Honey, you may not control the future, but you can control the present^_^

Honey, you may not control the future, but you can control the present^_^

We have already told you some so-called “laws of attraction”. This is the place where you put the energy in front of you in some way, and when you reach the place where you put the expected or intended energy, you will get synchronization. Synchronization is something that changes your path. Some people call it luck.

So let’s go back and talk about it. There are some things around the conscious energy on this planet, which is not necessarily profound. It’s physical, and it’s called a field. It is a multi-dimensional energy soup in which the consciousness of human thinking and action exists as a certain field.

This whole idea sounds strange, but it is being studied and verified at many levels, so that one day its name will be much better than “field”. In addition, the experiment determined that consciousness affects randomness. In other words, can you create your own “luck”? The answer is yes!

For those who expect good things to happen and put the energy of expectation and will into the field, synchronization starts to happen too frequently, which cannot be called luck. Those people have more control over their own path.

Let me put it this way: When traveling on an unknown road, you don’t know where the potholes and stones are, nor where the flat places are. So, in life, the same is true. As if you were blindfolded, you might trip over a stone or step into a crater. This is called chance and luck.

Then I will tell you that if you project the energy of your travel path into the smooth area, some energy will guide you there. That’s synchronization. Indeed, some people just call it synchronous luck! “Boy, you’re lucky to meet that person,” they might say. I want to go further. I will call it the synchronicity of being created. This is not luck at all.

The intention to send is valid in both directions
Now, synchronization is not always positive. I have discussed with you some things that you cannot hear too many times before: if you are always negative, if you pay attention to how the planet harms you, you will never succeed, then you are creating your own synchronicity. You are actually customizing the energy, which will take you directly into the content you are expressing. You will step into every pit of existence. Do you understand Then you turn to others and tell them that you are the victim of this planet. fact? You ordered it from your own “menu”.

It’s not about creating the future

When you walk, you are creating your present reality. You don’t have to create the future. Instead, you are creating your present. You have put the expectation of your current synchronization in front of you, and you have given it a positive turn.

Consciousness is energy, which has been proved. You are now learning to use this energy in conjunction with the field. You may say that the field conveys information to you, so that you can intuitively know where to meet those who serve you. Remember that everything that is currently happening is in the field.

“Kryon, is this positive thinking? Is it just your hope?”

When it comes to synchronization, it is not generated by hope, dear. We have provided you with information in the past, and this energy of expectation is almost like ordering from a menu. If you expect good things every day, they will happen. Now, there are always people who doubt this and say, “Well, this is ridiculous, because if I have a problem and don’t know the solution, how can I put something I don’t know in front of me, Kryon?”

So, oh linear person, let me give you the answer. It is your projection. Here is an example of your verbal affirmation:
As I move forward, I will always step into those methods that can give me solutions.

In other words, you don’t have to put all the details you want or look for or expect in front of you. On the contrary, look at what is best for you, which is what the current synchronization will bring.

Dear God, let me walk in the light forever.

Dear God, put me in the best place.

Now, you can give yourself something in the affirmation and intention that people seldom think of.

Some things to know
What kind of control do you think you have over this method? Let me ask a question. Have you ever had the experience that you were about to do something, maybe something planned, something desired, something expected… but you were prevented? Have you ever thought that this might be the answer to your wishes? What if there is something better than what you are doing?

If you want to create synchronicity and there are some inappropriate things in front of you, intuition may prevent you from turning to them.

Honey, I’ll tell you what’s holding you back. When you make up your mind to do something anyway, you will get all kinds of profound symbols, signals and intuition that you should wait. Will you “listen” or just move on because you want to? Then, immediately, step into the potholes! I think some of you have had this experience. (Kryon smiles)

This is one of your greatest new tools

We are talking about one of the greatest tools of this new energy, and it has been enhanced. Some people are learning how it works, and these amazing things have happened more than once. Some people understand how this works, they are expecting something, they know how it feels to do it, and they use it every day.

You wake up in the morning and say, “No matter what happens today, I will project a solution. I don’t know what that is, but I will be guided to appear in the right place at the right time, meet the right people, and keep consistent with the synchronization I need to see.”

Some people also begin to understand something very special: those people you meet on the road are likely to have something for you, even if it doesn’t look like it. The people you may meet on the road – usually you just greet them and move on – may provide you with profound information or direction that will change your life.

Therefore, it means that you need to check the different situations brought to you by the gods, because you request them! You just can’t recognize it.

Not only synchronicity, but now we are talking about your talent for actual planning and requirements. Sometimes you will miss it. Everything has to do with timing. This is a beautiful idea, isn’t it? As a human, you can control your life or luck?

I hope you can think with me for a moment, and even plan your path slightly. You sit there. For some of you, this is new. Maybe you want to know more about what I’m talking about. Well, let’s have a look.

It is very important that you understand that this is feasible. Not only feasible, this is something you can use now. This is effective daily, practical and profound information.

“Dear God, I’m not sure about my future.”

“Dear God, I may have this or that problem.”

Then, project how you want it to unfold, and say: “Please let me project it in front of you. What can I need to make my life smooth?”

Do it for yourself, not for others. They must do it for themselves, because it is “unique to human beings”. But in this process, others will see what you have done, so it can also help them.

“Dear God, let me come into my solution.”

“Dear God, please bring me the right scene, the right person and the right relationship. I need to move forward in love.”

And — the best one we’ve told you many times:

“Dear God, please tell me what I need to know.”

If you have the courage to say so, then you also have the courage to ignore the details you expect. What if you expect an “A” and you get a “B”? What if “B” is more valuable than “A”, but you insist on “A” so much that you take the road of “A” and miss “B”?

These are things you must get used to: ignore the details of expectations and accept better things. You never know what the gods will give you, especially when you are more willing to accept love and beauty than you think.

You are brilliant. God loves you so much and is so willing to take your hand to bring you into the synchronicity you deserve. But with free choice, your intention is king!

Dear, if you choose to use this tool to get a smoother path, you will not live in the world of probability. If they are not true, I will not tell you these things. Now many people have experienced it, and they rely on it every day.

Blessed are those who understand their true influence on daily life. Relax, dear.

That’s it.

Are you a victim of chance? (Text)

Why did Original stop me, Kryon 2022-11-17 01:25 Posted on Canada

Are you a victim of chance?
Kryon conducts through Karol Lee, and the on-site channeling will take place on May 18, 2022

Original text: https://www.kryon.com/CHAN2022/k_channel22_Victim.html

Translator: Why do you stop me

[Please indicate the source for reproduction. This translation shall not be used for profit]
Dear everyone, I’m Kryon from Magnetic Service. Greetings.
This month’s theme, or even some of last month’s themes, is an opportunity. The time we are talking about is more personal than popular. In this particular channeling, I want to talk about something that is really your daily life and existence.

We have talked many times about the energy of expectation and your way of thinking, whether positive or negative. This topic deals with what happens when you direct your consciousness to something. We will now discuss timing and synchronization.

Specifically, the energy we are going to talk about now can bring you what you want to create. Now, you can use this energy as you like, but its way of working is very profound. For some people, this is almost too profound, because they will tell you that it is impossible.

How most people view life
If you can visit most people on the earth, they will tell you: you were born here, if you are lucky, you will survive. If you’re lucky, you won’t have an accident that could end your life or paralyze you – if you’re lucky. Of course, if you are unlucky, on the contrary, you cannot live. So, to some extent, you are the victim of probability. Most people would say that this is absolutely true. After all, why not? You can’t control the future.



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