How to clear energy blockage^_^

How to clear energy blockage^_^

Now, most people don’t take their emotions seriously. Just because they don’t take their emotions seriously, they suppress their emotions. Those repressed emotions become energy blockages.

They block the vibration to the universe, and then those pessimistic thoughts will come to you in the form of thoughts. They enter your consciousness, and at this time, you do have a choice. You can agree with this pessimistic idea or ignore it. This is the beauty of meditation, because you can learn how to eliminate all thoughts in meditation.

Many people try meditation and think they are not good at meditation. Because such ideas continue to emerge, meditation is not suitable for them. But as long as you keep putting down the thoughts you don’t like and turning to some positive thoughts, you can change. In the end, you won’t stick to the stuck energy or energy blockage, because it feels worse when you are awake, and you will release it as much as you want.

When you consciously perceive these energy blockages in your conscious life, it is possible to solve them and benefit from the help at present or in the near future. This means that you should be aware of the choices you are making, including what you choose to focus on, whether you choose meditation, and whether you pay attention to your thoughts and emotions. When you live and work at a higher frequency, you can get more help. Through this simple behavior of meditation, your vibration will naturally increase. You can also choose to focus on those positive and positive work in life.

We know that all beings, both physical and nonphysical, are raising energy support at the moment, and many of you are being forced to face what you have been repressed and those energy blocks. We want you to know how to clear them more effectively, so we give you this message. We hope you can become the natural high-frequency energy channel again. When people look for the hope of the world and the state of human collective consciousness, you will become their expectation.

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
We are not only imagining a better future for mankind, but we can also see a better time in the future than most of you see. It is precisely because of the choices we have made that we can see that the earth has a better time than now.

We always choose to focus on the positive side, just like babies taking a step forward at a certain moment. We never deceive ourselves or others when we do so. It always depends on which aspect of the moment you choose to focus on, and this choice will have a great impact on your life.

A simple choice to change life
Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today


Master Sananda: there is no second Mahabharata

Primary energy and mass particle source
Master Sananda: there is no second Mahabharata


A feast of joy!

It became quiet on this earth and mankind was at rest. The remaining human beings, after everything has changed, will live in harmony and peace with their brothers and sisters outside and inside the earth. We are going to celebrate this happy festival soon. That day is very close, because things are ruthlessly letting nature take its course.

In the transformation, keep the source of love, the anchor of peace, and the lighthouse for everyone who seeks light.

Be compassionate to all sentient beings and continue to unswervingly follow their own path. Don’t be afraid, because incredible phenomena will happen. It often depends on your inner firmness. When the storm rages around you, the earth moves or the ocean evaporates, stay anchored in God’s love and firmly believe in God.
Now at the beginning, everything has been ready for a long time to become visible. Your eyes see what is happening. Sometimes your mind can’t grasp it, and your mood will become chaotic. What matters now is inner navigation – you can only be with God and believe in God.

There is no change in time
Big changes are made at all times. Some forces are afraid of this day and are now using all means to oppose it. That’s why an incredible fear machine is starting.

As many people as possible will be placed in powerlessness and despair, fear and fear, because only in this way can the dark forces maintain power one day or longer. Now everything is to weaken mankind and prevent human awakening.

Many people will succumb to the pressure of this fear illusion. They are people who can continue to live on another earth.

However, this earth will ascend to the level of light in the fifth dimension at the end of all transformations – people are authorized to live at this vibrational level.

Therefore, keep inner peace in what is happening now.

Never stand up openly against the dark ones. They are injured like animals and are dangerous and violent. When something you refuse reaches you, say “no” in all clear and clear ways. Continue your life in peace, harmony and love.

Don’t be carried away by the battle imposed on you.

An injured animal

That doesn’t mean you should put up with everything! Instead, defend your integrity and freedom – say no. Show in a calm and meditative state of mind.

Living a spiritual life is a life of attachment to God. God bless you! Let yourself be guided within and experience it in your daily life.

Your most effective weapon at this time is your consciousness.

This is obvious to everyone through your internal and external attitudes.
Today’s light warriors stay away from the battles imposed on them. There will be no second Mahabharata (1).

The great history of mankind will not continue on the battlefield, but will be completed in the light of God – with those who have completed and now want to complete themselves in God.

Now the battle is everyone’s battle with themselves. This is the basis for moving world events in the direction of light and for maintaining orientation and self in an inverted world.
Surrender to God.

I love you infinitely
**Holy light transmission: Jan Casso


Kryon answers questions – societies and commandments, there is only one step to ascension, and you are God! Change DNA, where is the healing energy?

Original becomequantum melodious today

Q: Dear Corleone: I’m a student of I am activity. But I am not happy, because in order to join you, you must abide by many rules and live in many commandments. My question is: did the ascended master really appear in front of Ballard and impart all this information? Because according to the old student, Ms. Ballard created all this. Saint Germain promises health, money, youth and ascension, but until now no Iam student has been able to achieve those.
A: This is not a special answer for your personal spiritual pursuit, but an answer for all those who will ask similar questions. First, understand that God will not place any constraints on your life. Your lifestyle is the one you choose to best help you find your inner divinity. Many human mentors have told you to obey the commandments in the past, but these are the teachers’ commandments, not the source. Usually teachers think these can help you reduce distractions, but it is still a human commandment. In addition, sometimes you will isolate yourself and others with the same ideas in a commune and try to force yourself to live a lifestyle that will be considered to create ascension in your life.
The truth is that the masters who walked on earth once told you that your body is your temple, and all the rest you decided to create around it to make it work. Your temple is complete and can produce light for others, no matter where you go. The masters did not isolate themselves, but walked in the crowd and loved what they were. The commandment is to be patient with the people around you and be an example to them.
We encourage you to stop and look around. Ask yourself: how can you do your best to provide yourself with clear divine insight and become a beacon for others on the planet? If you are isolated from others in an incompatible lifestyle, who are you helping? Just you yourself? If so, when will you leave this group and go to where you are needed in the world? The answer to this question, if you ask the teacher, is usually “you can’t leave”. When you hear this, you should know that this lifestyle is only related to teachers, not God.
All this information tells you to keep light for the earth. Show your happiness and happiness to others. Become a balanced human at the center of imbalance and walk among those in need to bathe them in your love. That’s what all masters do.
So if you find yourself wearing strange clothes, singing strange songs, eating interesting food, and living with a group doing the same thing, at some stage you must ask yourself whether you are following some human commandments or God’s commandments. Who was helped?
Q: Dear Cleon, I saw on another page that Cleon gave 48 steps for human learning. Of course, on that website, you have to pay a lot of money for each step. This reminds me of other websites that use the same method. They have 101 Things to learn and you have to pay for each. And of course, in these cases, you can’t tell others the steps you have learned, because as you know, if you say it, the business can’t be done.
I wonder if Kryon has 48 steps for humans to learn. If so, why do we need to spend money to learn them?
A: honey, in my 16 years of transmitting information through my partner [Lee], I have never given a 48 step step step. In addition, I have given the message of ideas many times – that there are no common steps to awakening. You can see this everywhere in the public information, which is free on the Internet.
The path to ascension and awakening reduces everything to one step – you open the door with pure intention and begin your own complex process. This is an inward journey, which is unique to everyone. Some people often experience a seemingly step-by-step learning process, which is unique to everyone. You are linear and learn on a straight line, and that’s why many of you ask what this line looks like. But this process is as special as the people who experience it. That’s why we can’t give general steps for awakening. They are now influenced and adjusted by each person’s past life and his / her current actions in his / her own path.
The only cost of this knowledge is people’s time and their pure desire to get and understand it, and then give it an important place in life so that they can start the process. Beware of those who charge for core information or tell you it’s too sacred for you to handle, or those who say you have to join a member to find God. Because these are not God’s ways.
It is appropriate to barter energy in your economic environment. You may have received a product made in love, or received some training in a special technical institution, or received specific linear guidance on how to help others and yourself through a special challenge. These are appropriate in your culture because they represent energy for energy and also provide a balanced system in your economy (where everyone is a beneficiary and gets what they need). But nuclear psychic information belongs to everyone on the planet and is free. Bless those who understand that this information has always been within them. The only thing they need to open the book of knowledge and life possessed by the master is that their own will is saying, “Dear God, I will be fine. Please tell me what I need to know. “
This is when angels will swarm in and wash your feet.
Q: Dear Cleon, I have read that light industry has additional protection in this era. Have we always been protected from other invisible forces so as not to deviate from our course? I remember Jesus said there was an angel Legion behind him who could listen to his call. Since we follow the footsteps of Jesus, we should also have these abilities. Is my assumption right?
I believe that things are given to us according to our beliefs, and all we need is the acceptance of these beliefs. Did I answer my own question?)
A: an awakened person is following the footprints of all masters, not just Jewish masters.
Your protection comes from an enhanced awareness of the interconnected dimension, which can perceive what is around you, give you the wisdom of your elders, and give you the insight to appear in the right place at the right time“ The angel Corps is always by your side. But when you start this journey of self discovery, you are stepping into the reason why they are here, and you join their collective wisdom. The masters know this, and this is the reference you quote.
This is the secret of CO creating and becoming a light worker. When you light up in a dark area, you can “see” everything that was hidden. This is your protection, which is achieved through your use of new tools, not through a force outside you.
3D humans want God to take care of everything for them: making things, protecting them from danger, feeding them, and so on. The truth is that when you create the master attribute within you, you become a fragment of the God you feel to be your protector. Therefore, you are your own protection!
Bless those who understand this. Why do you want to be in God’s protective arm when you are God? When things get bad around you, light up the light and see the hidden! Then, through your own power, you can make some decisions and manifest a peaceful and protected life.
Q: Dear Cleon, when we are on the other side of the curtain, can we touch and enjoy the art created on this planet (music, literature, film, etc.)?
A: Here’s what you don’t understand: the great art, poetry, stories and music you have on this planet came through the curtain through the artists who conducted them. So I ask you, where do you think these things actually live( Corleone smiles). On our side of the curtain, you are all great artists.
Q: Dear Kryon: I have been pursuing spirituality all my life until I found Kryon information. It changed my life, and since then I have become a loyal “crone powder”. Five years ago, my life changed dramatically – in a short time, I lost my parents, my mother because of heart disease and my father because of Alzheimer’s disease. I also learned that my closest sister was suffering from chronic lymphocytic leukemia. This is the most difficult time for me. I am the eldest of my parents’ nine children, and I always think I should take care of everyone. My belief system helps me deal with the pain and despair I often feel.
In May 2003 (5-5-5), I was also diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. What a blow! In the past year, my world has changed dramatically. I no longer feel that I “belong” somewhere. I feel disconnected from my family and friends. I meditate and talk to my cells, but I haven’t been happy in my life for a long time. What did I do wrong? I know it is not easy to “exist” as a human being; However, I once had a positive professional and social life, but now I can’t feel fun in what I used to pursue. Why? I want to change, but how? Please help me!
A: honey, you didn’t do anything wrong, nor did thousands of other people who are experiencing similar things. Remember: lighthouses are never built in a safe place. You have found the answer to your question before. Now apply them.
Change your DNA and the disease will go away from you. Not only that, but also an effect that has not been discussed by us will happen… What you do to your DNA will be “seen” by your child’s DNA consciousness, which can actually interrupt your genetic chain. All humans are connected at a level that is consistent with what your physicists have observed in their latest quantum research. So what you do will not only affect you. This is also the basis of all the teachings we teach that you can help others through your own self-examination.
So now it’s time to create a calm island in the storm of life. These teachings are given to you because you are strong and capable of doing it. Break the mold that others are usually put in. Instead of asking, “Why me?” You might as well shout “come on!” You are not immune from human experiences simply because you are spiritual. Instead, you are the one who can change these situations… Part of the planet we often mention with free choice.
You are not fighting alone. We line up behind you to celebrate your victory and hold you when you are crying. It’s a team effort… The one you felt at the beginning. Now let your light shine and show what you can. The storm is raging, but you are calm. Let the love of God be your sword and your knowledge and wisdom your shield. Your light changes not only you, but all the people around you.
Bless you and those who, like you, are now in trouble and pain.
Q: Dearest Kryon: where did the energy of love and healing created in prayer finally go? Hundreds of people prayed for a beloved child with cancer in our community. This precious soul has no choice to continue this life. It was heartbreaking. I knew that once energy was created, it could not be destroyed. Then I thought, if these prayers were not used to heal our child, where would they go? Into the earth, into the grid, or to other children in need of healing?
A: Yes! You have a strong intuition. Love is never wasted. It will especially help the people around the children, and it will also help heal the relationship of those who pray. It also enters Gaia herself and helps change the earth around you. It alleviates this obvious tragedy and heals the composition around it… That is, everyone and everything.
The power of love is stronger than all other emotions. Once created, it has its own life and continues. Have you ever thought that this child knows that? Perhaps the child came to the earth and left soon in order to produce this indelible love like an eternal light? And that’s a lighthouse!


“In material life, the senses tell us the existence of things; The soul finds the authenticity of meaning; But spiritual experience reveals the true value of life to the individual. ” UB (Book of the earth – Urantia) 100, section 4 – growth issues]

Lord Chancellor’s son / mon jorensen: “dear child, you have been thinking about the difference between meaning and value. Once again, love as always is the answer. Why is that?

Love is the divine motive of creation. It is organically linked with the highest values of truth, beauty and goodness. Indeed, love is real. It must be true to touch the heart and divert their resistance based on internal vulnerability. Only true love can move you on a deep level, and this is just what love can’t do.

“Love also embodies kindness, because it only wants the happiness of others, does not shrink back, and has no reservation or denial. Such love is absolutely safe. It is what every soul desires, because every soul is created to thrive in love. Anyone who grows up without love will be hindered in heart development.

“Love is beautiful. You can witness this by seeing the face of a “in love” person, or facing a mother to be who has been closely connected with her life, so as to provide her with a cocoon of love and another protective layer for the safety of her uterus.

“That’s why these values are empirical. You can talk about love, but it won’t bring you closer to its experience. Love must be felt to change. Once it freely enters and flows in your existence, it will improve your vibration and the overall quality of your life. This is what instills it with vitality.
“You may” like “things and enjoy them for a while. However, they will never bring you the soul satisfaction brought by love, nor will they bring valuable value to your life. Truth, beauty and goodness are lovely.

UB: Urantia book
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