

Now it’s time to focus on your own path to this new heaven on earth. Don’t be afraid, because others will wake up at their own time like you. When they do, you will hold their hands there, so to speak. Stay away from those who are still in a dark and negative state, because they will darken your light. You’ve done enough To help others, and what you need to do now is to stay away from all negative people. Working on your own ascension and your own light, you will attract others who are also ready to ascend. Those souls who are now ready to ascend will seek help and guidance from you on their own path of ascension. Know that each soul has its own time to awaken. You have now You have done enough to help awaken others. The way forward now is for you to continue your journey to a higher level. In doing so, you will become a shining beacon for others on their own journey.
Every small challenge you face is a kind of enjoyment in the eyes of a person who likes challenges. If you like to grow, then you enjoy challenges.
The most important thing for you is to find something from life on earth, especially your own life. You will like the sense of relief brought by even the smallest progress on the journey.
It will help you only when you realize that you have set all this up and that everything in your life is what you decide to undertake.
If you can put down the idea that you are trapped, unable to move, or being punished, you can see how many things in your current life experience belong to yourself, and you can see that the things worth remembering in your current earth life are small things.
We know it’s hard. Most people will decide to put down something from time to time in their life, but they won’t persevere. But we also see success and progress. We notice that you are getting better and better.
We hope that you can enjoy the happiness of this layer of separation like us, because after all this, when you look back on your ascension, you can say to yourself,
“I did it. It was hard; there was not much reward along the way, but I persisted and I did it.”
Once you are firmly rooted in the fifth dimension, you will feel very good.
Hello, everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
We also have the constraints that limit us to stay in the current dimension. We spend all our time freeing ourselves from these constraints and have been moving slowly, carefully and methodically, because we enjoy this journey very much. We enjoy every time we get rid of the constraints that limit us to stay in the current dimension. Your way of transformation is also similar But the difference is that most of you do not choose to consciously get rid of your current level, as we do.
On the contrary, many of you feel trapped in this dimension, or emotionally, or in other aspects of your life. We understand how frustrating it is because we watch you seek relief day after day, day after day, day after day. But if you can settle down and set a goal for you to enjoy your journey every day, you can embrace everything.
What will you say after ascension
Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today
How do I receive the latest information from Arcturus
Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today
⬆ Click on the new earth to pay attention to the official account.
Daniel Scranton
Hello, everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
We understand how important it is for you to feel the support of beings like us, and how important it is for you not to feel lonely on the journey, so we are willing to serve everyone who wants to contact us. In order for our information to be used by so many human beings on the way, we need to reduce our overall vibration. However, I suggest you feel us and report to me We know that you are used to receiving our information through Daniel, either reading, listening to or watching videos. These messages are full of words, concepts, ideas, teachings and so on.
Therefore, when you contact us without the help of channels, you want to hear something similar in your mind. Over the years, we think we have learned enough about you, and most of you will first understand the importance of feeling our energy and our existence. This is not a psychological game. It is about vibration, energy and attention The game of mind, when you concentrate, you shift your vibration and feel what you get first. Then the information comes. Then the things you perceive in physical reality come. Then the people you call your soul mate and tribe come.
If you just receive information, follow it blindly, don’t make any changes, and don’t pay attention to your vibrations and feelings, it won’t do you any good. We may create a new religion and create a new Bible for all of you to abide by, but we don’t intend to do so. We’re here to encourage you to create it yourself Create the experience you and others want in the world. We are here to provide you with tools to do this, which is why you can’t hear in your mind what you should do or who you should contact in the material field. We are just helping you feel the timelines, the reality you want to experience.
If you want to experience a reality that is more closely related to us, please trust us when we say that we are making our information available, but you must be on the same frequency as us before you can perceive us. Later, you may receive information, but this only happens when you adjust the vibration and do not filter and interpret the information. If you If you want to get the latest guidance and information, you must clear all the things that have bothered your mind, including the ideas you have adhered to for a long time. In this way, the information you receive will be pure and helpful. It will be your realistic guidance at this moment and something useful to you.
When you do so, you will have the tools to create, and you will know that there is still the support of us and other higher dimensional beings and groups.
We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.
◼ Translated from: danielscraton.com
Original address:
https://danielscranton.com/how-to-receive-up-to-the-moment-info-from-arcturians-∞the -9d-arcturian-council/


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