How can you tell that what you gather is not what you want to be one with^_^

How can you tell that what you gather is not what you want to be one with

If you gather things that you don’t want to be one with, you can always distinguish them, because you feel that your energy is exhausted. You feel weak, you feel more tired, you have a headache. All of these symptoms will become more intense as the energy continues to accelerate and the time interval from creation to manifestation becomes shorter and shorter, and you have to be more precise. You not only get a lot from it, but also become the object of your focus. What you get is more of a creation that includes yourself,

Choose what you care about, because you are creating it, you are using yourself to create it. You can look at the reality of the moment, look around and see what you are creating. Most of the things you create now have nothing to do with what you spend a lot of time thinking about in a day. This means that you are dispersing your energy, as part of your energy is being used to create a reality that you are experiencing, while the other is creating a reality that you may or may never experience.

If you want to experience something else, something different from your surroundings, think about it anyway. Focus your attention, focus on it, and feel what it’s like to be one with what you most want to experience in reality and experience.

See if you can play around, because it’s a good chance to feel the vibrations of your creation. You need to be familiar with the vibration of your own desires, not afraid of the vibration based on what others tell you. It’s not that you’re creating reality. It’s that you have fallen into the reality in the eyes of others and agree that they are more creative than you.

This is how the cult in your world came into being. Cult leaders are not only charismatic, but also creative. From now on, you all have to create purposefully, because the bets are getting higher and higher, as you can see from the world around you. Be conscious and patient, because even if things are speeding up, there is still a time lag and you still need to wait for your creativity. We also want you to know that positive creation always comes faster than negative creation, and changes faster.

You don’t have to go through anything you don’t want to go through

But to make this leap, you have to turn your attention away from the things you don’t want to experience and don’t exist, from the things you don’t want to experience but are predicted to happen in the future.

You just need to train yourself to focus on what you want to be one with.

You are energy, and when you focus, you burn energy. You need to use your energy for the things you care about.

We are the arcturans Council. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.

We are very critical of what we focus on because we just want to see more from our experience. There are a lot of people talking about the dark timeline and world wars, so we just mentioned these briefly. We hope you understand that you don’t have to go through these. From now on, you don’t need to experience anything you don’t want to experience, but to achieve this leap, you have to move your attention away from things you don’t want to experience and don’t exist, from things you don’t want to experience but are predicted to happen in the future.

We don’t think we need to explain to you now why these things won’t happen in the future, but we want to explain the creation mechanism of reality. We have mentioned that when a thing is focused, the beings that focus on it are putting their energy on the things they gather. You are using some of your own energy, and some of the energy of some people or things to create all this. You work together to create an experience. In this way, you can create group events together. You can use your energy to create a lot of things that make you feel good. These energies are your own.


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