Mrs. Guanyin: learn to love and be loved^_^

Cloud of love – a great gift for you

Original source RA heaven of love 777 unity of life 2021-12-11 23:55

Dear Earth brothers! I’m a Guanyin!

When I have the opportunity to bring more love to every resident on this planet, my heart is very happy. We all move forward in a cloud of light and love. The cloud is expanding every day. We call the great energy gathering a cloud. Unfortunately, you can’t see it yet, but we call it a cloud so that you can know what it is.

This cloud is endowed with the love and compassion of all beings of light in the universe. Every being of light who brings infinite and unconditional love into your heart is required to leave some love in this cloud. Trust me, she’s growing fast. There is not only sadness and pain in the universe, on the contrary, there is more light and love, which is a universal thing in the universe. There is pain, yes, there is, because we need to live in the sphere of the third dimension, and everyone lives in some way; There are places to learn, there are lessons that the soul needs to inherit to evolve. But most stars in the universe have experienced this process. Their existence vibrates unconditional love or only light. It’s like a call in the universe, and every unconditional light and love from there is sent to this cloud.

What is the purpose of this cloud? Look at your sky and see what the clouds look like. Their encounter can cover a large area of the earth, but it will not be part of the gathering of clouds; This will only be a single cloud that will cover the whole planet. Just as their clouds give you water in the form of rain, when the cloud completes its creation and appears in the form of the whole planet, it will empty itself; But not in the form of rain, it will appear in the form of love, like small sparks, like golden dust, like very fine but very strong powder. You stimulate this tiny dust, this tiny particle, which will have the ability to expand in your body and completely emit from its manufacture. This is light and unconditional love.
This cloud was not formed today. It has been formed for some time, so it will cover the whole planet. The planet is huge, so we need a lot of energy, a lot of love, and this cloud can cover the whole planet. But please rest assured that every light being around your planet and every light being participating in or participating in the solution of F are doing their own part and cooperating to make this cloud bigger and bigger at any time.

This must happen. Love must be brought to the surface of your planet in a complete and homogeneous way. It can’t be the cloud here, the cloud there, or the timely energy release. It must be global. Every planet, every millimeter, every little bit will receive these particles. Nothing, nothing will be missed. The great goal of doing so is to raise the vibration of the earth and radiate every resident of the earth with unconditional love and the feeling of light.
Of course, in the hearts of people who vibrate today, this tiny particle will have ideal fuel to expand. Therefore, by inhaling these particles, the more love you vibrate in your heart, they will expand in the same proportion as the amount of love in your heart. You will feel this wave of infinite love and light emanating from each of you. Accordingly, those whose hearts are shrouded in pain, resistance and violence will also arrive there, but they will not expand because they do not have the right fuel to achieve this.

In this way, more and more husks are separated from wheat. There is no discrimination, no privilege, no one, nothing more important than others. Everyone will get the same love particles, everyone, no matter who they are. Now, the results will depend on everyone. So it’s very easy for you to imagine yourself and everyone. This will improve because every process we do becomes easier and simpler.

The important moment is in progress, the great turning point of the earth, a new great moment towards the dawn zone; Everyone knows everything, everyone has knowledge to understand everything. And this great cloud of love will bring understanding, peace and balance to each soul so that it knows how to accept, understand and bear everything it will say. We are looking for the lightest and simplest way for all mankind. We don’t want you to suffer, we don’t want you to be helpless, never. Instead, we want everyone to stand up, absorb these particles and illuminate themselves. But we know that many people have made choices, and in these choices, they are staying in the dark.

Every decision will be respected, but we are all trying to do the impossible, because we have done the possible to improve this great plan more and more. So now I say to each of you, let your hearts float in love. Love, love deeply, but the way of love is perfect love. Even if you still can’t send out 100% unconditional love, love without asking for any return, love without blackmail, because you want it, don’t cover it up in the future. Just like him. This is love, easy, no pain. Love with pain is not love, it is dependence, it is conquest, it is slavery.

Love is light, love is easy. When you just love, you won’t expect anything in return. You love because you want to love. Even if the other party doesn’t repay you, it doesn’t matter, because you did what you think is right; You like it. If another person doesn’t love him, it doesn’t matter, it’s his behavior; Don’t judge him, don’t condemn him, don’t be angry, this is not the time for him to love you. Find another love. So never forget my brothers, love is light, it must be light. Love is respect, love is not imposed on others. Love is listening to each other, accepting each other’s opinions and respecting each other, no matter which path he chooses. You made a choice and your brother made another choice. Do you want him to interfere with your choice? So don’t criticize him, don’t condemn him, respect him.

So now, for each of you, it’s important to love a lot. But this light, compassion, compassionate love, does not ask for anything in return, does not ask for anything; So at the right time, when this cloud is released, each of you can make full use of the particles to be inhaled. The big bang of love and light will happen in your hearts. You will be able to see each other with all this love, without judgment or condemnation, but accept that it is his choice, not you. It’s up to you to love him. Love? Yes, I love him. Just respect and accept his choice. This is also love. Respect and acceptance is love.

So learn to love and be loved, love a lot. Enjoy this wave of love from earth. Make sure you can fully feel it.

Thank you! I’m a spectator Sound. I offer you a lot of love here.
Adopted by: Vania Rodriguez
Compilation: source ra


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