When you change you, you change your vibration, and when you change your vibration, you change your location^_^


You move to another reality that has a different version of the person, the people, the entirety of humanity that you would like to see change.

How is this possible, you might wonder. Well again, it’s an agreement. There’s an agreement between you and the version of the person that you’re going to experience to come together in that reality, to animate that reality with your souls’ consciousness.

Your soul can project the consciousness that it has into many, many realities all at once, giving your soul the maximum amount of experiences it can possibly have. And that’s what your soul wants.

That’s why multiple realities exist.

They give you the opportunity to experience many different ways of knowing yourself and many different ways of knowing your fellow humans, the galaxy and the universe.

This is the reason why we will always lead you back to yourself, to your inner journey, rather than telling you about the one real reality that you’re all truly experiencing together and how to change that. It serves you so much more to see yourself as the creator of all of it, and that gives you not only responsibility but also power.

You do have the power to change you all the time.

And when you do so, when you change the way you look at something, the way you think about something, the way you respond to something, you are changing everything because you are shifting to a different reality. Keep shifting and you’ll find yourself living in a fifth-dimensional world. And that is how it all works.

Multiple Realities, Timelines & Versions of Everything ∞The 9D Arcturian Council Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are not just your allies and your helpers in this journey that we are all on of ascension, but we are also your co-creators. Everything is happening by co-creation, even your ability to hear from us at all. That is a co-creation in that you have asked, we have answered, and you have aligned. When you align with something that you have asked for, then it is yours, but there is still an agreement between us and you that allows for the answering to occur. We know that many of you are aware of the idea of multiple realities and multiple timelines, but what you must realize is that the same version of us doesn’t exist in every reality.

There’s a reality where we take such a hands-off approach with you that we wouldn’t even agree to be channeled because that version of us would feel that it would be interfering with your natural development. But you are not in that reality; you are in this one with this version of us. And so, when you think about the changes you would like to see in humanity, don’t think that every single person on Earth in this reality with you now has to change. Only you have to change to go to a reality where there’s another version of humankind that is a reflection of what you have changed into. You see, you can only change yourself.

That’s why when you ask others to change for you with your words, it rarely works. Sometimes it will work because the whole point of the situation you were in was to get you to vocalize something that you needed to say, that you needed to get off your chest, and in that moment you were changing yourself from being someone who never spoke up for themselves to being someone who does speak up for themselves. But if you’re always asking others around you to change, then you are not aware of the truth that no one outside of you has to change in order for you to have a new experience of them.


The curtain has opened

Purple Star 2022-03-29 05:55

Hello, I am the source, the Holy One and the eternal existence. What I want to tell you today is that the curtain of shielding the earth has opened and the dawn of the new earth has come.

Everyone is a part of the source. The so-called awakening is to realize their divinity and really understand that they are divine beings.

The so-called ascension is to recall your true identity and start a new experience with complete awareness, experience and wisdom.
It’s like the alarm clock rings in the morning, but you still don’t get up. You’re just going to take the train at this time, and you’ll miss the nearest train.

All will wake up and all will ascend. Because no one can dream all the time, but if he wants to continue, he is also allowed.

Now those who choose to wake up with the process are ready to start and go to a new place to play, that is, they have boarded the train to the new world.

Some of you can already vaguely see the beautiful colors of the new world, and I can also feel the infinite expectation and joy in your heart, as well as the eagerness to arrive quickly.

I can understand you, because I am each and every one of you. I let each and every one of you help me experience everything I create and feel everything I create.
So you don’t have to worry about those who overslept, there will be a new train to take them, or they don’t want to leave at all, because they haven’t had enough.

When parents take their children to the playground, they don’t want to leave if they don’t have a good time. At this time, if they are forced to play elsewhere, the children will be unhappy, even cry and roll on the ground.

This is the same as forcing people who don’t want to wake up. Imagine shaking a sleeping person up. He may be very angry and angry.

There is a word called let it be. You should gradually learn to adapt and surrender, whether for the awakening state of the people around you or for your new journey.

Believe that everything is good and everything is perfect. Everyone is experiencing everything he wants to experience, unless he doesn’t want to experience it again.

So relax, respect everyone’s choices, do your own internal homework, see what restrictions and obstacles there are, and what reaction patterns no longer serve you, identify them and throw them away.

Follow your inner joy and live your own life. You don’t have to carry anyone’s life experience, you just need to confirm what you want to experience. There’s nothing wrong with helping others, but it’s not dragging others forward.

You can teach them how to fly, but it’s impossible to tie them to you and fly together. Let go of this responsibility and you can take off easily.

When they see your free flight and want to be like you, you can lead them to fly together and reach the place you want to go.

Believe in yourself, if you can believe me, because we have always been the same consciousness. Bless you!

Thanksgiving reading, deep blessing!


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