Being, relaxing within, in divine wholeness, rather than seeking to attract what makes your pre-existing light flow to where it is needed and received.

Being is actually doing in the highest spiritual sense. Don’t turn it into something very difficult. You must worry about doing it right or with strict rules. Set your intentions and do your best. As you practice and remind yourself of who you are, it will become familiar, whether you do it at home, at work or in meditation
Most people live a busy life, involving many activities to be completed alone and with others. Because of your evolutionary state, you came to earth to live at a higher level of consciousness than most non awakened people.

Becoming light may seem like doing nothing because you have been taught to do it for many lifetimes.

Living in the consciousness of unity all the time is a higher “doing”, which makes you a holder of light, broadcaster, carrier, teacher and high spiritual worker of light
In the sense of taking action to make things better, do will continue to exist for most people for a period of time, but you are fully prepared to come from those who serve from a higher level, enhance the belief that three-dimensional needs to be repaired, healed, corrected, punished and broken, and enter a more relaxed and loving lifestyle.

You incarnate to help open up the dense state of struggling consciousness and realize that the earth is the residence of the son of Shen
When you keep the light of truth in consciousness, it will ascend, teach, inspire and heal those who can receive it in consciousness.

Those who have not yet acquired a consciousness that can align with these higher frequencies, but are actively seeking and preparing, are usually promoted in front of another person with an advanced state of consciousness. This is Ye Sue’s way of healing.

Those who seek help bring themselves to him and are raised to a state of consciousness where the disease does not exist
When the state of consciousness of unity with the source and Shen is obtained, it will automatically flow and align with those consciousness that can align with it. Your unity with Shen will automatically constitute the unity of your spiritual reality with each creature and the quality of each Shen – a life, a consciousness, a essence, a law, a mind, a cause and effect
Every individual consciousness is connected to every other consciousness, because there is only one consciousness.

Because there is only one, the individual state of consciousness is attracted by a similar state of consciousness seeking alignment – “birds of a feather”

The highest meaning of existence
Tomorrow reading club 2022-03-28 23:55

Arcturus – the highest meaning of existence

Welcome, dear readers
In these times of stress and chaos, we want to bring encouragement by reminding you that you have completed your work, are mentally ready and qualified to go beyond your current embrace and negativity. Because you are mentally awake, you understand that high vibrational energy is pouring into the earth, affecting everyone, often causing them to act in ways that reflect fear and confusion

More and more people are realizing and embracing a new sense of unity. For the first time in history, so many people are seeking help for those who suffer, whether far or near, whether it is financial or “hand-in-hand help”. There are also activities that arise from human compassion, indicating the acceptance of spiritual unity.

This in turn sows more love and a higher sense of personal strength and value into the collective consciousness – it is not fully aware of spiritual unity, but a crack in the door

Those who choose to continue to ignore the pain and needs of others, just because they are different from themselves, find that the once widely accepted belief based on separation has been eliminated in many people’s minds, and fewer and fewer people support their views.

The ongoing ascension process continues at the global and personal levels, leading to the disappearance of many previously accepted beliefs, as the energy that originally created and maintained them no longer exists

You are ready for the highest form of light work, that is, to become light. This means that a part of your consciousness is always open to unity with Shen / source, no matter what you are doing outside

Relax in the divine wholeness that is already fully within, rather than seeking to attract what will allow your pre-existing light to flow to where it is needed and be received. You may never know when or where this light is received, but that’s not what you need to care about. Your job is simply to become light, which will automatically make it available to all who are open to it, even those on the other side

This is a new era, and it must be understood that many universally accepted forms of existence can never return to the way they were before. Each physical manifestation is an interpretation of spiritual reality by the mind, because divine consciousness is the only essence. The density of three-dimensional energy on earth does not allow spiritual reality to manifest into their spiritual form, so they are interpreted and transformed into more dense forms that can be seen and used on earth. For example, transportation tools (cars, planes, trains, etc.) are the ubiquitous physical interpretation of ascension. Because collective consciousness is changing, many physical forms will also change

The earth is a wonderful and beautiful planet, where many people choose to grow, evolve, learn and enjoy, but it has not been experienced its purest beauty, out of three-dimensional energy, the most dense and lowest vibrational energy. Don’t feel sad or afraid to think that the rising frequency of the earth to a higher dimension means losing what you love on earth – nature, pets, creativity, loving interaction with others – because a spiritual reality is eternal, and the expression of what you know and love will continue to exist in a higher and better form

Everything goes on according to the divine plan, that is, in the end, each soul realizes that its true identity is unity. Ascension’s plan will never be biased or stopped by the ego thoughts of those who don’t know the truth, because it is the reality and the only power

Date: March 27, 2022
Conduction: marilynrafaele


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