To lonely souls 😊 From self-centered to collective and higher self-centered

To lonely souls 😊 From self-centered to collective and higher self-centered

The relationship between two independent people has greater balance space, greater creativity and longer life span than the pairing of two interdependent people. Do you understand? Ultimately, each soul must clearly position itself in order to gain self-control. Self control is reflected in planned separation. This is the time to accept everything perfectly.

We tell you, dear ones, that accepting everything naturally is a necessary journey of self-control. This is a calibration point in cross dimensional flow. A person walks into the void alone. In the great mystery of pursuing perseverance and autonomy, there is no shoulder to rely on. In this process, people found the noble integrity and self-sufficiency. Please don’t misunderstand what we mean. In terms of soul mate, natural unity also brings great sublimation.

Finally, soul evolution is a person walking on the road of self-control in the supreme detachment. When you learn to transcend the material self, you will realize. Each of you must strive to achieve what we call the ultimate “impeccability”. Impeccable is the crystallization of soul evolution or the clear expression of unity, which comes from self perfection and necessary virtue. This includes releasing all dependencies and releasing all that no longer serves your divinity. This is a journey to restart divinity and reprogram all aspects of you.

We have told you that the language of light, or high latitude language structure, is sacred geometry. Impeccability is the sacred geometry of the mind. By positioning yourself impeccably, you will transform into a crystalline existence and become more capable of divine consciousness in the light of higher-level connection divine geometry. Only by positioning who you are and what you believe, and then living in it, can you reap the perfection of your soul. Please recognize the truth of light and love and be fully attuned to it.

Footprints on the sand: our loneliness, self love and the road of unity

Original January cast Qianjiang 9dsounds yesterday
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Translator’s words:

2020 and 2021 are not only the turning point of the times, but also because COVID-19 has lasted for a year and a half, which has brought about many impacts on people’s work life and interpersonal relationship, and many people have fallen into loneliness and depression. Yesterday, I talked to frog about solitude and self love. I joked: looking around, the streets are full of people who feel lonely. Frog strongly suggests that I translate this Archangel Metatron’s speech. He feels that loneliness is the key to awakening human beings, stimulating their ability to be alone and find their inner strength.

This article is a little long, but it flows with the light of truth.

If you read carefully, you may see the eternal power waking up and flowing in the spring of your heart.

Dear friends

Say hello! Welcome to this gathering:)
This is the first year of earth’s new ascension. At this extraordinary stage of your planet’s linearity, there will be a unique opportunity to review yourself and choose solitude.

Great ones, many of you, especially those around 49 who are in the seventh seven-year cycle of life, find themselves in a state of solitude or solitude. The death of your spouse, the termination of your relationship, the termination of your marriage, and many of you find yourself living alone. Although this path is sometimes quite lonely and difficult, and may feel “unnatural” for many of you, it is actually a purposeful seclusion of soul choice. The contradiction you see is that on the one hand you feel lonely, on the other hand you can give up worldly thoughts and open your heart to the Holy Spirit… In this process, the door of the angel kingdom is opened to you and the Holy Spirit embraces you. You’re really not alone. You will see your transcendent ability. No matter how difficult the reality is, you can return to a non entangled freedom and freedom, and re-examine yourself in the in-depth exploration of the inner journey. Indeed, this is necessary for all higher souls. So we tell you to use this time wisely and embrace it. You are about to usher in a grand graduation ceremony for soul growth.

In many scriptures on earth, there is a repeated saying: “all things have time and timing.”

Divine loneliness is a noble condition. When human beings understand and realize its profound purpose, it will provide a huge quantum leap in growth. You see, the divine self is finally lonely in the process of pursuing holographic ability. In your words, the soul enters the earth alone when it reincarnates, and the soul leaves the earth alone when the body dies. The ascended masters walking on earth have experienced thousands of years of lonely exploration in their incarnations before becoming masters. Many of you are doing the same now.

Dear friends, many of you find yourself very lonely during this period. They feel that one must find a partner to avoid loneliness. Many of you are looking for your “soul mate” – Twin Flame. However, we want to tell you that in many high latitude soul life plans, you are destined to experience loneliness, because this is the soul agreement you chose before you were born. Indeed, this is a special and noble mission journey, a sacred period of solitude.

In the soul evolution seeking self-control, about one out of every four lifetimes is selected to recalibrate the reincarnation plan, using the focused freedom in the plan and promoting the sublimation of soul perception through divine loneliness.

For those who seek the divine light, for those who seek the so-called “Enlightenment”, they can choose a specific period in their life plan and be alone for a while. This does not mean that you will always be alone. It just means that you have chosen “to realize your Divine Self” for a period of time… To realize self love.

Loving yourself is a state that many people, especially those from Christianity, have lost. The Christian teaching of original sin tells you that your nature is flawed and you need forgiveness. You’ve been asking for forgiveness for your identity all your life. You lose your understanding of divinity and find it easier to give than to receive. The soul assets were confiscated.

For others, they may feel a strong sense of self condemnation, because their actions or mistakes have been deeply implanted with the driving force of a sense of guilt or worthlessness. The inability to love oneself has penetrated and created the inertia of self denial, because such people can’t forgive any behavior they have experienced, which leads to the emergence of this wrong belief system. As a result, the relationship broke down.

This is a great truth: you can’t really love others unless you first love yourself unconditionally.

As long as you hold the belief that you are worthless, there will be a chain reaction of denying everything. You will repeat this self exile. This is a self projecting punishment until you clearly realize that you are a divine existence, that you are part of the perfect source, and that you are the creation and expression of God’s divinity. When you accept this great wisdom and learn to create your own life, life will change. But self love is essential.

Self love is not an emotion, it is a high vibration frequency. Love is not earned. Love itself is a natural existence. Dear friends, you may need a lifetime of solitude to realize the true self love. Life is difficult, this is a great truth, but often when you go out of your comfort zone, you are forced to face the challenge and surpass it, and your self love shines.

Now, we want to tell you that as the new earth is completely transformed into a crystal light grid in 2013 and beyond, the energy resonance and planetary dimension are expanded, and the impact of duality / polarity is weakening for those who choose to ascend to the fifth dimension.

You may ask: will loneliness or partnership bring greater progress to the soul?

In the dawn of ascension, this question is timely and timely for many of you. The simple answer is that both union and solitude have sacred purposes… Let’s draw a line under the word both. You will gain a lot in a loyal and loving relationship. This is the natural environment of most people living on earth. But dear ones, we tell you that there is also a great meaning in solitude. This is actually necessary for evolution. There is no doubt that in this turning period, many people who are in the final stage of the road of consciousness are lonely. Now is the prelude to the coming ascension. If you are one of them, we tell you, maybe your loneliness is the right choice. Maybe that’s what it should be. You see, this is the soul plan of many of you!

However, many of you find loneliness unbearable and must pursue a partner… The elusive twin flame. Dear ones, you have a lot of confusion around the twin flame, the concept of “soul mate”, and the role and nature of the best partnership in “self control”.
Being alone is a time to honor your noble self.

Your life and your experience at this time are the creation of your own choice, the tapestry of your personal life, woven by your beliefs. In solitude, the soul will reflect on itself and have the opportunity to go deep into the inner silence. Swim in the ocean of ego, and rediscover the love of spirit and heart in exploring the heart, so as to realize and practice how magical it is that you are the brilliant and eternal divine spark of God!

Interpersonal relationships are a mirror that reflects your belief system and emotional state, giving you reflection and feedback.

In short, what is effective and what is ineffective will give you a glance. Transcendent ability requires individuals to sincerely explore themselves and re familiarize themselves with the eternal flow of inner power, which helps to make soul empowerment a compulsory course. Soul empowerment is the burning point of self love.


From self-centered to collective and higher self-centered

How to experience the completion of great transformation

Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
We are now very interested in new self-development in everyone. Your change of consciousness is essentially internal because you notice that you are no longer the “real you” identity you used to insist on. Now is the time for you to transition from a ego to your higher self. It is most interesting to observe this evolutionary process in your current state.

We see that you become more and more like yourself every day, because what we see is that you are a vibrational energy, not a human body that speaks, thinks and acts. It can be said that the escalation of your vibration is inevitable because your planet is moving, just like the whole solar system moving through the Milky way to greener pastures. It is time for you to look at yourself in a new way, knowing that the eternal expansion of your consciousness contains more than your previous self-consciousness.

You are destined to grow and match it. Your evolution is a process of understanding that nothing is really important. That’s why you experience breakups and lose money, family, property, and even your youth. The longer you travel through time and space on earth, the more you lose until you calmly face the fact that you shouldn’t be attached to these illusions. This is what others teach you to do. You are taught to identify one’s race, religion, nationality, gender, etc. when these things become less and less important to the awakening collective, they will be resisted.

Those who still insist on these things hope you can insist. They want you to have national pride, religious beliefs, easily identifiable gender, etc. The ego’s way is to cling, attach and give meaning to meaninglessness, while the higher ego’s way is to live in the present, do not care about form, structure and fictional ideas, such as the country, but show more unconditional love and sympathy, and can create from the beauty around the higher ego. This is essentially what you want to do after ascension, but you are now in this transitional stage. You are becoming a higher self and stripping your identity. Those of you who have done a lot of work in this field can begin to identify with your higher self now.

You don’t have to wait for sun flashes, events, so-called three to many days of darkness, and so on. You don’t have to wait for anything to happen outside of you before you decide to become an infinite eternal and infinite being of love and light. When you express the kind of feeling cultivated in your heart, you arouse the interest of others, and then others will be more interested in what you have, rather than those shiny new cars, big houses, luxury clothes and other things. They also want to find inner peace and satisfaction from life, and want you to teach them to find the place in their heart.

Therefore, we will continue to tell you that as a collective of awakening, you are leading mankind. Because we can see how this transformation really unfolds. This will be a grassroots movement, and all of you are paying attention to what is happening inside you, which will guide the self of the newly awakened to return to their inner self, where everything they need already exists. When you do this, you are helping human beings change from self-centered to collective and higher self-centered, and then you will experience the completion of the transformation.

不We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.


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