[five dimensional awakening] expanded throat chakra – resonance with truth^_^

[five dimensional awakening] expanded throat chakra – resonance with truth

A Li new I new earth 2022-08-31 05:11 posted on Korea

What is said has incredible power. The essence of every word contains multiple codes and vibration waves, which will affect everything around. For thousands of years, people who have recognized this point have carefully used the vibration waves emanating from this powerful chakra.

Because Atlanteans usually communicate through telepathy, they only use elementary language. However, they still treat the voices of their brothers and sisters very sacred. They respect all voices and only say love and positive words. In fact, there are no words that are not love and negative in their vocabulary. They live in the present and only use the present tense.

Sound is a sound box that can massage people’s inner world. This positive rhythm enables the residents of Atlantis to maintain inner harmony. This harmony will be reflected to the outside world, so that their aura (Qi field) and magnetic field will remain completely clear.

Because all people want to be fair and honest, they will also discuss things according to the principle of the best. They will use purple flames and high-level gem rays to purify the magnetic field, and will consistently show their strong willpower and self-control.

But at the end of Atlantis, they no longer listened to the wisdom of the high priests and high priests. For this reason, the priests downloaded their sacred knowledge into a special high-frequency quartz crystal for protection.

The temples representing the twelve regions of Atlantis store these sacred knowledge in the Crystal Skull card, and these information is transferred to the thirteenth Crystal Skull, which is safely hidden in the inner layer of amethyst. When enough enlightened masters live in the fifth dimension, they will return this knowledge to us.

[fifth dimensional ascension] the Archangel Michael is in charge of the development of the fifth dimensional throat chakra, and his role is crucial. He will release all the links and constraints of this center and let light flow unimpeded. When the upper chakra is ready to descend into the light column, it will melt its energy into the throat. This will clear the negative energy in the throat and prepare for the glorious center of truth and power to be permanently anchored there.

The fifth dimensional throat chakra is sapphire blue. With the increase of chakra frequency, the spectrum of diamonds will be obvious, which is a reflection of the master’s heart chakra. The diamond light in the upper level of the fifth dimension is so strong that it will pierce the veil of all dimensions, allowing us to communicate directly with the higher level beings.

Enlightened beings who are here to help us will use all possible opportunities to talk to people on earth. Some souls will find that they can receive the ancient language of light from the higher level, and they will use the vibration wave recognized by the energy body to speak before the sound is converted into healing energy. Because the light code hidden in the soul blueprint of some people has been activated, when this happens, their evolution will accelerate dramatically.

The existence of physical communication with the earth through sound waves is usually due to Sirius on the Pleiades. Commander Ashtar is the avatar of Venus. He will send messages from his Starfleet to those who can receive or transmit frequencies through the throat wheel on a regular basis.

One of the greatest joys of master ascension’s life is that he can freely express the truth with his pure heart wheel. For those who can hear pure words, unconditional love will enter their lives. You will automatically and spontaneously believe in a person whose throat chakra resonates with the truth.

When the earth develops to the fifth dimension, every earthman must speak the truth of his soul. When every human being is fully connected at the level of consciousness, there is no need for secrets between people. Because all the secrets will be revealed through the vibration waves of their gas field and magnetic field. The pure truth will shine from the earth, and the earth will shine with golden light again.

Visualization: purification and expansion of throat chakra

  1. Prepare for meditation. Find an undisturbed space and light a candle if you wish.
  2. Hold a crystal you like in your hand. Clear quartz is the perfect choice for this exercise.
  3. Call the great Archangel Michael and ask him to be your guiding spirit and companion when you visualize.
  4. Ask him to put his hand on your throat chakra to illuminate it and turn it into the brightest sapphire blue.
  5. Hold the crystal in your right hand and put it on the throat wheel.
  6. Perceive and feel that energy is being amplified, and anchor the energy on the frequency of the fifth dimension.
  7. Switch on the frequency of throat wheel. Are there any obstacles there? Let the energy of Archangel Michael be released, and dissolve the energy that prevents you from speaking spiritual truth.
  8. Now call for the presence of the Archangel Gabriel and watch him holding the sparkling colorful diamonds.
  9. Invite him to place the diamond on your throat chakra and feel the vibration wave of the chakra continue to rise.
  10. Watch the light code and pure vibration wave emanate from your throat chakra and connect with the higher dimensional light beings. Do you have any questions to ask them?
  11. If yes, sit quietly and wait for the response to your question. The response will come in any form, so open yourself up and be ready to receive.
  12. Thank Archangel Michael and Gabriel for their help.
  13. Open your eyes, smile, and know that every word you say is filled with pure love, and can make people around you open their hearts.



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