Continue to create together^_^ How can a human create reality together by changing the reality in which he is?

Continue to co creation ^_^ How can a human create reality together by changing the reality in which he is?

Kryon – interpretation, CO Creation — “singing in the chorus”

You say you have a lot to do to live a spiritual life. You sit before God and pray for this and that. But the message you’ve received from the gods over the years is, “why don’t you co create them?”.

The definition of CO creation: to create different human realities with the inner spiritual core – to create some situations and simultaneity so that people can enter some fields that they would never enter. Some people prayed to God: “Dear God, I hope to create something in my life that I have envisioned before. I have dreams that show me that I’m doing this and that. I want to create it together. Dear God, I don’t belong to my present job. Oh, I’ll stay there until I need to, but I know I don’t belong there. I want to work together to create another way to make a living – maybe a way to help others. ” Do you think we didn’t hear that“ Dear God, my financial situation is not commensurate with my talents! ” Do you think we didn’t hear that? You don’t think we’re listening, do you? These struggles may continue month after month… So you keep praying for the same thing over and over again.

The transformation of the earth’s grid is coming to an end. Many of you are aware of the spiritual feeling of “chasing a moving goal” and find it almost impossible to accomplish. You try to create abundance in your life, but only to find that things are changing every day, hindering your efforts. Spiritually, the grid is stabilizing. We have given you the message that the change in stability will have a residual effect until March 2003. We’ve told you that it’s best not to start something new until recently, unless you want to go uphill. Then we say to you that the guaranteed energy that you create for yourself will follow you and will begin to make sense. Co creation will start to become more effective if you understand how to do it.

Some people say, “Dear gods, you tell me that I am a unique individual, known by God. Is that really the case? “

“Dear gods, you tell me I can do anything. I have a vision for myself. I have a life responsibility that is different from all the others. Is it appropriate for me to pursue this seemingly divine vision? “

It is.

“Do I really have the ability to create things that I think are reasonable and real for myself?”

Yes, you have.
“Then I hope to start doing it!”

It will start.

In order for us to explain what we need to explain, we have to talk to you about the orchestra. We have given you more and more words that we will use. We gave you the concept of cosmic lattice a few years ago. I want you to take a moment to look at this lattice. Look at the endless area where the strings are connected. The shape of the lattice is grand and profound. Energy connects energy – every being connects every being – everything connects everything – every planet connects every planet – every solar system connects every solar system. It’s a huge mobile maze with a purpose, and it’s constantly changing. And if you think of the lattice as a giant stringed organ – a divine lute – you’ll find that the strings can be moved in many ways. When they are stirred, they will produce harmonious spiritual music, and these harmonious sounds will create overtones that can resonate and continue to create other strings. These new strings are called… Work, abundance, solutions, and peaceful purposes.

If you understand the metaphor, you might ask, “which string should I dial? Which one is mine? Because I want to find my energy and create a uniqueness so that I can be rich, have a job and fulfill my purpose in life. I want to move forward. Which string should I dial? “

So maybe what you should do is to find the string with your name on it. Is that reasonable? If you are unique in the universe, of course it will be there, won’t it? Maybe not. I will give you some information that you may have missed: don’t go to your personal string. Even if you look for it, find it, and dial it, which string is better, when you know that energy is produced by one string resonating with other strings? Instead, you should look at all the strings and say, “they’re playing a tune. What tune is this? Which tune should I dial or sing to create resonance with this tune? If I can find it, then everything will vibrate and reverberate in harmony… And the energy of CO creation will be realized. If I can vibrate with them, I will have my own unique co creation

This is a difficult concept to understand. It is the concept of spiritual resonance. Co creation is spiritual resonance. The definition of spiritual resonance is: spiritual resonance is an energy. When it is harmonious with it, it will enlarge and create another unique energy. This new energy vibrates synchronously with the original energy, but it has its own uniqueness. In music, these new energies are often called “overtones.”. You get them by hitting certain frequencies. Sometimes the new tone is very strong. Their addition increases the overall amplitude. But sometimes they actually weaken the whole and darken the whole. This is a good metaphor, but metaphor and analogy can only reach here. But even in music, you know that not all strings and tones are alike in a scale. When a tune is unique, your ability to identify which tones resonate or do not resonate must also be unique. Notice that we are not asking you to match this energy… But to be in harmony with it. There is a big difference.

You can’t just jump on the piano and play! You have to identify and find the strings that resonate and resonate. Don’t worry… We know that many of you are not musical. However, all of you have the spiritual tools to sing in the lattice chorus. It’s intuitive and beautiful. This tool is what we want to talk about today.

In order to explain this information in a better way, we will give you a fable. We’re going to show this fable so that you may be able to understand the new concept in a practical way. This fable has been told to a group of people in a very small room, a room that does not belong to any country, a room that is not on land.

I will give you another fable of Xiaowu. For nearly 12 years, we have talked about a creation called Xiaowu, a human being. We use Xiaowu to give you spiritual examples. We say Xiaowu is an ordinary person like you. But like you, Xiaowu has extraordinary abilities. We also said that Xiaowu, although we call him “he”, is not a man. Xiaowu is just like you – no gender.

“What?” You say, “you’re not asexual.” I hope you can understand that the real you are a great creation of God, formed in the light image, without physical bias. But you don’t understand that because there is too much polarization when you are human. You know you’re either this or that. Physically, you’re either this or that sex. While you may be happy with your current gender, some parts of you are dual. Xiaowu is not a man. Xiaowu is a “woman man”. Therefore, Xiaowu has a dual gender. But because of the limitation of language in your culture, we call Xiaowu “he”.

Fables of Xiaowu and magic glasses
Xiaowu is just like you. He is a spiritual being and can feel new energy. Xiaowu is walking on the earth at a challenging moment, watching things that have never been predicted develop in front of his eyes, just like you. With a question in the soul, Xiao Wu wakes up at three o’clock in the morning and hears an inner, calm voice asking, “what should I worry about?” See… He’s just like you. He is part of a new earth that has changed its course – now on a real path that has never been traveled before. Just like you.

Let’s tell you the details of Xiaowu’s life. If you can ask Xiaowu about his life, he will say that he has been facing three challenges… In the following order:
(1) the purpose of life. Xiaowu will tell you that he knows he is a healer. He has wisdom and he knows he can teach. Maybe he is not a healer in the traditional sense, maybe he is a healer who achieves healing through wisdom and teaching. He has wisdom and good things to offer, if people are willing to listen
( 2) Xiaowu also felt the lack of wealth. He wanted to create a situation in which he would own the warehouse that Corleone had mentioned. He wants to see that warehouse, want to own it and use it
( 3) Third, Xiaowu will tell you that something is happening in the place where he works. They don’t know who he is. He went to and from work, as if he lived with people he would never choose to be with. They don’t know him. They don’t know that Xiaowu is a leader. He is a good manager, but strangely enough, they never ask him for help. They didn’t pay much attention to him. He has never been noticed or promoted. He just “exists.”. He goes back and forth every day. Nothing has changed.

You know, it’s a metaphor. The metaphors or fables we present are “words in words”. They consist of information in a story, or stories in a story. The deeper you look, the more you see. There are many things that are given in a vague way now, which will look more profound in the future. They will only reveal themselves to those who study the fable in depth. There are many levels of truth, not all of which are obvious.

Something happened to Xiaowu. He sat before the gods as usual and said, “Dear God, please tell me what I need to know. I don’t know where to start. You know there are three places in my life where I want to work together, but I don’t know where to start The next day, after his meditation, an energy appeared in front of Xiaowu. It happened at a mysterious time when he didn’t do anything. He’s actually singing and playing. Suddenly, an angel appeared in front of Xiaowu and said, “Xiaowu, don’t be afraid! I’m here because of your request Xiaowu is very happy. He said to the angel, “Oh, I think I know what you’re here for. You know, there are three trouble spots in my life. I need your help. I want to work together to create my solutions. I want it to be appropriate, right. I want to glorify my spirituality and uniqueness in the universe. I’m ready! ” Xiaowu’s heart is in the right place, and he’s really ready.

The angel replied, “yes, that’s why I’m here. Xiaowu, here is a tool for you. It’s a new tool for CO creation. I have a hammer, a chisel, and even a saw. And you’ll be able to use hammers, chisels and saws – to create parts of your life that you need to fill in the puzzle. It will work together to create what you need to achieve your vision. “

“These are our new gifts!” He said aloud“ There are three. I appreciate it. Thank you, angel

And the angel said, “that’s not all, Xiaowu. I’ll come back later – after you’ve finished the part you built – and there’s a gift. “

“I’ll be looking forward to it.” Xiaowu said, and then the angel disappeared.
Can you imagine the excitement of getting that response at a time of challenge? He was so happy! Xiaowu started the process of creating the puzzle parts he needed. He will create three parts. Each component will be a unique creation, because it is a unique creation of the universe, put together in a complex jigsaw puzzle of interconnected dimensions. He needs to have a unique sense of what he’s going to do. So Xiaowu sat down and declared, “the first part I want to design is my purpose in life – I see myself as a healer, a mentor. It’s going to be a beautiful part. I see it should look like this: it’s going to be square here, it’s going to be round here… It’s going to have some bumps here. It will be beautiful. There will be symmetry, and it will be a lovely part of the puzzle. God will be happy So he started.
So Xiaowu carved and chiseled. When he finished, it was really beautiful. Xiaowu knows that this is only his spiritual part. He used his wisdom, his imagination and everything that he felt was unique to him. He carefully polished and polished this part to make it shine unique, so that others will notice it. Then he did something he knew he had to do. He put a rope on the part and hung it around his neck. This is equivalent to a statement saying, “I’m the tutor Xiaowu. I am Xiaowu the wise man. This is the part that I created together. It is done in perfect fit and love. It’s what I am. “

Xiaowu sent out a leaflet, fully aware that all his efforts on teaching and healing talent will be rewarded, because he is wearing his pendant. Xiaowu waited and waited… And nothing happened. No one came. Nothing has changed. Xiaowu said to himself in his mind, well, maybe I did something wrong. I’ll just wait. Maybe the grid needs to change a little bit. Maybe energy is not suitable for me and this unique pendant I have. I’m going to start making the second one. Maybe it takes two parts for the first one to work?

So Xiaowu began to make his rich parts“ So what’s this rich part like now? ” Xiaowu asked himself“ I know what I need and I know where the warehouse is, so I put this here and that there. I know it’s going to be related to the first one. Yes, that’s it! These parts have to fit together. ” He thinks he knows“ I’m going to make all three parts that can be spliced together to form a three in one, to make energy for what I’m trying to create together. “

Xiaowu continued to make the second part. Oh, it fits well with the first part! It’s a rich part. It’s beautiful and unique. It took him a long time, but when it was finished, he polished it, polished off the rough edges, polished it, and wore both around his neck. It’s a little heavier now. It made a statement saying, “I’m a wise Xiaowu, I’m a mentor. I’m rich, by the way. Come and have a look. ” Still, the money didn’t come. Xiaowu had to go to the bank to borrow money again, just like many times before… The hat was in his hand… The spiritual pendant was hanging there. Xiaowu felt humiliated.
Xiaowu has an idea: “if I’m a healer, it can bring wealth. I don’t have to work anymore. ” He saw the whole Trinity and started to make the third part, which, when completed, would activate the other two. Xiaowu knows it can work“ Three together will be unique. It will represent my co creative energy in the universe. ” So he made a third part. Oh, it’s beautiful! It’s a wonderful combination of the first two. However, he also had to make the rope thicker because it was a little heavier. He did it and polished it. The rough edges were worn off and polished. It’s shining in the light. It’s beautiful.

So he was there waiting for the whole universe to pay attention. Look at Xiaowu, CO creator. Wise, rich teacher… Or a management talent. Xiaowu went to work like this. He knew everyone would see it. And they all saw it. And then I fired him. It seems that Xiaowu has gone a little too far[ [laughter]

What did I do wrong? Xiaowu was confused. He followed the instructions of the gods. He has tools – sacred tools, creating the sacred part of what he is. They all fit in. There are challenges in his life. There are three aspects he wants to change. He tries to change with love. It didn’t hurt anyone. He didn’t step on anyone. He loves everyone. Now he’s worse than ever!

Xiaowu said to the gods while meditating“ Dear angel, I think I need you again. Dear God, tell me what I need to know. ” Then the angel appeared!

“Xiaowu,” said the angel, “I can’t help noticing that you have used those tools. Oh, these pendants are very beautiful! However, I think I should help you further now. Xiaowu, I will give you a pair of glasses. They can only be seen roughly, and when you wear them, you will be able to see yourself and the lattice at the same time. This is the first time we’ve provided this to humans. I’ll give you four chances to use these glasses. “

Xiaowu is very happy to have this help. He took the glasses, gave thanks to the angel, and said, “I hope the glasses let me see that part of my lattice about my purpose in life. I want to know what I did wrong. I wonder if I didn’t build it right. Should it be bigger? Or less? I want to see everything. ” So Xiaowu had a ceremony in this experience, and then he put on his glasses.

Purpose of life

Xiaowu was instantly sent to a magnificent place in the universe, a lattice singing to him – he heard the most wonderful music! There he saw the parts of the complete jigsaw puzzle. He saw the strings of the lattice. He saw and heard orchestras and choirs. He recognized the missing resonance… The missing part of the tune he experienced. He saw and heard a vacancy in the lattice music, indicating, “Xiaowu is here.” Then the scene disappeared.

Xiaowu quickly jotted down the energy shape of the new resonant component. It’s nothing like the one he made himself. It’s a component that resonates with other energies around it. That’s the point. He understands now. He has to find his place in “the whole reality.”. He had to play an instrument next to the other players. The resonance between each other creates another energy… A bigger one. Together, they created what the xiaowuhui called his new reality. What’s the secret? His parts don’t need to match Xiaowu himself at all. It has to fit what other people are doing, and other people’s needs need to fit his.

Xiaowu starts to work. He built the missing part exactly according to the shape he saw in the scene. It resonates, singing the tune that others want to hear – the missing tune in the chord. Then he polished it and removed the rough edges. It was beautiful. Then he hung it around his neck. Suddenly the phone began to ring“ Xiaowu, can we come here? We have some questions to talk about. We know you are an intelligent person, and we want to talk to you about something. ” Xiaowu said, “please come here.” Xiaowu began his purpose in life. It started very slowly. There is still a lot to learn, but Xiaowu is already helping others. He does have wisdom. He resonates with them, and they can see his resonance, because Xiaowu is singing with the chorus. The song of the angel is complete, and everyone around him hears it on a certain level.

Oh, honey, are you beginning to understand? You can be who you want to be. You can be as unique as you really are. But what I want to tell you is that in your uniqueness, you have to sing a resonant tone. You have to understand the people around you! You are also the co creation of others! Do you understand! The chorus is for everyone to sing together. Resonance together, harmony together. What you want is what others want. Together, you create a whole energy, even though you can’t see the whole puzzle. You want to start your own business and leave others behind? You’d better reconsider what you’ve done, because depression will be the result, and the drama of life is often the product. Instead, you should respect everything around you. Think of it as part of the puzzle and listen. Calm down and listen to the chorus in the sky. They sing in the “tone of love.”.

Life is rich

Xiaowu can’t wait to see the parts in the warehouse. He put on the glasses again. Xiaowu said aloud, “this will be my Internet component. I always wanted this. It’s really going to be great! ” He put on his glasses and was instantly transported to a special place in the universe with beautiful music and resonance. He saw his abundance, and it was shocking! It’s there. God says it belongs to his warehouse, and it belongs to everyone. There are missing parts there! Then it disappeared. But just before it disappeared, Xiaowu saw something disturbing. Just before the scene disappeared, when he was remembering the shape, it changed! Oh, honey. How can I build this new and ever-changing part? Xiaowu is thinking.

What Xiaowu saw was not the change of shape, but the change of melody. The theme is changing all the time. Every time it changes its melody, another part needs to be added to the chord. Xiaowu thinks it’s too difficult. When I finish one, I’ll start figuring out what the next one will look like… And then there won’t even be glasses available.

So the wise Xiaowu, his mentor Xiaowu, learned to sing the tone he needed in the first challenge, and finally got the answer. This part will not be a four-dimensional part. It can’t be. It will be an interconnected dimensional component singing in the chorus of change. Xiaowu made it in his own way – a variable part. It can change a lot. It was unique, and he put it with another one. This time he didn’t hang it around his neck. But put it on Xiaowu’s offering table – the place to honor and respect self love. Then he saw the dynamic principle of abundance that he was trying to create and laughed at his own naivety.
Xiaowu never got his warehouse. Instead, wise Xiaowu got something better: a kind of support. A real awareness without worry and anxiety that every day of his life will be taken care of in some way or some way. The warehouse is so big that it’s a warehouse for the whole orchestra and choir. It’s like every day there’s a new sacred melody. It was such a strong support that Xiaowu stopped worrying about money. Of course, sometimes he didn’t seem to have paid the rent. In the past, he would worry, pray anxiously, kneel in front of God and make a lot of noise until he felt that he had been heard somehow. Now the difference is that when it comes to paying rent, he smiles in front of God and sings with the chorus. His ideas are positive“ I will create this money. Oh, I may not have a lot of savings, but I have a warehouse Orchestra, and my part will fit when I need it to fit. I’m going to celebrate how it feels when it comes, even though I don’t know at all when it’s going to happen. ” And the money came… Sometimes to the point.

Listen, honey, we know that this process is outside the linearity that you feel comfortable with. But where is its beauty? From the connectivity dimension, it’s always there, unique and beautiful. No matter where you are or in any situation, the energy you create is the melody of the present. In the past, you created a framework in your reality. Then you ask for abundance to be given in your framework. Now, it can be said that the framework has become a chorus, so that your needs can be met outside the box.

Integration into human society
Finally, Xiaowu put on the glasses for the third time. He was shocked to see and hear what he called “his 4D work” missing parts. It’s not at all what he thought. As before, he shaped it in a unique way. Polish it. It fits well with the chorus and sings well. He didn’t hang it around his neck. Instead, he put it in his pocket, ready to use, but not seen by everyone. Xiaowu got a job that didn’t seem very important, at least in the culture of his area. He was disappointed until things began to change. This “unimportant work” began to become important because those who saw Xiaowu walking in the corridor said, “what are you doing here, Xiaowu? We can see that you are wise and have no worries. Maybe you can do something for this company. It’s not an important company, but we need your help. Xiaowu, we can see from your wisdom and your mentality that you are a management talent! ” And he is. So Xiaowu began a comfortable process of integration into a field he once hated in his life. One tone is in harmony with the other, so the chorus sings in a way that makes Xiaowu calm. He is in a safe spot, as you are now, given to communicate and to be loved.

Honey, are you just putting up with the class you “have to” take? Have you ever thought about what’s waiting for you besides the social need to be there? Maybe someone else’s simultaneity is waiting for you? Maybe they pray every day for help in their lives, and you have the answer? Have you ever thought about that? What did you show them there? Did you show a calm, joyful expression? Are you celebrating an “unimportant” job? Do you radiate peaceful energy? Be clear – things are not always what they look like. Maybe you are their solution – an angel of simultaneity? When you were there, did you ever stop and listen to the chorus?

That’s the end of the fable, you might say. The message is clear – you can be as unique as you want to be, but every human being on earth is put together with others. The ones you least expect have the jigsaw puzzle right next to you. In all your and their uniqueness, you resonate together to create a third energy, which creates a co creation for your life. On a four-dimensional level, you’re doing it alone, but on a connectivity level, you’re doing it with everyone else. But we haven’t finished our story about Xiaowu. There’s an end to it.

Big picture

The angel told Xiaowu that he could wear the glasses four times. It’s strange, because Xiaowu has been praying for only three challenges. Linear humans may throw away their glasses and think that the energy has been used up. But Xiaowu put on his glasses for the fourth time. He said to the glasses, “what’s here for me to see, what’s there for angels to know, what I need to know?” Xiaowu put on his glasses. Just then he saw the most spectacular thing he had ever seen in his life: Xiaowu was given a glimpse of all the pieces of the puzzle. He saw his parts – the one named Xiaowu – the higher self, and others. He saw all of them.

This is not a journey to take Xiaowu somewhere in the universe. But in the place where Xiaowu is, all of them stand side by side. Xiaowu can roughly see the group that Xiaowu is. He saw something that no human had ever seen clearly. There are five huge blue outlines, and one day we’ll talk about them. But what Xiaowu saw touched his heart most was: metaphorical, perhaps not metaphorical, surrounded by Xiaowu’s family members he knew! There are his brothers, his sisters, his parents, even his children! You know, not all human families are dead. no A lot of them live on this planet. However, this is a glimpse of them in an interconnected dimensional way, which means that they are part of him! What does that mean?

Listen: my family, how can we tell you things that are beyond your understanding? How can we show you what you can’t see? Before you come here, you have made an agreement with the beings that surround you. In the human energy soup that you call you, there is a part of you and a part of your family. There is a support team here, and even as they leave the 4-dimensional experience on earth, they remain as part of you. It’s far beyond the genetic and physiological layers of DNA that you can see. Far away. Xiaowu glimpses the team Xiaowu is. To this day, he didn’t understand it all. How can they be here and part of Xiaowu? What about his parents? He thinks that they are now gone, maybe they have reincarnated into other people on earth and are working like Xiaowu. How can they be with Xiaowu? How can such a thing exist?

Can you really be in two or three places at the same time? Yes, you can. You’d better get used to it. They’re all unimaginable – invisible parts. Maybe you in the mirror are also a part of another energy? If you understand this, you are on the way to understand that you are all part of an orchestra on the grid of interconnected dimensions… And that you are all unique segments of God. Lattice is singing a beautiful melody – a harmonious melody – a melody of love. It’s a melody of information that tells you all that you are timeless and connected.

Be as unique as you want to be, but be quiet and listen to the songs around you, because that’s the tone you’re invited to sing. Metaphors? Oh, yes. But you’re going to get more of that as we teach how four dimensional humans exist in 23 dimensions. So no matter where you think your spiritual gift for CO creation comes from, or where you think the unique jigsaw puzzle that allows you to create your own path comes from, don’t make too much noise while hammering, or you’ll miss the tone you should sing! This tone represents the life of the person next to you and the life of the person next to you and the person next to you. Next, dear humans, when enough of you sing in this tone, there will be no more wars on this planet.

You know, it’s not just for a few people? It’s an awakening happening everywhere. It is represented in Indigo wisdom, and in new humans who can see the whole – they can see the whole puzzle first – before anyone teaches them. That’s the difference between you and them. It’s a change of consciousness – when they walk in the world, they know there’s an orchestra, and that’s the truth. This is the new sound and melody of the planet. This melody has a name, possibilities, and great solutions. This is what we call the “New Jerusalem” melody. It’s peace on this planet. Peace for your children. Hope.

You are in duality, dear, and always will be. There is old energy all around you, and its representatives will fight to the end for the old prophecy to come true. You know what? Some people are really looking forward to the end of the world. What should you do to respond? What do you do to those who expect the end – those who believe that you represent a farce? Love them and sing with the chorus because they’re in it… They just haven’t found a song yet.

At the moment, we usually leave where you sit, listen or read, and we have to say that not all of us leave. Because some of you do receive information from this interconnected dimension, and you do need some people to sing together. So let the songs ring and celebrate the new voices in your choir.
Peace on this beautiful planet.

be it so.



Mother earth message: put on new makeup

Life is like a river

Message receiving: Ruohe

Children, I’m mother earth. I’m a planetary being called Gaia. You all live on me, and I’m responsible for providing the resources for your life.
I deeply love all the children. Over the years, many children have suffered a lot and have been reborn on the earth.
I can feel your pain. I am also a living being. When some beings destroy me and hurt me, I will feel the pain just like you.

In the last few thousand years, I have suffered from the hurt of some beings in order to complete the planned experience. Of course, for myself, it is also a process of growth and evolution.
It’s my choice to be the polar proving ground of three-dimensional matter, and I know that I have always been deeply loved, whether it’s the source, the God of creation, or the ascended master who helped me and your Sun father.

Within me, there are also beings living in harmony and high vibration, who have been helping me and supporting me, and now they are also trying to help my superficial children ascend.
I am deeply grateful to all beings who have helped me, supported me and, of course, you children who serve the light. You have to believe that these sufferings are coming to an end.
And you and I will both put on new makeup, reach a new level, and have a new state of being, which is in harmony and peace.

Children, don’t be afraid of what is happening on the surface. These actions are to release the low and dense energy. I need to be lighter, and you also need to be lighter.

Over the past few thousand years, some human beings have created a lot of garbage on the material and spiritual level, which can no longer be covered up. Just like in your home, some decayed garbage, those old furniture and clothes and so on, all need to be thrown out.

Kids, everything that’s coming is new, it’s going to be totally different from everything in the past.

Imagine that when everything recovers in spring, a spring rain wakes the sleeping seeds overnight, and the earth is covered with spring makeup. In the past, the bare land has become beautiful, full of vigor and vitality.
Today, I want to tell you the same. When more and more children are awakened, the earth will become a brand new one in the morning. Then, you will feel different, that is, when you live in a new world.

Children, be patient and confident. We are really close to the end. The dawn is rising. I hope you can more adapt to this process, and be able to arrive at the beautiful spring with me.

I am mother earth. I love you deeply. I hope you can connect with me more and go to nature more. Bless you!
Thanks for reading and deep blessing


Easy flow: the era dominated by the solar plexus (will and ego) is coming to an end

I want to explain this from the perspective of the energy center of the body. Each person’s field contains seven chakras, or energy centers. Will is in the solar plexus, the third chakra, and power and ambition are in the center of this individual will.

In the old energy era, people excessively relied on this center to live, so they were very concerned about winning or losing, put their own interests in the front, even at the expense of others. Such an attitude usually stems from fear and loss. I’m not going to judge these energies, just to point out that they are usually active in the solar plexus, the third chakra. The next chakra is the heart chakra. The heart chakra connects you to your higher source. That higher source is the field of energy that you have been in, from which you bring ideals that are in sharp contrast to the power and ego energy.

The current transformation of consciousness is shifting from the solar plexus to the heart chakra. This does not mean that the solar plexus should be completely abandoned or pushed aside. You should not get rid of the ego. This transformation is more like turning the steering wheel to another life level, and in the process, building your life on the energy of the heart. All of you have achieved this goal in some way, perhaps in your personal life, or in the field of work and creativity. Everyone has a sense of intimacy towards the centripetal transfer of energy, and you can all feel that this way of life is more joyful and peaceful.

As for how to deal with the ego energy inside and around us, the basic rule is to connect the energy of the solar plexus (that is, the will and ego) from the heart, and guide it in a loving and gentle way. Abundance in the fields of work, creativity and money depends on the connection between the heart chakra and the solar plexus (or, more generally, the connection between the higher chakra and the lower chakra).

So how do you know if your actions are from the heart, or out of fear and ego? I would like to mention two important characteristics of the energy of the heart, which may help you recognize it in your daily life. The first feature is “no struggle, only ease and simplicity”, which I call “easy flow”.

Easy flow

You are all used to fighting hard for what you want, especially in the field of work. There is always a lot of competition and power confrontation. You often have to act in a way that you are not, in order to gain recognition and appreciation. This is the opposite of what your heart desires. What your heart desires is a more natural presence. The energy of the heart is not born to exert pressure, it is very gentle, it speaks to you through intuition, gently urges or advises you, never tells you anything emotionally full of fear or pressure.

In daily life, you can clearly notice whether things are going well and find a way to let them go naturally, or whether you repeatedly encounter obstacles in what you are trying to accomplish. If it is the latter, it means that you are not, or are not, fully aligned with the energy of the heart. The secret of the energy of the heart is not through compulsion, but through ease and softness.

Daring to believe in intuition is the most important way to align with the energy flow of the heart (what I call “light flow”). Acting intuitively in the field of work and creativity – even if it’s against the culture of the work environment – creates possibilities and opportunities that you can’t imagine. This will bring you closer to your divine self, infuse you with strength at the heart level, and attract you to those who realize what your heart wants.
When you encounter problems at work, when you feel that your position in the work environment is not suitable, spend some time alone. Find a quiet moment and let go of all the thoughts and concepts you have absorbed from the social environment, as well as all the accompanying fears and worries. Try to look at the thoughts and emotions from a deep silence in your heart and see them as they are – they’re just clouds covering the sun, not you.

Go into the heart of sunshine and ask your self what to do at the moment; Connect with your old and wise heart, the source of the highest creativity, and ask for intuition to tell you what is right at this moment.

Don’t act on the basis of external opinions and social norms – especially in the field of work. Social or collective consciousness in this field is based on fear: fear of losing a job, fear of social failure, fear of poverty. These fears may obscure your intuition, but the inner voice will tell you what to do in the moment. The point is that you have to listen to this voice, and you will see that it gives you the real answer.

When you try to get into the inner core, self doubt may get in the way, make you think that the intuition and intention you feel in your heart are unrealistic and wrong, and then abandon them. Self doubt may prevent you from believing in the spiritual path unfolding in front of you – the spiritual path I’m talking about here refers to the experience path that can bring you into contact with your highest source of creativity, and the creative energy hopes to flow out through you.

These energies already exist, but only by listening and trusting one’s own feelings can one recognize and manifest them in the outside world. The soul speaks to you through feelings without any external guarantee or guarantee. Trust is the most important thing. To allow feelings to take you and act in accordance with intuition is to open up to the guidance of the heart and truly transform the ego consciousness into the mind consciousness.

The era dominated by the solar plexus is coming to an end. The purpose of your soul’s reincarnation is to get rid of this way of existence. Therefore, you feel a strong impulse to express your creativity through your heart. I ask you to trust yourself at this stage and continue on this path, because you have brought new and precious energy into the world. This energy often makes a change without your noticing, and you do more than you know. Through the flow of faith and the courage to follow the flow of ease, you promote the birth of a new era. So, don’t doubt it, go on your way.

The energy of the heart is much quieter and softer than the competitive and severe energy. Because of this, it takes courage and strength to settle down when surrounded by ego energy. But let me tell you, following the flow of your heart will eventually lead you to very real and practical creative possibilities, and bring you richness on the material level. Therefore, following this flow is an action full of trust and courage.

Joshua | creating abundance: the flow of ease

Pamela Joshua’s transmission today

Joshua transmitted through Pamela

Dear friends, today I meet you with joy and enthusiasm. I know you so well as if we had only met yesterday. In this place where I am, time is not so important. Although the physical appearance you manifest is different from that I once knew you, I clearly recognize you.

I’m Joshua. I’ve lived as Jesus on earth. I’m a human like you. To me, being a “human” is no stranger. It is because of this experience that I am here to support you to enter a new era.

A new era is coming, a transformation is taking place, and all of you can feel a strong connection to it. I want to tell you something about me. On earth, I am flesh and blood, and have established a channel with Christ’s energy. Christ’s energy flowed through me to the outside world, which was my greatest contribution to the earth at that time. But Christ’s energy doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to everyone. Each of you is sowing a seed to bring a part of Christ’s energy to earth, which is your greatest achievement.

This transformation from the old to the new era has shaken many things and uprooted them. For example, work and money are “eradicated” a lot, because this is an area where the old energy is particularly active and can be classified as the energy of power and ego. Old energy is so active in this field that you will find it difficult to find a balance between money and work. You will encounter communication problems at work, in the company or among your colleagues. Many times, you ask yourself, “how can I deal with the energy that surrounds me every day without similarity?” You want to know how to deal with this friction in the new and old.


Pay attention to your feelings this week

Original going home

My dear friends, we love you very much

In human history, you as a species have never been so clear about what you want. The virus inspired you to send the cry to heaven“ We want to face it together. We are one world“ We want to connect! We are tired of hatred“ We’re tired of pollution. ““ We’re tired of doing meaningless things, walking through the motions, and we feel duty bound. ““ Dear heaven, we are tired… “

Many of you are tired, dear friends. Many of you are tired of going upstream or resisting your feelings
You’re all adapting to the new energy. You are all striving to raise your vibrations so that a new, enhanced, beautiful flow of love can move you without hindrance. Just like a wire, it can’t bear higher current. Your resistance to love makes you, just like a wire, short circuit and burn out
On the contrary, if you align with your heart, you will feel more energetic, enthusiastic and open to guidance
Most of you swing between the two extremes, one moment inspired by one idea and the next exhausted
You’re in complete control, honey! You can choose to succumb to fatigue, to nap, to rest, to be gentle with yourself. You can choose to give your thoughts a break and do things that feel good. Love yourself in such a way that you will raise your vibration and find increased energy. When you are passionate or feel attracted to something, you will feel energetic if you are accompanied by the flow of your thoughts or actions. If you resist, you will feel tired. You will feel energetic through the thought of love, and tired through any poor thought. Above all, submit to your heart, to your guidance

Your feeling is a loving barometer that will let you know when you are in a higher or lower vibration. They will tell you whether you surrender to your heart, flow gracefully to your desire, and resist a flow of love. In either case, you are right or wrong, good or bad. You’re just having a different life experience. Don’t judge yourself when you are in a lower vibration. Just try to shift to a higher vibration. Your ideas are tools that can be used to adjust your feelings

We’ve said that many times. Be gentle with yourself. Try to listen to your heart. Don’t force yourself to do what you don’t want to do, or if you have to, at least find a reason to like what you do. Try not to indulge in the thoughts that make you lose. It’s about letting your mind naturally move towards the one that feels the best

You are all learning to live in a higher vibration. Pay attention to your feelings this week and how they relate to your physical condition and energy. You will soon understand that through your observation, you are an energetic being, either choosing your own vibration or responding to the vibration of the world. Your vibration always determines how you feel, what you attract, and how gracefully you spend your day. We wish you lightness, grace, joy and dream come true

God bless you! We love you so much— angel


Interpersonal breakdown

Original going home

June 17, 2021

We were recently asked, “how do I stop thinking about ideas I don’t want to think about?” Let’s talk about it today
You cannot resist yourself to enter a state of growth or peace. Resistance can’t get you there. So trying to resist an idea is equivalent to resisting the part of yourself that is trying to get your attention. Rejecting the love and care that your part is seeking will only trigger it more and continue your discomfort

A part of you (mind, ego or scattered aspect) is fueling the idea. Another part of you (heart, soul, or inner sophist) looks at the thought and sees a larger picture of what fear is sucking at the thought. Instead of trying to wrestle with that part of you that has been triggered and aggravate that fear / trauma, we suggest that you deal with it in a space of understanding and love

Negative thoughts come from the part where you feel depressed. When you can be with your wisdom, compassion, guidance for that part of yourself, you will regain your strength. And then there’s no reason for those ideas to happen again. It no longer has a goal. It no longer has the energy to drive it
So if you’re stuck in a mindset that you no longer want to experience, dig deeper. What drives that idea? fear? pain? worry? Upset? How do you love and pacify that part of yourself and feel more secure as your mentor and parent? How do you lead it into the whole with your acceptance and comfort

You may have noticed how hard it can be to stay positive if you’re not in alignment. So if you want to think about what you’re trying to figure out, we highly recommend that you put yourself in a state that will make you more open and connected. Meditation. Pray. Go to nature. Sports. go for a drive

Do anything that will help you find balance and better alignment, and then let yourself explore what’s really happening. You will find it easier to see the cause of thought, and from there, to find the healing that thought is trying to lead you into. Do you understand Thoughts are not problems. They are symptoms of what is within you seeking your love and guidance. It is something you can give yourself to enter a state of inner peace~ Archangel Gabriel

June 18, 2021
Your deepest moments of connection and love come from total irresistibility. Your wholehearted acceptance and gratitude create magical moments. It’s amazing that these elements are available at all times to transform your relationships with others and the energy of the moment. All you need to do is make conscious choices to use them, and through that change of focus, your overall experience can change in the blink of an eye. You are so powerful~ Archangel Gabriel

June 19, 2021
As you continue your evolutionary journey, you may find that relationships suddenly break down. It can make you feel sad and depressed. This also triggers any abandoned or rejected trauma that is not healed

What we want you to understand is that when a relationship breaks down, it’s usually not the other person who refuses you, but a level of growth that they need to experience in order to continue to travel with you. Or, it could be that you have reached a point where you have to separate in order to support the growth and evolution of each person involved

One of you may have ascended a level, while the other wants to explore more of the energy they are in. Or one of you needs to go back through the cycle of experience in order to look at a life theme that you seek to master. Again, it has nothing to do with you personally, it has to do with what the soul needs for its growth and expansion

If you can look at it from our point of view, you will see that it is a beautiful dance in which souls come together, support each other lovingly, and then express themselves separately in the way that is most suitable for their growth and expansion. You will also be surprised at how often growth and soul connection occur when they synchronize with each other again and are ready to move on to the next stage of their journey (to walk together if it is for the highest good of everyone involved)

Do you understand There is something wonderful about this sport. Sometimes you dance in the middle of the dance floor. At other times, you will separate and dance on your own dance floor, because you can grow, learn and express yourself better. But no matter where you are, or how you choose to express yourself, you are part of the incredible evolutionary dance that is taking place on earth

Don’t worry, if someone can’t stay with you, you won’t be in the blank. Another soul in perfect alignment with you will happily come to share the next journey with you, because the universe will always support you and match you when you are ready for love and a wonderful partner~ Archangel Gabriel


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