How to anchor light in collective consciousness^_^

Your higher vibrational consciousness will add light to the collective consciousness of earth

“You have evolved, and you know that your higher vibrational consciousness will add light to the collective consciousness of earth, a collective full of errors, out of faith in separation and polarity. Only through increasing oneness and true nature of life can collective consciousness be raised beyond the current density, which is what you come to do. “

Each of us is interacting with the collective consciousness every day. How can we anchor the light in the collective consciousness? Higher vibration consciousness, unity consciousness, existence consciousness, resonance and form the superconducting synchronic consciousness. Just like what happened in Beijing below, you can’t persuade the collective consciousness to get rid of the massiness, Only the Oneness Consciousness one by one resides in the collective consciousness to form the coherent standing wave of the independent electron pairing wall, which we call the zero field, joy, higher self and higher guidance play space

Have you ever seen a scene in which several children are playing in the sand, while the two adults who are arguing with each other slowly ease down, because seeing the innocence and self perfection of the children, all the disputes seem so insignificant. This is the energy of compassion, the powerful timeless field formed by the electronic pairing between the children, which brings the system balance of adults, without war and dispute, It’s compassion. We call it energy and energy without time and play. This is compassion


Yesterday was the day before the great heat. It was extremely muggy, with thick clouds, low pressure and high temperature, which created a very narrow space for the strong emotions to be shared among all sensitive people. In the evening, I started my personal broadcast:) it was about a debate about the recent restrictions on freedom. After nearly an hour or two of debate, I suddenly found that this was a good time, We can share the energy of “spiritual freedom” with you in this big pot of thick emotions, and have the opportunity to anchor this process with the help of the higher self.

So, I started a slow walk barefoot, and my destination was a nearby nursery forest park. In the process of calling for “angels, beings of light and masters of ascension”, the argument continued until I got to the forest. Suddenly, I felt that the argument was useless. Let go. Soon, the argument stopped and all the negative emotions disappeared, It’s like the blue sky and the white clouds. It’s refreshing! relaxed!

It began to rain. At this time, I was tired, but I walked around again. Thank you for all the life in the four directions, the sky, the earth and the earth.

In retrospect, this process of emotional purification reflects that everything that seems beautiful but is not in the resonance of high-dimensional energy needs to be released, only to let go and let go.

When I got home, I immediately spread out on the bed. A heavy rain poured down and arrived as scheduled. Today’s heat is no longer the hottest day of the year, but a cool and cool day”

Sensitive Lightworkers can hear the voice of collective consciousness when they receive the energy shock. It is the carrying and amplification of low-frequency collective consciousness by the potential energy radiation of high-energy wave, so they contact with you through the people you know, and transmit it through the higher self you know, so you become a channel, not only amplifying your accumulation, but also sharing collective ideas

Getting close: what’s the impact on the people closest to you?

How are their lives affected?

What are their positive and negative factors?

What about others?

Colleagues and acquaintances?

Distant family and friends?

What about random strangers?

What about enemies and people you don’t like (if you have any)?

How are the lives of all these people touched in both positive and negative ways, and how do your intentions manifest?

What mean? Before your closest and surrounding people seem to have no influence, your vibration is tuned to more acceptance and expansion of intention expression, and there is still room for ascension. What is more, you have to continue to accept and make intention explicit and visual expression

Until you let go completely, no matter what situation your family and those around you are facing, this is the beginning of full acceptance

That is to say, at this time, you place your closest and neighboring people in the emptiness, which is the common field of your energy field and those who are connected with you in the distance. All people in this energy field and common field will face the situation of emotional amplification and accelerated transformation of karma. You influence the closest and surrounding people and the remote common field group so much

The nihility and zero field formed by letting go is a field that is difficult to survive in other ways except feeling and intuition. This is why the arcturans say that April has no choice for those who have been neglecting feeling, closing their heart and only paying attention to the outside

“Many people attach great importance to doing things and believe that feelings are unimportant, inconvenient and even deceptive. But this is the world you are changing now. Those who oppose sensitivity are having a hard time now. They are stubborn; They don’t want to be too sensitive to others, and they don’t want to take other people’s feelings into consideration. But here’s the good news: those who don’t get inside, those who don’t even know how to feel, will have little choice in the face of the coming April energy. “

Now you know how sensitive you can influence people who are close to and around you. Let go, accept, express your intention and take action to adjust your vision, picture, idea, angle and attitude and way of dealing with others until you realize that:

The person closest to you is the mirror nearest to you, which magnifies everything you have not let go or accepted. Only when you reset your intention and put it into action, will it work. It is the same as you and is the essence of the source

The people around you and those who share the scene are mirrors that are far away from you. They show you what you have let go and accepted, and they do not work according to your good and evil thoughts and good and bad behaviors, because they are not dependent on each other and are the essence of the source

If you are still following successful experiences and following others’ likes and dislikes, you will have greater letting go and acceptance to expand through oneness

Don’t stop

The influence on those closest to you and those around you, as well as those who share the same field and domain, serves as the touchstone for the purification and expansion of your consciousness

Let go of all that you cannot accept

Accept everything you don’t want to let go

Don’t stop



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